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Grammia _______ ? - Apantesis proxima

Grammia _______ ? - Apantesis proxima
San Clemente Island. 55 miles s. of Long Beach, 70 miles west of San Diego, Los Angeles County, California, USA
October 19, 2008
nearly deceased at time of photo

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Grammia _______ ? - Apantesis proxima Grammia _______ ? - Apantesis proxima

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As far as I can tell this is our first image from San Clemente Island, and one of a very few from any of the Channel Islands. I don't suppose you have any more from that location, do you?

I have a few more images of t
I have a few more images of this individual N. proxima (thanks all for the id assistance). Otherwise I have a few pics of common mainland leps that were also common on SCI, if I recall ... species such as Celastrina ladon, Plebejus acmon / P. lupinus, Vanessa ssp., and Strymon melinus.

These pics I would have to dig around for. More leps obviously exist on that island, but are only recorded in peripheral field notes; read 'twasn't my job.

Now, I live halfway across the continent.

Thanks again for all the responses.

Not an expert but...
...have you concidered Mexican Tiger Moth (Notarctia proxima)?

Grammia, Apantesis,
but not Notarctia.

That seems to be it! Thank you.

I disagree
This is Notarctia proxima - the second image you can see, barely, the pale white hindwings with a pink inner margin. Looks like a perfect fit to me.

I think you misunderstood.
The question was "have you considered Mexican Tiger Moth (Notarctia proxima)?", to which he answered:
"Grammia, Apantesis,
but not Notarctia"

In other words, he had considered Grammia, and he had considered Apantesis, but hadn't considered Notarctia. Then he said "That seems to be it!", referring to Ron M.'s suggestion of Notarctia.

It's ironic: I've tried my hand (not always successfully) at translating from dozens of languages into English. Now I'm translating from English into English... ;)

I should read everything first before posting...

I was just about to reply to
I was just about to reply to you, Chris.

No worries.

I should have been complete in that response. The internet age has spawned the world of sentence fragments. I am becoming guilty by an inevitable association.

Thanks for the responses.