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Unknown housplant bugs - Parthenothrips dracaenae

Unknown housplant bugs - Parthenothrips dracaenae
Mid/Southern Vancouver Island, BC CANADA, British Columbia, Canada
April 1, 2010
I have these houseplant pests (very small) that I can not identify nor get rid of. They like to live on and destroy my Hawaiian Ti plant and my palm. They breed and thrive on both sides of the leaves. I have had these plants for many, many years and the bugs only appeared a couple of years ago (are the bugs new to Vancouver Island?). I have been unable to get rid of them. I live on Mid/Southern Vancouver Island, BC Canada.

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Moved provisionally. The image isn't the greatest, but it seems to represent a species not currently found in the Guide. The specialists can decide whether to keep or frass.

I can't find a good match in the Guide, but take a look at Parthenothrips dracaenae on this page.

That may not be the exact species you have, but I'll bet it's at least a close relative.

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Thank you so much. I had looked them up previously but couldn't see any with similar markings. I really appreciate the help :)