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Red legged fly ? - Chalcosyrphus

Red legged fly ? - Chalcosyrphus
Newcomb, Essex County, New York, USA
June 4, 2010
Size: <1"
At first I thought this was a wasp, but I'm thinking now it's some sort of fly. Whatever it was, it sure was enjoying the chives.

One of C. curvaria/plesia/vec
One of C. curvaria/plesia/vecors but not C. satanica.

Moved from Xylotina.


Moved from ID Request.

Reminds me of

But I'm not an expert, and there could be similar species I'm not aware of, so please wait for confirmation or correction.

Xylota or Chalcosyrphus: A Tough Call
I'm with Ted on this, but am uncertain. Experts here are, too, so I'd suggest this go to tribe Xylotini, which includes both candidates. (FYI, my guess on genus is based on the colorful legs, but I have nothing to substantiate that yet, except for reviewing images here.)