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Unknown - Orgyia leucostigma

Unknown - Orgyia leucostigma
Lk. Wales, Polk County, Georgia, USA
December 10, 2005
Size: 1 inch
This one appeared to be putting out a white almost foamy substance, possibly a nest for the eggs?

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Unknown - Orgyia leucostigma Unknown - Orgyia leucostigma

Amazing photo.

Thanks Herschel, truly appreciate the kind words on this one.

Please Contact Me Regarding Permission .....
.... to display your moth photos at Moth Photographers Group. See this page for 8316 -- White-marked Tussock Moth -- Orgyia leucostigma. I suspect that your moth is a Tussock Moth but perhaps a different species. I would like to circulate your photographs amongst experts who might know the species with certainty.
Bob Patterson

Thanks Bob, I appreciate your help in this matter. I came across a link that bears a striking resemblance to it. They are calling it a White Marked Tussock Moth. (Female) or "orgyia leucostigma" let me know your opinions and thoughts on this one. and yes, you have my permission if you would like to circulate this photo to find an I.D.
Bob, just had a look at the site you mentioned, you, yourself have some excellent captures of this one. very impressive.

The very late date
coupled with the eggs being covered with a white froth containing few hairs leads me to believe its Orgyia leucostigma leucostigma

Perhaps it is some sort of wingless geometrid?
Are you sure it is not just emerging from its coccoon?