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Neosconella pegnia? - Araneus pegnia

Neosconella pegnia? - Araneus pegnia
Fort Bragg, Cumberland County, North Carolina, USA
December 3, 2005
Size: about 5 mm
Neosconella pegnia? See comparison photo here.

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Neosconella pegnia? - Araneus pegnia Neosconella pegnia? - Araneus pegnia

I just received
a copy of Checklist of Kansas Orbweaving Spiders Sept. 2005 vol. 52 #2. There is a picture here, only it is listed as Araneus pegnia. I wonder which genus is correct, or are they two species?

Golden Guide to Spiders
also listed it as Araneus, but I couldn't find any images under that name. However, I did find it listed under Neosconella. I know they are the same spider. I'm assuming the names changed from Araneus to Neo., but maybe it's the reverse? Here's a list of name changes. Do you know which way the list works?

names on the right are valid. It seems that Araneus is the valid name.

The world spider catalog
in the forums here listed as BugGuide's reference with Araneidae found here also lists Araneus as the correct name, so we would move this to Araneus and mention something of the synonymy on the guide page.