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Florida Scorpion - Centruroides hentzi - male

Florida Scorpion - Centruroides hentzi - Male
Alturas, Polk County, Florida, USA
December 25, 1974
We found this in the pasture. Is this Centruroides hentzi?

My first encounter with a scorpion
I live in Miami, Florida, and last night a startlingly large scorpion was walking through my living room. I totally panicked, and ran upstairs to get a friend to help me. We had to move a large bookcase to get the critter, but my friend whacked it with a broom and I was able to get a picture of it.
I was once stung by a scorpion while hiking in Tennessee, but that was the extent of my experience with scorpions. Now that I found this big beastie in my flat, I definitely need to learn more about them!
Now how do I post the picture?

Im originally from NY, but ive lived in Florida for 5 years or so, and trust me ive always wanted to see a scorpion. It is literally on my bucket list and ive been looking everywhere without any luck at all. Mostly Ill go to state parks and look under dead trees and bark, but no luck. I dont work in landscaping or hard labor so I dont get a chance to look under houses, in garages or things like that. I lived in Tampa and now live in Lauderdale/Miami. If anyone knows where to find these in their natural habitat in my area send me an email Thegreattailz at thanks!

Tiny scorpion-like bug
I just killed a tiny, (mostly black with some tan stripes)bug; it had 3 front legs & a long rear end that made me think it was a pincers though; now I feel bad, did I kill an innocent bug for no reason? This is in Dunedin, Florida, on back porch. There is a wood pile nearby, and plenty of trees, etc. I wish I had taken a picture before squishing the poor little guy :(

Scorpion Problem in Lehigh Acres, FL
We moved to Lehigh Acres Florida 8 months ago (in Southwest Florida - east of Fort Myers). We moved here from Venice Florida, which is near the beach in south Sarasota county, where we never saw a single scorpion the whole time we lived there, but I've seen well over 50 of them here at our new house in Lehigh Acres. They are sometimes on the floors at night, sometimes on the walls....and many of them in the garage and outside on and around the patios. Our house is new and has no cracks or openings anywhere. I've sealed every single opening, but still they get inside. We're originally from Phoenix and Tucson Arizona, where I used to see one or two scorpions a year (outside only). In Southwest Florida I see one or two in a single day sometimes...and they are INSIDE MY HOUSE! There are lots of pine trees around here - maybe that's what they like. I was stung by one on my hand - very painful and lots of swelling for days. The scorpions here are very small for the most part. Maybe their sting won't cause death, but they are ugly scary looking things....and their sting is VERY painful! They are definitely not something you want inside your house. My cat was stung on his paw while messing with one on the floor, but it didn't seem to affect him. He just licked his paw a few times and he was fine, but since then, he won't go near them anymore. He just ignores them and makes me kill them. I've NEVER seen any scorpions in my sinks, showers, or coming out of my some people have posted. I'm positive that they DON'T live in drains or drain pipes. They are not swimmers like frogs and they don't live in the water. They live outdoors in tree bark, under logs or under wood piles, in dead trees, and in mulch and grass. Maybe they also like air conditioning, since they're always inside my house. I've tried bug sprays, but nothing works. I'm running out of options.

Florida Scorpions
Your problem may be in the way many houses are constructed in Florida. The eaves are open, not blocked, which allows attic venting. The problem with this and insects such as the Florida scorpion and spiders is that they climb your exterior walls and into your house through the opening. I have lived in Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana most of my life and am familiar with this type of construction. As a child I could tell that something had entered my house by my mother's screaming. It was like an automatic alarm for me to come get whatever critter had come to visit. However, that was decades ago and I'm now living in north Florida with a wooded preserve in the back of my house. I don't get lizards inside up here as I did in many other domiciles, but I do get spiders, earwigs, centipedes, and the red scorpions. I'm also a cat lover, but fortunately have never had a problem with them being stung. My peripheral vision is quite acute for someone my age and I often spot the scorpions before stepping on them and always check shoes, slippers, and keep the bed made when not sleeping in it. It is also wise to check under the top sheets before climbing in for the night although I've never found any insects in the bed probably due to keeping it made up after use. I've noticed that most of my insects usually appear after it has been dark in the house for several hours such as when sleeping and almost always in the warmer months. In the winter it's rare for me to see any insects inside the house. I usually get them off of the carpet and next to a kick panel on the bottom of a cabinet, give them a small spray of insect killer. The scorpions are unique in that they will usually finish the job by curling up their tail and then commit suicide by stinging themselves to death. Once dead the tail will be straightened, but don't use this as an indication that a scorpion is dead unless you know that they have been in contact with insect killer. I'm really not that bothered by them much, but for those that are, constant bug spraying around your house is tedious and time consuming. I would suggest discussing the problem with whomever does your yearly termite inspection, but also, you may think about using an outdoor insecticide (liquid or granular) that can be applied around the perimeter of your house in the lawn and soils against the wall where you may have bushes. Also, keep your bushes trimmed so that they are not in contact with your exterior walls. If you have trees overhanging your roof, trim them also, if feasible, to limit the overhang as the insects can climb the trees, fall onto your roof, climb to the sides and over to the soffit whereby they can now enter through your eaves. The concrete, paver, or other cementitious materials that you may have that butt up against any walls you would have to apply another type of insecticide that would be applicable for such materials. However, with the warmer months being the rainy season, reapplication per manufacturer's instructions would have to be followed to preclude a significant decrease in the insecticide's effectiveness. Many types of these insecticides are available at your local home improvement stores and the sales persons can usually suggest what would be best for your particular conditions. I hope this helps you a little and good luck to you.

I was just stung by one...
and it feels less painfull than a fire ant bite. I would take one of these over any bee or wasp I've ever been stung by.

north florida
I'm not sure where most of you guys are from. I've lived in north florida my whole life and had never seen a scorpion until I moved into my new house on a bayou 3 years ago. Now we see dozens of them every summer and most of them are in our house. I just saw one in my 18 month olds crib and it really scared me! I heard a rumor that they travel in pairs... does anyone know if this is true?

I've never seen this and I'm
I've never seen this and I'm almost positive that they don't travel in pairs. I've only seen them traveling SOLO. I've read lots about them too, and nothing about them being in pairs.

Found 5 in 2 days
I've found five scorpions so far in a matter of two days. Our house is 10 years old, and we've lived here for two years. Two summers ago after we first moved in we found 2-3 and then didn't see any again until this week. Anyone have some ideas as to why so many are in our house? We also aren't finding them in one particular place, but all over... I know they aren't deadly, but I've got very young children so it does concern me.

I found a dead tiny Scorpion in my garage, i is a half inch or less,it didn't have front claws but had 6 or eight legs, the body was like a typical Scorpion's, it's tail looked like two twisted together, it had a tiny stinger at the end, maybe it's an unknown species? I took pictures of it, I put it on a piece of plastic to save, I caught it on a "Glue Pad" we use to catch critters coming into our garage, I also caught a "Pigmy Dusky" Rattle Snake with the glue pads. I live near Fort Myers, I heard from friends that live in Northern Cape Coral that saw good size Scorpions in there washing machine area. I will try to Post some pics of this little bugger when I have the time.

My wife and I just recently bought a house here in the South Tampa area, we have been living in it for two months now. This morning at about 6:30am my wife saw a scorpion creeping out of the tub drainage of our bathroom into the tub. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this as I thought the safety of my family was in jeopardy. We killed it but was not happy thinking these critters can be anywhere in large numbers, where there is one, there has to be another. After reading this forum I got a little more educated, I was seriously not expecting this and not happy to have to deal with it. I will certainly try to spray my home to prevent future encounters again.

Found Florida Scorpion
I just found a scorpion in our place here in Saint Augustine. I killed it before my cat had a chance to munch it. Having moved from Texas two years ago, I'm used to these guys; but, I AM surprised to find out that they're here In Florida. I believe it was the Centruroides hentzi from the pictures. So, they aren't poisonous and just because I found one doesn't mean the place is crawling with them??? I had a VERY hard time going to sleep last night ;)

Can't blame you, we had friends that lived in a Desert home in California up on the hills, Mike was in bed and felt something scratching, when he lifted the sheets he found a Scorpion! The Californian ones can be deadly like the Mexicans. Another scary thing is the waters around Saint Augustine, we were there in the late sixties, as a fisherman we visited the beach near the Spanish Castle,a fisherman there was pulling in small small grey Sharks,when I picked one up he warned me that that little Shark could take a bite as big as a dog could. Those waters are teeming with big Sharks,I guess when Spain had the Castle lots were thrown to the Sharks along with to Garbage! Don't go in that water, maybe the Sharks passed the info on down the centuries.

I was stung by one...
I was stung by a brownish/black one yesterday while moving some dead pine logs in the Ormond Beach area. It was about the size of a half dollar coin. It got me on the wrist. I didn't feel the sting itself, but I felt a really bad itching sensation that traveled up my arm and then started to burn, terribly! About 2 or 3 hours later, my wrist was completely swollen and I felt nausious and woozy for the rest of the day. My co-workers said that was a typical reaction. They called it a pine scorpion. The swelling only lasted for a few hours, but the itching/burning sensation lasted until today. On the advice of a local doctor, I drank large amounts of vodka. I don't know if that does anything medicaly for the sting, but it made me not care so much! Anyone know more about this stuff?

Santa vaca! ("Holy cow" for those in Rio Linda) I have never heard that vodka would help, ESPECIALLY FROM A DOCTOR!!!!, except, as you said, to not care so much.

The truth about all three of the Florida scorpions, in a nutshell, is that NONE of them are really dangerous. C. gracilis/Florida bark scorpion, has the "nastiest" sting, but it's not dangerous in the least. Local severe pain, some systemic symptoms, but nothing to worry about unless you are asthmatic, then see a doctor just to be safe. It is the big brown one throughout the southern two/thirds of the state. Listed in under Florida slenderbrown scorpion, or Centruroides gracilis.

These scorpions are either Centruroides hentzi (original photo) or C. guanensis (maybe later photos, need to have them "in hand" to be sure), both of which are "harmless", but can produce a painful sting.

SOLID BROWN BACK is C. gracilis, which can produce the symptoms above, but is not dangerous, risking repeating myself =)


My eight years old son found one of these scorpions in our yard so I killed it but I am afraid that it may have just been a baby, so where is mother? I don't know how big they get, so if anyone has more info please let me know. I live in White Springs, FLA.

Scorpion in sink.
I found a scorpion that looks very similar to this in our bathroom sink, um. Are they like roaches, where if there's one, there's fifty thousand more somewhere, or are they solitary? How bad is their sting? I can't get a good picture of it because I have it in a jar, however. If needed, I'll see if I can set it somewhere that I can get a decent picture and not accidentaly let it loose.


Scorpion found in bathroom
I live in Osceola cty. and I too found a scorpion in my home. I killed it because it really scared me, and I was worried for my 2 year old, who wanted to touch it! I read in another website that the scorpions found in Florida are not dangerous. but that the stings can hurt... either way they really freak me out. here is a pic of the one I found in my house

I just fount this crawling on
I just fount this crawling on my fireplace

Does one=infestation?? We have a baby in the house and are concerned.



Not infestation
"One" just means "one" came in the house. They move quite a bit and do not "infest" homes as some might believe. They can, however, find remarkable ways to get in, so look for "those ways".

HOWEVER, it might mean that you live in area that is prone to dense populations, so the best course of action, really, is to get a black light and find out what is really around your home by collecting them. (Send them someplace where they could be of use, like "to me" or to a museum or university for future research. The American Museum of Natural History is currently involved in a revision of the genus Centruroides.)

If you have found you have a healthy population around, don't worry, not dangerous, even to little ones. (It NEVER hurts to visit a doctor if you're concerned about symptoms.) Just keep collecting them and eventually the population will be hit really hard and diminish "big time".

Re: Does one=infestation??
Did you get any replies to this. I am in the same exact situation as you, and my wie and I are very concerned. Have you learned anything about this. Please elt me know. Thanks
Craig Avery

I just found one!
But i killed it. I was sleeping, when i turned to look at my clock, i realized it was hanging on the curtains next to my bed. I hit it with my hand; i obviously wasn't thinking. I live in Sarasota, FL. This is the fourth one i find, but this is the first one of this kind. The other ones were black and a little bigger, this one is about 25mm from head to tail end. I read on a previous comment that this are not lethal or anything. Should i still worry? What do i do if i find another one? What if it's black, not brownish? Are they the same species?I'll post a picture of it tomorrow

florida scorpions
my son just got bit by one of those in the pic that says it is a fla scorpion . found in my house , in my sons bed covers. he got bit twice on the wrist . had one alive until he moved again , sorry

C. hentzi sting
How is your son doing? How old is he and how badly did the sting hurt?
This species is not known to be medically important, so if he is uncomfortable he should be fine very shortly.

would say yes. The bark scorpion is usually much darker.

male Centruroides hentzi
I would agree with you and Jeff, as only the large and dark C. gracilis occurs in the same area.
Farther south you start to find C. guanensis, which is very similar and might be the same species but taxonomic work is being done to sort this out.

If you can get live specimens for this research, please contact me.

Great photo!

florida scorpions
I have a live one my daughter found it in our livingroom sweeping she threw a glass over it and I put it in a container.Are the like roaches ??? do I need to worry? new born comming in a couple of weeks we also have a 3 and 1 yr old. new to florida 8mo. and I've never delt with any thing of this nature.

florida scorpions
I don't know a great deal about insects and have only lived in Florida for 1 1/2 years, but I must live in "Scorpion-ville", as I have seen/found/killed six of these guys since I've been here, four of those being in the last month. These are a translucent gray-brown, the largest a little over three inches from head to tail stinger.
I live in Citrus Co. and came on the internet this morning to find out what to expect if bitten. I have allergic reactions to wasps, fire ants, hornets, yellow jackets--vespids, etc., and need to know if I will need med attention if bitten. Anyone, please reply.

hi l freed

just found my first scorpion in my pool in citrus cty and am not to happy. insects ok but now i am doing research and found that these guys give a "bee " sting. this should be interesting.

thanks tom

If you need some scorpions, you have to tell me how to find them! I found one when I was a kid in Key Largo, and several years ago in Mexico, but I haven't been able to find any since I moved down to Florida. I am always looking under bark, logs and the like, but so far have come up short.
If I get any I would be glad to send them to you.
-Sean McCann

We don't get down to Florida
much anymore since both of Jane's parents have died. But lots of BugGuiders down there. Jeff Hollenbeck and Don Cadle seem to be out and about down there all the time. Sean McCann and Brian Womble and Hannah Nendick-Mason are all there. You can contact them by clicking on their name and going to their contributer page to get contact information to see what they might be able to do for you.

Boy am I glad I found this forum! My husband and I are looking to relocate to Florida from NY and are trying to be CERTAIN if there are scorpions in Florida or not?! We spent a very short time in Arizona and gave up our dream because of scorpions - do NOT want to make the same mistake. My friend lives in Port Richey and has never seen one but i've heard of them being in Tampa which is the general area we're looking... Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete... Any info you guys couod give me would be greatly appreciated :)


Yes! They are here
I am glad I just found this forum as well. I just relocated here two weeks ago. The movers had my front door open for a long time yesterday and my husband just found a scorpion in our living room. I am so freaked out now. I am terrified that my 10 month old will get stung by one, which I hear feels like a wasp sting. My neighbor had one crawl out of her shower drain while she was taking a shower. She called an exterminator and hasn't seen any in a long time. We are going to have the exterminator come out tomorrow and remove all the rock and gravel from our yard and front landscaping. I am ready to move back North where it's normal. LOL HMMMM high crime rate or scorpions? I'll have to weigh the pros and cons, lol

I actually have quite a few o
I actually have quite a few of these buggers wandering around my house. The sting isn't bad at all. Got hit by one in the ear last night as I was going to bed, not what I like when I go to bed, but hardly something to move away for.

Florida Scorpions
Scorpions are fairly common in Florida. Hate to be the bearer of bad news. Whether or not you see them in your home chances are you can go in your yard and find them. They are really no worse than any other creepy crawly. Most common are C.hentzi. They stay very small. Under normal circumstances a sting can be very painful, akin to a wasp sting but slightly different sensation. From my experience it is more of a sharp feeling accmpanied by a burning sensation. THeir stings are not normally of concern however those who have allergic reactions may experience complications from a bite. The same thing can develop over time from fire ant bites. If you are allergic to wasps, etc you likely carry an epi-pen anyway. If you have an infestation problem certainly contact and utilize a good pest control program. Particularly if you have infants,small children who want to play with everything, elderly, those with lesser immune systems. Always shake out your shoes and good luck.

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