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Wasp species caught in mist net - Cimbex americanus

Wasp species caught in mist net - Cimbex americanus
Cumberland Mountains, Campbell County, Tennessee, USA
June 1, 2010
Size: Large - 3 inches
Got caught in a mist net that we were using to catch birds. Unfortunately, we could not remove him before he chewed a rather large hole in the net.

Moved from Cimbex.

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Makes us think of

but that image says an inch and a quarter

Gotta be it.
Might have a wingspan of close to three inches, I suppose.

Wow... no clue.
If it is a wasp, and if it's really three inches long (head/body length) that would make it, I think, the largest wasp in North America (and by a considerable margin, too).

I'll be interested to see what others have to say.

I actually didn't know if it
I actually didn't know if it was a wasp or not, just guessing. And my size estimate was based off of memory from a couple years ago, so that could be a little inflated as well. Thanks for your help!

Female Cimbex.
Clubbed antennae leave no other option. Yes, they do get big, but to be caught in a mist net? That might be a first!