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Water Bug - Belostoma

Water Bug - Belostoma
Kenner, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA
June 1, 2010
Size: 16mm
Can't find a matching Water Bug with this stripe. Any ideas?

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Water Bug - Belostoma Water Bug - Belostoma

thanks, John, for straightening me up, & the detalied explanatio
Moved from Abedus.

i'll ask around about sp.
Moved from ID Request.

This is a Belostoma - note th
This is a Belostoma - note the larger membranous area at the tip of the hemelytron, and the numerous "crossveins". Without a ventral shot of a dry venter, I can't tell which species it may be.

The only Abedus in the East is A. immaculatus - but it is quite different from all the other Nearctic Abedus and probably represents a different genus.

Many A. immaculatus sport the mid-dorsal stripe, but many lack it - and some Belostoma also sport such a racing stripe.

I guess... haven't hear anything back on this one yet...