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Rove Beetle - Neohypnus

Rove Beetle - Neohypnus
Baiting Hollow, Suffolk County, New York, USA
April 6, 2010
Size: 3-4 mm est.
Something near Xantholinini?
Found in leaf litter, mostly oak growing in sand.

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Xantholinini Neohypnus
Thanks. Surprised. My guess was also that it looked more like Xantholinini lecontei.

There are about 6-7 species t
There are about 6-7 species that have this color pattern in Neohypnus, a typically difficult genus to ID from photos. I can exclude lecontei because it is a specialist of ocean beaches (Tom's was found on the coast). The sandy oak habitat is a great place to pick up the other species but sadly, subtle things like microsculpture are needed to separate them.


Xantholinini Neohypnus
Thanks, Adam, for the additional information.
I should have mentioned that this beetle was found sort of coastal, while not directly on the beach it was on the edge of a 100 ft. bluff overlooking Long Island Sound. I'm not sure if this is relevant information.

This is one of the more diffi
This is one of the more difficult species to recognize in Neohypnus, but it is not lecontei. One of the litter dwellers that are poorly collected.


i like Neohypnus lecontei for this one based on BG pix
...but let's wait for Adam to speak out

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