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White Admiral - Limenitis arthemis

White Admiral - Limenitis arthemis
Mt. Greylock, North Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA
June 11, 2004

Unless you really own Mt Greylock... ;-)

Taxonomic Note
This, of course, is the nominate 'subspecies' arthemis arthemis.
Note the separate red dots forming a discontinuous band on the underside of the HW.
In the Western 'subspecies' arthemis rubrofasciata these red dots are continuous so that a complete red band is present.
I am commenting here as we have no underside shots of Western at this time.
But see

What a nice series of images!
What a nice series of images!

I agree,
excellent documentation for this complex. Dare I ask what this one is feeding upon!

You guessed it
dried up scat.