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extrafloral nectaries? - Callirhytis quercusgemmaria

extrafloral nectaries? - Callirhytis quercusgemmaria
Appalachian Trail, Swain County, North Carolina, USA
May 7, 2010
found these ants protecting and presumably getting nectar from these weird little watermelon-like structures on the branch of a young oak. i've never seen anything like it, so i thought i'd see if anyone else has.

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I think Ken's got it. I'm pretty sure I've seen these illustrated before; I'll revisit this at some point, but they must be cynipid galls.

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Galls, maybe?
Certain kinds of galls evidently secrete nectar, attracting ants which then help to protect the galls and their inhabitants. Some interesting info here.

A possibility to consider, at any rate.