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Ashy Gray Lady Beetle - Olla v-nigrum

Ashy Gray Lady Beetle - Olla v-nigrum
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
May 4, 2010
I think this is an Ashy Gray Lady Beetle (Olla v-nigrum) but would like a confirmation.

Thanks in advance.

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Ashy Gray Lady Beetle - Olla v-nigrum Ashy Gray Lady Beetle - Olla v-nigrum

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do you have any lateral photos?
I'd like a better look at the shape of the red spots. It does look a lot like O. v-nigrum, with that particular scroll-like pattern on the head and pronotum, but there's a very similar form of Harmonia axyridis. It's easier to tell them apart with a lateral or dorsal view of the red spots.

This isn't shaped like I'd expect for H. axyridis, I'll say that - the carapace is smoothly curved, lacking the boxy, "square-shouldered" look of H. axyridis. So there's a point in Olla's favor.

I support Olla
Or since it is Cinco de Mayo, Ole v-nigrum!

Olla (or ole!) works for me
I just wanted to double-check the red spots, if possible, because some of our "is that H. axyridis or O. v-nigrum?" debates have hinged on those. I prefer going by overall shape - H. axyridis has a really distinctive form, and this doesn't look like it. I'd be happy to put this in Olla but was hoping for a little more in the way of confirmation so it didn't turn into another of those debates!

I have added a...
...for what it's worth image. Does that help? I am pretty upset that I left there without getting better shots than what I have.

I saw at least 20 of these Lady Beetles and only 1 Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle all feasting on what appeared to be Woolly Aphids. Most of the leaves on the tree (not sure of the species of the tree) were curled up and full of these Aphids.

I will, depending on the weather, be back in that area Friday and will try for better pictures of the Lady Beetle and the other insects...