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Fence Sitter - Cimex adjunctus

Fence Sitter - Cimex adjunctus
Thompsontown, Juniata County, Pennsylvania, USA
May 26, 2010
I looked at this and thought "Bed Bug." It was on our backyard fence, near but not directly under our bat boxes. Bat Bug, maybe? I know the pics stink, but I'm hoping they're good enough for at least a tentative ID.

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Fence Sitter - Cimex adjunctus Fence Sitter - Cimex adjunctus Fence Sitter - Cimex adjunctus

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Cimex adjunctus (Eastern Bat Bug)
Based on: mouthparts not reaching second coxae; fourth antennal segment shorter than third (appears so, but blurry image); fringe of setae on pronotum longer than eye; geographic location (another bat bug is out west).

Ken, do you have the specimen? Can you take sharper pics? If you see more of these, I'd like a voucer for the CDC Parasite Collection (and can take sharper pics, here, if need be).


Unfortunately, I don't have the specimen.
However, there are several hundred bats in the box out back, so I might very well run into more of these critters. I'll certainly keep my eyes open.

Many thanks for your work on this!

nice, Ken
I will try and key out at work tomorrow if someone doesnt get to it first! Could be a bird or bat parasite. The pronotal setae look longer than typically seen in C. lectularius!!!

I've gotta think
this is something other than lectularius. It was out in the sunlight, and a good hundred feet from anything that could be considered Bed Bug habitat (i.e., a bedroom). I'll be eager to know what you come up with.

there are other species (in Cimex) and other genera. I dont keep any of my parasite references at home, except for a couple that focus on human disease.