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Photos of insects and people from the Spring 2021 gathering in Louisiana, April 28-May 2

National Moth Week 2020 photos of insects and people.

Photos of insects and people from the 2019 BugGuide Gathering in Louisiana, July 25-27

Discussion, insects and people from the 2018 gathering in Virginia, July 27-29

Photos of insects and people from the 2015 gathering in Wisconsin, July 10-12

Photos of insects and people from the 2014 gathering in Virginia, June 4-7.

Photos of insects and people from the 2013 gathering in Arizona, July 25-28

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Superfamily Sciaroidea - Fungus Gnats and Gall Midges

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Diptera - Flies
No Taxon "Nematocera" (Non-Brachycera)
Infraorder Bibionomorpha - Gnats, Gall Midges, and March Flies
Superfamily Sciaroidea - Fungus Gnats and Gall Midges

Family Bolitophilidae
Family Cecidomyiidae - Gall Midges and Wood Midges
Subfamily Cecidomyiinae - Gall Midges
No Taxon Unidentified Midge Galls and Immature Stages
Supertribe Cecidomyiidi
Tribe Asphondyliini
Genus Ampelomyia
Species viticola - Grape Tube Gallmaker
Species vitiscoryloides - Ampelomyia vitiscoryloides
Species vitispomum - Ampelomyia vitispomum
Genus Asphondylia
No Taxon creosote bush feeding species
Species apicata - Asphondylia apicata
Species auripila - Asphondylia auripila
Species resinosa - Creosote Resin Gall Midge
No Taxon goldenrod and aster feeding species
Species monacha - Asphondylia monacha
Species pseudorosa - Asphondylia pseudorosa
Species solidaginis - Asphondylia solidaginis
No Taxon saltbush feeding species
Species floccosa - Woolly Stem Gall Midge
Species neomexicana - Asphondylia neomexicana
No Taxon sunflower feeding species
Species helianthiflorae - Asphondylia helianthiflorae
Species helianthiglobulus - Asphondylia helianthiglobulus
Species ambrosiae - Asphondylia ambrosiae
Species antennariae - Asphondylia antennariae
Species betheli - Asphondylia betheli
Species ceanothi - Ceanothus Bud Gall Midge
Species diervillae - Asphondylia diervillae
Species lacinariae - Asphondylia lacinariae
Species prosopidis - Mesquite Gall Midge
Species ratibidae - Prairie Coneflower Gall Midge
Species rudbeckiaeconspicua - Asphondylia rudbeckiaeconspicua
Species uvarum - Asphondylia uvarum
Species websteri - Asphondylia websteri
Genus Bruggmanniella
Species bumeliae - Bruggmanniella bumeliae
Genus Polystepha
Species globosa - Polystepha globosa
Species pilulae - Polystepha pilulae
Species pustuloides - Polystepha pustuloides
Species quercifolia - Polystepha quercifolia
No Taxon Unidentified gall on water oak
Genus Schizomyia
Species eupatoriflorae - Schizomyia eupatoriflorae
Species impatientis - Schizomyia impatientis
Species macrofila - Schizomyia macrofila
Species racemicola - Schizomyia racemicola
Species verbesinae - Schizomyia verbesinae
Species umbellicola - Schizomyia umbellicola
Genus Stephomyia
Species eugeniae - Stephomyia eugeniae
Tribe Cecidomyiini
Genus Caryomyia - Hickory Gall Midges
Species aggregata - Hickory Aggregate Gall Midge
Species albipilosa - Hickory White-haired Gall Midge
Species arcuata - Hickory Sombrero Gall Midge
Species asteris - Hickory Starburst Gall Midge
Species caryae - Hickory Sticky Globe Gall Midge
Species caryaecola - Hickory Onion Gall Midge
Species cilidolium - Hickory Fuzzy Ginger Jar Gall Midge
Species conoidea - Caryomyia conoidea
Species cucurbitata - Hickory Pumpkin Gall Midge
Species flaticrustum - Hickory Puff Tart Gall Midge
Species glauciglobus - Hickory Blue-powder Gall Midge
Species hirtiglobus - Hickory Woody Globe Gall Midge
Species inflata - Caryomyia inflata
Species lenta - Hickory Popover Gall Midge
Species persicoides - Hickory Peach-haired Gall Midge
Species purpurea - Hickory Purple Gumdrop Gall Midge
Species sanguinolenta - Hickory Smooth Gumdrop Gall Midge
Species shmoo - Caryomyia shmoo
Species spiniglobus - Hickory Spiny Ball Gall Midge
Species stellata - Hickory Starry-base Gall Midge
Species subulata - Hickory Awl-shaped Gall Midge
Species thompsoni - Hickory Placenta Gall Midge
Species tuberculata - Hickory Bumpy Woody Gall Midge
Species tubicola - Hickory Bullet Gall Midge
Species urnula - Hickory Urn Gall Midge
Species viscidolium - Hickory Sticky Ginger Jar Gall Midge
Species spinulosa - Caryomyia spinulosa
Species striolata - Caryomyia striolata
Species hirtidolium - Caryomyia hirtidolium
Species biretta - Caryomyia biretta
Species supina - Caryomyia supina
Species tuberidolium - Caryomyia tuberidolium
Genus Cecidomyia - Pine Pitch Midges
Genus Contarinia
Species catalpae - Contarinia catalpae
Species cerasiserotinae - Contarinia cerasiserotinae
Species citrina - Contarinia citrina
Species coloradensis - Contarinia coloradensis
Species negundinis - Boxelder Gall Midge
Species partheniicola - Contarinia partheniicola
Species sorghicola - Sorghum Midge
Species verrucicola - Linden Wart Gall Midge
Species virginianiae - Chokecherry Midge
Species zauschneriae - Contarinia zauschneriae
Species undescribed-species-on-acacia - Contarinia undescribed-species-on-acacia
Species undescribed-species-on-boxelder - Contarinia undescribed-species-on-boxelder
Species undescribed-species-on-incense-cedar - Contarinia undescribed-species-on-incense-cedar
Species undescribed-species-on-milkweed - Contarinia undescribed-species-on-milkweed
Species undescribed-species-on-oak - Contarinia undescribed-species-on-oak
Species racemi - Contarinia racemi
Genus Coquillettomyia
Genus Paradiplosis
Species tumifex - Balsam Gall Midge
Genus Pinyonia
Species edulicola - Pinyonia edulicola
Genus Prodiplosis
Species violicola - Prodiplosis violicola
Genus Stenodiplosis
Genus Taxodiomyia - Cypress Gall Midges
Species taxodii - Cypress Leaf Gall Midge
Species cupressiananassa - Taxodiomyia cupressiananassa
Genus Thecodiplosis
Species brachynteroides - Thecodiplosis brachynteroides
Tribe Lestodiplosini
Tribe Lopesiini
Genus Lopesia
Genus Obolodiplosis
Species robiniae - Black Locust Gall Midge
Genus Apagodiplosis
Species papyriferae - Apagodiplosis papyriferae
Genus Aphidoletes
Species aphidimyza - Aphid Midge
Genus Blaesodiplosis
Species crataegifolia - Blaesodiplosis crataegifolia
Genus Clinodiplosis
Species rhododendri - Clinodiplosis rhododendri
Species verbenae - Clinodiplosis verbenae
Genus Ctenodactylomyia
Species watsoni - Ctenodactylomyia watsoni
Genus Dicrodiplosis
Species californica - mealybug-destroying predaceous gall midge
Genus Harmandiola
Genus Karshomyia
Genus Macrodiplosis
Species castaneae - Macrodiplosis castaneae
Species erubescens - Macrodiplosis erubescens
Species majalis - Macrodiplosis majalis
Species niveipila - Macrodiplosis niveipila
Species qoruca - Macrodiplosis qoruca
Genus Monarthropalpus
Species flavus - Boxwood Leafminer
Genus Mycodiplosis
Genus Olpodiplosis
Species helianthi - Olpodiplosis helianthi
Genus Parallelodiplosis
Species subtruncata - Parallelodiplosis subtruncata
Genus Pilodiplosis
Species helianthibulla - Pilodiplosis helianthibulla
Genus Planetella
Genus Resseliella
Species clavula - Resseliella clavula
Species globosa - Resseliella globosa
Species liriodendri - Resseliella liriodendri
Species tulipiferae - Resseliella tulipiferae
No Taxon Unidentified species causing symmetrical leaf folds on leadplant
Supertribe Lasiopteridi
Tribe Alycaulini
Genus Asteromyia
Species carbonifera - Asteromyia carbonifera
Species euthamiae - Asteromyia euthamiae
Species gutierreziae - Asteromyia gutierreziae
Species modesta - Asteromyia modesta
Species tumifica - Asteromyia tumifica
No Taxon clarkeae or laeviana
Genus Astictoneura
Species muhlenbergiae - Astictoneura muhlenbergiae
Genus Calamomyia
Genus Chilophaga
Species virgati - Switchgrass Gall Midge
Genus Meunieriella
Species on-smilax - Undescribed species that causes Smilax leaf spot galls
Genus Neolasioptera
Species allioniae - Neolasioptera allioniae
Species boehmeriae - Neolasioptera boehmeriae
Species clematidis - Neolasioptera clematidis
Species convolvuli - Neolasioptera convolvuli
Species cornicola - Neolasioptera cornicola
Species desmodii - Neolasioptera desmodii
Species eupatorii - Neolasioptera eupatorii
Species farinosa - Neolasioptera farinosa
Species impatientifolia - Neolasioptera impatientifolia
Species imprimata - Neolasioptera imprimata
Species lathami - Neolasioptera lathami
Species lycopi - Neolasioptera lycopi
Species monardi - Neolasioptera monardi
Species nodulosa - Nodular Stem Gall Midge
Species perfoliata - Neolasioptera perfoliata
Species truncata - Neolasioptera truncata
Species verbesinae - Neolasioptera verbesinae
Species vernoniae - Neolasioptera vernoniae
Species vitinea - Neolasioptera vitinea
Species willistoni - Neolasioptera willistoni
No Taxon Species Causing Aster Stem Swellings
Species undescribed-species-on-erechtites - Neolasioptera undescribed-species-on-erechtites
Species possible-new-species-on-galium - Neolasioptera possible-new-species-on-galium
Species species-on-lithospermum - Neolasioptera species-on-lithospermum
Species helianthi - sunflower seed midge
Tribe Dasineurini
Genus Dasineura
Species carbonaria - Dasineura carbonaria
Species communis - Dasineura communis
Species crataegibedeguar - Dasineura crataegibedeguar
Species gleditchiae - Dasineura gleditchiae
Species investita - Dasineura investita
Species lupinorum - Lupine Leaf Gall Midge
Species parthenocissi - Dasineura parthenocissi
Species pellex - Dasineura pellex
Species pilosa - Dasineura pilosa
Species pudibunda - Dasineura pudibunda
Species salicifoliae - Dasineura salicifoliae
Species serrulatae - Dasineura serrulatae
Species trifolii - Dasineura trifolii
Species tumidosae - Dasineura tumidosae
Species undescribed-symphoricarpos - Undescribed species on snowberry
No Taxon Pteridium marginal leaf folds
No Taxon Dogwood stem galls
Genus Janetiella
Species ulmii - Janetiella ulmii
Genus Rabdophaga
Species rigidae - Willow Beaked-Gall Midge
Species salicisbrassicoides - Willow Rosette Gall Midge
Species strobiloides - Willow Pinecone Gall Midge
Genus Vitisiella
Species brevicauda - Vitisiella brevicauda
No Taxon "Dasineura" silvestrii
Tribe Lasiopterini
Genus Hybolasioptera
Species elymi - Hybolasioptera elymi
Genus Lasioptera
Species ephedrae - Lasioptera ephedrae
Species lorrainae - Lasioptera lorrainae
Species solidaginis - Lasioptera solidaginis
Species vitis - Lasioptera vitis
Genus Ozirhincus
Species millefolii - Ozirhincus millefolii
Tribe Oligotrophini
Genus Lonicerae
Species lonicera - Lonicerae lonicera
Genus Rhopalomyia
Species anthophila - Rhopalomyia anthophila
Species audibertiae - Sage Leaf Gall Midge
Species baccharis - Coyote Brush Twisted Stem Gall Midge
Species californica - Coyote Brush Bud Gall Midge
Species chrysothamni - Rhopalomyia chrysothamni
Species clarkei - Rhopalomyia clarkei
Species ericameriae - Rhopalomyia ericameriae
Species fusiformae - Rhopalomyia fusiformae
Species grossulariae - Gooseberry gall midge
Species hirtipes - Rhopalomyia hirtipes
Species inquisitor-maybe - Rhopalomyia inquisitor, maybe
Species lobata - Rhopalomyia lobata
Species pedicellata - Rhopalomyia pedicellata
Species pomum - Sponge Gall Midge
Species solidaginis - Goldenrod Bunch Gall
Species undescribed-species-on-amorpha - Rhopalomyia undescribed-species-on-amorpha
No Taxon undescribed species on Salvia
Genus Walshomyia
Genus Acericecis
Species ocellaris - Ocellate Gall Midge
Genus Camptoneuromyia
Genus Celticecis - Hackberry Gall Midges
Species aciculata - Hackberry Aciculate Gall Midge
Species acuminata - Hackberry Narrow-tipped Gall Midge
Species capsularis - Hackberry Rosette Gall Midge
Species celtiphyllia - Hackberry Acorn Gall Midge
Species connata - Hackberry Aggregate Gall Midge
Species cornuata - Hackberry Horn Gall Midge
Species globosa - Hackberry Globular Leaf Gall Midge
Species ovata - Hackberry Tenpin Gall Midge
Species oviformis - Hackberry Spherical Stem Gall Midge
Species pubescens - Hackberry Pubescent Gall Midge
Species pyriformis - Hackberry Pear-shaped Gall Midge
Species ramicola - Hackberry Columnar Stem Gall Midge
Species spiniformis - Hackberry Thorn Gall Midge
Species subulata - Hackberry Awl-shaped Gall Midge
Genus Craneiobia
Species tuba - Craneiobia tuba
Genus Cupressatia
Species thujae - Redcedar Cone Midge
Genus Cystiphora
Species schmidti - Rush skeletonweed gall midge
Species sonchi - Cystiphora sonchi
Genus Iteomyia
Genus Gliaspilota
Species glutinosa - Hickory Sticky Leaf Spot Midge
Genus Mayetiola
Species destructor - Hessian Fly
Genus Piceacecis - Spruce Shoot Gall Midges
Species tsugae - White Spruce Shoot Gall Midge
Genus Primavera
Species porrecta - Elm Samara Midge
Genus Procystiphora
Genus Ribesia
Genus Sackenomyia
Species commota - Sackenomyia commota
Genus Trotteria
No Taxon Liliales Galls Caused by Undescribed Midges
Genus Peracecis
Species fugitiva - Peracecis fugitiva
Subfamily Lestremiinae - Wood Midges
Genus Allarete
Genus Anarete
Genus Conarete
Genus Cratotocha
Species ampliata - Cratotocha ampliata
Genus Lestremia
Subfamily Micromyinae - Wood Midges
Tribe Campylomyzini
Tribe Micromyini
Genus Monardia
Genus Amedia
Species floridana - Amedia floridana
Genus Catocha
Species barberi - Catocha barberi
Species betsyae - Catocha betsyae
Genus Peromyia
Genus Mycophila
Species speyeri - Mycophila speyeri
Subfamily Porricondylinae
Subfamily Winnertziinae
Genus Haplusia
Species rubra - Haplusia rubra
Genus Winnertzia
Species solidaginis - Winnertzia solidaginis
Tribe Heteropezini
Genus Heteropeza
Species pygmaea - Heteropeza pygmaea
Genus Leptosyna
Genus Miastor
Species metraloas - Miastor metraloas
Genus Neostenoptera
Species appalachiensis - Neostenoptera appalachiensis
Genus Catotricha
Species americana - Catotricha americana
No Taxon unidentified midges on spider webs
No Taxon Larvae
Family Diadocidiidae
Genus Diadocidia
Species ferruginosa - Diadocidia ferruginosa
Family Ditomyiidae
Genus Symmerus
Species lautus - Symmerus lautus
Species vockerothi - Symmerus vockerothi
Genus Ditomyia
Family Keroplatidae - Predatory Fungus Gnats
Tribe Keroplatini
Genus Heteropterna
Species cressoni - Heteropterna cressoni
Genus Keroplatus
Species militaris - Keroplatus militaris
Species clausus - Keroplatus clausus
Genus Setostylus
Tribe Orfeliini
Genus Asindulum
Genus Macrorrhyncha
Species coxalis - Macrorrhyncha coxalis
Genus Orfelia
Species fultoni - Orfelia fultoni
Genus Paleoplatyura
Species johnsoni - Paleoplatyura johnsoni
Genus Platyura
Genus Proceroplatus
Species elegans - Proceroplatus elegans
Genus Macrocera
Species clara - Macrocera clara
Species formosa - Macrocera formosa
Species inconcinna - Macrocera inconcinna
Species nebulosa - Macrocera nebulosa
No Taxon nobilis species group
No Taxon species A
No Taxon Unidentified Eggs, Larvae, Pupae
Family Lygistorrhinidae - Long-beaked fungus gnats
Genus Lygistorrhina
Species sanctaecatharinae - Lygistorrhina sanctaecatharinae
Family Mycetophilidae - Fungus Gnats
Subfamily Eudicraninae
Genus Eudicrana
Species obumbrata - Eudicrana obumbrata
Subfamily Gnoristinae
Genus Aglaomyia
Species gatineau - Aglaomyia gatineau
Genus Boletina
Genus Gnoriste
Species megarrhina - Gnoriste megarrhina
Genus Coelosia
Genus Ectrepesthoneura
Species laffooni - Ectrepesthoneura laffooni
Subfamily Leiinae
Genus Greenomyia
Genus Leia
Species bivittata - Leia bivittata
Species oblectabilis - Leia oblectabilis
Species opima - Leia opima
Species sublunata - Leia sublunata
Species varia - Leia varia
Species ventralis - Leia ventralis
Genus Rondaniella
Species dimidiata - Rondaniella dimidiata
Genus Docosia
Subfamily Mycetophilinae
No Taxon larvae
Tribe Mycetophilini
Genus Epicypta
Genus Mycetophila
Species fisherae - Mycetophila fisherae
No Taxon fungorum group
Species sigmoides - Mycetophila sigmoides
Species unipunctata - Mycetophila unipunctata
Genus Phronia
Genus Sceptonia
Genus Trichonta
Genus Zygomyia
Tribe Exechiini
Genus Allodia
Genus Brevicornu
Genus Cordyla
Species manca - Cordyla manca
Genus Exechia
Species cincinnata - Exechia cincinnata
Genus Exechiopsis
Genus Rymosia
Subfamily Mycomyinae
Genus Mycomya
Species dichaeta - Mycomya dichaeta
Species imitans - Mycomya imitans
Genus Neoempheria
Species balioptera - Neoempheria balioptera
Species illustris - Neoempheria illustris
Species macularis - Neoempheria macularis
Subfamily Sciophilinae
Genus Acnemia
Genus Leptomorphus
Species bifasciatus - Leptomorphus bifasciatus
Species hyalinus - Leptomorphus hyalinus
Species nebulosus - Leptomorphus nebulosus
Genus Monoclona
Species rufilatera - Monoclona rufilatera
Genus Sciophila
No Taxon Larvae
Family Sciaridae - Dark-winged Fungus Gnats
Genus Bradysia
Species giraudii - Bradysia giraudii
Genus Corynoptera
Genus Epidapus
Genus Eugnoriste
Genus Odontosciara
Species nigra - Odontosciara nigra
Genus Phytosciara
Species greylockensis - Phytosciara greylockensis
Genus Pnyxia
Species scabiei - Potato Scab Gnat
Genus Sciara
Species sciophila - Sciara sciophila
Genus Zygoneura
Species flavicoxa - Zygoneura flavicoxa
Species calthella - Zygoneura calthella
No Taxon Acuatella or Zygoneura
No Taxon Unidentified Sciarid Larvae and Pupae
No Taxon Immature Stages and Wingless Adults