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Beetle ID - Selenophorus planipennis

Beetle ID - Selenophorus planipennis
Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, USA
May 20, 2010
Size: 5mm
Another little beetle

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Beetle ID - Selenophorus planipennis Beetle ID - Selenophorus planipennis

Moved from ID Request.

odd-looking something in the Harpalini
pubescent lateral intervals &c

Possibly Selenophorus
based on small harpaline habitus with several distinct punctures along elytral stria #2 but can't see clearly same for #5 & #7. Additional pubescence (if true) should certainly limit the species choices. Several Selenophorus spp. in my personal collection are not pubscent dorsally.

I agree too...
I can't think of anything else that fits the combination of characters visible. It's almost certainly S. planipennis LeConte based on range (only species listed for BC & AB) and visible diagnostic characters. The species seems to be the only one of the genus found this far west.

Selenophorus planipennis vs S. pedicularis
are the choices are for this Colorado specimen. They are indeed both pubescent apicolaterally on elytra. Tim, I do agree with S. planipennis as best choice based on suggested short truncation of elytral apex and pronotal hind corners obtusely angulated (but hard to see here).

thanks Tim