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Calligrapha serpentina, red

Calligrapha serpentina, red "phase" - Calligrapha serpentina
Bisbee, Cochise County, Arizona, USA
October 1, 2006
On larval food plant Copper or Narrowleaf Globemallow, Sphaeralcea angustifolia.

Hi Sheri
I just found a bunch of red ones, too. They were exactly where I've collected green ones last year at the same time of the year. Any idea why they are red? You call it a phase - do you think the same individuals were or will be green?

Hi, Margarethe, According
Hi, Margarethe,

According to this article by Sharman Apt Russell, adults emerge from the pupae red and turn green in about a week:

True Confessions of a Citizen Scientist

Thanks for the tip!
A great article. So now I'm sitting here with my 5 red specimens, and hope that they will survive transfer to some locally harvested Mallows. Not the right sp. but it may do to keep the adults alive til they change color. I'm hoping to get photos of intermediate stages (what's between red and green, yellow?) and the end result.

I've got a photo of an interm
I've got a photo of an intermediate on Flickr.

that's interesting. I wish I could find something about the physiology behind these 'nuptial colors'

Hi Sheri
I followed the color change of a group of beetles and wrote it up here in my blog

Cool, Margarethe!
Cool, Margarethe! Thanks for the mention.