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ID for fascinating little fly on cactus? - Stictomyia longicornis

ID for fascinating little fly on cactus? - Stictomyia longicornis
Robert J. Bernard Biological Field Station, Claremont, Los Angeles County, California, USA
March 30, 2010
Jonathan Wright and I discovered this wonderful little fly on Cylindropuntia. It seems very similar in appearance to some of the Notogramma specimens currently in the guide. ID confirmation would be greatly appreciated!

Please also see Jonathan's post of the same fly:

Moved from Notogramma.

Probably purpuratum
Of the two species known from USA only purpuratum is found in California and associated with cactus.

Moved from Flies.

Incorrect placement.
This is actually more likely Stictomyia longicornis. The two genera are easily confused, both occur on cacti....Note the long antennae on this fly, and the spotted wings, plus obvious pale banding on tarsi, which are different from Notogramma. Hey, I got confused, too, initially!

Yes, Eric, I'd agree. It does seem that I went down the wrong path on my ID hunch. Thanks for clarifying the distinction between these two similar looking genera.