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Hot beetle - Acilius mediatus

Hot beetle - Acilius mediatus
Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA
May 1, 2010
Size: 12 mm
Found dead on my car by deciduous woods. Black car, hot day, maybe overheated. I have the beetle if ID isn't clear from this shot.

Moved from Beetles.

Acilius mediatus
Acilius, def. May want confirmation for species.

These aquatic beetles often land on cars, when flying for new water sources. Shiny cars must look like reflecting water from above. And if the car was hot, it might have 'cooked' on it; I have seen this in Arizona.

Polarized light
I have noticed insects attracted to cars. Some aquatic insects can detect polarization. Light bouncing off a flat surface is polarized. Cars and windows look like water.

I have the beetle and can check for distinguishing marks if they can be found without dissection.