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Suborder Polyphaga

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga

No Taxon Series Cucujiformia
Superfamily Chrysomeloidea - Longhorn and Leaf Beetles
Family Cerambycidae - Longhorn Beetles
Subfamily Cerambycinae
Tribe Achrysonini
Genus Achryson
Species surinamum - Achryson surinamum
Genus Geropa
Species concolor - Geropa concolor
Genus Icosium
Species tomentosum - Icosium tomentosum
Tribe Agallissini
Genus Agallissus
Species lepturoides - Agallissus lepturoides
Genus Osmopleura
Species chamaeropis - Cabbage Palm Longhorn Beetle
Genus Zagymnus
Species clerinus - Zagymnus clerinus
Tribe Anaglyptini
Genus Cyrtophorus
Species verrucosus - Cyrtophorus verrucosus
Genus Tilloclytus
Species geminatus - Tilloclytus geminatus
Genus Microclytus
Species gazellula - Microclytus gazellula
Species compressicollis - Microclytus compressicollis
Tribe Bothriospilini
Genus Chrotoma
Species dunniana - Chrotoma dunniana
Genus Gnaphalodes
Species trachyderoides - Gnaphalodes trachyderoides
Genus Knulliana
Species cincta - Banded Hickory Borer
Subspecies cincta - Knulliana cincta cincta
Subspecies spinifera - Knulliana cincta spinifera
Subspecies sonorensis - Knulliana cincta sonorensis
Tribe Callichromatini
Genus Plinthocoelium
Species suaveolens - Bumelia Borer
Subspecies suaveolens - Plinthocoelium suaveolens suaveolens
Subspecies plicatum - Plinthocoelium suaveolens plicatum
Species schwarzi - South Texas Bumelia Borer
Tribe Callidiini
Genus Callidiellum
Species cupressi - Callidiellum cupressi
Species rufipenne - Japanese Cedar Longhorn Beetle
Species villosulum - Callidiellum villosulum
Genus Callidium
Species antennatum - Blackhorned Pine Borer
Species cicatricosum - Callidium cicatricosum
Species frigidum - Callidium frigidum
Species pseudotsugae - Callidium pseudotsugae
Species sempervirens - Callidium sempervirens
Species sequoiarium - Callidium sequoiarium
Species texanum - Black-horned Juniper Borer
Species violaceum - Violet Tanbark Beetle
Genus Elatotrypes
Species hoferi - Elatotrypes hoferi
Genus Meriellum
Species proteus - Meriellum proteus
Genus Phymatodes
Species aeneus - Phymatodes aeneus
Species aereus - Phymatodes aereus
Species amoenus - Phymatodes amoenus
Species ater - Phymatodes ater
Species decussatus - Phymatodes decussatus
Species dimidiatus - Phymatodes dimidiatus
Species grandis - Phymatodes grandis
Species hirtellus - Phymatodes hirtellus
Species huetheri - Phymatodes huetheri
Species infuscatus - Phymatodes infuscatus
Species lengi - Phymatodes lengi
Species lividus - Phymatodes lividus
Species maculicollis - Phymatodes maculicollis
Species nitidus - Phymatodes nitidus
Species obliquus - Phymatodes obliquus
Species testaceus - Tanbark Borer
Species varius - Phymatodes varius
Species vilitatis - Phymatodes vilitatis
Species vulneratus - Phymatodes vulneratus
Genus Physocnemum
Species andreae - Cypress Bark Borer
Species brevilineum - Elm Bark Borer
Species violaceipenne - Physocnemum violaceipenne
Genus Poecilium
Species lividum - Poecilium lividum
Genus Pronocera
Species collaris - Pronocera collaris
Subspecies collaris - Pronocera collaris collaris
Subspecies lecontei - Pronocera collaris lecontei
Genus Ropalopus
Species sanguinicollis - Ropalopus sanguinicollis
Genus Semanotus
Species amplus - Semanotus amplus
Species amethystinus - Semanotus amethystinus
Species conformis - Semanotus conformis
Species japonicus - Semanotus japonicus
Species juniperi - Semanotus juniperi
Species ligneus - Cedar Tree Borer
Species litigiosus - Firtree Borer
Species terminatus - Semanotus terminatus
Genus Xylocrius
Species agassizi - Xylocrius agassizi
Species cribratus - Xylocrius cribratus
Tribe Cleomenini
Genus Dere
Species thoracica - Dere thoracica
Tribe Clytini
Genus Calloides
Species nobilis - Calloides nobilis
Subspecies mormonus - Calloides nobilis mormonus
Subspecies nobilis - Calloides nobilis nobilis
Species lorquinii - Calloides lorquinii
Genus Clytoleptus
Species albofasciatus - Clytoleptus albofasciatus
Genus Clytus
Species blaisdelli - Clytus blaisdelli
Species canadensis - Clytus canadensis
Species clitellarius - Clytus clitellarius
Species marginicollis - Clytus marginicollis
Species pacificus - Clytus pacificus
Species planifrons - Clytus planifrons
Species ruricola - Clytus ruricola
Genus Glycobius
Species speciosus - Sugar Maple Borer
Genus Euryscelis
Species suturalis - Euryscelis suturalis
Genus Megacheuma
Species brevipenne - Megacheuma brevipenne
Genus Megacyllene
Species angulifera - Megacyllene angulifera
Species antennata - Megacyllene antennata
Species caryae - Hickory Borer
Species decora - Amorpha Borer
Species powersi - Megacyllene powersi
Species robiniae - Locust Borer
Species robusta - Megacyllene robusta
Species snowi - Megacyllene snowi
Subspecies snowi - Megacyllene snowi snowi
Subspecies zuniana - Megacyllene snowi zuniana
Genus Neoclytus
Species acuminatus - Red-Headed Ash Borer
Species approximatus - Neoclytus approximatus
Species augusti - Neoclytus augusti
Species balteatus - Neoclytus balteatus
Species caprea - Banded Ash Borer
Species conjunctus - Neoclytus conjunctus
Species senilis - Neoclytus senilis
Species horridus - Neoclytus horridus
Species irroratus - Neoclytus irroratus
Species jouteli - Neoclytus jouteli
Species magnus - Neoclytus magnus
Species modestus - Neoclytus modestus
Species mucronatus - Neoclytus mucronatus
Subspecies mucronatus - Neoclytus mucronatus mucronatus
Subspecies vogti - Neoclytus mucronatus vogti
Species muricatulus - Neoclytus muricatulus
Species resplendens - Neoclytus resplendens
Species scutellaris - Neoclytus scutellaris
Species tenuiscriptus - Neoclytus tenuiscriptus
Species torquatus - Neoclytus torquatus
Species vanduzeei - Neoclytus vanduzeei
No Taxon magnus/resplendens/angelicus/provoanus/balteatus group
Species interruptus - Neoclytus interruptus
Genus Ochraethes
Species citrinus - Ochraethes citrinus
Genus Placosternus
Species erythropus - Placosternus erythropus
Species difficilis - Mesquite Borer
Genus Plesioclytus
Species morrisi - Plesioclytus morrisi
Species relictus - Plesioclytus relictus
Genus Rusticoclytus
Species annosus - Rusticoclytus annosus
Subspecies annosus - Rusticoclytus annosus annosus
Subspecies emotus - Rusticoclytus annosus emotus
Species nauticus - Rusticoclytus nauticus
Genus Sarosesthes
Species fulminans - Sarosesthes fulminans
Genus Tanyochraethes
Species tildeni - Tanyochraethes tildeni
Genus Triodoclytus
Species lanifer - Triodoclytus lanifer
Genus Tylcus
Species hartwegii - Tylcus hartwegii
Genus Xylotrechus
Species aceris - Gall-making Maple Borer
Species albonotatus - Xylotrechus albonotatus
Species colonus - Rustic Borer
Species convergens - Xylotrechus convergens
Species hovorei - Xylotrechus hovorei
Species insignis - Willow Borer
Species integer - Xylotrechus integer
Species mormonus - Xylotrechus mormonus
Species nitidus - Xylotrechus nitidus
Species nunenmacheri - Xylotrechus nunenmacheri
Species obliteratus - Poplar-butt Borer
Species quadrimaculatus - Birch and Beech Girdler
Species quercus - Xylotrechus quercus
Species robustus - Xylotrechus robustus
Species sagittatus - Arrowhead Borer
Subspecies chiricahuae - Xylotrechus sagittatus chiricahuae
Subspecies sagittatus - Xylotrechus sagittatus sagittatus
Species schaefferi - Xylotrechus schaefferi
Species undulatus - Spruce Zebra Beetle
Genus Zajciwiclytus
Tribe Compsocerini
Genus Rosalia
Species funebris - Banded Alder Borer
Tribe Curiini
Genus Curius
Species dentatus - Curius dentatus
Tribe Dryobiini
Genus Dryobius
Species sexnotatus - Six-banded Longhorn Beetle
Genus Ornithia
Species mexicana - Ornithia mexicana
Tribe Eburiini
Genus Eburia
Species distincta - Eburia distincta
Species haldemani - Eburia haldemani
Species linsleyi - Eburia linsleyi
Species mutica - Lesser Ivory-marked Beetle
Species ovicollis - Eburia ovicollis
Species quadrigeminata - Ivory-marked Beetle
Species stigma - Eburia stigma
Species stroheckeri - Eburia stroheckeri
Genus Susuacanga
Species falli - Susuacanga falli
Species stigmatica - Susuacanga stigmatica
Species ulkei - Susuacanga ulkei
Tribe Elaphidiini
Genus Aneflomorpha
Species aculeata - Aneflomorpha aculeata
Species cazieri - Aneflomorpha cazieri
Species fisheri - Aneflomorpha fisheri
Species gilana - Aneflomorpha gilana
Species linearis - Aneflomorpha linearis
Species linsleyae - Aneflomorpha linsleyae
Species luteicornis - Aneflomorpha luteicornis
Species minuta - Aneflomorpha minuta
Species paralinearis - Aneflomorpha paralinearis
Species rectilinea - Aneflomorpha rectilinea
Species seminuda - Aneflomorpha seminuda
Species subpubescens - Aneflomorpha subpubescens
Species tenuis - Aneflomorpha tenuis
Species texana - Aneflomorpha texana
Species unispinosa - Aneflomorpha unispinosa
Genus Aneflus
Species calvatus - Aneflus calvatus
Species levettei - Aneflus levettei
Species obscurus - Aneflus obscurus
Species paracalvatus - Aneflus paracalvatus
Species prolixus - Aneflus prolixus
Subspecies fisheri - Aneflus prolixus fisheri
Species protensus - Aneflus protensus
Species sonoranus - Aneflus sonoranus
Genus Anelaphus
Species albofasciatus - Anelaphus albofasciatus
Species brevidens - Anelaphus brevidens
Species brummermannae - Anelaphus brummermannae
Species cinereus - Anelaphus cinereus
Species debilis - Anelaphus debilis
Species dentatus - Anelaphus dentatus
Species inermis - Anelaphus inermis
Species magnipunctatus - Anelaphus magnipunctatus
Species moestus - Anelaphus moestus
Subspecies moestus - Anelaphus moestus moestus
Subspecies pinorum - Anelaphus moestus pinorum
Species niveivestitus - Anelaphus niveivestitus
Species formerly-parallelus-maybe-undescribed - recently synonymyzed with A. villosus
Species piceus - Anelaphus piceus
Species pumilus - Anelaphus pumilus
Species similis - Anelaphus similis
Species spurcus - Anelaphus spurcus
Species subdepressus - Anelaphus subdepressus
Species subinermis - Anelaphus subinermis
Species submoestus - Anelaphus submoestus
Species villosus - Twig Pruner
Genus Anopliomorpha
Species rinconia - Anopliomorpha rinconia
Genus Anoplocurius
Species altus - Anoplocurius altus
Species canotiae - Anoplocurius canotiae
Species incompletus - Anoplocurius incompletus
Genus Astromula
Species nitidum - Astromula nitidum
Genus Atylostagma
Species glabra - Atylostagma glabra
Genus Curtomerus
Species flavus - Curtomerus flavus
Genus Elaphidion
Species clavis - Elaphidion clavis
Species cryptum - Elaphidion cryptum
Species irroratum - Elaphidion irroratum
Species linsleyi - Elaphidion linsleyi
Species mimeticum - Elaphidion mimeticum
Species mucronatum - Spined Oak Borer
Species tectum - Elaphidion tectum
Genus Elaphidionopsis
Species fasciatipennis - Elaphidionopsis fasciatipennis
Genus Enaphalodes - Oak Borer
Species archboldi - Enaphalodes archboldi
Species atomarius - Enaphalodes atomarius
Species cortiphagus - Oak-bark Scarrer
Species hispicornis - Enaphalodes hispicornis
Species niveitectus - Enaphalodes niveitectus
Species rufulus - Red Oak Borer
Species seminitidus - Enaphalodes seminitidus
Species taeniatus - Enaphalodes taeniatus
No Taxon atomarius or cortiphagus
Genus Eustromula
Species validum - Eustromula validum
Genus Linsleyonides
Species albomaculatus - Linsleyonides albomaculatus
Genus Micraneflus
Species imbellis - Micraneflus imbellis
Genus Micranoplium
Species unicolor - Micranoplium unicolor
Genus Neaneflus
Species fuchsii - Neaneflus fuchsii
Species opacicornis - Neaneflus opacicornis
Genus Orwellion
Species occidentalis - Orwellion occidentalis
Species gibbulum - Orwellion gibbulum
Subspecies arizonense - Orwellion gibbulum arizonense
Genus Parelaphidion
Species incertum - Parelaphidion incertum
Species aspersum - Parelaphidion aspersum
Genus Pseudoperiboeum
Species lengi - Pseudoperiboeum lengi
Genus Psyrassa
Species brevicornis - Psyrassa brevicornis
Species castanea - Psyrassa castanea
Species pertenuis - Spined Twig Girdler
Species unicolor - Branch Pruner
Genus Romulus
Species globosus - Romulus globosus
Genus Sphaerion
Species exutum - Sphaerion exutum
Genus Stenelaphus
Species alienus - Stenelaphus alienus
Genus Stenosphenus
Species debilis - Stenosphenus debilis
Species dolosus - Stenosphenus dolosus
Species lugens - Stenosphenus lugens
Species notatus - Stenosphenus notatus
Species sobrius - Stenosphenus sobrius
Species beyeri - Stenosphenus beyeri
Genus Stizocera
Species floridana - Stizocera floridana
Tribe Eumichthini
Genus Eumichthus
Species oedipus - Eumichthus oedipus
Genus Poecilobrium
Species chalybeum - Poecilobrium chalybeum
Tribe Graciliini
Genus Gracilia
Species minuta - Basket Beetle
Genus Hypexilis
Species pallida - Hypexilis pallida
Genus Penichroa
Species fasciata - Penichroa fasciata
Genus Perigracilia
Species delicata - Perigracilia delicata
Tribe Hesperophanini
Genus Brothylus
Species conspersus - Brothylus conspersus
Species gemmulatus - Brothylus gemmulatus
Genus Cacophrissus
Species pauper - Cacophrissus pauper
Genus Eucrossus
Species villicornis - Eucrossus villicornis
Genus Haplidus
Species laticeps - Haplidus laticeps
Species testaceus - Haplidus testaceus
Genus Hesperanoplium
Species antennatum - Hesperanoplium antennatum
Genus Hesperophanes
Species pubescens - Hesperophanes pubescens
Genus Malobidion
Species brunneum - Malobidion brunneum
Genus Meganoplium
Species imbelle - Meganoplium imbelle
Genus Osmidus
Species guttatus - Osmidus guttatus
Genus Stromatium
Species longicorne - Stromatium longicorne
Species unicolor - Stromatium unicolor
Genus Trichoferus
Species campestris - Velvet Longhorned Beetle
Genus Tylonotus
Species masoni - Tylonotus masoni
Species bimaculatus - Ash and Privet Borer
Genus Xeranoplium
Species tricallosum - Xeranoplium tricallosum
Tribe Heteropsini
Genus Heterops
Species dimidiatus - Heterops dimidiatus
Tribe Holopleurini
Genus Holopleura
Species marginata - Holopleura marginata
Tribe Hyboderini
Genus Hybodera
Species debilis - Hybodera debilis
Species tuberculata - Hybodera tuberculata
Genus Callimus
Species ruficollis - Callimus ruficollis
Species cyanipennis - Callimus cyanipennis
Genus Megobrium
Species edwardsi - Megobrium edwardsi
Genus Pseudopilema
Species hoppingi - Pseudopilema hoppingi
Tribe Hylotrupini
Genus Hylotrupes
Species bajulus - Old House Borer
Tribe Ibidionini
Genus Heterachthes
Species ebenus - Heterachthes ebenus
Species nobilis - Heterachthes nobilis
Species polingi - Heterachthes polingi
Species quadrimaculatus - Heterachthes quadrimaculatus
Species texanus - Heterachthes texanus
Genus Neocompsa
Species exclamationis - Neocompsa exclamationis
Species bravo - Neocompsa bravo
Species mexicana - Neocompsa mexicana
Species puncticollis - Neocompsa puncticollis
Subspecies orientalis - Neocompsa puncticollis orientalis
Tribe Lissonotini
Genus Lissonotus
Species flavocinctus - Lissonotus flavocinctus
Subspecies puncticollis - Lissonotus flavocinctus puncticollis
Tribe Methiini
Genus Coleomethia
Species xanthocollis - Coleomethia xanthocollis
Genus Pseudomethia
Species arida - Pseudomethia arida
Genus Methia
Species acostata - Methia acostata
Species arizonica - Methia arizonica
Species bicolor - Methia bicolor
Species brevis - Methia brevis
Species flavicornis - Methia flavicornis
Species knulli - Methia knulli
Species mormona - Methia mormona
Species necydalea - Methia necydalea
Genus Styloxus
Species bicolor - Styloxus bicolor
Species fulleri - Roundhead Oak Twig Girdler
Subspecies fulleri - Styloxus fulleri fulleri
Subspecies californicus - Styloxus fulleri californicus
Species oblatipilis - Styloxus oblatipilis
Genus Tessaropa
Species tenuipes - Tessaropa tenuipes
Tribe Molorchini
Genus Molorchus
Species bimaculatus - Molorchus bimaculatus
Subspecies bimaculatus - Molorchus bimaculatus bimaculatus
Subspecies corni - Molorchus bimaculatus corni
Subspecies semiustus - Molorchus bimaculatus semiustus
Species eburneus - Molorchus eburneus
Species longicollis - Molorchus longicollis
Tribe Obriini
Genus Obrium
Species constricticolle - Obrium constricticolle
Species discoideum - Obrium discoideum
Species glabrum - Obrium glabrum
Species maculatum - Obrium maculatum
Species mozinnae - Obrium mozinnae
Species rubidum - Obrium rubidum
Species rufulum - Obrium rufulum
Species californicum - Obrium californicum
Genus Stenhomalus
Species taiwanus - Stenhomalus taiwanus
Tribe Oemini
Genus Liberedaxia
Species deslauriersi - Liberedaxia deslauriersi
Subtribe Oemina
Genus Eudistenia
Species costipennis - Eudistenia costipennis
Genus Malacopterus
Species tenellus - Malacopterus tenellus
Genus Oeme
Species costata - Oeme costata
Species rigida - Oeme rigida
Subspecies deserta - Oeme rigida deserta
Genus Paranoplium
Species gracile - Paranoplium gracile
Subspecies gracile - Paranoplium gracile gracile
Subspecies laticolle - Paranoplium gracile laticolle
Genus Vandykea
Species tuberculata - Vandykea tuberculata
Genus Haplidoeme
Species schlingeri - Haplidoeme schlingeri
Tribe Opsimini
Genus Dicentrus
Species bluthneri - Dicentrus bluthneri
Genus Opsimus
Species quadrilineatus - Spruce Limb Borer
Tribe Phoracanthini
Genus Phoracantha - Eucalyptus Borer
Species semipunctata - Phoracantha semipunctata
Species recurva - Phoracantha recurva
Tribe Piezocerini
Genus Piezocera
Species monochroa - Piezocera monochroa
Tribe Plectromerini
Genus Plectromerus
Species dentipes - Plectromerus dentipes
Tribe Psebiini
Genus Nathriobrium
Species methioides - Nathriobrium methioides
Genus Nathrius
Species brevipennis - Nathrius brevipennis
Tribe Rhinotragini
Genus Ameriphoderes
Species suavis - Ameriphoderes suavis
Genus Odontocera
Species aurocincta - Odontocera aurocincta
Tribe Rhopalophorini
Genus Dihammaphora
Species dispar - Dihammaphora dispar
Genus Rhopalophora
Species angustata - Rhopalophora angustata
Species bicolorella - Rhopalophora bicolorella
Species cupricollis - Rhopalophora cupricollis
Species longipes - Rhopalophora longipes
Species meeskei - Rhopalophora meeskei
Species prorubra - Rhopalophora prorubra
Species rugicollis - Rhopalophora rugicollis
Tribe Smodicini
Genus Smodicum
Species cucujiforme - Flat Oak Borer
Species pacificum - Smodicum pacificum
Species texanum - Smodicum texanum
Tribe Stenopterini
Genus Callimoxys
Species fuscipennis - Callimoxys fuscipennis
Species nigrinus - Callimoxys nigrinus
Species ocularis - Callimoxys ocularis
Species sanguinicollis - Callimoxys sanguinicollis
Tribe Tillomorphini
Genus Euderces
Species bicinctus - Euderces bicinctus
Species picipes - Euderces picipes
Species pini - Euderces pini
Species reichei - Euderces reichei
Genus Pentanodes
Species dietzii - Pentanodes dietzii
Genus Tetranodus
Species niveicollis - Tetranodus niveicollis
Tribe Trachyderini
Genus Ancylocera
Species bicolor - Ancylocera bicolor
Subtribe Trachyderina
Genus Aethecerinus
Species hornii - Aethecerinus hornii
Species latecinctus - Aethecerinus latecinctus
Species wilsonii - Aethecerinus wilsonii
Genus Amannus
Species vittiger - Amannus vittiger
Species pectoralis - Amannus pectoralis
Genus Batyle
Species ignicollis - Batyle ignicollis
Subspecies oblonga - Batyle ignicollis oblonga
Species suturalis - Batyle suturalis
Genus Chemsakiella
Species ricei - Chemsakiella ricei
Genus Crioprosopus
Species rimosus - Crioprosopus rimosus
Genus Crossidius
Species ater - Crossidius ater
Species coralinus - Crossidius coralinus
Subspecies ascendens - Crossidius coralinus ascendens
Subspecies caeruleipennis - Crossidius coralinus caeruleipennis
Subspecies coralinus - Crossidius coralinus coralinus
Subspecies ferruginosus - Crossidius coralinus ferruginosus
Subspecies fulgidus - Crossidius coralinus fulgidus
Subspecies jocosus - Crossidius coralinus jocosus
Subspecies parviceps - Crossidius coralinus parviceps
Subspecies ruficollis - Crossidius coralinus ruficollis
Subspecies tejonicus - Crossidius coralinus tejonicus
Subspecies temprans - Crossidius coralinus temprans
Species discoideus - Crossidius discoideus
Subspecies blandi - Crossidius discoideus blandi
Subspecies sayi - Crossidius discoideus sayi
Species grahami - Crossidius grahami
Species hirtipes - Crossidius hirtipes
Subspecies flavescens - Crossidius hirtipes flavescens
Subspecies nigripennis - Crossidius hirtipes nigripennis
Subspecies rhodopus - Crossidius hirtipes rhodopus
Subspecies wickhami - Crossidius hirtipes wickhami
Subspecies allgewahri - Crossidius hirtipes allgewahri
Species humeralis - Crossidius humeralis
Subspecies quadrivittatus - Crossidius humeralis quadrivittatus
Species hurdi - Crossidius hurdi
Species militaris - Crossidius militaris
Species mojavensis - Crossidius mojavensis
Species pulchellus - Crossidius pulchellus
Species punctatus - Crossidius punctatus
Species suturalis - Crossidius suturalis
Subspecies intermedius - Crossidius suturalis intermedius
Subspecies melanipennis - Crossidius suturalis melanipennis
Subspecies minutivestis - Crossidius suturalis minutivestis
Subspecies pubescens - Crossidius suturalis pubescens
Subspecies suturalis - Crossidius suturalis suturalis
Species testaceus - Crossidius testaceus
Genus Deltaspis
Genus Elytroleptus
Species apicalis - Elytroleptus apicalis
Species divisus - Elytroleptus divisus
Species floridanus - Elytroleptus floridanus
Species immaculipennis - Elytroleptus immaculipennis
Species limpianus - Elytroleptus limpianus
Species ignitus - Elytroleptus ignitus
Species luteus - Elytroleptus luteus
Species rufipennis - Elytroleptus rufipennis
Genus Lophalia
Species cyanicollis - Lophalia cyanicollis
Genus Mannophorus
Species forreri - Mannophorus forreri
Species laetus - Mannophorus laetus
Genus Megaderus
Species bifasciatus - Megaderus bifasciatus
Genus Megapurpuricenus
Species magnificus - Texas Canyon Longhorn Beetle
Genus Metaleptus
Species batesi - Metaleptus batesi
Genus Muscidora
Species tumacacorii - Deltaspis tumacacorii
Genus Neoxoplus
Genus Oxymerus
Species aculeatus - Oxymerus aculeatus
Genus Parevander
Species hovorei - Parevander hovorei
Genus Perarthrus
Species linsleyi - Perarthrus linsleyi
Species vittatus - Perarthrus vittatus
Genus Pilostenaspis
Species lateralis - Pilostenaspis lateralis
Genus Placoschema
Species dimorpha - Placoschema dimorpha
Genus Plionoma
Species rubens - Plionoma rubens
Species suturalis - Plionoma suturalis
Genus Purpuricenus - Purplescent Longhorn Beetles
Species axillaris - Purpuricenus axillaris
Species dimidiatus - Scrub Oak Borer
Species humeralis - Purpuricenus humeralis
Species linsleyi - Purpuricenus linsleyi
Species opacus - Purpuricenus opacus
Species paraxillaris - White Oak Branch Girdler
Genus Rhodoleptus
Species femoratus - Rhodoleptus femoratus
Genus Schizax
Species senex - Schizax senex
Genus Sphaenothecus
Species trilineatus - Sphaenothecus trilineatus
Species bilineatus - Sphaenothecus bilineatus
Genus Stenaspis
Species solitaria - Stenaspis solitaria
Species verticalis - Stenaspis verticalis
Subspecies arizonicus - Stenaspis verticalis arizonicus
Subspecies insignis - Stenaspis verticalis insignis
Genus Dendrobias
Species mandibularis - Dendrobias mandibularis
Subspecies mandibularis - Trachyderes mandibularis mandibularis
Genus Tragidion
Species agave - Tragidion agave
Species annulatum - Tragidion annulatum
Species armatum - Tragidion armatum
Species auripenne - Tragidion auripenne
Species coquus - Tragidion coquus
Species deceptum - Tragidion deceptum
Species densiventre - Tragidion densiventre
Species gracilipes - Tragidion gracilipes
Genus Tylosis
Species jimenezii - Tylosis jimenezii
Species maculatus - Tylosis maculatus
Species oculatus - Tylosis oculatus
Species puncticollis - Tylosis puncticollis
Subfamily Disteniinae
Genus Elytrimitatrix
Species undata - Elytrimitatrix undata
Subfamily Lamiinae - Flat-faced Longhorn Beetles
Tribe Acanthocinini
Genus Acanthocinus
Species angulosus - Acanthocinus angulosus
Species leechi - Acanthocinus leechi
Species nodosus - Lesser Pine Borer
Species obliquus - Acanthocinus obliquus
Species obsoletus - Acanthocinus obsoletus
Species princeps - Ponderosa Pine Bark Borer
Species pusillus - Acanthocinus pusillus
Species spectabilis - Acanthocinus spectabilis
Genus Alcidion
Species umbraticum - Alcidion umbraticum
Genus Astyleiopus
Species variegatus - Astyleiopus variegatus
Genus Astylidius
Species parvus - Astylidius parvus
Genus Astylopsis
Species arcuata - Astylopsis arcuata
Species collaris - Astylopsis collaris
Species fascipennis - Astylopsis fascipennis
Species macula - Astylopsis macula
Species sexguttata - Astylopsis sexguttata
Genus Atrypanius
Species irrorellus - Atrypanius irrorellus
Genus Coenopoeus
Species palmeri - Coenopoeus palmeri
Genus Dectes
Species sayi - Soybean Stem Borer
Species texanus - Dectes texanus
Genus Eutrichillus
Species biguttatus - Eutrichillus biguttatus
Species canescens - Eutrichillus canescens
Species neomexicanus - Eutrichillus neomexicanus
Species pini - Eutrichillus pini
Genus Glaucotes
Species yuccivorus - Glaucotes yuccivorus
Genus Graphisurus
Species despectus - Graphisurus despectus
Species fasciatus - Graphisurus fasciatus
Species triangulifer - Graphisurus triangulifer
Genus Hyperplatys
Species aspersa - Hyperplatys aspersa
Species californica - Hyperplatys californica
Species femoralis - Hyperplatys femoralis
Species maculata - Hyperplatys maculata
Genus Lagocheirus
Species obsoletus - Lagocheirus obsoletus
Species araneiformis - Lagocheirus araneiformis
Genus Leptostylopsis
Species argentatus - Leptostylopsis argentatus
Species planidorsus - Leptostylopsis planidorsus
Species terraecolor - Leptostylopsis terraecolor
Genus Leptostylus
Species asperatus - Leptostylus asperatus
Species cretatellus - Leptostylus cretatellus
Species transversus - Leptostylus transversus
Genus Lepturges
Species angulatus - Lepturges angulatus
Species confluens - Lepturges confluens
Species infilatus - Lepturges infilatus
Species pictus - Lepturges pictus
Species regularis - Lepturges regularis
Species symmetricus - Lepturges symmetricus
Species yucca - Lepturges yucca
Genus Nyssodrysina
Species haldemani - Nyssodrysina haldemani
Genus Pseudastylopsis
Species nebulosus - Pseudastylopsis nebulosus
Species nelsoni - Pseudastylopsis nelsoni
Species pini - Pseudastylopsis pini
Genus Sternidius
Species alpha - Sternidius alpha
Species centralis - Sternidius centralis
Species chemsaki - Sternidius chemsaki
Species decorus - Sternidius decorus
Species imitans - Sternidius imitans
Species incognitus - Sternidius incognitus
Species mimeticus - Sternidius mimeticus
Species misellus - Sternidius misellus
Species punctatus - Sternidius punctatus
Species wiltii - Sternidius wiltii
Genus Sternidocinus
Species barbarus - Sternidocinus barbarus
Genus Styloleptus
Species biustus - Styloleptus biustus
Genus Trichastylopsis
Species albidus - Trichastylopsis albidus
Genus Trichocanonura
Species linearis - Trichocanonura linearis
Genus Urgleptes
Species celtis - Urgleptes celtis
Species facetus - Urgleptes facetus
Species foveatocollis - Urgleptes foveatocollis
Species querci - Urgleptes querci
Species signatus - Urgleptes signatus
Species sandersoni - Urgleptes sandersoni
Genus Valenus
Species inornatus - Valenus inornatus
Tribe Acanthoderini
Genus Acanthoderes
Genus Aegomorphus
Species arizonicus - Aegomorphus arizonicus
Species modestus - Aegomorphus modestus
Species morrisii - Aegomorphus morrisii
Species quadrigibbus - Aegomorphus quadrigibbus
Genus Oplosia
Species nubila - Oplosia nubila
Genus Psapharochrus
Species circumflexus - Psapharochrus circumflexus
Genus Peritapnia
Species fabra - Peritapnia fabra
Tribe Agapanthiini
Genus Hippopsis
Species lemniscata - Hippopsis lemniscata
Genus Spalacopsis
Species filum - Spalacopsis filum
Subspecies costulata - Spalacopsis filum costulata
Species stolata - Spalacopsis stolata
Species suffusa - Spalacopsis suffusa 0
Species texana - Spalacopsis texana
Tribe Anisocerini
Genus Thryallis
Species undatus - Thryallis undatus
Tribe Apomecynini
Genus Adetus
Species croton - Adetus croton
Species brousii - Adetus brousii
Genus Dorcasta
Species cinerea - Dorcasta cinerea
Genus Adetaptera
Species thomasi - Adetaptera thomasi
Species wickhami - Adetaptera wickhami
Genus Sybra
Species alternans - Sybra alternans
Tribe Cyrtinini
Genus Cyrtinus
Species beckeri - Cyrtinus beckeri
Species pygmaeus - Cyrtinus pygmaeus
Tribe Desmiphorini
Genus Desmiphora
Species aegrota - Desmiphora aegrota
Species hirticollis - Desmiphora hirticollis
Genus Estoloides
Species aquilonius - Estoloides aquilonius
Genus Eupogonius
Species arizonensis - Eupogonius arizonensis
Species fulvovestitus - Eupogonius fulvovestitus
Species pauper - Eupogonius pauper
Species subarmatus - Eupogonius subarmatus
Species tomentosus - Eupogonius tomentosus
Genus Psenocerus
Species supernotatus - Currant-tip Borer
Genus Charlesella
Species viticola - Charlesella viticola
Genus Tigrinestola
Species tigrina - Tigrinestola tigrina
Tribe Dorcaschematini
Genus Dorcaschema
Species wildii - Mulberry Borer
Species alternatum - Small Mulberry Borer
Species nigrum - Black Hickory Borer
Species cinereum - Dorcaschema cinereum
Tribe Hemilophini
Genus Cathetopteron
Species amoena - Cathetopteron amoena
Genus Essostrutha
Species laeta - Essostrutha laeta
Genus Hemierana
Species marginata - Hemierana marginata
Subspecies ardens - Hemierana marginata ardens
Subspecies marginata - Hemierana marginata marginata
Subspecies suturalis - Hemierana marginata suturalis
Species rileyi - Hemierana rileyi
Tribe Mesosini
Genus Synaphaeta
Species guexi - Synaphaeta guexi
Tribe Moneilemini
Genus Moneilema - Cactus Longhorned Beetles
Species annulatum - Moneilema annulatum
Species appressum - Moneilema appressum
Species armatum - Moneilema armatum
Species blapsides - Moneilema blapsides
Species gigas - Moneilema gigas
Species semipunctatum - Moneilema semipunctatum
Tribe Monochamini
Genus Anoplophora
Species glabripennis - Asian Longhorned Beetle
Genus Goes
Species debilis - Goes debilis
Species fisheri - Goes fisheri
Species pulcher - Living-hickory Borer
Species pulverulentus - Goes pulverulentus
Species tesselatus - Oak sapling borer
Species tigrinus - White oak borer
Species tumifrons - Goes tumifrons
Species variegatus - Goes variegatus
Genus Hebestola
Species nebulosa - Hebestola nebulosa
Genus Microgoes
Species oculatus - Microgoes oculatus
Genus Monochamus - Sawyers
Species carolinensis - Monochamus carolinensis
Species clamator - Spotted Pine Sawyer
Subspecies latus - Monochamus clamator latus
Subspecies nevadensis - Monochamus clamator nevadensis
Subspecies rubigineus - Monochamus clamator rubigineus
Species marmorator - Balsam Fir Sawyer
Species maculosus - Spotted Pine Sawyer
Species notatus - Northeastern Pine Sawyer
Species obtusus - Monochamus obtusus
Species scutellatus - White-spotted Sawyer
Species titillator - Southern Pine Sawyer
No Taxon carolinensis or titillator
Genus Neoptychodes
Species trilineatus - Neoptychodes trilineatus
Genus Plectrodera
Species scalator - Cottonwood Borer
Tribe Onciderini
Genus Cacostola
Species salicicola - Cacostola salicicola
Species lineata - Cacostola lineata
Genus Lochmaeocles
Species cornuticeps - Lochmaeocles cornuticeps
Species marmoratus - Lochmaeocles marmoratus
Genus Oncideres - Twig Girdling Beetles
Species cingulata - Twig Girdler
Species pustulata - Huisache Girdler
Species quercus - Oak Girdler
Species rhodosticta - Mesquite Girdler
Tribe Parmenini
Genus Ipochus
Species fasciatus - Ipochus fasciatus
Genus Parmenosoma
Species griseum - Parmenosoma griseum
Genus Plectrura
Species spinicauda - Plectrura spinicauda
Tribe Phytoeciini
Genus Dylobolus
Species rotundicollis - Dylobolus rotundicollis
Genus Mecas
Species bicallosa - Mecas bicallosa
Species cana - Mecas cana
Species cineracea - Mecas cineracea
Species confusa - Poplar Gall Borer
Species femoralis - Mecas femoralis
Species linsleyi - Mecas linsleyi
Species marginella - Mecas marginella
Species menthae - Mecas menthae
Species pergrata - Mecas pergrata
Genus Oberea
Species affinis - Raspberry Cane Borer
Species caseyi - Oberea caseyi
Species deficiens - Oberea deficiens
Species delongi - Poplar Twig Borer
Species erythrocephala - Leafy Spurge Stem Boring Beetle
Species flavipes - Oberea flavipes
Species gracilis - Oberea gracilis
Species myops - Oberea myops
Species ocellata - Sumac Stem Borer
Species oculaticollis - Oberea oculaticollis
Species perspicillata - Raspberry Cane Borer
Species praelonga - Oberea praelonga
Species pruinosa - Oberea pruinosa
Species ruficollis - Sassafras Borer
Species quadricallosa - Oberea quadricallosa
Species schaumii - Oberea schaumii
Species tripunctata - Dogwood Twig Borer
Tribe Pogonocherini
Genus Callipogonius
Species cornutus - Callipogonius cornutus
Genus Ecyrus
Species arcuatus - Ecyrus arcuatus
Species dasycerus - Ecyrus dasycerus
Species penicillatus - Ecyrus penicillatus
Genus Lophopogonius
Species crinitus - Lophopogonius crinitus
Genus Lypsimena
Species fuscata - Lypsimena fuscata
Genus Pogonocherus
Species arizonicus - Pogonocherus arizonicus
Species mixtus - Pogonocherus mixtus
Species parvulus - Pogonocherus parvulus
Species penicillatus - Pogonocherus penicillatus
Species pictus - Pogonocherus pictus
Species propinquus - Pogonocherus propinquus
Genus Poliaenus
Species californicus - Poliaenus californicus
Species negundo - Poliaenus negundo
Species nuevoleonis - Poliaenus nuevoleonis
Species obscurus - Poliaenus obscurus
Species oregonus - Poliaenus oregonus
Species volitans - Poliaenus volitans
Genus Zaplous
Species annulatus - Zaplous annulatus
Tribe Pteropliini
Genus Ataxia
Species arizonica - Ataxia arizonica
Species brunnea - Ataxia brunnea
Species crypta - Ataxia crypta
Species hubbardi - Ataxia hubbardi
Species tibialis - Ataxia tibialis
Species falli - Ataxia falli
Tribe Saperdini
Genus Saperda
Species calcarata - Poplar Borer
Species candida - Round-headed Apple Tree Borer
Species cretata - Spotted Apple Tree Borer
Species discoidea - Hickory Saperda
Species fayi - Saperda fayi
Species horni - Saperda horni
Species imitans - Saperda imitans
Species inornata - Poplar-gall Saperda
Species lateralis - Red-edged Saperda
Species moesta - Saperda moesta
Subspecies moesta - Saperda populnea moesta
Subspecies tulari - Saperda populnea tulari
Species mutica - Saperda mutica
Species obliqua - Alder Borer
Species populnea - Saperda populnea
Species puncticollis - Woodbine Borer
Species tridentata - Elm Borer
Species vestita - Linden Borer
Tribe Tetraopini
Genus Phaea
Species canescens - Phaea canescens
Species monostigma - Phaea monostigma
Genus Tetraopes - Milkweed Longhorn Beetles
Species annulatus - Tetraopes annulatus
Species basalis - Tetraopes basalis
Species discoideus - Tetraopes discoideus
Species femoratus - Red-femured Milkweed Borer
Species linsleyi - Tetraopes linsleyi
Species mandibularis - Tetraopes mandibularis
Species melanurus - Blackened Milkweed Beetle
Species pilosus - Tetraopes pilosus
Species quinquemaculatus - Tetraopes quinquemaculatus
Species skillmani - Tetraopes skillmani
Species sublaevis - Tetraopes sublaevis
Species tetrophthalmus - Red Milkweed Beetle
Species texanus - Tetraopes texanus
Species thermophilus - Tetraopes thermophilus
No Taxon femoratus or sublaevis
Tribe Tetropini
Genus Tetrops
Species praeusta - Plum Beetle
Subfamily Lepturinae - Flower Longhorn Beetles
Tribe Desmocerini
Genus Desmocerus - Elderberry Longhorn Beetles
Species aureipennis - Desmocerus aureipennis
Subspecies cribripennis - Desmocerus aureipennis cribripennis
Subspecies aureipennis - Desmocerus aureipennis aureipennis
Subspecies piperi - Desmocerus aureipennis piperi
Subspecies lacustris - Desmocerus aureipennis lacustris
Species californicus - Desmocerus californicus
Subspecies dimorphus - Desmocerus californicus dimorphus
Species palliatus - Elderberry Borer
Tribe Encyclopini
Genus Encyclops
Species caerulea - Encyclops caerulea
Genus Leptalia
Species macilenta - Leptalia macilenta
Tribe Lepturini
Genus Alosternida
Species chalybea - Alosternida chalybea
Genus Analeptura
Species lineola - Analeptura lineola
Genus Anastrangalia
Species haldemani - Anastrangalia haldemani
Species laetifica - Dimorphic Flower Longhorn Beetle
Species sanguinea - Anastrangalia sanguinea
Genus Anoplodera
Species pubera - Anoplodera pubera
Genus Bellamira
Species scalaris - Bellamira scalaris
Genus Brachyleptura
Species brevis - Brachyleptura brevis
Species circumdata - Brachyleptura circumdata
Species dehiscens - Brachyleptura dehiscens
Species rubrica - Brachyleptura rubrica
Species vagans - Brachyleptura vagans
Genus Charisalia
Species americana - Charisalia americana
Genus Cyphonotida
Species rostrata - Cyphonotida rostrata
Subspecies borealis - Cyphonotida rostrata borealis
Subspecies texana - Cyphonotida rostrata texana
Genus Dorcasina
Species matthewsi - Dorcasina matthewsi
Genus Etorofus
Species anthracinus - Etorofus anthracinus
Species deletus - Etorofus deletus
Species obliteratus - Etorofus obliteratus
Species plagiferus - Etorofus plagiferus
Species plebejus - Etorofus plebejus
Species propinquus - Etorofus propinquus
Species soror - Etorofus soror
Species subhamatus - Etorofus subhamatus
Genus Grammoptera
Species exigua - Grammoptera exigua
Species haematites - Grammoptera haematites
Species militaris - Grammoptera militaris
Species molybdica - Grammoptera molybdica
Species subargentata - Grammoptera subargentata
No Taxon exigua or haematites
Species rhodopus - Grammoptera rhodopus
Genus Idiopidonia
Species pedalis - Idiopidonia pedalis
Genus Judolia
Species cordifera - Judolia cordifera
Species gaurotoides - Judolia gaurotoides
Species instabilis - Judolia instabilis
Species montivagans - Judolia montivagans
Subspecies barberi - Judolia montivagans barberi
Species quadrata - Judolia quadrata
Species scapularis - Judolia scapularis
Species sexspilota - Judolia sexspilota
Species swainei - Judolia swainei
Genus Leptura
Species abdominalis - Leptura abdominalis
Species hovorei - Leptura hovorei
Species kerniana - Leptura kerniana
Species pacifica - Leptura pacifica
Species sequoiae - Leptura sequoiae
Genus Lepturobosca
Species nigrolineata - Lepturobosca nigrolineata
Species chrysocoma - Lepturobosca chrysocoma
Genus Lepturopsis
Species dolorosa - Lepturopsis dolorosa
Species biforis - Lepturopsis biforis
Genus Lycochoriolaus
Species lateralis - Lycochoriolaus lateralis
Genus Megachoriolaus
Species texanus - Megachoriolaus texanus
Genus Neoalosterna
Species capitata - Neoalosterna capitata
Species rubida - Neoalosterna rubida
Genus Neobellamira
Species delicata - Neobellamira delicata
Subspecies australis - Neobellamira delicata australis
Genus Orthochoriolaus
Species chihuahuae - Orthochoriolaus chihuahuae
Genus Ortholeptura
Species insignis - Ortholeptura insignis
Species obscura - Ortholeptura obscura
Species valida - Ortholeptura valida
Genus Pseudostrangalia
Species cruentata - Pseudostrangalia cruentata
Genus Pygoleptura
Species brevicornis - Pygoleptura brevicornis
Species carbonata - Pygoleptura carbonata
Species nigrella - Pygoleptura nigrella
Genus Stenostrophia
Species amabilis - Stenostrophia amabilis
Species coquilletti - Stenostrophia coquilletti
Species tribalteata - Stenostrophia tribalteata
Subspecies serpentina - Stenostrophia tribalteata serpentina
Subspecies sierrae - Stenostrophia tribalteata sierrae
Subspecies tribalteata - Stenostrophia tribalteata tribalteata
Genus Stictoleptura
Species canadensis - Red-shouldered Pine Borer
Subspecies arizonensis - Stictoleptura canadensis arizonensis
Subspecies canadensis - Stictoleptura canadensis canadensis
Subspecies cribripennis - Stictoleptura canadensis cribripennis
Genus Strangalepta
Species abbreviata - Strangalepta abbreviata
Genus Strangalia
Species acuminata - Strangalia acuminata
Species antennata - Strangalia antennata
Species bicolor - Bicolored Flower Longhorn Beetle
Species famelica - Strangalia famelica
Subspecies famelica - Strangalia famelica famelica
Subspecies solitaria - Strangalia famelica solitaria
Species luteicornis - Strangalia luteicornis
Species occidentalis - Strangalia occidentalis
Species sexnotata - Six-spotted Flower Longhorn Beetle
Species strigosa - Strangalia strigosa
Species virilis - Strangalia virilis
Genus Stenelytrana
Species emarginata - Stenelytrana emarginata
Species gigas - Stenelytrana gigas
Genus Strophiona
Species laeta - Strophiona laeta
Species nitens - Strophiona nitens
Species tigrina - Strophiona tigrina
Genus Toxoleptura
Species pernigra - Toxoleptura pernigra
Species vexatrix - Toxoleptura vexatrix
Genus Trachysida
Species aspera - Trachysida aspera
Species mutabilis - Trachysida mutabilis
Genus Trigonarthris
Species atrata - Trigonarthris atrata
Species subpubescens - Trigonarthris subpubescens
Species proxima - Trigonarthris proxima
Genus Typocerus
Species acuticauda - Typocerus acuticauda
Subspecies acuticauda - Typocerus acuticauda acuticauda
Subspecies standishi - Typocerus acuticauda standishi
Species badius - Typocerus badius
Species balteatus - Typocerus balteatus
Species confluens - Typocerus confluens
Species deceptus - Typocerus deceptus
Species fulvocinctus - Typocerus fulvocinctus
Species lugubris - Typocerus lugubris
Species lunulatus - Typocerus lunulatus
Subspecies texanus - Typocerus lunulatus texanus
Species octonotatus - Typocerus octonotatus
Species sinuatus - Notch-Tipped Flower Longhorn Beetle
Species sparsus - Typocerus sparsus
Species velutinus - Typocerus velutinus
Subspecies nobilis - Typocerus velutinus nobilis
Species zebra - Zebra Longhorn Beetle
No Taxon confluens or octonotatus
No Taxon velutinus or deceptus
Genus Xestoleptura
Species behrensi - Xestoleptura behrensi
Species cockerelli - Xestoleptura cockerelli
Species crassicornis - Xestoleptura crassicornis
Species crassipes - Xestoleptura crassipes
Species octonotata - Xestoleptura octonotata
Species tibialis - Xestoleptura tibialis
Tribe Oxymirini
Genus Anthophylax
Species attenuatus - Mottled Longhorned Beetle
Species cyaneus - Anthophylax cyaneus
Species viridis - Anthophylax viridis
Genus Neanthophylax
Species mirificus - Neanthophylax mirificus
Species tenebrosus - Neanthophylax tenebrosus
Tribe Rhagiini
Genus Acmaeops
Species proteus - Acmaeops proteus
Species discoideus - Acmaeops discoideus
Genus Acmaeopsoides
Species rufula - Acmaeopsoides rufula
Genus Brachysomida
Species atra - Brachysomida atra
Species bivittata - Brachysomida bivittata
Species californica - Brachysomida californica
Species nigripennis - Brachysomida nigripennis
Species rugicollis - Brachysomida rugicollis
Species vittigera - Brachysomida vittigera
No Taxon bivittata / nigripennis
Genus Brachyta
Species lanhami - Brachyta lanhami
Genus Centrodera
Species autumnata - Centrodera autumnata
Species dayi - Centrodera dayi
Species decolorata - Centrodera decolorata
Species nevadica - Centrodera nevadica
Species oculata - Centrodera oculata
Species osburni - Centrodera osburni
Species spurca - Yellow Douglas Fir Borer
Species sublineata - Centrodera sublineata
Species tenera - Centrodera tenera
Genus Comacmaeops
Species brunnea - Comacmaeops brunnea
Genus Cortodera
Species cubitalis - Cortodera cubitalis
Species falsa - Cortodera falsa
Species impunctata - Cortodera impunctata
Species longicornis - Cortodera longicornis
Species militaris - Cortodera militaris
Species stolida - Cortodera stolida
Species subpilosa - Cortodera subpilosa
Genus Evodinus
Species monticola - Evodinus monticola
Subspecies vancouveri - Evodinus monticola vancouveri
Genus Gaurotes
Species cyanipennis - Gaurotes cyanipennis
Species thoracica - Gaurotes thoracica
Genus Gnathacmaeops
Species pratensis - Gnathacmaeops pratensis
Genus Metacmaeops
Species vittata - Metacmaeops vittata
Genus Pachyta
Species armata - Pachyta armata
Species lamed - Pachyta lamed
Subspecies liturata - Pachyta lamed liturata
Genus Pidonia
Species gnathoides - Pidonia (Thesalia) gnathoides
Species quadrata - Pidonia (Ceratopidonia) quadrata
No Taxon subgenus Pidonia
Species aurata - Pidonia aurata
Species densicollis - Pidonia densicollis
Species nitidicollis - Pidonia nitidicollis 0
Species ruficollis - Pidonia ruficollis
Species scripta - Pidonia scripta
Species vibex - Pidonia vibex OR nitidicollis
No Taxon vibex or nitidipennis
Genus Piodes
Species coriacea - Piodes coriacea
Genus Pseudogaurotina
Species abdominalis - Pseudogaurotina abdominalis
Species cressoni - Pseudogaurotina cressoni
Genus Rhagium
Species inquisitor - Ribbed Pine Borer
Genus Stenocorus
Species cinnamopterus - Stenocorus cinnamopterus
Species copei - Stenocorus copei
Species cylindricollis - Stenocorus cylindricollis
Species nubifer - Stenocorus nubifer
Species obtusus - Stenocorus obtusus
Species schaumii - Stenocorus schaumii
Species trivittatus - Stenocorus trivittatus
Species vestitus - Stenocorus vestitus
Species vittiger - Stenocorus vittiger
No Taxon vestitus/nubifer complex
Tribe Rhamnusiini
Genus Enoploderes
Species vitticollis - Enoploderes vitticollis
Tribe Sachalinobiini
Genus Sachalinobia
Species rugipennis - Sachalinobia rugipennis
Tribe Xylosteini
Genus Leptorhabdium
Species pictum - Leptorhabdium pictum
Genus Pseudoxylosteus
Species ornatus - Pseudoxylosteus ornatus
No Taxon Multiple species together
Subfamily Necydalinae
Genus Necydalis
Species barbarae - Necydalis barbarae
Species cavipennis - Necydalis cavipennis
Species diversicollis - Necydalis diversicollis
Species laevicollis - Necydalis laevicollis
Species mellita - Necydalis mellita
Species rudei - Necydalis rudei
Genus Ulochaetes
Species leoninus - Ulochaetes leoninus
Subfamily Parandrinae
Genus Parandra
Species polita - Parandra polita
Genus Neandra - Pole Borers
Species brunnea - Pole Borer
Species marginicollis - Neandra marginicollis
Subfamily Prioninae
Tribe Callipogonini
Genus Trichocnemis
Species pauper - Trichocnemis pauper
Species spiculatus - Ponderous Borer
Subspecies neomexicanus - Trichocnemis spiculatus neomexicanus
Tribe Macrotomini
Subtribe Basitoxina
Genus Archodontes
Species melanopus - Live-oak Root Borer
Subspecies serrulatus - Archodontes melanopus serrulatus
Subspecies aridus - Archodontes melanopus aridus
Tribe Mallodonini
Genus Mallodon
Species dasystomus - Hardwood Stump Borer
Genus Neomallodon
Species arizonicus - Neomallodon arizonicus
Genus Nothopleurus
Species madericus - Nothopleurus madericus
Species lobigenis - Nothopleurus lobigenis
Genus Stenodontes
Species chevrolati - Stenodontes chevrolati
Tribe Meroscelisini
Genus Tragosoma
Species harrisii - Tragosoma harrisii
Species pilosicorne - Tragosoma pilosicorne
Species soror - Tragosoma soror
Species spiculum - Tragosoma spiculum
Tribe Prionini
Genus Derobrachus
Species brevicollis - Bahiagrass borer
Species geminatus - Derobrachus geminatus
Species hovorei - Palo Verde Root Borer
Species leechi - Derobrachus leechi
Species thomasi - Thomas's Oak Borer
Genus Orthosoma
Species brunneum - Brown Prionid
Genus Prionus
No Taxon subgenus Homaesthesis
Species arenarius - Prionus arenarius
Species emarginatus - Prionus emarginatus
Species integer - Prionus integer
Species spinipennis - Prionus spinipennis
No Taxon subgenus Antennalia
Species fissicornis - Prionus fissicornis
No Taxon subgenus Neopolyarthron
Species debilis - Prionus debilis
Species imbricornis - Tile-horned Prionus
No Taxon subgenus Prionus
Species californicus - California Root Borer
Species heroicus - Prionus heroicus
Species laticollis - Broad-necked Root Borer
Species lecontei - Prionus lecontei
Species pocularis - Prionus pocularis
Tribe Solenopterini
Genus Elateropsis
Species scabrosus - Elateropsis scabrosus
Genus Sphenostethus
Species taslei - Sphenostethus taslei
Subfamily Spondylidinae
Tribe Asemini
Genus Arhopalus
Species asperatus - Arhopalus asperatus
Species foveicollis - Pitted Longhorn Beetle
Species productus - New House Borer
Species rusticus - Arhopalus rusticus
Subspecies montanus - Arhopalus rusticus montanus
Subspecies nubilus - Arhopalus rusticus nubilus
Subspecies obsoletus - Arhopalus rusticus obsoletus
Genus Asemum
Species australe - Asemum australe
Species caseyi - Asemum caseyi
Species nitidum - Asemum nitidum
Species striatum - Opaque Sawyer
Genus Megasemum
Species asperum - Megasemum asperum
Genus Tetropium
Species abietis - Tetropium abietis
Species fuscum - Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle
Species parallelum - Tetropium parallelum
Species parvulum - Tetropium parvulum
Species schwarzianum - Tetropium schwarzianum
Species velutinum - Tetropium velutinum
Species cinnamopterum - Eastern larch borer
Species undescribed - Tetropium sp. A
Tribe Atimiini
Genus Atimia
Species confusa - Small Cedar Borer
Species huachucae - Atimia huachucae
Genus Paratimia
Species conicola - Paratimia conicola
Tribe Saphanini
Genus Michthisoma
Species heterodoxum - Michthisoma heterodoxum
Tribe Spondylidini
Genus Scaphinus
Species muticus - Scaphinus muticus
Genus Neospondylis
Species upiformis - Neospondylis upiformis
No Taxon Larvae & pupae
Family Chrysomelidae - Leaf Beetles
Subfamily Bruchinae - Pea and Bean Weevils
Tribe Amblycerini
Genus Amblycerus
Species robiniae - Amblycerus robiniae
Species vitis - Amblycerus vitis
Genus Zabrotes
Species arenarius - Zabrotes arenarius
Species bexarensis - Zabrotes bexarensis
Species chandleri - Zabrotes chandleri
Species chavesi - Zabrotes chavesi
Species cruciger - Zabrotes cruciger
Species densus - Zabrotes densus
Species spectabilis - Zabrotes spectabilis
Species stephani - Zabrotes stephani
Species subfasciatus - Mexican Bean Weevil
Species subnitens - Zabrotes subnitens
Species victoriensis - Zabrotes victoriensis
Tribe Bruchini
Genus Bruchus
Species affinis - Bruchus affinis
Species brachialis - Vetch Bruchid
Species loti - Bruchus loti
Species pisorum - Pea Weevil
Species rufimanus - Broadbean Weevil
Genus Megacerus - Large-horned Bruchids
Species coryphae - Megacerus coryphae
Species cubiculus - Megacerus cubiculus
Species discoidus - Megacerus discoidus
Species impiger - Megacerus impiger
Species leucospilus - Megacerus leucospilus
Species maculiventris - Megacerus maculiventris
Species schaefferianus - Megacerus schaefferianus
Subtribe Acanthoscelidina
Genus Acanthoscelides
Species alboscutellatus - Acanthoscelides alboscutellatus
Species atomus - Acanthoscelides atomus
Species aureolus - Acanthoscelides aureolus
Species biustulus - Acanthoscelides biustulus
Species calvus - Acanthoscelides calvus
Species chiricahuae - Acanthoscelides chiricahuae
Species compressicornis - Acanthoscelides compressicornis
Species distinguendus - Acanthoscelides distinguendus
Species flavescens - Acanthoscelides flavescens
Species floridae - Acanthoscelides floridae
Species fraterculus - Acanthoscelides fraterculus
Species fumatus - Acanthoscelides fumatus
Species helianthemum - Acanthoscelides helianthemum
Species longistilus - Acanthoscelides longistilus
Species macrophthalmus - Acanthoscelides macrophthalmus
Species margaretae - A. margaretae or near
Species obtectus - Bean Weevil
Species pallidipennis - Acanthoscelides pallidipennis
Species pauperculus - Acanthoscelides pauperculus
Species pectoralis - Acanthoscelides pectoralis
Species pedicularius - Acanthoscelides pedicularius 0
Species perforatus - Acanthoscelides perforatus
Species pullus - Acanthoscelides pullus 0
Species quadridentatus - Acanthoscelides quadridentatus
Species seminulum - Acanthoscelides seminulum
Species submuticus - Acanthoscelides submuticus
Species tenuis - Acanthoscelides tenuis
Species tridenticulatus - Acanthoscelides tridenticulatus
No Taxon sp. 1 northeast (adventive?)
No Taxon sp. 2 Calif.
No Taxon fraterculus/lobatus type
Genus Althaeus
Species folkertsi - Velvetleaf Seed Beetle
Species hibisci - Althaeus hibisci
Genus Algarobius
Species bottimeri - Algarobius bottimeri
Species prosopis - Algarobius prosopis
Genus Bruchidius
Species cisti - Bruchidius cisti 0
Species terrenus - Bruchidius terrenus
Species villosus - Broom Seed Beetle
Genus Callosobruchus
Species chinensis - Southern Cowpea Weevil
Species maculatus - Cowpea Weevil
Species phaseoli - Callosobruchus phaseoli
Genus Caryedes - Caryedes 0
Genus Gibbobruchus
Species mimus - Redbud Bruchid
Genus Meibomeus
Species musculus - Meibomeus musculus
Genus Merobruchus
Species insolitus - Merobruchus insolitus
Species julianus - Merobruchus julianus
Species major - Texas Ebony Bruchid
Species terani - Merobruchus terani
Species vacillator - Merobruchus vacillator
Genus Mimosestes
Species acaciestes - Mimosestes acaciestes
Species amicus - Mimosestes amicus
Species nubigens - Mimosestes nubigens
Species protractus - Mimosestes protractus
Species ulkei - Mimosestes ulkei
Genus Neltumius
Species texanus - Neltumius texanus
Species arizonensis - Neltumius arizonensis
Genus Penthobruchus
Species germaini - Parkinsonia Seed Beetle
Genus Stator - Seed Beetle
Species beali - Stator beali
Species chihuahua - Stator chihuahua
Species limbatus - Stator limbatus
Species pruininus - Pruinose Bean Weevil
Species sordidus - Stator sordidus
Species subaeneus - Stator subaeneus
Species vachelliae - Stator vachelliae
Genus Sennius
Species abbreviatus - Sennius abbreviatus
Species cruentatus - Sennius cruentatus
Species discolor - Sennius discolor
Species guttifer - Sennius guttifer
Species lebasi - Sennius lebasi
Species leucostauros - Sennius leucostauros
Species morosus - Sennius morosus
Species medialis - Sennius medialis
Genus Stylantheus
Species macrocerus - Stylantheus macrocerus
Tribe Kytorhinini
Genus Kytorhinus
Species prolixus - Kytorhinus prolixus
Tribe Pachymerini
Genus Caryedon
Species serratus - Groundnut Bruchid
Subtribe Pachymerina
Genus Caryobruchus
Species gleditsiae - Palm Seed Weevil
Genus Pachymerus
Species nucleorum - Coconut Borer
Subfamily Cassidinae - Tortoise Beetles and the Hispines
Tribe Cassidini - Tortoise Beetles
Genus Agroiconota
Species bivittata - Agroiconota bivittata
Genus Cassida
Species azurea - Cassida azurea
Species flaveola - Pale Tortoise Beetle
Species piperata - Cassida piperata
Species relicta - Cassida relicta
Species rubiginosa - Thistle Tortoise Beetle
Genus Charidotella
No Taxon Subgenus Chaerocassis
Species emarginata - Charidotella emarginata
Species purpurata - Charidotella purpurata
No Taxon Subgenus Charidotella
Species bifossulata - Charidotella bifossulata
Species sexpunctata - Golden Tortoise Beetle
Subspecies bicolor
Subspecies sexpunctata - Charidotella sexpunctata sexpunctata
No Taxon larvae
Species succinea - Charidotella succinea
Genus Coptocycla
Species texana - Anacua Tortoise Beetle
Genus Deloyala
Species barberi - Deloyala barberi
Species guttata - Mottled Tortoise Beetle
Species lecontii - Deloyala lecontii
Genus Erepsocassis
Species rubella - Erepsocassis rubella
Genus Floridocassis
Species repudiata - Floridocassis repudiata
Genus Gratiana
Species boliviana - Gratiana boliviana
Species pallidula - Eggplant Tortoise Beetle
Genus Jonthonota
Species mexicana - Jonthonota mexicana
Species nigripes - Blacklegged Tortoise Beetle
Genus Metrionella
Species bilimeki - Metrionella bilimeki
Genus Microctenochira
Species bonvouloiri - Microctenochira bonvouloiri
Genus Opacinota
Species bisignata - Opacinota bisignata
Genus Parorectis
Species arenaria - Parorectis arenaria
Species callosa - Parorectis callosa
Species sublaevis - Parorectis sublaevis
Genus Helocassis
Species clavata - Clavate Tortoise Beetle
Subspecies testudinaria - Helocassis clavata testudinaria
Subspecies clavata - Helocassis clavata clavata
Genus Strongylocassis
Species atripes - Strongylocassis atripes
Tribe Hemisphaerotini
Genus Hemisphaerota
Species cyanea - Palmetto Tortoise Beetle
Tribe Imatidiini
Genus Stenispa
Species collaris - Stenispa collaris
Species metallica - Stenispa metallica
Tribe Mesomphaliini
Genus Chelymorpha
Species cassidea - Argus Tortoise Beetle
Species cribraria - Chelymorpha cribraria
Species phytophagica - Chelymorpha phytophagica
Genus Hilarocassis
Species exclamationis - Hilarocassis exclamationis
Tribe Ischyrosonychini
Genus Physonota
Species alutacea - Wild Olive Tortoise Beetle
Species arizonae - Arizona Tortoise Beetle
Species calochroma - Geiger Tree Tortoise Beetle
Subspecies floridensis - Geiger Tortoise Beetle
Species disjuncta - Physonota disjuncta
Species helianthi - Sunflower Tortoise Beetle
Species unipunctata - Horsemint Tortoise Beetle
No Taxon Unidentified immatures
Tribe Chalepini
Genus Anisostena
Species ariadne - Anisostena ariadne
Species californica - Anisostena californica
Species cyanea - Anisostena cyanea
Species funesta - Anisostena funesta
Species gracilis - Anisostena gracilis
Species kansana - Anisostena kansana
Species lecontii - Anisostena lecontii
Species nigrita - Anisostena nigrita
Species nunenmacheri - Anisostena nunenmacheri
Species perspicua - Anisostena perspicua
Species suturalis - Anisostena suturalis
Species texana - Anisostena texana
Genus Baliosus
Species californicus - Baliosus californicus
Species ferrugineus - Baliosus ferrugineus
Species nervosus - Basswood Leaf Miner
Species randia - Baliosus randia
Genus Brachycoryna
Species dolorosa - Brachycoryna dolorosa
Species hardyi - Brachycoryna hardyi
Species longula - Brachycoryna longula
Species melsheimeri - Brachycoryna melsheimeri
Species montana - Brachycoryna montana
Species pumila - Brachycoryna pumila
Genus Chalepus
Species bellulus - Chalepus bellulus
Species bicolor - Chalepus bicolor
Species sanguinicollis - Chalepus sanguinicollis
Species walshii - Chalepus walshii
Genus Glyphuroplata
Species anisostenoides - Glyphuroplata anisostenoides
Species nigella - Glyphuroplata nigella
Species pluto - Glyphuroplata pluto
Species uniformis - Glyphuroplata uniformis
Genus Heptispa
Species brevicornis - Heptispa brevicornis
Genus Microrhopala
Species arizonica - Microrhopala arizonica
Species erebus - Microrhopala erebus
Species excavata - Microrhopala excavata
Subspecies cyanea - Microrhopala excavata cyanea
Species floridana - Microrhopala floridana
Species rileyi - Microrhopala rileyi 0
Species rubrolineata - Microrhopala rubrolineata
Subspecies militaris - Microrhopala rubrolineata militaris
Subspecies rubrolineata - Microrhopala rubrolineata rubrolineata
Subspecies signaticollis - Microrhopala rubrolineata signaticollis
Species vittata - Goldenrod Leaf Miner
Species xerene - Microrhopala xerene
Genus Octotoma
Species championi - Octotoma championi
Species marginicollis - Octotoma marginicollis
Species plicatula - Octotoma plicatula
Genus Odontota
Species arizonica - Odontota arizonica
Species dorsalis - Locust Leaf Miner
Species floridana - Odontota floridana
Species horni - Soybean Leafminer
Species mundula - Odontota mundula
Species scapularis - Orange-shouldered Leaf Miner
Species signaticollis - Odontota signaticollis
Genus Pentispa
Species distincta - Pentispa distincta
Species melanura - Pentispa melanura
Species sallaei - Pentispa sallaei
Genus Stenopodius
Species flavidus - Stenopodius flavidus
Species lateralis - Stenopodius lateralis
Species martini - Stenopodius martini
Species texanus - Stenopodius texanus
Genus Sumitrosis
Species ancoroides - Sumitrosis ancoroides
Species inaequalis - Sumitrosis inaequalis
Species pallescens - Sumitrosis pallescens
Species rosea - Sumitrosis rosea
Species triplehorni - Sumitrosis triplehorni
Genus Xenochalepus
Species ater - Xenochalepus ater
Species robiniae - Xenochalepus robiniae
Subfamily Criocerinae
Tribe Criocerini
Genus Crioceris
Species asparagi - Asparagus Beetle
Species duodecimpunctata - Twelve-spotted Asparagus Beetle
Genus Lilioceris
Species lilii - Lily Leaf Beetle
Species cheni - Air Potato Leaf Beetle
Tribe Lemini
Genus Lema
Species arizonae - Lema arizonae
Species balteata - Lema balteata
Species confusa - Lema confusa
Species conjuncta - Lema conjuncta
Species opulenta - Lema opulenta
Species solani - Lema solani
Species trabeata - Lema trabeata
No Taxon striped species
Species daturaphila - Three-lined Potato Beetle
Species nigrovittata - Lema nigrovittata
Species pubipes - Lema pubipes
Species trivittata - Three-lined Lema Beetle
No Taxon unidentified Lema eggs and larvae
Genus Neolema
Species cordata - Neolema cordata
Species dorsalis - Neolema dorsalis
Species ephippium - Neolema ephippium
Species gundlachiana - Neolema gundlachiana
Species jacobina - Neolema jacobina
Species ovalis - Neolema ovalis
Species quadriguttata - Neolema quadriguttata
Species sexpunctata - Six-spotted Neolema
Genus Oulema
Species melanopus - Cereal Leaf Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Hapsidolemoides
Species arizonae - Oulema arizonae
Species collaris - Oulema collaris
Species concolor - Oulema concolor
Species cornuta - Oulema cornuta
Species elongata - Oulema elongata
Species longipennis - Oulema longipennis
Species maculicollis - Oulema maculicollis
Species margineimpressa - Oulema margineimpressa
Species palustris - Oulema palustris
Species sayi - Oulema sayi
Species simulans - Oulema simulans
Species texana - Oulema texana
Species variabilis - Oulema variabilis
No Taxon images ID'd by S.M. Clark as "Possibly Oulema maculicollis"
Subfamily Cryptocephalinae - Case-bearing Leaf Beetles
Tribe Fulcidacini - Warty Leaf Beetles
Genus Chlamisus - Cloaked Warty Leaf Beetles
Species foveolatus - Chlamisus foveolatus
Species maculipes - Chlamisus maculipes
Species quadrilobatus - Chlamisus quadrilobatus
Species texanus - Chlamisus texanus
Species arizonensis - Chlamisus arizonensis
Genus Diplacaspis
Species prosternalis - Diplacaspis prosternalis
Genus Exema
Species byersi - Exema byersi
Species canadensis - Exema canadensis
Species conspersa - Exema conspersa
Species deserti - Exema deserti
Species dispar - Exema dispar
Species elliptica - Exema elliptica
Species gibber - Exema gibber
Species mormona - Exema mormona
Species neglecta - Exema neglecta
Genus Neochlamisus
Species bebbianae - Neochlamisus bebbianae
Species bimaculatus - Neochlamisus bimaculatus
Species chamaedaphnes - Neochlamisus chamaedaphnes
Species comptoniae - Neochlamisus comptoniae
Species eubati - Neochlamisus eubati
Species gibbosus - Neochlamisus gibbosus
Species platani - Neochlamisus platani
Species scabripennis - Neochlamisus scabripennis
Species velutinus - Neochlamisus velutinus
Genus Pseudochlamys
Species semirufescens - Pseudochlamys semirufescens
Tribe Clytrini
Subtribe Clytrina
Genus Anomoea
Species flavokansiensis - Anomoea flavokansiensis
Species laticlavia - Clay-colored Leaf Beetle
Subspecies angustata - Clay-colored Leaf Beetle
Species nitidicollis - Anomoea nitidicollis
Subspecies crassicornis - Anomoea nitidicollis crassicornis
Subspecies nitidicollis - Anomoea nitidicollis nitidicollis
Species rufifrons - Anomoea rufifrons
Subspecies occidentimutabilis - Anomoea rufifrons occidentimutabilis
Subspecies mutabilis - Anomoea rufifrons mutabilis
Genus Smaragdina
Species militaris - Smaragdina militaris
Subtribe Babiina
Genus Babia
Species quadriguttata - Eastern Babia
Subspecies pulla - Babia quadriguttata pulla
Species tetraspilota - Western Babia
Genus Saxinis
Species apicalis - Saxinis apicalis
Species deserticola - Saxinis deserticola
Species knausii - Saxinis knausii
Species omogera - Saxinis omogera
Subspecies omogera - Saxinis omogera omogera
Species saucia - Saxinis saucia
Subspecies bisignata - Saxinis saucia bisignata
Subspecies immaculata - Saxinis saucia immaculata
Subspecies kaibabiae - Saxinis saucia kaibabiae
Subspecies saucia - Saxinis saucia saucia
Species sinuata - Saxinis sinuata
Species sonorensis - Saxinis sonorensis
Species subpubescens - Saxinis subpubescens
Genus Urodera
Species crucifera - Urodera crucifera
Species dilaticollis - Urodera dilaticollis
Subtribe Megalostomina
Genus Coleorozena
Species fulvilabris - Coleorozena fulvilabris
Species lecontii - Coleorozena lecontii
Species pilatei - Coleorozena pilatei
Species vittata - Coleorozena vittata
Genus Coleothorpa
Species axillaris - Coleothorpa axillaris
Subspecies quadratominor - Coleothorpa axillaris quadratominor
Species dominicana - Coleothorpa dominicana
Species vittigera - Coleothorpa vittigera
Genus Coscinoptera
Species aeneipennis - Coscinoptera aeneipennis
Genus Megalostomis
Species pyropyga - Megalostomis pyropyga
Species subfasciata - Megalostomis subfasciata
Species dimidiata - Megalostomis dimidiata
Tribe Cryptocephalini
Genus Lexiphanes
Species mexicanus - Lexiphanes mexicanus
Species guerini - Lexiphanes guerini
Species saponatus - Lexiphanes saponatus
Species teapensis - Lexiphanes teapensis
Subtribe Pachybrachina
Genus Griburius
Species equestris - Griburius equestris
Species larvatus - Griburius larvatus
Species lecontii - Griburius lecontii
Species montezuma - Griburius montezuma
Species scutellaris - Griburius scutellaris
Species rileyi - Griburius rileyi
Genus Pachybrachis - Scriptured Leaf Beetles
No Taxon Pubescent Pachys
Species analis - Pachybrachis analis
Species brunneus - Pachybrachis brunneus
Species connexus - Pachybrachis connexus
Species donneri - Pachybrachis donneri
Species gilberti - Pachybrachis gilberti
Species integratus - Pachybrachis integratus
Species madera - Pachybrachis madera
Species marmoratus - Pachybrachis marmoratus
Species morosus - Pachybrachis morosus
Species thoracicus - Pachybrachis thoracicus
Species uteanus - Pachybrachis uteanus
Species vigilans - Pachybrachis vigilans
Species wickhami - Pachybrachis wickhami
Species xanti - Pachybrachis xanti
No Taxon Pachybrachis sp. (MAQ 3)
No Taxon Yellow Pachys
Species abdominalis - Pachybrachis abdominalis
Species americanus - Pachybrachis americanus
Species arizonensis - Pachybrachis arizonensis
Species caelatus - Pachybrachis caelatus
Species coloradensis - Pachybrachis coloradensis
Species convictus - Pachybrachis convictus
Species diversus - Pachybrachis diversus
Species immaculatus - Pachybrachis immaculatus
Species jacobyi - Pachybrachis jacobyi
Species macronychus - Pachybrachis macronychus
Species mellitus - Pachybrachis mellitus
Species mercurialis - Pachybrachis mercurialis
Species minor - Pachybrachis minor
Species mitis - Pachybrachis mitis
Species nero - Pachybrachis nero
Species petronius - Pachybrachis petronius
Species pusillus - Pachybrachis pusillus
Species tacitus - Pachybrachis tacitus
Species xantholucens - Pachybrachis xantholucens
No Taxon Striped Pachys
Species bivittatus - Pachybrachis bivittatus
Species bloxham - Pachybrachis bloxham
Species chester - Pachybrachis chester
Species circumcinctus - Pachybrachis circumcinctus
Species dubiosus - Pachybrachis dubiosus
Species kentuckyensis - Pachybrachis kentuckyensis
Species othonus - Pachybrachis othonus
Subspecies pallidipennis - Pachybrachis othonus pallidipennis
Subspecies sioux - Pachybrachis othonus sioux
Species pawnee - Pachybrachis pawnee
Species picturatus - Pachybrachis picturatus
Species umbraculatus - Pachybrachis umbraculatus
Species vau - Pachybrachis vau
Species virgatus - Pachybrachis virgatus
Species viduatus - Pachybrachis viduatus
No Taxon Black Pachys
Species atomarius - Pachybrachis atomarius
Species californicus - Pachybrachis californicus
Species cruentus - Pachybrachis cruentus
Species dilatatus - Pachybrachis dilatatus
Species newmani - Pachybrachis newmani
Species hybridus - Pachybrachis hybridus
Species luridus - Pachybrachis luridus
Species lustrans - Pachybrachis lustrans
Species marginatus - Pachybrachis marginatus
Species impurus - Pachybrachis impurus
Species nigricornis - Pachybrachis nigricornis
Subspecies autolycus - Pachybrachis nigricornis autolycus
Subspecies difficilis - Pachybrachis nigricornis difficilis
Species pinguescens - Pachybrachis pinguescens
Species praeclarus - Pachybrachis praeclarus
Species pulvinatus - Pachybrachis pulvinatus
Species signatifrons - Pachybrachis signatifrons
Species subfasciatus - Pachybrachis subfasciatus
Species trinotatus - Pachybrachis trinotatus
Species stygicus - Pachybrachis stygicus
Species varians - Pachybrachis varians
Species vulnerosus - Pachybrachis vulnerosus
Species wenzeli - Pachybrachis wenzeli
Species alticola - Pachybrachis alticola
Species brevicollis - Pachybrachis brevicollis
Species brevicornis - Pachybrachis brevicornis
Species bullatus - Pachybrachis bullatus
Species calidus - Pachybrachis calidus
Species cephalicus - Pachybrachis cephalicus
Species chaoticus - Pachybrachis chaoticus
Species deceptor - Pachybrachis deceptor
Species delumbis - Pachybrachis delumbis
Species duryi - Pachybrachis duryi
Species femoratus - Pachybrachis femoratus
Species fortis - Pachybrachis fortis
Species fuscipes - Pachybrachis fuscipes
Subspecies purgatus - Pachybrachis fuscipes purgatus
Species gracilipes - Pachybrachis gracilipes
Species laevis - Pachybrachis laevis
Species hector - Pachybrachis hector
Species hepaticus - Pachybrachis hepaticus
Species latithorax - Pachybrachis latithorax
Species melanostictus - Pachybrachis melanostictus
Species mobilis - Pachybrachis mobilis
Species m-nigrum - Pachybrachis m-nigrum
Species nobilis - Pachybrachis nobilis
Species nunenmacheri - Pachybrachis nunenmacheri
Species obsoletus - Pachybrachis obsoletus
Species peccans - Pachybrachis peccans
Species pectoralis - Pachybrachis pectoralis
Species postfasciatus - Pachybrachis postfasciatus
Species quadratus - Pachybrachis quadratus
Species sanrita - Pachybrachis sanrita
Species signatus - Pachybrachis signatus
Species snowi - Pachybrachis snowi
Species sonorensis - Pachybrachis sonorensis
Species spumarius - Pachybrachis spumarius
Species subvittatus - Pachybrachis subvittatus
Species texanus - Pachybrachis texanus
Species texasensis - Pachybrachis texasensis
Species tridens - Pachybrachis tridens
Species turbidus - Pachybrachis turbidus
Species turgidicollis - Pachybrachis turgidicollis
No Taxon Pachybrachis sp. (EGR 2)
No Taxon Pachybrachis sp. (EGR 6)
No Taxon Pachybrachis sp. (EGR 19)
No Taxon Pachybrachis sp. (EGR 136)
No Taxon orange Pachy
No Taxon sw TX Pachy
Subtribe Cryptocephalina
Genus Bassareus
Species areolatus - Bassareus areolatus
Species brunnipes - Bassareus brunnipes
Species clathratus - Bassareus clathratus
Species croceipennis - Bassareus croceipennis
Species detritus - Bassareus detritus
Species formosus - Bassareus formosus
Species lituratus - Bassareus lituratus
Species mammifer - Bassareus mammifer
Genus Cryptocephalus
Species andrewsi - Cryptocephalus andrewsi
Species downiei - Cryptocephalus downiei
Species trizonatus - Cryptocephalus trizonatus
No Taxon Basalis group
Species basalis - Cryptocephalus basalis
Species binominis - Cryptocephalus binominis
Species mucoreus - Cryptocephalus mucoreus
Species multisignatus - Cryptocephalus multisignatus
Species notatus - Cryptocephalus notatus
Subspecies notatus - Cryptocephalus notatus notatus
Subspecies fulvipennis - Cryptocephalus notatus fulvipennis
Subspecies sellatus - Cryptocephalus notatus sellatus
Species pinicolus - Cryptocephalus pinicolus
Species pubicollis - Cryptocephalus pubicollis
Species pubiventris - Cryptocephalus pubiventris
Species quadruplex - Cryptocephalus quadruplex
No Taxon Quercus group
Species atrofasciatus - Cryptocephalus atrofasciatus
Species quercus - Cryptocephalus quercus
Species umbonatus - Cryptocephalus umbonatus
Species vapidus - Cryptocephalus vapidus
No Taxon Badius group
Species badius - Cryptocephalus badius
Species incertus - Cryptocephalus incertus
Species triundulatus - Cryptocephalus triundulatus
No Taxon Guttulatus group
Species guttulatellus - Cryptocephalus guttulatellus
Species guttulatus - Fourteen-spotted Leaf Beetle
No Taxon Cupressi group
Species binotatus - Cryptocephalus binotatus
Species bivius - Cryptocephalus bivius
Species castaneus - Cryptocephalus castaneus
Species cupressi - Cryptocephalus cupressi
Species duryi - Cryptocephalus duryi
Species irroratus - Cryptocephalus irroratus
Species leucomelas - Cryptocephalus leucomelas
Species maccus - Cryptocephalus maccus
Species optimus - Cryptocephalus optimus
Species pseudomaccus - Cryptocephalus pseudomaccus
Species texanus - Cryptocephalus texanus
No Taxon Calidus group
Species albicans - Cryptocephalus albicans
Species aulicus - Cryptocephalus aulicus
Species australobispinus - Cryptocephalus australobispinus
Species bispinus - Cryptocephalus bispinus
Species calidus - Cryptocephalus calidus
Species gibbicollis - Cryptocephalus gibbicollis
Species insertus - Cryptocephalus insertus
Species mutabilis - Cryptocephalus mutabilis
No Taxon Venustus group
Species obsoletus - Cryptocephalus obsoletus
Species venustus - Cryptocephalus venustus
No Taxon Cuneatus group
Species cuneatus - Cryptocephalus cuneatus
Species trivittatus - Cryptocephalus trivittatus
No Taxon Tinctus group
Species falli - Cryptocephalus falli
Species implacidus - Cryptocephalus implacidus
Species lateritius - Cryptocephalus lateritius 0
Species schreibersii - Cryptocephalus schreibersii
Species striatulus - Cryptocephalus striatulus
Species tinctus - Cryptocephalus tinctus
No Taxon Arizonensis group
Species arizonensis - Blue-winged Cryptocephalus
Species nanus - Cryptocephalus nanus
Species nigrocinctus - Cryptocephalus nigrocinctus
Species pallidicinctus - Cryptocephalus pallidicinctus
Species sanguinicollis - Cryptocephalus sanguinicollis
Subspecies nigerrimus - Cryptocephalus sanguinicollis nigerrimus
Subspecies sanguinicollis - Cryptocephalus sanguinicollis sanguinicollis
No Taxon Amatus group
Species amatus - Cryptocephalus amatus
Species merus - Cryptocephalus merus
No Taxon Snowi group
Species cribripennis - Cryptocephalus cribripennis
Species simulans - Cryptocephalus simulans
Species snowi - Cryptocephalus snowi
No Taxon Confluentus group
Species alternans - Cryptocephalus alternans
Species brunneovittatus - Cryptocephalus brunneovittatus
Species cerinus - Cryptocephalus cerinus
Species confluentus - Cryptocephalus confluentus
Species defectus - Cryptocephalus defectus
Species fulguratus - Cryptocephalus fulguratus
Species luteolus - Cryptocephalus luteolus
Species pumilus - Cryptocephalus pumilus
Species spurcus - Cryptocephalus spurcus
Genus Diachus
Species auratus - Bronze Leaf Beetle
Species catarius - Diachus catarius
Species chlorizans - Diachus chlorizans
Species subopacus - Diachus subopacus
No Taxon Diachus on c. & w. TX oaks
No Taxon Diachus sp. of southmost TX
Genus Triachus
Species atomus - Triachus atomus
Species cerinus - Triachus cerinus
Species postremus - Triachus postremus
No Taxon Unidentifed immatures
Subfamily Chrysomelinae
Genus Timarcha
Species intricata - Timarcha intricata
Tribe Chrysomelini
Subtribe Chrysomelina
Genus Chrysomela
No Taxon Subgenus Macrolina
Species aeneicollis - Chrysomela aeneicollis
Species confluens - Chrysomela confluens
Species falsa - Chrysomela falsa
Species interrupta - Alder Leaf Beetle
Species knabi - Chrysomela knabi
Species laurentia - Chrysomela laurentia
Species lineatopunctata - Chrysomela lineatopunctata
Species mainensis - Chrysomela mainensis
Subspecies interna - Chrysomela mainensis interna
Species schaefferi - Chrysomela schaefferi
Species scripta - Cottonwood Leaf Beetle
Species semota - Chrysomela semota
Species sonorae - Chrysomela sonorae
Species texana - Chrysomela texana
No Taxon falsa or aeneicollis
No Taxon images reviewed by S.M. Clark --tmp page
No Taxon Subgenus Chrysomela
Species crotchi - Aspen Leaf Beetle
Genus Gastrophysa
Species cyanea - Green Dock Beetle
Species dissimilis - Gastrophysa dissimilis
Species formosa - Gastrophysa formosa
Species polygoni - Gastrophysa polygoni
Genus Phaedon
Species prasinellus - Phaedon prasinellus
No Taxon subgenus Phaedon
Species armoraciae - Phaedon armoraciae
Species cyanescens - Phaedon cyanescens
Species desotonis - Phaedon desotonis
Species laevigatus - Phaedon laevigatus
Species oviformis - Phaedon oviformis
Species purpureus - Phaedon purpureus
Species viridis - Phaedon viridis
Genus Phratora
Species americana - Phratora americana
Species hudsonia - Birch Leaf Beetle
Species interstitialis - Phratora interstitialis
Species purpurea - Aspen Skeletonizer
Genus Plagiodera
Species arizonae - Plagiodera arizonae
Species californica - Plagiodera californica
Species thymaloides - Plagiodera thymaloides
Species versicolora - Imported Willow Leaf Beetle
Genus Prasocuris
Species phellandrii - Prasocuris phellandrii
No Taxon subgenus Hydrothassa
Species boreella - Prasocuris boreella
Species vittata - Prasocuris vittata
Subtribe Doryphorina
Genus Calligrapha
No Taxon subgenus Bidensomela
Species bidenticola - Calligrapha bidenticola
Species californica - Calligrapha californica
Subspecies californica - Calligrapha californica californica
Subspecies coreopsivora - Calligrapha californica coreopsivora
Species praecelsis - Calligrapha praecelsis
No Taxon subgenus Calligramma
Species cephalanthi - Calligrapha cephalanthi
No Taxon subgenus Calligrapha
Species alni - Russet Alder Leaf Beetle
Species alnicola - Calligrapha alnicola 0
Species ancoralis - Calligrapha ancoralis
Species apicalis - Calligrapha apicalis
Species dislocata - Calligrapha dislocata
Species diversa - Calligrapha diversa
Species fulvipes - Calligrapha fulvipes
Species multiguttata - Calligrapha multiguttata
Species multipunctata - Common Willow Calligrapha
Subspecies bigsbyana - Calligrapha multipunctata morph bigsbyana
Species pnirsa - Calligrapha pnirsa
Species serpentina - Globemallow Leaf Beetle
Species sigmoidea - Calligrapha sigmoidea
Species suturella - Calligrapha suturella
Species verrucosa - Calligrapha verrucosa
No Taxon philadelphica group
Species philadelphica - Dogwood Calligrapha
Species vicina - Calligrapha vicina
No Taxon scalaris group
Species amator - Ontario Calligrapha
Species confluens - Calligrapha confluens
Species dolosa - Calligrapha dolosa
Species floridana - Calligrapha floridana
Species ignota - Calligrapha ignota
Species knabi - Calligrapha knabi
Species ostryae - Calligrapha ostryae
Species pruni - Calligrapha pruni
Species rhoda - Calligrapha rhoda
Species rowena - Calligrapha rowena
Species scalaris - Elm Calligrapha
Species spiraea - Calligrapha spiraea
No Taxon species near scalaris
No Taxon subgenus Erythrographa
Species wickhami - Calligrapha wickhami
No Taxon subgenus Graphicallo
Species lunata - Moon-marked Leaf Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Zygospila
Genus Chrysolina
No Taxon subgenus Allohypericia
Species auripennis - Chrysolina auripennis
Species basilaris - Chrysolina basilaris
Species cribraria - Chrysolina cribraria 0
Species inornata - Chrysolina inornata
Species schaefferi - Chrysolina schaefferi
No Taxon subgenus Arctolina
Species septentrionalis - Chrysolina septentrionalis
Species subsulcata - Chrysolina subsulcata
No Taxon subgenus Chalcoidea
Species flavomarginata - Chrysolina flavomarginata
Species marginata - Chrysolina marginata
No Taxon subgenus Chrysolina
Species bankii - Chrysolina bankii
Species staphylaea - Brown Mint Leaf Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Hypericia
Species hyperici - St. Johnswort Beetle
Species quadrigemina - Klamath Weed Beetle
Species fastuosa - Dead-nettle Leaf Beetle 0
Species varians - Chrysolina (Sphaeromela) varians
Genus Labidomera
Species clivicollis - Swamp Milkweed Leaf Beetle
Genus Leptinotarsa
Species collinsi - Leptinotarsa collinsi
Species decemlineata - Colorado Potato Beetle
Species defecta - Leptinotarsa defecta
Species juncta - False Potato Beetle
Species haldemani - Leptinotarsa haldemani
Species lineolata - Leptinotarsa lineolata
Species peninsularis - Leptinotarsa peninsularis
Species rubiginosa - Reddish Potato Beetle
Species texana - Texas Potato Beetle
Species tumamoca - Leptinotarsa tumamoca
Genus Zygogramma
Species arizonica - Zygogramma arizonica
Species conjuncta - Zygogramma conjuncta
Subspecies conjuncta - Zygogramma conjuncta conjuncta
Subspecies pallida - Zygogramma conjuncta pallida
Species continua - Zygogramma continua
Species disrupta - Zygogramma disrupta
Species estriata - Zygogramma estriata
Species exclamationis - Sunflower Beetle
Species heterothecae - Zygogramma heterothecae
Species malvae - Zygogramma malvae
Species opifera - Zygogramma opifera
Species piceicollis - Zygogramma piceicollis
Species signatipennis - Zygogramma signatipennis
Species suturalis - Ragweed Leaf Beetle
Species tortuosa - Zygogramma tortuosa
Subtribe Paropsina
Genus Gonioctena
Species americana - American Aspen Beetle
Species notmani - Gonioctena notmani
Species nivosa - Gonioctena nivosa
Genus Paropsis
Species atomaria - Paropsis atomaria
Genus Paropsisterna
Species m-fuscum - Eucalyptus Leaf Beetle
Genus Trachymela
Species sloanei - Australian Tortoise Beetle
No Taxon incertae sedis
Genus Cadiz
Species hardyi - Cadiz hardyi
Subtribe Entomoscelina
Genus Entomoscelis
Species americana - Red Turnip Beetle
Genus Microtheca
Species ochroloma - Yellow-margined Leaf Beetle
Species picea - Microtheca picea
Subfamily Donaciinae - Aquatic Leaf Beetles
Genus Neohaemonia
Species flagellata - Neohaemonia flagellata
Species melsheimeri - Neohaemonia melsheimeri
Species minnesotensis - Neohaemonia minnesotensis
Species nigricornis - Neohaemonia nigricornis
Genus Donacia
No Taxon subgenus Donaciomima
Species assimilis - Donacia assimilis
Species caerulea - Donacia caerulea
Species distincta - Donacia distincta
Species hirticollis - Donacia hirticollis
Species liebecki - Donacia liebecki
Species magnifica - Donacia magnifica
Species palmata - Donacia palmata
Species porosicollis - Donacia porosicollis
Species pubescens - Donacia pubescens
Species rugosa - Donacia rugosa
Species tuberculata - Donacia tuberculata
No Taxon subgenus Donacia
Species cincticornis - Donacia cincticornis
Species edentata - Donacia edentata
Species hypoleuca - Donacia hypoleuca
Species militaris - Donacia militaris
Species parvidens - Donacia parvidens
Species piscatrix - Donacia piscatrix
Species proxima - Donacia proxima
Species texana - Donacia texana
Tribe Plateumarini
Genus Plateumaris
Species dubia - Plateumaris dubia
Species frosti - Plateumaris frosti
Species fulvipes - Plateumaris fulvipes
Species germari - Plateumaris germari
Species metallica - Plateumaris metallica
Species neomexicana - Plateumaris neomexicana
Species nitida - Plateumaris nitida
Species pusilla - Plateumaris pusilla
Species robusta - Plateumaris robusta
Species rufa - Plateumaris rufa
Species shoemakeri - Plateumaris shoemakeri
Genus Poecilocera
Species harrisii - Poecilocera harrisii
Subfamily Eumolpinae
Tribe Adoxini
Genus Bromius
Species obscurus - Western Grape Rootworm
No Taxon Section Leprotites
Genus Colaspidea
Species smaragdula - Colaspidea smaragdula
Genus Demotina
Species modesta - Demotina modesta
Genus Neofidia
Species clematis - Fidia clematis
Species humeralis - Fidia humeralis
Species longipes - Fidia longipes
Species lurida - Grape Rootworm
Species texana - Fidia texana
Species pedinops - Neofidia pedinops
Species convexicollis - Neofidia convexicollis
Species cana - Neofidia cana
Species confusa - Neofidia confusa
Species rileyorum - Neofidia rileyorum
Genus Xanthonia
Species angulata - Xanthonia angulata
Species decemnotata - Ten-spotted Leaf Beetle
Species dentata - Xanthonia dentata
Species furcata - Xanthonia furcata
Species hirsuta - Xanthonia hirsuta
Species marquai - Xanthonia marquai
Species nitida - Xanthonia nitida
Species parva - Xanthonia parva
Species picturata - Xanthonia picturata
Species pilosa - Xanthonia pilosa
Species pinicola - Xanthonia pinicola
Species querci - Xanthonia querci
Species texana - Xanthonia texana
Species vagans - Xanthonia vagans
Species villosula - Xanthonia villosula
No Taxon unnamed sp. 1
No Taxon unnamed sp. 4
Tribe Typophorini
Genus Graphops
Species beryllina - Graphops beryllina
Species cavani - Graphops cavani
Species comosa - Monahans Sandhill Chrysomelid
Species curtipennis - Graphops curtipennis
Species floridana - Graphops floridana
Species marcassita - Graphops marcassita
Species nebulosa - Graphops nebulosa
Species nigella - Graphops nigella
Species pubescens - Graphops pubescens
Species simplex - Graphops simplex
Species viridis - Graphops viridis
Genus Metachroma
Species angusticolle - Metachroma angusticolle
Species angustulum - Metachroma angustulum
Species californicum - Metachroma californicum
Species carolinense - Metachroma carolinense
Species floridanum - Metachroma floridanum
Species interruptum - Metachroma interruptum
Species longicolle - Metachroma longicolle
Species longulum - Metachroma longulum
Species luridum - Metachroma luridum
Species orientale - Metachroma orientale
Species pallidum - Metachroma pallidum
Species pellucidum - Metachroma pellucidum
Species quercatum - Metachroma quercatum
Species suturale - Metachroma suturale
Species texanum - Metachroma texanum
Species ustum - Metachroma ustum
Species viticola - Metachroma viticola
No Taxon Section Typophorites
Genus Paria
Species arizonensis - Paria arizonensis
Species aterrima - Paria aterrima
Species fragariae-complex - Strawberry Rootworm
Species frosti - Paria frosti
Species opacicollis - Oak Paria
Species pratensis - Paria pratensis
Species quadrinotata - Paria quadrinotata
Species quadriguttata - Willow Paria
Species scutellaris - Paria scutellaris
Species sexnotata - Juniper Paria
Species thoracica - Paria thoracica
Species virginiae - Paria virginiae
No Taxon unnamed sp.
No Taxon undetermined females
Genus Typophorus
Species nigritus - Sweetpotato Leaf Beetle
Tribe Eumolpini
No Taxon Section Iphimeites
Genus Brachypnoea
Species clypealis - Brachypnoea clypealis
Species convexa - Brachypnoea convexa
Species lecontei - Brachypnoea lecontei
Species margaretae - Brachypnoea margaretae
Species puncticollis - Rose Leaf Beetle
Species rotundicollis - Brachypnoea rotundicollis
Species texana - Brachypnoea texana
Species tristis - Brachypnoea tristis
Genus Chrysodinopsis
Species basalis - Chrysodinopsis basalis
Genus Colaspis
Species arizonensis - Colaspis arizonensis
Species brownsvillensis - Colaspis brownsvillensis
No Taxon brunnea species group
Species brunnea - Grape Colaspis
Species louisianae - Colaspis louisianae
Species costipennis - Colaspis costipennis
Species crinicornis - Colaspis crinicornis
Species cruriflava - Colaspis cruriflava
Species favosa - Colaspis favosa
Species favosa-complex - Colaspis favosa-complex
Species flavocostata - Colaspis flavocostata
Species floridiana - Colaspis floridiana
Species hesperia - Colaspis hesperia
Species nigrocyanea - Colaspis nigrocyanea
Species pini - Colaspis pini
Species planicostata - Colaspis planicostata
Species pseudofavosa - Colaspis pseudofavosa
Species recurva - Colaspis recurva
Species suggona - Colaspis suggona
Species suilla - Colaspis suilla
Species viridiceps - Colaspis viridiceps
Species viriditincta - Colaspis viriditincta
Genus Euphrytus
Species intermedius - Euphrytus intermedius
Species parvicollis - Euphrytus parvicollis
Species snowi - Euphrytus snowi
Genus Glyptoscelis
Species albicans - Glyptoscelis albicans
Species albida - Glyptoscelis albida
Species alternata - Glyptoscelis alternata
Species aridis - Glyptoscelis aridis
Species cryptica - Glyptoscelis cryptica
Species illustris - Glyptoscelis illustris
Species juniperi - Glyptoscelis juniperi
Species prosopis - Glyptoscelis prosopis
Species pubescens - Hairy Leaf Beetle
Species squamulata - Grape Bud Beetle
Genus Metaparia
Species clytroides - Metaparia clytroides
Species opacicollis - Metaparia opacicollis
Species viridimicans - Metaparia viridimicans
No Taxon EGR 2
No Taxon EGR 1
Genus Myochrous
Species cyphus-denticollis - Southern Corn Leaf Beetle (cyphus-denticollis Complex)
Species denticollis - Myochrous denticollis
Species intermedius - Myochrous intermedius
Species magnus - Myochrous magnus
Species squamosus - Myochrous squamosus
Genus Percolaspis
Genus Promecosoma
Species inflatum - Promecosoma inflatum
Species arizonae - Promecosoma arizonae
Genus Rhabdopterus
Species bottimeri - Rhabdopterus bottimeri
Species deceptor - Rhabdopterus deceptor
Species picipes - Rhabdopterus picipes
Species praetextus - Rhabdopterus praetextus
Species weisei - Rhabdopterus weisei
No Taxon praetextus or deceptor
No Taxon Rhabdopterus sp. EGR 1
Genus Spintherophyta
Species arizonensis - Spintherophyta arizonensis
Species globosa - Spintherophyta globosa
Species violaceipennis - Spintherophyta violaceipennis
Genus Tymnes
Species chrysis - Tymnes chrysis
Species metasternalis - Tymnes metasternalis
Species oregonensis - Tymnes oregonensis
Species tricolor - Tymnes tricolor
Genus Zenocolaspis
Species subtropica - Zenocolaspis subtropica
Genus Chrysochus
Species auratus - Dogbane Beetle
Species cobaltinus - Blue Milkweed Beetle
Genus Eumolpus
Species robustus - Eumolpus robustus
Genus Eulepton
Species burkei - Eulepton burkei
Genus Megascelis
Species texana - Megascelis texana
Subfamily Galerucinae - Skeletonizing Leaf Beetles and Flea Beetles
Tribe Alticini - Flea Beetles
Genus Argopistes
Species scyrtoides - Argopistes scyrtoides
Genus Aulacothorax
Species copalina - Aulacothorax copalina
Species melina - Aulacothorax melina
Species recticollis - Aulacothorax recticollis
Genus Cornulactica
Species varicornis - Cornulactica varicornis
Genus Chaetocnema
Species acuminata - Chaetocnema acuminata
Species aequabilis - Chaetocnema aequabilis
Species arizonensis - Chaetocnema arizonensis
Species bicolor - Chaetocnema bicolor
Species borealis - Chaetocnema borealis
Species brunnescens - Buttonwood Flea Beetle
Species concinna - Brassy Flea Beetle
Species confinis - Sweetpotato Flea Beetle
No Taxon cribrifrons/denticulata complex
Species densa - Chaetocnema densa
Species denticulata - Toothed Flea Beetle
Species ectypa - Desert Corn Flea Beetle
Species fuscata - Chaetocnema fuscata
Species gentneri - Chaetocnema gentneri
Species hortensis - Chaetocnema hortensis
Species irregularis - Chaetocnema irregularis
Species minuta - Chaetocnema minuta
Species opulenta - Chaetocnema opulenta
Species perturbata - Chaetocnema perturbata
Species pinguis - Chaetocnema pinguis
Species protensa - Chaetocnema protensa
Species pulicaria - Corn Flea Beetle
Species quadricollis - Chaetocnema quadricollis
Species repens - Dichondra Flea Beetle
Species rileyi - Chaetocnema rileyi
Species subviridis - Chaetocnema subviridis
Species texana - Chaetocnema texana
Genus Dibolia
Species catherinia - Dibolia catherinia
Species borealis - Northern Plantain Flea Beetle
Species chelones - Dibolia chelones
No Taxon Blepharida Genus Group
Genus Acrocyum
Species sallaei - Acrocyum sallaei
Genus Blepharida
Species rhois - Sumac Flea Beetle
No Taxon Phydanis Genus Group
Genus Phydanis
Species bicolor - Phydanis bicolor
Genus Pseudorthygia
Species nigritarsis - Pseudorthygia nigritarsis
Genus Luperaltica
Species nigripalpis - Luperaltica nigripalpis
Species semiflava - Luperaltica semiflava
Species senilis - Luperaltica senilis
Genus Mantura
Species floridana - Mantura floridana
Species chrysanthemi - Mantura chrysanthemi
Genus Phyllotreta
Species aeneicollis - Phyllotreta aeneicollis
Species albionica - Cabbage Flea Beetle
Species armoraciae - Horseradish Flea Beetle
Species bipustulata - Phyllotreta bipustulata
Species chalybeipennis - Phyllotreta chalybeipennis
Species conjuncta - Phyllotreta conjuncta
Species constricta - Phyllotreta constricta
Species cruciferae - Crucifer Flea Beetle
Species denticornis - Phyllotreta denticornis
Species lewisii - Phyllotreta lewisii
Species liebecki - Phyllotreta liebecki
Species punctulata - Radish Flea Beetle
Species pusilla - Western Black Flea Beetle
Species ramosa - Western Striped Flea Beetle
Species robusta - Garden Flea Beetle
Species striolata - Striped Flea Beetle
Species undulata - Small Striped Flea Beetle
Species zimmermanni - Zimmerman's Flea Beetle
No Taxon cf. ochripes
Genus Pseudodibolia
Species opima - Pseudodibolia opima
Genus Psylliodes
Species affinis - Potato Flea Beetle
Species chalcomera - Psylliodes chalcomera
Species chrysocephala - Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle
Species convexior - Psylliodes convexior
Species credens - Psylliodes credens
Species cucullata - Psylliodes cucullata
Species napi - Psylliodes napi
Species picina - Psylliodes picina
Species punctulata - Hop Flea Beetle
Genus Sphaeroderma
Species testaceum - Sphaeroderma testaceum
No Taxon Longitarsus Genus Group
Genus Aphthona
Species cyparissiae - Brown Dot Leafy Spurge Flea Beetle
Species czwalinai - Aphthona czwalinai
Species flava - Aphthona flava
Species lacertosa - Aphthona lacertosa
Species nigriscutis - Aphthona nigriscutis
Genus Cerataltica
Species insolita - Cerataltica insolita
Genus Glyptina
Species atriventris - Glyptina atriventris
Species brunnea - Glyptina brunnea
Species cyanipennis - Glyptina cyanipennis
Species nivalis - Glyptina nivalis
Species spuria - Glyptina spuria
Species texana - Glyptina texana
No Taxon Glyptina sp. on Croton
No Taxon Glyptina sp. EGR 20
No Taxon Glyptina sp. of s. TX
Genus Longitarsus
Species arenaceus - Longitarsus arenaceus
Species erro - Longitarsus erro
Species ferrugineus - Longitarsus ferrugineus
Species ganglbaueri - Longitarsus ganglbaueri
Species jacobaeae - Longitarsus jacobaeae
Species luridus - Longitarsus luridus
Species melanurus - Longitarsus melanurus
Species pellucidus - Longitarsus pellucidus
Species pratensis - Longitarsus pratensis
Species quadriguttatus - Longitarsus quadriguttatus
Species rubiginosus - Longitarsus rubiginosus
Species subrufus - Longitarsus subrufus
Species succineus - Longitarsus succineus
Species suspectus - Longitarsus suspectus
Species turbatus - Longitarsus turbatus
Species varicornis - Longitarsus varicornis
No Taxon EGR 13
No Taxon EGR 20
No Taxon EGR 21
No Taxon EGR 23
Genus Systena
Species bitaeniata - Systena bitaeniata
Species blanda - Palestriped Flea Beetle
Species corni - Dogwood Systena
Species elongata - Elongate Flea Beetle
Species frontalis - Red-headed Flea Beetle
Species gracilenta - Systena gracilenta
Species hudsonias - Systena hudsonias
Species laevis - Systena laevis
Species marginalis - Margined Systena
Species pallicornis - Systena pallicornis
Species pallipes - Systena pallipes
Species sexnotata - Systena sexnotata
Species collaris - Systena collaris
Species dimorpha - Systena dimorpha
No Taxon Glenidion Genus Group
Genus Dysphenges
Species oblivius - Dysphenges oblivius
Species penrosei - Dysphenges penrosei
Species rileyi - Dysphenges rileyi
Species secretus - Dysphenges secretus
Genus Glenidion
Species flexicaulis - Glenidion flexicaulis
No Taxon Syphrea Genus Group
Genus Nesaecrepida
Species infuscata - Nesaecrepida infuscata
Species asphaltina - Nesaecrepida asphaltina
Genus Syphrea
Species nana - Syphrea nana
No Taxon Bernardia flea beetle
Species flavicollis - Syphrea flavicollis
No Taxon Altica Genus Group
Genus Altica
Species ambiens - Alder Flea Beetle
Species betulae - Altica betulae
Species bimarginata - Altica bimarginata
Species chalybea - Grape Flea Beetle
Species corni - Dogwood Flea Beetle
Species caurina - Altica caurina
Species foliaceae - Apple Flea Beetle
Species gloriosa - Altica gloriosa
Species guatemalensis - Altica guatemalensis
Species ignita - Strawberry Flea Beetle
Species kalmiae - Altica kalmiae
Species knabii - Altica knabii
Species litigata - Altica litigata
Species obliterata - Altica obliterata
Species pedipallida - Altica pedipallida
Species prasina - Altica prasina
Species probata - Altica probata
Species subplicata - Altica subplicata
Species rosae - Altica rosae
Species texana - Altica texana
Species tombacina - Altica tombacina
Species torquata - Steel-blue Grapevine Flea Beetle
Species viridana - Altica viridana
Species woodsi - Altica woodsi 0
Genus Lysathia
Species ludoviciana - Pale-legged flea beetle
No Taxon Crepidodera Genus Group
Genus Acallepitrix
Species nitens - Acallepitrix nitens
Genus Crepidodera
Species aereola - Crepidodera aereola
Species bella - Crepidodera bella
Species browni - Crepidodera browni
Species heikertingeri - Crepidodera heikertingeri
Species luminosa - Crepidodera luminosa
Species nana - Crepidodera nana
Species opulenta - Crepidodera opulenta
Species populivora - Crepidodera populivora
Species solita - Crepidodera solita
Species violacea - Crepidodera violacea
No Taxon Crepidodera nana or luminosa
Genus Derocrepis
Species erythropus - Derocrepis erythropus
Genus Epitrix
Species brevis - Epitrix brevis
Species cucumeris - Potato Flea Beetle
Species fasciata - Epitrix fasciata
Species fuscula - Eggplant Flea Beetle
Species hirtipennis - Tobacco Flea Beetle
Species humeralis - Epitrix humeralis
Species lobata - Epitrix lobata
Species pubescens - Epitrix pubescens
Species subcrinita - Western Potato Flea Beetle
Species tuberis - Tuber Flea Beetle
No Taxon Epitrix sp. EGR 1
Genus Hippuriphila
Species canadensis - Hippuriphila canadensis
Species equiseti - Hippuriphila equiseti
Species mancula - Hippuriphila mancula
Genus Hornaltica
Species bicolorata - Hornaltica bicolorata
Genus Margaridisa
Species atriventris - Margaridisa atriventris
Genus Neocrepidodera
Species ferruginea - Wheat Flea Beetle
Species robusta - Neocrepidodera robusta
No Taxon genus undet. near Epitrix
No Taxon Trichaltica Genus Group
Genus Hemiglyptus
Species basalis - Hemiglyptus basalis
Genus Trichaltica
Species tibialis - Trichaltica tibialis
Species scabricula - Trichaltica scabricula
No Taxon Disonycha Genus Group
Genus Agasicles
Species hygrophila - Alligatorweed Flea Beetle
Genus Disonycha
Species admirabila - Disonycha admirabila
Species alabamae - Disonycha alabamae
Species alternata - Striped Willow Leaf Beetle
Species arizonae - Disonycha arizonae
Species balsbaughi - Disonycha balsbaughi
Species barberi - Disonycha barberi
Species caroliniana - Disonycha caroliniana
Species collata - Disonycha collata
Species conjugata - Disonycha conjugata
Species discoidea - Passionflower Flea Beetle
Subspecies abbreviata - Disonycha discoidea abbreviata
Species figurata - Disonycha figurata 0
Species fumata - Disonycha fumata
Species funerea - Disonycha funerea
Species glabrata - Pigweed Flea Beetle
Species latifrons - Disonycha latifrons
Species latiovittata - Disonycha latiovittata
Species leptolineata - Disonycha leptolineata
Subspecies leptolineata - Disonycha leptolineata leptolineata
Subspecies texana - Disonycha leptolineata texana
Species maritima - Disonycha maritima
Species pensylvanica - Disonycha pensylvanica
Species pluriligata - Disonycha pluriligata
Species politula - Disonycha politula
Species procera - Disonycha procera
Species punctigera - Disonycha punctigera
Species quinquelineata - Disonycha quinquelineata
Species semicarbonata - Disonycha semicarbonata
Species stenosticha - Disonycha stenosticha
Species tenuicornis - Disonycha tenuicornis
Species triangularis - Three-spotted Flea Beetle
Species uniguttata - Disonycha uniguttata
Species varicornis - Disonycha varicornis
Species xanthomelas - Spinach Flea Beetle
No Taxon Smartweed Disonychas
No Taxon near D. leptolineata
Genus Hemiphrynus
Species elongatus - Hemiphrynus elongatus
Species intermedius - Hemiphrynus intermedius
Genus Lupraea
Species discrepans - Lupraea discrepans
Genus Palaeothona
Species picta - Palaeothona picta
Genus Strabala
Species rufa - Strabala rufa
Species acuminata - Strabala acuminata
No Taxon Monomacra Genus Group
Genus Monomacra
Species bumeliae - Monomacra bumeliae
Species opaca - Monomacra opaca
Genus Parchicola
Species iris - Parchicola iris
Species tibialis - Parchicola tibialis
No Taxon Parchicola sp. on Passiflora
No Taxon Asphaera Genus Group
Genus Asphaera
Species lustrans - Shiny Flea Beetle
Genus Omophoita
Species albicollis - Omophoita albicollis
Species cyanipennis - Eight-spotted Flea Beetle
No Taxon Oedionychis Genus Group
Genus Alagoasa
Species jacobiana - Alagoasa jacobiana
Genus Capraita
Species circumdata - Capraita circumdata
Species flavida - Capraita flavida
Species nigrosignata - Capraita nigrosignata
Species obsidiana - Capraita obsidiana
Species pervittata - Capraita pervittata
Species quercata - Capraita quercata
Species scalaris - Capraita scalaris
Species sexmaculata - Capraita sexmaculata
Species subvittata - Capraita subvittata
Species suturalis - Capraita suturalis
Species texana - Capraita texana
Species thyamoides - Capraita thyamoides
No Taxon new species (assumed)
Genus Kuschelina
Species barberi - Kuschelina barberi
Species brachyscela - Kuschelina brachyscela
Species concinna - Kuschelina concinna
Species fimbriata - Kuschelina fimbriata
Species flavocyanea - Kuschelina flavocyanea
Species floridana - Kuschelina floridana
Species gibbitarsa - Kuschelina gibbitarsa
Species laeta - Kuschelina laeta
Species lugens - Kuschelina lugens
No Taxon miniata species complex
Species fallax - Kuschelina fallax
Species perplexa - Kuschelina perplexa
Species petaurista - Kuschelina petaurista
Species rhabdota - Kuschelina rhabdota
Species scripticollis - Kuschelina scripticollis
Species suturella - Kuschelina suturella
Species tenuilineata - Kuschelina tenuilineata
Species thoracica - Kuschelina thoracica
Species ulkei - Kuschelina ulkei
Species vians - Kuschelina vians
No Taxon Kuschelina EGR 1
Genus Pachyonychis
Species paradoxus - Pachyonychis paradoxus
Genus Walterianella
Species durangoensis - Walterianella durangoensis
No Taxon Sphaeronychus Genus Group
Genus Distigmoptera
Species apicalis - Distigmoptera apicalis
Species borealis - Distigmoptera borealis
Species impennata - Distigmoptera impennata
Species schwarzi - Distigmoptera schwarzi
Species pilosa - Distigmoptera pilosa
Species texana - Distigmoptera texana
Genus Pachyonychus
Species paradoxus - Pachyonychus paradoxus
Genus Pseudolampsis
Species guttata - Waterfern Flea Beetle
Tribe Galerucini
No Taxon Section Galerucites
Genus Galeruca
Species costatissima - Galeruca costatissima
Species externa - Galeruca externa
Species rudis - Galeruca rudis
No Taxon Section Atysites
Genus Diorhabda
Species carinulata - Northern Tamarisk Beetle
Species sublineata - Subtropical Tamarisk Beetle
Genus Galerucella - Water-lily Beetle
Species nymphaeae - Water-lily Beetle
Genus Neogalerucella - Purple Loosestrife Beetles
Species pusilla - Neogalerucella pusilla
Species calmariensis - Black-margined Loosestrife Beetle
Genus Pyrrhalta
Species viburni - Viburnum Leaf Beetle
Genus Tricholochmaea
Species cavicollis - Cherry Leaf Beetle
Species decora - Tricholochmaea decora
Species kalmiae - Tricholochmaea kalmiae
Species punctipennis - Tricholochmaea punctipennis
Species rufosanguinea - Tricholochmaea rufosanguinea
Species tuberculata - Tricholochmaea tuberculata
Species vaccinii - Tricholochmaea vaccinii
Genus Xanthogaleruca
Species luteola - Elm Leaf Beetle
No Taxon Section Schematizites
Genus Brucita
Species marmorata - Brucita marmorata
Genus Erynephala
Species maritima - Erynephala maritima
Species morosa - Erynephala morosa
Species puncticollis - Erynephala puncticollis
Species texana - Erynephala texana
Genus Monoxia
Species andrewsi - Monoxia andrewsi
Species angularis - Monoxia angularis
Species elegans - Monoxia elegans
Genus Neolochmaea
Species dilatipennis - Neolochmaea dilatipennis
Genus Ophraella
Species americana - Ophraella americana
Species bilineata - Ophraella bilineata
Species californiana - Ophraella californiana
Species communa - Ophraella communa
Species conferta - Ophraella conferta
Species cribrata - Ophraella cribrata
Species notata - Ophraella notata
Species notulata - Ophraella notulata
Species sexvittata - Ophraella sexvittata
No Taxon americana or pilosa
Species slobodkini - Ophraella slobodkini
No Taxon notulata or slobodkini
Genus Ophraea
Species rugosa - Ophraea rugosa
Genus Yingabruxia
Species apicalis - Yingabruxia apicalis
Species batisia - Yingabruxia batisia
Species brisleyi - Yingabruxia brisleyi
Species sordida - Yingabruxia sordida
No Taxon Section Coelomerites
Genus Coraia
Species subcyanescens - Coraia subcyanescens
Genus Derospidea
Species brevicollis - Derospidea brevicollis
Species ornata - Derospidea ornata
Genus Miraces
Species aeneipennis - Miraces aeneipennis
Species modesta - Miraces modesta
Species placida - Miraces placida
Genus Monocesta
Species coryli - Larger Elm Leaf Beetle
Genus Trirhabda
Species adela - Trirhabda adela
Species attenuata - Trirhabda attenuata
Species bacharidis - Groundselbush Beetle
Species borealis - Trirhabda borealis
Species canadensis - Goldenrod Leaf Beetle
Species confusa - Trirhabda confusa
Species convergens - Trirhabda convergens
Species diducta - Trirhabda diducta
Species eriodictyonis - Trirhabda eriodictyonis
Species flavolimbata - Trirhabda flavolimbata
Species geminata - Trirhabda geminata
Species labrata - Trirhabda labrata
Species lewisii - Trirhabda lewisii
Species luteocincta - Trirhabda luteocincta
Species manisi - Trirhabda manisi
Species nitidicollis - Trirhabda nitidicollis
Species pilosa - Trirhabda pilosa
Subspecies vittata - Trirhabda pilosa vittata
Subspecies pilosa - Trirhabda pilosa pilosa
Species pubicollis - Trirhabda pubicollis
Species schwarzi - Trirhabda schwarzi
Species sericotrachyla - Trirhabda sericotrachyla
Species virgata - Trirhabda virgata
No Taxon larvae
Tribe Luperini
Subtribe Luperina-subtribe
Genus Phyllobrotica
Species circumdata - Phyllobrotica circumdata
Species costipennis - Phyllobrotica costipennis
Species decorata - Phyllobrotica decorata
Species lengi - Phyllobrotica lengi
Species limbata - Phyllobrotica limbata
Species nigripes - Phyllobrotica nigripes
Species nigritarsis - Phyllobrotica nigritarsis
Species physostegiae - Phyllobrotica physostegiae
Species sequoiensis - Phyllobrotica sequoiensis
Species sororia - Phyllobrotica sororia
Species viridipennis - Phyllobrotica viridipennis
Genus Pteleon
Species brevicornis - Pteleon brevicornis
No Taxon Section Scelidites
Genus Amplioluperus
Species cyanellus - Amplioluperus cyanellus
Species maculicollis - Amplioluperus maculicollis
Genus Androlyperus
Species fulvus - Androlyperus fulvus
Species incisus - Androlyperus incisus
Species maculatus - Androlyperus maculatus
Genus Keitheatus
Species blakeae - Keitheatus blakeae
Genus Lygistus
Species streptophallus - Lygistus streptophallus
Genus Monoaster
Species fulgidus - Monoaster fulgidus
Genus Pseudoluperus
Species longulus - Pseudoluperus longulus
Species wickhami - Pseudoluperus wickhami
Genus Scelida
Species flaviceps - Scelida flaviceps
Species nigricornis - Scelida nigricornis
Genus Scelolyperus
Species lecontii - Scelolyperus lecontii
Species liriophilus - Scelolyperus liriophilus
Species meracus - Scelolyperus meracus
Species schwarzii - Scelolyperus schwarzii
Species smaragdinus - Scelolyperus smaragdinus
Species torquatus - Scelolyperus torquatus
Species varipes - Scelolyperus varipes
Species cyanellus - Scelolyperus cyanellus
Genus Synetocephalus
Species autumnalis - Synetocephalus autumnalis
Species bivittatus - Synetocephalus bivittatus
Species vandykei - Synetocephalus vandykei
Genus Texiluperus
Genus Triariodes
Species vittipennis - Triariodes vittipennis
Genus Triarius
Species lividus - Triarius lividus
Species melanolomatus - Triarius melanolomatus
Species nigroflavus - Triarius nigroflavus
Species texanus - Triarius texanus
Species trivittatus - Triarius trivittatus
No Taxon Section Monoleptites
Genus Eusattodera
Species pini - Eusattodera pini 0
Genus Metrioidea
Species atriceps - Metrioidea atriceps
Species brunnea - Metrioidea brunnea
Species convexa - Metrioidea convexa
Species varicornis - Metrioidea varicornis
No Taxon brunnea or convexa
Subtribe Diabroticina
No Taxon Section Diabroticites
Genus Acalymma - Cucumber Beetles
Species blandulum - Acalymma blandulum
Species gouldi - Acalymma gouldi
Species peregrinum - Acalymma peregrinum
Species trivittatum - Western Striped Cucumber Beetle
Species vinctum - Acalymma vinctum
Species vittatum - (Eastern) Striped Cucumber Beetle
Genus Amphelasma
Species cavum - Amphelasma cavum
Genus Diabrotica - Cucumber Beetles
Species adelpha - Festive Cucumber Beetle
Species balteata - Banded Cucumber Beetle
Species barberi - Northern Corn Rootworm Beetle
Species cristata - Diabrotica cristata
Species lemniscata - Diabrotica lemniscata
Species litterata - Diabrotica litterata
Species longicornis - Diabrotica longicornis
Species undecimpunctata - Spotted Cucumber Beetle
Subspecies howardi - Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi
Subspecies undecimpunctata - Western Spotted Cucumber Beetle
Species virgifera - Western Corn Rootworm
Subspecies zeae - Mexican corn rootworm
Genus Paranapiacaba
Species connexa - Paranapiacaba connexa
Species tricincta - Paranapiacaba tricincta
Genus Paratriarius
Species dorsatus - Paratriarius dorsatus
No Taxon Section Cerotomites
Genus Cerotoma
Species atrofasciata - Cerotoma atrofasciata
Species ruficornis - Cerotoma ruficornis
Species trifurcata - Bean Leaf Beetle
Genus Cyclotrypema
Species furcata - Cyclotrypema furcata
Genus Neobrotica
Species pluristicta - Neobrotica pluristicta
No Taxon Section Phyllecthrites
Genus Luperosoma
Species parallelum - Luperosoma parallelum
Species subsulcatum - Luperosoma subsulcatum
Genus Phyllecthris
Species gentilis - Phyllecthris gentilis
Species dorsalis - Phyllecthris dorsalis
Genus Trachyscelida
Tribe Metacyclini
Genus Malacorhinus
Species acaciae - Malacorhinus acaciae
Species tilghmani - Malacorhinus tilghmani
Subfamily Lamprosomatinae
Genus Oomorphus
Species floridanus - Oomorphus floridanus
Subfamily Synetinae
Genus Syneta
Species albida - Western Fruit Beetle
Species carinata - Syneta carinata
Species extorris - Syneta extorris
Species ferruginea - Rusty Leaf Beetle
Species hamata - Syneta hamata
Species pilosa - Syneta pilosa
Species seriata - Syneta seriata
Species simplex - Syneta simplex
Genus Thricolema
Species anomala - Thricolema anomala
No Taxon Unidentified immatures
Family Megalopodidae - Megalopodid Leaf Beetles
Genus Zeugophora
Species abnormis - Zeugophora abnormis
Species atra - Zeugophora atra
Species puberula - Zeugophora puberula
Species scutellaris - Poplar Blackmine Beetle
Species varians - Zeugophora varians
Family Orsodacnidae - Ravenous Leaf Beetles
Subfamily Aulacoscelidinae
Genus Aulacoscelis
Species candezei - Aulacoscelis candezei
Genus Janbechynea
Species fulvipes - Janbechynea fulvipes
Subfamily Orsodacninae
Genus Orsodacne
Species atra - Orsodacne atra
Superfamily Cleroidea
Family Byturidae - Fruitworm Beetles
Genus Byturus
Species unicolor - Raspberry Fruitworm
Genus Xerasia
Species grisescens - Xerasia grisescens
Family Biphyllidae - False Skin Beetles
Genus Anchorius
Species lineatus - Anchorius lineatus
Genus Diplocoelus
Species brunneus - Diplocoelus brunneus
Species rudis - Diplocoelus rudis
Family Cleridae - Checkered Beetles
Subfamily Clerinae
Genus Aulicus
Species antennatus - Aulicus antennatus
Species apachei - Aulicus apachei
Species dentipes - Aulicus dentipes
Species edwardsii - Aulicus edwardsii
Species femoralis - Aulicus femoralis
Species monticola - Aulicus monticola
Genus Enoclerus
Species acerbus - Enoclerus acerbus
Species analis - Enoclerus analis
Species angustus - Enoclerus angustus
Species bimaculatus - Enoclerus bimaculatus
Species bombycinus - Enoclerus bombycinus
Species coccineus - Enoclerus coccineus
Species cordifer - Enoclerus cordifer
Species cupressi - Enoclerus cupressi
Species decussatus - Enoclerus decussatus
Species eximius - Enoclerus eximius
Species hoegei - Enoclerus hoegei
Species ichneumoneus - Orange-banded Checkered Beetle
Species laetus - Enoclerus laetus
Subspecies nexus - Enoclerus laetus nexus
Species lecontei - Enoclerus lecontei
Species lunatus - Enoclerus lunatus
Species luscus - Enoclerus luscus
Species moestus - Enoclerus moestus
Species muttkowskii - Enoclerus muttkowskii
Species nigrifrons - Enoclerus nigrifrons
Species nigripes - Enoclerus nigripes
Subspecies nigripes - Enoclerus nigripes nigripes
Subspecies rufiventris - Enoclerus nigripes rufiventris
Species ocreatus - Enoclerus ocreatus
Species opifex - Enoclerus opifex
Species quadrisignatus - Enoclerus quadrisignatus
Species rosmarus - Enoclerus rosmarus
Species schaefferi - Enoclerus schaefferi
Species sphegeus - Red-bellied Checkered Beetle
Species spinolae - Handsome Yucca Beetle
Species vetus - Enoclerus vetus
Species viduus - Enoclerus viduus
Genus Opilo
Species domesticus - Opilo domesticus
Species mollis - Opilo mollis
Genus Perilypus
Species ornaticollis - Perilypus ornaticollis
Genus Placopterus
Species plumbeus - Placopterus plumbeus
Species thoracicus - Placopterus thoracicus
Genus Priocera
Species castanea - Priocera castanea
Species chiricahuae - Priocera chiricahuae
Genus Thanasimus
Species dubius - Dubious Checkered Beetle
Species formicarius - Thanasimus formicarius
Species trifasciatus - Thanasimus trifasciatus
Species undatulus - Thanasimus undatulus
Genus Trichodes
Species apivorus - Trichodes apivorus
Species bibalteatus - Trichodes bibalteatus
Species bicinctus - Trichodes bicinctus
Species nuttalli - Red-blue Checkered Beetle
Species oresterus - Trichodes oresterus
Species ornatus - Ornate Checkered Beetle
Species peninsularis - Trichodes peninsularis
Subspecies basalis - Trichodes peninsularis basalis
Subspecies horni - Trichodes peninsularis horni
Species simulator - Trichodes simulator
Subfamily Epiphloeinae
Genus Ichnea
Species elongata - Ichnea elongata
Genus Madoniella
Species chiricahua - Madoniella chiricahua
Species crinis - Madoniella crinis
Species dislocata - Madoniella dislocata
Species rectangularis - Madoniella rectangularis
Genus Pennasolis
Species merkeli - Pennasolis merkeli
Genus Pyticeroides
Species laticornis - Pyticeroides laticornis
Subfamily Enopliinae
Genus Boschella
Species fasciata - Boschella fasciata
Genus Pelonides
Species granulatipennis - Pelonides granulatipennis
Species humeralis - Pelonides humeralis
Species quadrinotata - Pelonides quadrinotata
Species quadripunctata - Pelonides quadripunctata
Subfamily Hydnocerinae
Genus Isohydnocera
Species aegra - Isohydnocera aegra
Species albocincta - Isohydnocera albocincta
Species brunnea - Isohydnocera brunnea
Species curtipennis - Isohydnocera curtipennis
Species pusilla - Isohydnocera pusilla
Species schusteri - Isohydnocera schusteri
Species tabida - Isohydnocera tabida
Genus Phyllobaenus
Species arizonicus - Phyllobaenus arizonicus
Species caeruleipennis - Phyllobaenus caeruleipennis
Species chapini - Phyllobaenus chapini
Species corticinus - Phyllobaenus corticinus
Species cribripennis - Phyllobaenus cribripennis
Species cyanitinctus - Phyllobaenus cyanitinctus
Species discoideus - Phyllobaenus discoideus
Species fallax - Phyllobaenus fallax
Species humeralis - Phyllobaenus humeralis
Species knausii - Phyllobaenus knausii
Species longus - Phyllobaenus longus
Species niveifascius - Phyllobaenus niveifascius
Species obscurus - Phyllobaenus obscurus
Species pallipennis - Phyllobaenus pallipennis
Species pubescens - Phyllobaenus pubescens
Species robustus - Phyllobaenus robustus
Species rufipes - Phyllobaenus rufipes
Species scaber - Phyllobaenus scaber
Species subfasciatus - Phyllobaenus subfasciatus
Species tricolor - Phyllobaenus tricolor
Species unifasciatus - Phyllobaenus unifasciatus
Species verticalis - Phyllobaenus verticalis
Species wickhami - Phyllobaenus wickhami
Species plagifer - Phyllobaenus plagifer
Genus Wolcottia
Species pedalis - Wolcottia pedalis
Subfamily Isoclerinae
Genus Ababa
Species tantilla - Ababa tantilla
Subfamily Korynetinae
Genus Necrobia
Species ruficollis - Red-Shouldered Ham Beetle
Species rufipes - Red-legged Ham Beetle
Species violacea - Cosmopolitan Blue Bone Beetle
Subfamily Orthopleurinae
Genus Lebasiella
Species pallipes - Lebasiella pallipes
Genus Loedelia
Species discoidea - Loedelia discoidea
Species maculicollis - Loedelia maculicollis
Genus Neorthopleura
Species binotata - Neorthopleura binotata
Species texana - Neorthopleura texana
Species thoracica - Neorthopleura thoracica
Subfamily Peloniinae
Genus Chariessa
Species catalina - Chariessa catalina
Species dichroa - Chariessa dichroa
Species elegans - Chariessa elegans
Species floridana - Chariessa floridana
Species pilosa - Chariessa pilosa
Species texana - Chariessa texana
Species vestita - Chariessa vestita
Genus Cregya
Species america - Cregya america
Species mixta - Cregya mixta
Species oculata - Cregya oculata
Species quadrinotata - Cregya quadrinotata
Genus Pelonium
Species leucophaeum - Pelonium leucophaeum
Species maculicolle - Pelonium maculicolle
Species peninsulare - Pelonium peninsulare
Subfamily Tarsosteninae
Genus Tarsostenus
Species univittatus - Tarsostenus univittatus
Genus Paratillus
Species carus - White-banded Clerid
Subfamily Tillinae
Genus Araeodontia
Species isabellae - Araeodontia isabellae
Species marginalis - Araeodontia marginalis
Species peninsularis - Araeodontia peninsularis
Genus Neocallotillus
Species elegans - Neocallotillus elegans
Genus Cymatodera
Species aegra-complex - Cymatodera aegra-complex
Species angustata - Cymatodera angustata
Species antennata - Cymatodera antennata
Species balteata - Cymatodera balteata
Species bicolor - Cymatodera bicolor
Species brevicollis - Cymatodera brevicollis
Species californica - Cymatodera californica
Species decipiens - Cymatodera decipiens
Species delicatula - Cymatodera delicatula
Species dietrichi - Cymatodera dietrichi
Species flavosignata - Cymatodera flavosignata
Species fuchsii - Cymatodera fuchsii
Species fuscula - Cymatodera fuscula
Species horni - Cymatodera horni
Species hurdi - Cymatodera hurdi
Species inornata - Inornate Checkered Beetle
Species latefascia - Cymatodera latefascia
Species laevicollis - Cymatodera laevicollis
Species neomexicana - Cymatodera neomexicana
Species obliquefasciata - Cymatodera obliquefasciata
Species oblita - Cymatodera oblita
Species pubescens - Cymatodera pubescens
Species punctata - Cymatodera punctata
Species puncticollis - Cymatodera puncticollis
Species schwarzi - Cymatodera schwarzi
Species scitula - Cymatodera scitula
Species sirpata - Cymatodera sirpata
Species tricolor - Cymatodera tricolor
Species tuta - Cymatodera tuta
Species undulata - Undulate Checkered Beetle
Species usta - Cymatodera usta 0
Species vandykei - Cymatodera vandykei
Species vulgivaga - Cymatodera vulgivaga
Species wolcotti - Cymatodera wolcotti
Species xavierae - Cymatodera xavierae
No Taxon near C. sobara
No Taxon near C. oblita
No Taxon near C. wolcotti
No Taxon near C. latefascia
No Taxon tuta or tutoides
Genus Cymatoderella
Species patagoniae - Cymatoderella patagoniae
Species collaris - Cymatoderella collaris
Genus Lecontella
Species brunnea - Lecontella brunnea
Species gnara - Lecontella gnara
Genus Monophylla
Species californica - Monophylla californica
Species pallipes - Monophylla pallipes
Species terminata - Monophylla terminata
No Taxon Unidentified immatures
Family Lophocateridae
Genus Eronyxa
Species pallida - Eronyxa pallida
Genus Grynocharis
Species quadrilineata - Grynocharis quadrilineata
Genus Lycoptis
Species americana - Lycoptis americana
Genus Lophocateres
Species pusillus - Siamese Grain Beetle
Family Mauroniscidae
Genus Dasyrhadus
Species impressicollis - Dasyrhadus impressicollis
Genus Mecomycter
Species majeri - Mecomycter majeri
Species omalinus - Mecomycter omalinus
Species testaceus - Mecomycter testaceus
Genus Mectemycor
Genus Scuromanius
Species facetus - Scuromanius facetus
Family Melyridae - Soft-winged Flower Beetles
Subfamily Malachiinae
Genus Chaetocoelus
Species setosus - Chaetocoelus setosus
Tribe Malachiini
Subtribe Apalochrina
Genus Collops
Species balteatus - Collops balteatus
Species bipunctatus - Collops bipunctatus
Species confluens - Collops confluens
Species crusoe - Collops crusoe
Species cribrosus - Collops cribrosus
Species discretus - Collops discretus
Species dux - Collops dux
Species flavicinctus - Collops flavicinctus
Species grandis - Collops grandis
Species granellus - Collops granellus
Species hirtellus - Collops hirtellus
Species histrio - Collops histrio
Species insulatus - Collops insulatus
Species limbellus - Collops limbellus
Species marginellus - Collops marginellus
Species marginicollis - Collops marginicollis
Species necopinus - Collops necopinus
Species nigriceps - Collops nigriceps
Species nigritus - Collops nigritus
Species pallipes - Collops pallipes
Species parvus - Collops parvus
Species pulchellus - Collops pulchellus
Species punctatus - Collops punctatus
Species punctulatus - Collops punctulatus
Species quadriguttatus - Collops quadriguttatus
Species quadrimaculatus - Collops quadrimaculatus
Species reflexus - Collops reflexus
Species simplex - Collops simplex
Species subaeneus - Collops subaeneus
Species tibialis - Collops tibialis
Species tricolor - Collops tricolor
Species versatilis - Collops versatilis
Species vicarius - Collops vicarius
Species vittatus - Collops vittatus
Species sp-one-ariz - Collops sp-one-ariz
No Taxon 4-mac type
No Taxon 4-gutt type
No Taxon tricolor type
No Taxon vittatus type
Species sp-two-nev - Collops sp-two-nev
Species sp-one-wyo-cf-simplex - Collops sp-one-wyo-cf-simplex
No Taxon larvae
No Taxon group B nigricoll
Subtribe Attalina
Genus Attalus
Species cinctus - Attalus cinctus
Species circumscriptus - Attalus circumscriptus
Species frosti - Attalus frosti
Species glabrellus - Attalus glabrellus
Species granularis - Attalus granularis
Species humeralis - Attalus humeralis
Species nigripes - Attalus nigripes
Species oregonensis - Attalus oregonensis
Species otiosus - Attalus otiosus
Species rufiventris - Attalus rufiventris
Species scapularis - Attalus scapularis
Species scincetus - Attalus scincetus
Species serraticornis - Attalus serraticornis
Species subtropicus - Attalus subtropicus
Species terminalis - Attalus terminalis
Species trimaculatus - Attalus trimaculatus
Species tucsonensis - Attalus tucsonensis
Species sp-one-ariz - Attalus sp-one-ariz
No Taxon black eastern spp.
No Taxon red type
Species sp-one-florida - Attalus sp-one-florida
Species sp-one-calif - Attalus sp-one-calif
Species cf-cinctus - Attalus cf-cinctus
Genus Endeodes
Species basalis - Endeodes basalis
Species collaris - Endeodes collaris
Species insularis - Endeodes insularis
Genus Tanaops
Species basalis - Tanaops basalis
Species coelestinus - Tanaops coelestinus
Species foveiventris - Tanaops foveiventris
Species lobulatus - Tanaops lobulatus
Species longiceps - Tanaops longiceps
Genus Trophimus
Species aeneipennis - Trophimus aeneipennis
Subtribe Colotina
Genus Temnopsophus
Species bimaculatus - Temnopsophus bimaculatus
Subtribe Ebaeina
Genus Anthocomus
Species pristinus - Anthocomus pristinus
Species equestris - Anthocomus equestris
Genus Hypebaeus
Species apicalis - Hypebaeus apicalis
Species bicolor - Hypebaeus bicolor
Species oblitus - Hypebaeus oblitus
Subtribe Ilopina
Genus Condylops
Species obrieni - Condylops obrieni
Genus Nodopus
Species caviceps - Nodopus caviceps
Species flavilabris - Nodopus flavilabris
Subtribe Malachiina
Genus Axinotarsus
Species pulicarius - Axinotarsus pulicarius
Genus Malachius
Species acutipennis - Malachius acutipennis
Species aeneus - Scarlet Malachite Beetle
Species auritus - Malachius auritus
Species barri - Malachius barri
Species biguttulus - Malachius biguttulus
Species capillicornis - Malachius capillicornis
Species directus - Malachius directus
Species macer - Malachius macer
Species mirandus - Malachius mirandus
Species mixtus - Malachius mixtus
Species thevenetii - Malachius thevenetii
Species ulkei - Malachius ulkei
Species uniformis - Malachius uniformis
Species viridulus - Malachius viridulus
Genus Microlipus
Species laticeps - Microlipus laticeps
Species moerens - Microlipus moerens
Species productus - Microlipus productus
Subtribe Troglopina
Genus Attalusinus
Species mexicanus - Attalusinus mexicanus
Genus Ablechrus
Species granularis - Ablechrus granularis
Species texensis - Ablechrus texensis
Subfamily Melyrinae
Genus Melyrodes
Species basalis - Melyrodes basalis
Species cribrata - Melyrodes cribrata
Species floridana - Melyrodes floridana
Subfamily Dasytinae
Tribe Listrini
Genus Asydates
Species grandiceps - Asydates grandiceps
Species irwini - Asydates irwini
Species vandykei - Asydates vandykei
Genus Byturosomus
Species fuscus - Byturosomus fuscus
Genus Cradytes
Species longicollis - Cradytes longicollis
Species serricollis - Cradytes serricollis
Genus Eudasytes
Genus Eutricholistra
Species unnamed - Eutricholistra unnamed
Genus Listrimorpha
Species pallipes - Listrimorpha pallipes
Genus Listropsis
Genus Listrus
Species gentry - Listrus gentry
Species senilis - Listrus senilis
Genus Pseudasydates
Species inyoensis - Pseudasydates inyoensis
Genus Trichochrous
Species aenescens - Trichochrous aenescens
Species apicalis - Trichochrous apicalis
Species brevicornis - Trichochrous brevicornis
Species calcaratus - Trichochrous calcaratus
Species convergens - Trichochrous convergens
Species egenus - Trichochrous egenus
Species erythropus - Trichochrous erythropus
Species ferrugineus - Trichochrous ferrugineus
Species fieldii - Trichochrous fieldii
Species fulvovestitus - Trichochrous fulvovestitus
Species insignis - Trichochrous insignis
Species irrasus - Trichochrous irrasus
Species pallescens - Trichochrous pallescens
Species quadrinotatus - Trichochrous quadrinotatus
Species sinuosus - Trichochrous sinuosus
Species sordidus - Trichochrous sordidus
Species texanus - Trichochrous texanus
Species umbratus - Trichochrous umbratus
Species varius - Trichochrous varius
Species sp-nova-prope-pedalis - Trichochrous sp-nova-prope-pedalis
Species sp-nova-prope-brevicornis - Trichochrous sp-nova-prope-brevicornis
Tribe Dasytini
Genus Amphivectura
Species monticola - Amphivectura monticola
Genus Dasytastes
Species bicolor - Dasytastes bicolor
Genus Dasytellus
Species nigricornis - Dasytellus nigricornis
Genus Dasytes
Species plumbeus - Dasytes plumbeus
Genus Psilothrix
Species foveicollis - Psilothrix foveicollis
Genus Enallonyx
Species sculptilis - Enallonyx sculptilis
Genus Eschatocrepis
Species constrictus - Eschatocrepis constrictus
Genus Hoppingiana
Species hudsonica - Hoppingiana hudsonica
Genus Leptovectura
Species adspersa - Leptovectura adspersa
Genus Vectura
Species longiceps - Vectura longiceps
Genus Vecturoides
Species pseudonycha - Vecturoides pseudonycha
Genus Unnamed-nr-vectura
No Taxon Larvae
Family Peltidae
Genus Peltis
Species fraterna - Peltis fraterna
Species pippingskoeldi - Peltis pippingskoeldi
Species septentrionalis - Peltis septentrionalis
Family Rhadalidae
Genus Rhadalus
Species testaceus - Rhadalus testaceus
Genus Semijulistus
Species flavipes - Semijulistus flavipes
Species ater - Semijulistus ater
Family Thanerocleridae
Genus Thaneroclerus
Species buquet - Thaneroclerus buquet
Genus Zenodosus
Species sanguineus - Zenodosus sanguineus
Family Thymalidae
Genus Thymalus
Species marginicollis - Thymalus marginicollis
Family Trogossitidae
Genus Calitys
Species minor - Calitys minor
Species scabra - Calitys scabra
Subfamily Trogossitinae
Genus Airora
Species aequalis - Airora aequalis
Species cylindrica - Airora cylindrica
Species minuta - Airora minuta
Genus Corticotomus
Species caviceps - Corticotomus caviceps
Species cylindricus - Corticotomus cylindricus
Species depressus - Corticotomus depressus
Species parallelus - Corticotomus parallelus
Genus Euschaefferia
Species hicoriae - Euschaefferia hicoriae
Genus Nemozoma
Species championi - Nemozoma championi
Species fissiceps - Nemozoma fissiceps
Species punctulatum - Nemozoma punctulatum
Genus Temnoscheila
Species acuta - Temnoscheila acuta
Species aerea - Temnoscheila aerea
Species barbata - Temnoscheila barbata
Species chlorodia - Temnoscheila chlorodia
Species edentata - Temnoscheila edentata
Species hubbardi - Temnoscheila hubbardi
Species omolopha - Temnoscheila omolopha
Species virescens - Temnoscheila virescens
Species yuccae - Temnoscheila yuccae
Genus Tenebroides
Species americanus - Tenebroides americanus
Species bimaculatus - Tenebroides bimaculatus
Species collaris - Tenebroides collaris
Species corticalis - Tenebroides corticalis
Species crassicornis - Tenebroides crassicornis
Species floridanus - Tenebroides floridanus
Species laticollis - Tenebroides laticollis
Species marginatus - Tenebroides marginatus
Species mauritanicus - Cadelle
Species nanus - Tenebroides nanus
Species obtusus - Tenebroides obtusus
Species occidentalis - Tenebroides occidentalis
Species rugosipennis - Tenebroides rugosipennis
Species semicylindricus - Tenebroides semicylindricus
Species sonorensis - Tenebroides sonorensis
Species soror - Tenebroides soror
Superfamily Coccinelloidea
No Taxon Coccinellid group
Family Latridiidae - Minute Brown Scavenger Beetles
Subfamily Corticariinae
Genus Corticaria
Species dentiventris - Corticaria dentiventris
Species elongata - Corticaria elongata
Species ferruginea - Corticaria ferruginea
Species impressa - Corticaria impressa
Species pubescens - Corticaria pubescens
Species rubripes - Corticaria rubripes
Species saginata - Corticaria saginata 0
Species serrata - Corticaria serrata
Species varicolor - Corticaria varicolor
Genus Corticarina
Species cavicollis - Corticarina cavicollis
Species fuscula - Corticarina fuscula
Species longipennis - Corticarina longipennis
Species minuta - Corticarina minuta
Genus Cortinicara
Species gibbosa - Cortinicara gibbosa
Genus Fuchsina
Species occulta - Fuchsina occulta
Genus Melanophthalma
No Taxon subgenus Melanophthalma
Species americana - Melanophthalma americana
Species helvola - Melanophthalma helvola
Species inermis - Melanophthalma inermis
Species pumila - Melanophthalma pumila
Species villosa - Melanophthalma villosa
No Taxon Melanophthalma sp. 2
No Taxon subgenus Cortilena
Species casta - Melanophthalma casta
Species picta - Melanophthalma picta
Species simplex - Melanophthalma simplex
Genus Migneauxia
Species lederi - Migneauxia lederi
Subfamily Latridiinae
Genus Adistemia
Species watsoni - Household Fungus Beetle
Genus Cartodere
No Taxon subgenus Aridius
Species australica - Cartodere australica
Species bifasciata - Cartodere bifasciata
Species nodifer - Swollen Fungus Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Cartodere
Species constricta - Plaster Beetle
Genus Dienerella
Species ruficollis - Dienerella ruficollis
No Taxon subgenus Dienerella
Species argus - Dienerella argus
Species costulata - Dienerella costulata
Species filiformis - Dienerella filiformis
Species filum - Common Plaster Beetle
Species intermedia - Dienerella intermedia
Species pilifera - Dienerella pilifera
Genus Enicmus
Species aterrimus - Enicmus aterrimus
Species brevicornis - Enicmus brevicornis
Species cordatus - Enicmus cordatus
Species fictus - Enicmus fictus
Species histrio - Enicmus histrio
Species maculatus - Enicmus maculatus
Species mimus - Enicmus mimus
Species tenuicornis - Enicmus tenuicornis
Genus Eufallia
Species seminivea - Eufallia seminivea
Genus Latridius
Species consimilis - Latridius consimilis
Species hirtus - Latridius hirtus
Species minutus - Squarenosed Fungus Beetle
Species suspectus - Latridius suspectus
Genus Metophthalmus
Species americanus - Metophthalmus americanus
Species rileyi - Metophthalmus rileyi
Species septemstriatus - Metophthalmus septemstriatus
Species trux - Metophthalmus trux
Genus Revelieria
Species californica - Revelieria californica
Genus Stephostethus
Species productus - Stephostethus productus
Species liratus - Stephostethus liratus
Species lardarius - Stephostethus lardarius
Species breviclavis - Stephostethus breviclavis
Genus Thes
Species bergrothi - Ridge-winged Fungus Beetle
Family Akalyptoischiidae - Akalyptoischiid Scavenger Beetles
Genus Akalyptoischion
Species quadrifoveolata - Akalyptoischion quadrifoveolata
Species chandleri - Akalyptoischion chandleri
Species dyskritos - Akalyptoischion dyskritos
Family Corylophidae - Minute Hooded Beetles
Genus Aenigmaticum
Species californicum - Aenigmaticum californicum
Genus Holopsis
Species carolinae - Holopsis carolinae
Species convexa - Holopsis convexa
Species marginicollis - Holopsis marginicollis
Genus Microstagetus
Genus Orthoperus
Species scutellaris - Orthoperus scutellaris
Genus Sericoderus
Species lateralis - Sericoderus lateralis
Tribe Rypobiini
Genus Rypobius
Species marinus - Rypobius marinus
Genus Gloeosoma
Species hesperum - Gloeosoma hesperum
Species sticticus - Gloeosoma sticticus
Species truncatus - Gloeosoma truncatus
Tribe Parmulini
Genus Arthrolips
Species misella - Arthrolips misella
Species decolor - Arthrolips decolor
Species fasciata - Arthrolips fasciata
Genus Clypastraea
Species biguttata - Clypastraea biguttata
Species fasciata - Clypastraea fasciata
Species lepida - Clypastraea lepida
Species lugubris - Clypastraea lugubris
Species lunata - Clypastraea lunata
Species obesa - Clypastraea obesa
Species ornata - Clypastraea ornata
Species sp-one - Clypastraea sp-one
Family Anamorphidae
Genus Anamorphus
Species pusillus - Anamorphus pusillus
Genus Bystus
Species ulkei - Bystus ulkei
Genus Clemmus
Species minor - Clemmus minor
Genus Micropsephodes
Species lundgreni - Micropsephodes lundgreni
Genus Rhymbomicrus
Species lobatus - Rhymbomicrus lobatus
Genus Symbiotes
Species gibberosus - Symbiotes gibberosus
Family Endomychidae - Handsome Fungus Beetles
Subfamily Endomychinae
Genus Endomychus
Species limbatus - Endomychus limbatus
Species biguttatus - Endomychus biguttatus
Genus Danae
Species testacea - Danae testacea
Genus Stenotarsus
Species blatchleyi - Stenotarsus blatchleyi
Species hispidus - Stenotarsus hispidus
Subfamily Epipocinae
Genus Epipocus
Species cinctus - Epipocus cinctus
Species gorhami - Epipocus gorhami
Species opacus - Epipocus opacus
Species punctatus - Epipocus punctatus
Species unicolor - Epipocus unicolor
Subfamily Lycoperdininae
Genus Aphorista
Species laeta - Aphorista laeta
Species morosa - Aphorista morosa
Species vittata - Aphorista vittata
Genus Lycoperdina
Species ferruginea - Lycoperdina ferruginea
Genus Mycetina
Species hornii - Mycetina hornii
Species idahoensis - Mycetina idahoensis
Species perpulchra - Mycetina perpulchra
Subfamily Merophysiinae
Genus Holoparamecus
Species caularum - Holoparamecus caularum
Species pacificus - Holoparamecus pacificus
Subfamily Leiestinae
Genus Phymaphora
Species californica - Phymaphora californica
Species pulchella - Phymaphora pulchella
Genus Rhanidea
Species unicolor - Rhanidea unicolor
Genus Stethorhanis
Species borealis - Stethorhanis borealis
Genus Hadromychus
Species unnamed-western - Hadromychus unnamed-western
Species chandleri - Hadromychus chandleri
Genus Trochoideus
Species desjardinsi - Trochoideus desjardinsi
Genus Xenomycetes
Species morrisoni - Xenomycetes morrisoni
Family Mycetaeidae
Genus Mycetaea
Species subterranea - Hairy Cellar Beetle
Family Eupsilobiidae
Genus Eidoreus
Species politus - Eidoreus politus
Family Coccinellidae - Lady Beetles
Subfamily Chilocorinae
Genus Arawana
Species arizonica - Arawana arizonica
Species scapularis - Arawana scapularis
Genus Axion
Species plagiatum - Twice-struck Lady Beetle
Species tripustulatum - Thrice-struck Lady Beetle
Genus Brumoides
Species histrio - Brumoides histrio
Species septentrionis - Brumoides septentrionis
Subspecies davisi - Brumoides septentrionis davisi
Subspecies hogei - Brumoides septentrionis hogei
Subspecies septentrionis - Brumoides septentrionis septentrionis
Genus Brumus
Species quadripustulatus - Pine Lady Beetle
Genus Chilocorus - Twice-stabbed Lady Beetles
Species bipustulatus - Heather Lady Beetle
Species cacti - Cactus Lady Beetle
Species circumdatus - Red Chilocorus
Species kuwanae - Kuwana's Lady Beetle
Species fraternus - Chilocorus fraternus
Species nigrita - Black Chilocorus
Species orbus - Chilocorus orbus
Species stigma - Twice-stabbed Lady Beetle
Species tumidus - Chilocorus tumidus
No Taxon orbus/fraternus/stigma complex
No Taxon hexacyclus/tricyclus complex
Genus Curinus
Species coeruleus - Metallic Blue Lady Beetle
Genus Egius
Species platycephalus - Egius platycephalus
Genus Exochomus
Species aethiops - Exochomus aethiops
Species childreni - Exochomus childreni
Subspecies guexi - Exochomus childreni guexi
Subspecies childreni - Exochomus childreni childreni
Species californicus - Exochomus californicus
Species fasciatus - Batman Lady Beetle
Species marginipennis - Exochomus marginipennis
Species subrotundus - Exochomus subrotundus
Species townsendi - Exochomus townsendi
Species metallicus - Exochomus metallicus
Genus Halmus
Species chalybeus - Steelblue Lady Beetle
No Taxon unidentified larvae and pupae
Subfamily Coccidulinae
Tribe Coccidulini
Genus Coccidula
Species lepida - Snow Lady Beetle
Genus Rhyzobius
Species forestieri - Rhyzobius forestieri
Species lophanthae - Rhyzobius lophanthae
Tribe Noviini
Genus Novius
Species cardinalis - Vedalia Beetle
Species circumclusa - Novius circumclusa
Species koebelei - Novius koebelei
Species virginalis - Novius virginalis
Genus Rodolia
Genus Azya
Species orbigera - Globe-marked Lady Beetle
Genus Exoplectra
Species schaefferi - Schaeffer's Lady Beetle
Subfamily Coccinellinae
Genus Adalia
Species decempunctata - Adalia decempunctata
Species bipunctata - Two-spotted Lady Beetle
Genus Anatis - Giant Lady Beetles
Species labiculata - Fifteen-spotted Lady Beetle
Species lecontei - LeConte's Giant Lady Beetle
Species mali - Eye-spotted Lady Beetle
Species rathvoni - Flying Saucer Lady Beetle
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae and Pupae
Genus Anisosticta
Species bitriangularis - Marsh Lady Beetle
Species borealis - Anisosticta borealis
Genus Aphidecta
Species obliterata - Larch Lady Beetle
Genus Calvia
Species quatuordecimguttata - Cream-spotted Lady Beetle
Genus Ceratomegilla
Species ulkei - Ceratomegilla ulkei
Genus Coccinella
No Taxon narrow black elytral suture
Species alta - High-country Lady Beetle
Species californica - California Lady Beetle
Species novemnotata - Nine-spotted Lady Beetle
Species prolongata - Prolongate Lady Beetle
No Taxon pale elytral suture
Species difficilis - Coccinella difficilis
Species fulgida - Gleaming Lady Beetle
Species hieroglyphica - Hieroglyphic Lady Beetle
Subspecies kirbyi - Coccinella hieroglyphica kirbyi
Subspecies mannerheimi - Coccinella hieroglyphica mannerheimi
Subspecies humboldtiensis - Coccinella hieroglyphica humboldtiensis
Species monticola - Mountain Lady Beetle
Species septempunctata - Seven-spotted Lady Beetle
Species transversoguttata - Transverse Lady Beetle
Species trifasciata - Three-banded Lady Beetle
Subspecies subversa - Coccinella trifasciata subversa
Subspecies perplexa - Coccinella trifasciata perplexa
Species undecimpunctata - Eleven-spotted Lady Beetle
No Taxon unidentified larvae and pupae
Genus Coelophora
Species inaequalis - Variable Lady Beetle
Genus Coleomegilla
Species maculata - Spotted Pink Lady Beetle
Subspecies fuscilabris - Coleomegilla maculata fuscilabris
Subspecies lengi - Coleomegilla maculata lengi
Subspecies strenua - Coleomegilla maculata strenua
Genus Cycloneda - Spotless Lady Beetles
Species emarginata - Cycloneda emarginata
Species munda - Polished Lady Beetle
Species polita - Western Polished Lady Beetle
Species sanguinea - Spotless Lady Beetle
Genus Harmonia
Species axyridis - Asian Lady Beetle
Species dimidiata - Harmonia dimidiata
Species quadripunctata - Four-spotted Lady Beetle
Genus Hippodamia
No Taxon apicalis/expurgata complex
Species apicalis - Hippodamia apicalis
Species expurgata - Expurgate Lady Beetle
Species americana - American Lady Beetle
Species arctica - Hippodamia arctica
Species caseyi - Casey's Lady Beetle
Species convergens - Convergent Lady Beetle
Species falcigera - Sickle-marked Lady Beetle
Species glacialis - Glacial Lady Beetle
Subspecies extensa - Hippodamia glacialis extensa
Subspecies glacialis - Hippodamia glacialis glacialis
Subspecies lecontei - Hippodamia glacialis lecontei
Species lunatomaculata - Crescent Lady Beetle
Species moesta - Sorrowful Lady Beetle
Subspecies bowditchi - Hippodamia moesta bowditchi
Subspecies moesta - Hippodamia moesta moesta
Species oregonensis - Oregon Lady Beetle
Species parenthesis - Parenthesis Lady Beetle
Species quindecimmaculata - Hippodamia quindecimmaculata
Species quinquesignata - Five-spotted Lady Beetle
Subspecies quinquesignata - Hippodamia quinquesignata quinquesignata
Subspecies ambigua - Hippodamia quinquesignata ambigua
Species sinuata - Sinuate Lady Beetle
Subspecies crotchi - Hippodamia sinuata crotchi
Subspecies sinuata - Hippodamia sinuata sinuata
Subspecies spuria - Hippodamia sinuata spuria
Species tredecimpunctata - Thirteen-spotted Lady Beetle
Species variegata - Variegated Lady Beetle
Species washingtoni - Washington's Lady Beetle
No Taxon moesta or oregonensis
No Taxon glacialis/quinquesignata/moesta
No Taxon unidentified larvae
Genus Macronaemia
Species episcopalis - Episcopal Lady Beetle
Genus Mulsantina
Species cyathigera - Mulsantina cyathigera
Species hudsonica - Hudsonian Lady Beetle
Species luteodorsa - Clay-colored Lady Beetle
Species picta - Painted Lady Beetle
Species quinquelineata - Mulsantina quinquelineata
Genus Myzia
Species interrupta - Broken-Dashed Lady Beetle
Species pullata - Streaked Lady Beetle
Species subvittata - Subvittate Lady Beetle
Genus Naemia
Species seriata - Seaside Lady Beetle
Subspecies litigiosa - Naemia seriata litigiosa
Subspecies seriata - Naemia seriata seriata
Genus Neda
Species marginalis - Neda marginalis
Genus Neoharmonia
Species venusta - V-marked Lady Beetle
Subspecies ampla - Neoharmonia venusta ampla
Subspecies venusta - Neoharmonia venusta venusta
Genus Olla
Species v-nigrum - Ashy Gray Lady Beetle
Genus Paranaemia
Species vittigera - Striped Lady Beetle
Genus Propylea
Species quatuordecimpunctata - Fourteen-spotted Lady Beetle
Genus Psyllobora - Fungus-eating Lady Beetles
Species borealis - Psyllobora borealis
Species nana - Psyllobora nana
Species parvinotata - Psyllobora parvinotata
Species plagiata - Psyllobora plagiata
Species renifer - Kidney-spotted Lady Beetle
Species schwarzi - Psyllobora schwarzi
Species vigintimaculata - Twenty-Spotted Lady Beetle
Species vigintiduopunctata - 22-spotted Lady Beetle
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae
Subfamily Epilachninae - Plant-eating Lady Beetles
Genus Epilachna
Species borealis - Squash Lady Beetle
Species tredecimnotata - Epilachna tredecimnotata
Species varivestis - Mexican Bean Beetle
Genus Subcoccinella
Species vigintiquatuorpunctata - Alfalfa Lady Beetle
Subfamily Scymninae
Tribe Diomini
Genus Decadiomus
Species bahamicus - Decadiomus bahamicus
Genus Diomus
Species amabilis - Diomus amabilis
Species bigemmeus - Diomus bigemmeus
Species debilis - Diomus debilis
Species liebecki - Diomus liebecki
Species pseudotaedatus - Diomus pseudotaedatus
Species roseicollis - Diomus roseicollis
Species terminatus - Diomus terminatus
Species texanus - Diomus texanus
Species xanthaspis - Diomus xanthaspis
Tribe Hyperaspidini
Genus Helesius
Species nigripennis - Helesius nigripennis
Species nubilans - Helesius nubilans
Genus Hyperaspidius
Species comparatus - Hyperaspidius comparatus
Species hardyi - Hyperaspidius hardyi
Species ingenitus - Hyperaspidius ingenitus
Species insignis - Hyperaspidius insignis
Species marginatus - Hyperaspidius marginatus
Species militaris - Hyperaspidius militaris
Species nanellus - Hyperaspidius nanellus
Species oblongus - Hyperaspidius oblongus
Species shauli - Hyperaspidius shauli
Species simulatus - Hyperaspidius simulatus
Species transfugatus - Hyperaspidius transfugatus
Species tristis - Hyperaspidius tristis
Species venustulus - Hyperaspidius venustulus
Species vittigerus - Hyperaspidius vittigerus
Species wolcotti - Wolcott's Lady Beetle
Genus Hyperaspis - Sigil Lady Beetles
Species aemulator - Hyperaspis aemulator
Species annexa - Hyperaspis annexa
Species bensonica - Hyperaspis bensonica
Species bigeminata - Hyperaspis bigeminata
Species binotata - Hyperaspis binotata
Species bolteri - Hyperaspis bolteri
Species brunnescens - Hyperaspis brunnescens
Species caseyi - Hyperaspis caseyi
Species cincta - Hyperaspis cincta
Species connectens - Hyperaspis connectens
Species consimilis - Hyperaspis consimilis
Species conspirans - Hyperaspis conspirans
Species conviva - Hyperaspis conviva
Species cruenta - Hyperaspis cruenta
Species deludens - Hyperaspis deludens
Species disconotata - Disk-marked Lady Beetle
Species disrupta - Hyperaspis disrupta
Species dissoluta - Dissolute Lady Beetle
Species dobzhanskyi - Dobzhansky's Lady Beetle
Species fastidiosa - Fastidious Lady Beetle
Species gemina - Twin-spotted Lady Beetle
Species gemma - Hyperaspis gemma
Species globula - Globular Lady Beetle
Species haematosticta - Hyperaspis haematosticta
Species imitator - Hyperaspis imitator
Species inedita - Hyperaspis inedita
Species inflexa - Curved Lady Beetle
Species jovialis - Hyperaspis jovialis
Species lateralis - Lateral Lady Beetle
Species leachi - Hyperaspis leachi
Species levrati - Levrat's Lady Beetle
Species lewisii - Hyperaspis lewisi
Species lugubris - Lugubrius Lady Beetle
Species nigrosuturalis - Hyperaspis nigrosuturalis
Species medialis - Medial Lady Beetle
Species octavia - Hyperaspis octavia
Species octonotata - Eight-spotted Lady Beetle
Species oculaticauda - Eye-tailed Lady Beetle
Species oculifera - Hyperaspis oculifera
Species ornatella - Hyperaspis ornatella
Species osculans - Hyperaspis osculans
Species paludicola - Swamp Lady Beetle
Species pinguis - Hyperaspis pinguis
Species pistillata - Hyperaspis pistillata
Species pleuralis - Hyperaspis pleuralis
Species postica - Postica Lady Beetle
Species proba - Esteemed Lady Beetle
Species punctata - Hyperaspis punctata
Species quadrioculata - Four-eyed Lady Beetle
Species quadrivittata - Four-streaked Lady Beetle
Species revocans - Hyperaspis revocans
Species rivularis - Hyperaspis rivularis
Species rotunda - Hyperaspis rotunda
Species schaefferi - Schaeffer's Lady Beetle
Species signata - Hyperaspis signata
Subspecies bicentralis - Hyperaspis signata bicentralis
Species significans - Hyperaspis significans
Species taeniata - Ribboned Lady Beetle
Species triangulum - Hyperaspis triangulum
Species trifurcata - Hyperaspis trifurcata
Species troglodytes - Troglodyte Lady Beetle
Species undulata - Undulate Lady Beetle
Species weisei - Weise's Lady Beetle
Species wickhami - Wickham's Lady Beetle
No Taxon unidentified signata or binotata group
No Taxon unidentified undulata group
No Taxon unidentified inflexa group
No Taxon MAQ sp. 1
No Taxon MAQ sp. 2
No Taxon MAQ sp. 3
No Taxon MAQ sp. 4
No Taxon MAQ sp. 5
No Taxon RDG n. sp. 1
No Taxon RDG n. sp. 2
Species querquesi - Hyperaspis querquesi
Genus Thalassa
Species montezumae - Montezuma Lady Beetle
Genus Blaisdelliana
Species sexualis - Pitch Lady Beetle
Tribe Scymnillini - Zagloba and Zilus
Genus Zagloba - Scalehunter Lady Beetles
Species hystrix - Zagloba hystrix
Species ornata - Zagloba ornata
Species satana - Zagloba satana
Genus Zilus
Species aterrimus - Zilus aterrimus
Species horni - Zilus horni
Tribe Scymnini - Dusky Lady Beetles
Genus Clitostethus
Species arcuatus - Clitostethus arcuatus
Genus Cryptolaemus
Species montrouzieri - Mealybug Destroyer
Genus Didion
Species longulum - Didion longulum
Species punctatum - Didion punctatum
Genus Nephaspis
Species oculatus - Nephaspis oculatus
Genus Nephus
Species alyssae - Nephus alyssae
Species atramentarius - Nephus atramentarius
Species binaevatus - Nephus binaevatus
Species bivulnerus - Nephus bivulnerus
Species flavifrons - Nephus flavifrons
Species georgei - George's Lady Beetle
Species guttulatus - Nephus guttulatus
Species intrusus - Nephus intrusus
Species ornatus - Ornate Lady Beetle
Species quadrarius - Nephus quadrarius
Species sordidus - Little Brown Mealybug Destroyer
Species timberlakei - Nephus timberlakei
Genus Sasajiscymnus
Species tsugae - Sasajiscymnus tsugae
Genus Scymnus
No Taxon spotted elytral spp.
Species circumspectus - Scymnus circumspectus
Species pacificus - Scymnus pacificus
No Taxon mostly pale spp.
Species coniferarum - Conifer Lady Beetle
Species difficilis - Scymnus difficilis
Species falli - Fall's Lady Beetle
Species loewii - Loew's Lady Beetle
Species nebulosus - Nebulous Lady Beetle
Species pallens - Scymnus pallens
Species suturalis - Scymnus suturalis
No Taxon pronotum all orange
Species cervicalis - Scymnus cervicalis
Species kansanus - Kansas Lady Beetle
Species nemorivagus - Scymnus nemorivagus
Species semiruber - Scymnus semiruber
No Taxon elytral tips pale
Species brullei - Brullé's Lady Beetle
Species fraternus - Scymnus fraternus
Species louisianae - Scymnus louisianae
Species postpinctus - Scymnus postpinctus
Species rubricaudus - Scymnus rubricaudus
Species securus - Scymnus securus
No Taxon pronotum entirely black
Species calaveras - Calaveras Lady Beetle
Species compar - Scymnus compar
Species lacustris - Lacustrine Lady Beetle
Species tenebrosus - Scymnus tenebrosus
Species americanus - American Scymnus Lady Beetle
Species apicanus - Apicanus Lady Beetle
Species ardelio - Scymnus ardelio
Species caudalis - Scymnus caudalis
Species caurinus - Northwestern Lady Beetle
Species consobrinus - Consobrinous Lady Beetle
Species creperus - Scymnus creperus
Species garlandicus - Garland Lady Beetle
Species horni - Scymnus horni
Species indianensis - Indiana Lady Beetle
Species iowensis - Iowa Lady Beetle
Species marginicollis - Scymnus marginicollis
Species nevadensis - Nevada Lady Beetle
Species paracanus - Scymnus paracanus
Species socer - Scymnus socer
Species uncus - Scymnus uncus
No Taxon unidentified americanus group
No Taxon unidentified larvae
Genus Brachiacantha - Spurleg Lady Beetles
Species albifrons - White-fronted Lady Beetle
Species arizonica - Arizona Lady Beetle
Species barberi - Barber's Lady Beetle
Species bollii - Boll's Lady Beetle
Species decempustulata - Ten-spotted Spurleg Lady Beetle
Species decora - Brachiacantha decora
Species dentipes - Brachiacantha dentipes
Species felina - Brachiacantha felina
Species indubitabilis - Brachiacantha indubitabilis
Species lepida - Brachiacantha lepida
Species quadrillum - Brachiacantha quadrillum
Species quadripunctata - Brachiacantha quadripunctata
Subspecies quadripunctata - Brachiacantha quadripunctata quadripunctata
Subspecies flavifrons - Brachiacantha quadripunctata flavifrons
Species querceti - Oak Lady Beetle
Species rotunda - Brachiacantha rotunda
Species stephani - Stephan's Lady Beetle
Species subfasciata - Brachiacantha subfasciata
Species tau - T-marked Lady Beetle
Species testudo - Brachiacantha testudo
Species ursina - Ursine Spurleg Lady Beetle
Species uteella - Brachiacantha uteella
No Taxon unidentified dentipes group
No Taxon unidentified ursina group
Genus Cryptognatha
Species nodiceps - Coconut Scale Predator
Genus Selvadius - Amber Lady Beetles
Species nunenmacheri - Selvadius nunenmacheri
Genus Stethorus - Spider Mite Destroyers
Species punctillum - Lesser Mite Destroyer
Species punctum - Spider Mite Destroyer
Species utilis - Stethorus utilis
No Taxon Unidentified Diomus or Scymnus
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae
Subfamily Sticholotidinae
Tribe Microweiseini
Genus Allenius - Allenius 0
Species iviei - Enigma Lady Beetle 0
Genus Coccidophilus
Species atronitens - Coccidophilus atronitens
Species marginatus - Coccidophilus marginatus
Genus Gnathoweisea
Species texana - Gnathoweisea texana
Genus Microweisea - Minute Lady Beetles
Species coccidovora - Microweisea coccidovora
Species minuta - Microweisea minuta
Species misella - Microweisea misella
Genus Nipus
Species biplagiatus - Nipus biplagiatus
Genus Delphastus
Species catalinae - Delphastus catalinae
Species pallidus - Delphastus pallidus
Species pusillus - Whitefly Predatory Lady Beetle
No Taxon dejavu or sonoricus
Genus Cephaloscymnus
Species zimmermanni - Cephaloscymnus zimmermanni
Subspecies zimmermanni - Cephaloscymnus zimmermanni zimmermanni
Subspecies australis - Cephaloscymnus zimmermanni australis
Species insulatus - Cephaloscymnus insulatus
Species occidentalis - Cephaloscymnus occidentalis
Genus Carinodulinka
Species baja - Carinodulinka baja
Genus Pharoscymnus
Species flexibilis - Pharoscymnus flexibilis
No Taxon Unidentified immatures
No Taxon Bothriderid group
Family Bothrideridae - Dry Bark Beetles
Tribe Deretaphrini
Genus Deretaphrus
Species oregonensis - Deretaphrus oregonensis
Genus Sosylus
Species extensus - Sosylus extensus
Species costatus - Sosylus costatus
Tribe Bothriderini
Genus Bothrideres
Species cryptus - Bothrideres cryptus
Species geminatus - Bothrideres geminatus
Species montanus - Bothrideres montanus
No Taxon Bothrideres sp. 1
Genus Lithophorus
Species ornatus - Lithophorus ornatus
Genus Prolyctus
Species exaratus - Prolyctus exaratus
Family Teredidae
Genus Anommatus
Species duodecimstriatus - Anommatus duodecimstriatus
Genus Oxylaemus
Species americanus - Oxylaemus americanus
Species californicus - Oxylaemus californicus
Genus Rustleria
Species obscura - Rustleria obscura
Family Euxestidae - Well Polished Beetles
Genus Euxestus
Species erithacus - Euxestus erithacus
Genus Hypodacne
Species punctata - Hypodacne punctata
Family Murmidiidae
Genus Botrodus
Species estriatus - Botrodus estriatus
Genus Murmidius
Species ovalis - Minute Beetle
Genus Mychocerinus
Species depressus - Mychocerinus depressus
Family Cerylonidae - Minute Bark Beetles
Genus Ostomopsis
Species neotropicalis - Ostomopsis neotropicalis
Subfamily Ceryloninae
Genus Cerylon
Species castaneum - Cerylon castaneum
Species unicolor - Cerylon unicolor
Genus Mychocerus
Species striatus - Mychocerus striatus
Species discretus - Mychocerus discretus
Genus Philothermus
Species floridensis - Philothermus floridensis
Species glabriculus - Philothermus glabriculus
Species puberulus - Philothermus puberulus
Species stephani - Philothermus stephani
Superfamily Cucujoidea
No Taxon Erotylid series
Family Sphindidae - Cryptic Slime Mold Beetles
Genus Carinisphindus
Species purpuricephalus - Carinisphindus purpuricephalus
Genus Sphindus - Cryptic Slime Mold Beetles
Species americanus - Sphindus americanus
Species crassulus - Sphindus crassulus
Genus Eurysphindus
Species hirtus - Eurysphindus hirtus
Species comatulus - Eurysphindus comatulus
Genus Odontosphindus
Species denticollis - Odontosphindus denticollis
Species clavicornis - Odontosphindus clavicornis
Family Erotylidae - Pleasing Fungus Beetles
Subfamily Erotylinae - Pleasing Fungus Beetles
Tribe Encaustini
Genus Megalodacne
Species heros - Megalodacne heros
Species fasciata - Megalodacne fasciata
Tribe Dacnini
Genus Dacne
No Taxon subgenus Xenodacne
Species picea - Dacne picea
Species pubescens - Dacne pubescens
No Taxon subgenus Dacne
Species californica - Dacne californica
Species picta - Dacne picta
Species quadrimaculata - Dacne quadrimaculata
Genus Microsternus
Species ulkei - Microsternus ulkei
Tribe Languriini - Lizard Beetles
Genus Acropteroxys
Species gracilis - Slender Lizard Beetle
Subspecies divisa - Acropteroxys gracilis divisa
Species lecontei - Acropteroxys lecontei
Genus Dasydactylus
Species cnici - Dasydactylus cnici
Genus Languria
Species angustata - Languria angustata
Species bicolor - Languria bicolor
Species convexicollis - Languria convexicollis
Species denticulata - Languria denticulata
Species discoidea - Languria discoidea
Species laeta - Languria laeta
Species mozardi - Clover Stem Borer
Species taedata - Languria taedata
Species trifasciata - Languria trifasciata
Genus Langurites
Species lineatus - Langurites lineatus
Tribe Tritomini
Genus Haematochiton
Species carbonarius - Haematochiton carbonarius
Species elateroides - Haematochiton elateroides
Genus Hirsutotriplax
Species mcclevei - Hirsutotriplax mcclevei
Genus Ischyrus
Species dunedinensis - Ischyrus dunedinensis
Species quadripunctatus - Four-Spotted Fungus Beetle
Genus Mycotretus
Species nigromanicatus - Mycotretus nigromanicatus
Genus Pseudischyrus
Species extricatus - Pseudischyrus extricatus
Species nigrans - Pseudischyrus nigrans
Genus Triplax
Species alachuae - Triplax alachuae
Species californica - Triplax californica
Species cuneata - Triplax cuneata 0
Species dissimulator - Triplax dissimulator
Species errans - Triplax errans
Species festiva - Triplax festiva
Species flavicollis - Triplax flavicollis
Species frontalis - Triplax frontalis
Species frosti - Triplax frosti
Species macra - Triplax macra
Species marcescens - Triplax marcescens
Species mesosternalis - Triplax mesosternalis
Species puncticeps - Triplax puncticeps
Species thoracica - Triplax thoracica
Species wehrlei - Triplax wehrlei
Genus Tritoma
Species angulata - Tritoma angulata
Species atriventris - Tritoma atriventris
Species biguttata - Tritoma biguttata
Subspecies affinis - Tritoma biguttata affinis
Species erythrocephala - Tritoma erythrocephala
Species humeralis - Tritoma humeralis
Species mimetica - Tritoma mimetica
Species pulchra - Handsome Tritoma
Species sanguinipennis - Red-Winged Tritoma
Species tenebrosa - Darkling Tritoma
Species unicolor - Tritoma unicolor
Tribe Erotylini
Genus Cypherotylus
Species californicus - Cypherotylus californicus
Subfamily Xenoscelinae
Genus Cryptophilus
Species integer - Cryptophilus integer
Species obliteratus - Cryptophilus obliteratus
Species seriatus - Cryptophilus seriatus
Genus Loberus
Species subglaber - Loberus subglaber
Species ornatus - Loberus ornatus
Species impressus - Loberus impressus
Genus Pharaxonotha
Species floridana - Pharaxonotha floridana
Species kirschii - Pharaxonotha kirschii
Genus Toramus
Species chamaeropis - Toramus chamaeropis
Species pulchellus - Toramus pulchellus
No Taxon Toramus sp. EGR 1
Genus Truquiella
Family Monotomidae - Minute Clubbed Beetles
Genus Rhizophagus
Species brunneus - Rhizophagus (Anomophagus) brunneus
Species grouvellei - Rhizophagus (Eurhizophagus) grouvellei
No Taxon subgenus Rhizophagus
Species cylindricus - Rhizophagus cylindricus
Species dimidiatus - Rhizophagus dimidiatus
Species minutus - Rhizophagus minutus
Species parallelocollis - Graveyard Beetle
Species remotus - Rhizophagus remotus
Species sayi - Rhizophagus sayi
Species sculpturatus - Rhizophagus sculpturatus
Subfamily Monotominae
Genus Monotoma
Species americana - Monotoma americana
Species arida - Monotoma arida
Species bicolor - Monotoma bicolor
Species emarginata - Monotoma emarginata
Species johnsoni - Monotoma johnsoni
Species longicollis - Monotoma longicollis
Species myrmecophila - Monotoma (Gyrocecis) myrmecophila
Species picipes - Monotoma picipes
Species producta - Monotoma producta
Species quadrifoveolata - Monotoma quadrifoveolata
Species testacea - Monotoma testacea
No Taxon americana or emarginata
Genus Thione
Species championi - Thione championi
Tribe Europini
Genus Aneurops
Species convergens - Aneurops convergens
Genus Bactridium
Species californicum - Bactridium californicum
Species ephippigerum - Bactridium ephippigerum
Species striolatum - Bactridium striolatum
Genus Europs
Species fervida - Europs fervida
Species pallipennis - Europs pallipennis
Genus Hesperobaenus
Species abbreviatus - Hesperobaenus abbreviatus
Species constricticollis - Hesperobaenus constricticollis
Species rufipes - Hesperobaenus rufipes
Genus Leptipsius
Species striatus - Leptipsius striatus
Genus Macreurops
Species longicollis - Macreurops longicollis
Genus Phyconomus
Species marinus - Phyconomus marinus
Genus Pycnotomina
Species cavicolle - Pycnotomina cavicolle
No Taxon Nitidulid series
Family Kateretidae - Short-winged Flower Beetles
Genus Amartus
Species tinctus - Amartus tinctus
Genus Anthonaeus
Species agavensis - Anthonaeus agavensis
Genus Brachypterolus
Species pulicarius - Toadflax Flower-eating Beetle
Genus Brachypterus
Species schaefferi - Brachypterus schaefferi
Species troglodytes - Brachypterus troglodytes
Species urticae - Nettle Pollen Beetle
Genus Heterhelus
Species abdominalis - Heterhelus abdominalis
Species sericans - Heterhelus sericans
Genus Kateretes
Species pusillus - Kateretes pusillus
Family Nitidulidae - Sap-feeding Beetles
Subfamily Cryptarchinae
Genus Cryptarcha
Species ampla - Cryptarcha ampla
Species concinna - Cryptarcha concinna
Species glabra - Cryptarcha glabra
Species strigatula - Cryptarcha strigatula
Species sp-one-ariz - Cryptarcha sp-one-ariz
Genus Glischrochilus
No Taxon subgenus Glischrochilus
Species confluentus - Glischrochilus confluentus
Species moratus - Glischrochilus moratus
Species vittatus - Glischrochilus vittatus
Species lecontei - Glischrochilus lecontei
No Taxon subgenus Librodor
Species fasciatus - Picnic Beetle
Species obtusus - Glischrochilus obtusus
Species quadrisignatus - Four-spotted Sap Beetle
Species sanguinolentus - Glischrochilus sanguinolentus
Species siepmanni - Glischrochilus siepmanni
Genus Pityophagus
Species cephalotes - Pityophagus cephalotes
Species rufipennis - Pityophagus rufipennis
Subfamily Prometopinae
Genus Prometopia
Species bidentata - Prometopia bidentata
Species sexmaculata - Prometopia sexmaculata
Subfamily Amphicrossinae
Genus Amphicrossus
Species ciliatus - Amphicrossus ciliatus
Species liebecki - Amphicrossus liebecki
Species niger - Amphicrossus niger
Subfamily Carpophilinae
Genus Carpophilus
No Taxon subgenus Myothorax
Species dimidiatus - Cornsap Beetle
Species mutilatus - Confused Sap Beetle
Species nepos - Carpophilus nepos
Species pilosellus - Carpophilus pilosellus
No Taxon subgenus Plapennipolus
No Taxon subgenus Carpophilus
Species hemipterus - Dried-fruit Beetle
Species obsoletus - Carpophilus obsoletus 0
No Taxon subgenus Megacarpolus
No Taxon subgenus Ecnomorphus
Species antiquus - Carpophilus antiquus
Species brachypterus - Carpophilus brachypterus
Species corticinus - Carpophilus corticinus
Species discoideus - Carpophilus discoideus
Species ligneus - Carpophilus ligneus
Species marginatus - Carpophilus marginatus
Species tempestivus - Carpophilus tempestivus
No Taxon subgenus Semocarpolus
Species marginellus - Carpophilus marginellus
Genus Nitops
Species craigheadi - Nitops craigheadi
Species ophthalmicus - Nitops ophthalmicus 0
No Taxon subgenus Urocarpolus
Species floralis - Nitops floralis
Species pallipennis - Nitops pallipennis
Genus Urophorus
Species humeralis - Pineapple Beetle
Genus Caplothorax
Species brevipennis - Caplothorax brevipennis
Species californicus - Caplothorax californicus
Species lugubris - Dusky Sap Beetle
Species melanopterus - Caplothorax melanopterus
Species rufus - Caplothorax rufus
Species sayi - Caplothorax sayi
Species yuccae - Caplothorax yuccae
Subfamily Epuraeinae
Genus Epuraea
No Taxon Subgenus Aphenolia
Species monogama - Epuraea monogama
No Taxon Subgenus Haptoncus
Species luteola - Pineapple Sap Beetle
Species ocularis - Epuraea ocularis
No Taxon Subgenus Epuraea
Species aestiva - Epuraea aestiva
Species alternata - Epuraea alternata
Species flavomaculata - Epuraea flavomaculata
Species helvola - Epuraea helvola
Species imperialis - Epuraea imperialis
Species linearis - Epuraea linearis
Species pallescens - Epuraea pallescens
Species planulata - Epuraea planulata
Species terminalis - Epuraea terminalis
Species truncatella - Epuraea truncatella
Species rufomarginata - Epuraea rufomarginata
Species unicolor - Epuraea unicolor
No Taxon Subgenus Epuraeanella
Species nearctica - Epuraea nearctica
Species obtusicollis - Epuraea obtusicollis
Species rufa - Epuraea rufa
No Taxon rufa type --tmp page
No Taxon Subgenus Orthopeplus
Species quadricollis - Epuraea quadricollis
No Taxon incertae sedis
Species alternata - Epuraea alternata
Species avara - Epuraea avara
Species corticina - Epuraea corticina
Species obliqua - Epuraea obliqua
Species peltoides - Epuraea peltoides
Species populi - Epuraea populi
Species rufida - Epuraea rufida
Species umbrosa - Epuraea umbrosa
No Taxon corticina type --tmp page
Subfamily Meligethinae - Pollen Beetles
Genus Acanthogethes
Species fuscus - Acanthogethes fuscus
Genus Afrogethes
Species canadensis - Afrogethes canadensis
Species saevus - Afrogethes saevus
Genus Brassicogethes
Species aeneus - Common Pollen Beetle
Subspecies dauricus - Brassicogethes aeneus dauricus
Species cleominis - Brassicogethes cleominis
Species simplipes - Brassicogethes simplipes
Species viridescens - Brassicogethes viridescens
Genus Fabogethes
Species nigrescens - Black Pollen Beetle
Genus Genistogethes
Species carinulatus - Genistogethes carinulatus
Genus Meligethes
Species atratus - Meligethes atratus
Subfamily Cillaeinae
Genus Brachypeplus
Species basalis - Brachypeplus basalis
Species glaber - Brachypeplus glaber
Species habecki - Brachypeplus habecki
Genus Colopterus
Species maculatus - Colopterus maculatus
Species niger - Colopterus niger
Species posticus - Colopterus posticus
Species semitectus - Colopterus semitectus
Species testaceus - Colopterus testaceus
Species truncatus - Colopterus truncatus
Species unicolor - Colopterus unicolor
Genus Conotelus
Species fuscipennis - Conotelus fuscipennis
Species mexicanus - Conotelus mexicanus
Species obscurus - Obscure Sap Beetle
Species stenoides - Conotelus stenoides
Subfamily Nitidulinae
Tribe Cychramini
Genus Cychramus
Species adustus - Cychramus adustus
Tribe Nitidulini
Genus Aethina
Species tumida - Small Hive Beetle
Genus Pocadius
Species basalis - Pocadius basalis
Species helvolus - Hairy Puffball Beetle
Species fulvipennis - Pocadius fulvipennis
Genus Thalycra
Species carolina - Thalycra carolina
No Taxon Nitidula complex
Genus Nitidula
Species bipunctata - Two-spotted Sap Beetle
Species carnaria - Nitidula carnaria
Species flavomaculata - Nitidula flavomaculata
Species nigra - Nitidula nigra
Species rufipes - Nitidula rufipes
Species ziczac - Nitidula ziczac
Genus Omosita
Species colon - Omosita colon
Species discoidea - Omosita discoidea
Species nearctica - Omosita nearctica
No Taxon Soronia complex
Genus Amphotis
Species ulkei - Amphotis ulkei
Species schwarzi - Amphotis schwarzi
Genus Lobiopa
Species brunnescens - Lobiopa brunnescens
Species falli - Lobiopa falli
Species insularis - Lobiopa insularis
Species undulata - Lobiopa undulata
Species setosa - Lobiopa setosa 0
Species guttulata - Lobiopa guttulata 0
Species oblonga - Lobiopa oblonga 0
Genus Soronia
Species guttulata - Soronia guttulata
Species grisea - Soronia grisea
No Taxon Phenolia complex
Genus Phenolia
Species grossa - Phenolia grossa
Genus Stelidota
Species adsuffusa - Stelidota adsuffusa 0
Species coenosa - Stelidota coenosa
Species geminata - Strawberry Sap Beetle
Species octomaculata - Stelidota octomaculata
Tribe Cyllodini
Genus Camptodes
Species texanus - Camptodes texanus
Genus Cyllodes
Species biplagiatus - Cyllodes biplagiatus
Genus Pallodes
Species austrinus - Pallodes austrinus
Species pallidus - Pallodes pallidus
Species plateosus - Pallodes plateosus
Genus Psilopyga
Species fasciata - Psilopyga fasciata
Species histrina - Black Stinkhorn Beetle
Species nigripennis - Stinkhorn Beetle
Family Smicripidae - Palmetto Beetles
Genus Smicrips
Species texana - Smicrips texana
Species palmicola - Smicrips palmicola
No Taxon Cucujid series
Family Cryptophagidae - Silken Fungus Beetles
Subfamily Atomariinae
Genus Hypocoprus
Species tenuis - Hypocoprus tenuis
Tribe Atomariini
Genus Atomaria
No Taxon subgenus Atomaria
Species atrata - Atomaria atrata
Species dispersa - Atomaria dispersa
Species impressa - Atomaria impressa
Species lineola - Atomaria lineola
Species nigrirostris - Atomaria nigrirostris
Species stricticollis - Atomaria stricticollis
Species subangulata - Atomaria subangulata
Species vespertina - Atomaria vespertina
Species wollastoni - Atomaria wollastoni
No Taxon subgenus Anchicera
Species apicalis - Atomaria apicalis
Species distincta - Atomaria distincta
Species ephippiata - Atomaria ephippiata
Species fuscata - Atomaria fuscata
Species lederi - Atomaria lederi
Species lewisi - Atomaria lewisi
Species mesomela - Atomaria mesomela
Species testacea - Atomaria testacea
Genus Curelius
Species japonicus - Curelius japonicus
Genus Ephistemus
Species globulus - Ephistemus globulus
Genus Tisactia
Species subglabra - Tisactia subglabra
Subfamily Cryptophaginae
Tribe Cryptophagini
Genus Antherophagus
Species ochraceus - Antherophagus ochraceus
Genus Cryptophagus
Species acutangulus - Angular Fungus Beetle
Species bidentatus - Cryptophagus bidentatus
Species bussi - Cryptophagus bussi
Species cellaris - Cellar Beetle
Species corticinus - Cryptophagus corticinus
Species croeceus - Cryptophagus croeceus
Species dentatus - Cryptophagus dentatus
Species difficilis - Cryptophagus difficilis
Species discedens - Cryptophagus discedens
Species fallax - Cryptophagus fallax 0
Species hebes - Cryptophagus hebes
Species cf-histricus - Cryptophagus cf-histricus
Species lapponicus - Cryptophagus lapponicus
Species latens - Cryptophagus latens
Species laticollis - Cryptophagus laticollis
Species magdalenamontanus - Cryptophagus magdalenamontanus
Species pilosus - Cryptophagus pilosus
Species pseudodentatus - Cryptophagus pseudodentatus
Species punctipennis - Cryptophagus punctipennis
Species saginatus - Cryptophagus saginatus
Species setulosus - Cryptophagus setulosus
Species cf-setulosus - Cryptophagus cf-setulosus
Species stromus - Cryptophagus stromus
Species subfumatus - Cryptophagus subfumatus 0
Species tuberculosus - Cryptophagus tuberculosus
Species valens - Cryptophagus valens
Species varus - Sigmoid Fungus Beetle
No Taxon tuberculosus or croceus
Genus Henoticus
Species californicus - Henoticus californicus
Species pilifer - Henoticus pilifer
Species serratus - Henoticus serratus
Genus Henotiderus
Species centromaculatus - Henotiderus centromaculatus
Species lorna - Henotiderus lorna
Genus Myrmedophila
Species americana - Myrmedophila americana
Genus Omissophagus
Species sandianus - Omissophagus sandianus
Species tsoodzilianus - Omissophagus tsoodzilianus
Genus Pteryngium
Species crenatum - Pteryngium crenatum
Genus Salebius
Species minax - Salebius minax 0
Species octodentatus - Salebius octodentatus
Genus Telmatophilus
Species typhae - Telmatophilus typhae
Species americanus - Telmatophilus americanus
Tribe Caenoscelini
Genus Caenoscelis
Species ferruginea - Caenoscelis ferruginea
Species basalis - Caenoscelis basalis
Genus Renodesta
Species ramsdalei - Renodesta ramsdalei
Family Cucujidae - Flat Bark Beetles
Genus Cucujus
Species clavipes - Red Flat Bark Beetle
Species puniceus - Cucujus puniceus
Genus Pediacus
Species andrewsi - Pediacus andrewsi
Species depressus - Pediacus depressus
Species fuscus - Pediacus fuscus
Species ommatodon - Pediacus ommatodon
Species stephani - Pediacus stephani
Species subglaber - Pediacus subglaber
Family Silvanidae - Silvanid Flat Bark Beetles
Subfamily Silvaninae
Genus Ahasverus
Species advena - Foreign Grain Beetle
Species longulus - Ahasverus longulus
Species rectus - Ahasverus rectus
Species new - Ahasverus new species
Genus Airaphilus
Species near-elongatus - Airaphilus near-elongatus
Genus Cathartosilvanus
Species imbellis - Cathartosilvanus imbellis
Species opaculus - Cathartosilvanus opaculus
Species vulgaris - Cathartosilvanus vulgaris
Genus Cathartus
Species quadricollis - Square-necked Grain Beetle
Genus Monanus
Species concinnulus - Monanus concinnulus
Genus Nausibius
Species clavicornis - Nausibius clavicornis
Species major - Nausibius major
Species repandus - Nausibius repandus
Species salutaris - Nausibius salutaris
Species undescribed - Nausibius undescribed
Genus Oryzaephilus
Species mercator - Merchant Grain Beetle
Species surinamensis - Sawtoothed Grain Beetle
Genus Pensus
Species gilae - Pensus gilae
Genus Silvanoprus
Species angusticollis - Silvanoprus angusticollis
Species scuticollis - Silvanoprus scuticollis
Genus Silvanus
Species bidentatus - Silvanus bidentatus
Species muticus - Silvanus muticus
Species nitidulus - Silvanus nitidulus
Species planatus - Silvanus planatus
Species proximus - Silvanus proximus
Species recticollis - Silvanus recticollis
Species unidentatus - Silvanus unidentatus
Subfamily Brontinae
Tribe Brontini
Genus Dendrophagus
Species cygnaei - Dendrophagus cygnaei
Genus Uleiota
Species debilis - Uleiota debilis
Species truncata - Uleiota truncata
Species dubia - Uleiota dubia
Tribe Telephanini
Genus Cryptamorpha
Species desjardinsii - Desjardin's Beetle
Genus Psammoecus
Species trimaculatus - Psammoecus trimaculatus
Genus Telephanus
Species atricapillus - Telephanus atricapillus
Species lecontei - Telephanus lecontei
Family Passandridae - Parasitic Flat Bark Beetles
Genus Catogenus
Species rufus - Catogenus rufus
Species thomasi - Catogenus thomasi
Genus Taphroscelidia
Species linearis - Taphroscelidia linearis
Family Phalacridae - Shining Flower Beetles
No Taxon Stilbus-group
Genus Acylomus
Species ergoti - Acylomus ergoti
Species pugetanus - Acylomus pugetanus
Genus Stilbus
Species nitidus - Stilbus nitidus
No Taxon apicalis-group
Species apicalis - Stilbus apicalis
Genus Xanthocomus
Species attenuatus - Xanthocomus attenuatus
Species rutilans - Xanthocomus rutilans
Genus Litostilbus
Species tristriatus - Litostilbus tristriatus
No Taxon Phalacrus-group
Genus Phalacropsis
Species dispar - Phalacropsis dispar
Genus Phalacrus
Genus Olibroporus
Species punctatus - Olibroporus punctatus
Genus Ochrolitus
Species rubens - Ochrolitus rubens
Genus Olibrus
Species bullatus - Olibrus bullatus
Species rufipes - Olibrus rufipes
Species semistriatus - Olibrus semistriatus
Species vittatus - Olibrus vittatus
No Taxon Litochropus-group
Genus Neolitochrus
Species crucigerus - Neolitochrus crucigerus
Species immaculatus - Neolitochrus immaculatus
Species pulchellus - Neolitochrus pulchellus
Genus Litochropus
Genus Apallodes
Species princeps - Apallodes princeps
Family Laemophloeidae - Lined Flat Bark Beetles
Genus Charaphloeus
Species adustus - Charaphloeus adustus
Species convexulus - Charaphloeus convexulus
Species flavosignatus - Charaphloeus flavosignatus
Species unnamed - Charaphloeus unnamed
No Taxon adustus-group
Genus Cryptolestes
Species cornutus - Cryptolestes cornutus
Species ferrugineus - Rusty Grain Beetle
Species punctatus - Cryptolestes punctatus
Species pusillus - Flat Grain Beetle
Species turcicus - Flour Mill Beetle
Species uncicornis - Cryptolestes uncicornis
Genus Deinophloeus
Species impressifrons - Deinophloeus impressifrons
Genus Dysmerus
Species basalis - Dysmerus basalis
Genus Laemophloeus
Species apache - Laemophloeus apache
Species biguttatus - Laemophloeus biguttatus
Species fasciatus - Laemophloeus fasciatus
Species fervidus - Laemophloeus fervidus
Species megacephalus - Laemophloeus megacephalus
Species shastanus - Laemophloeus shastanus
Species terminalis - Laemophloeus terminalis
Genus Leptophloeus
Species angustulus - Leptophloeus angustulus
Genus Lathropus
Species pubescens - Lathropus pubescens
Species rhabdophloeoides - Lathropus rhabdophloeoides
Species robustulus - Lathropus robustulus
Species vernalis - Lathropus vernalis
Genus Metaxyphloeus
Species texanus - Metaxyphloeus texanus
Genus Narthecius
Species striaticeps - Narthecius striaticeps
Species grandiceps - Narthecius grandiceps
Genus Parandrita
Species cephalotes - Parandrita cephalotes
Genus Phloeolaemus
Species chamaeropis - Phloeolaemus chamaeropis
Genus Placonotus
Species falinorum - Placonotus falinorum
Species modestus - Placonotus modestus
Species nitens - Placonotus nitens
Species politissimus - Placonotus politissimus
Species zimmermanni - Placonotus zimmermanni
Genus Rhabdophloeus
Species horni - Rhabdophloeus horni
Family Cybocephalidae
Genus Cybocephalus
Species californicus - Cybocephalus californicus
Species nigritulus - Cybocephalus nigritulus
Species nipponicus - Cybocephalus nipponicus
Species randalli - Cybocephalus randalli
Superfamily Curculionoidea
Family Cimberidae
Tribe Cimberidini
Genus Acromacer
Species bombifrons - Acromacer bombifrons
Genus Cimberis
Species bihirsuta - Cimberis bihirsuta
Species compta - Cimberis compta
Species decipiens - Cimberis decipiens
Species elongata - Cimberis elongata
Species pallipennis - Cimberis pallipennis
Species pilosa - Cimberis pilosa
Species turbans - Cimberis turbans
Genus Pityomacer
Genus Lecontellus
Species byturoides - Lecontellus byturoides
Family Nemonychidae - Pine Flower Snout Beetles
Subfamily Rhinorhynchinae
Genus Atopomacer
Family Anthribidae - Fungus Weevils
Subfamily Choraginae
Tribe Choragini
Genus Choragus
Species harrisii - Choragus harrisii
Species sayi - Choragus sayi
Species zimmermanni - Choragus zimmermanni
Genus Euxenulus
Genus Euxenus
Species punctatus - Euxenus punctatus
Genus Pseudochoragus
Species nitens - Pseudochoragus nitens
Genus Sicanthus
Species rhizophorae - Sicanthus rhizophorae
Tribe Araecerini
Genus Acaromimus
Species americanus - Acaromimus americanus
Genus Araecerus
Species fasciculatus - Coffee Bean Weevil
Genus Habroxenus
Species politus - Habroxenus politus
Genus Neoxenus
Species versicolor - Neoxenus versicolor
Subfamily Anthribinae
Genus Anthribus
Species nebulosus - Anthribus nebulosus
Genus Discotenes
Species nigrotuberculata - Discotenes nigrotuberculata
Genus Euparius - Fungus weevil
Species lugubris - Euparius lugubris
Species marmoreus - Euparius marmoreus
Species paganus - Euparius paganus
Species pictus - Euparius pictus
Species subtesselatus - Euparius subtesselatus
Genus Gymnognathus
Species chiricahuae - Gymnognathus chiricahuae
Species triangularis - Gymnognathus triangularis
Genus Ischnocerus
Species angulatus - Ischnocerus angulatus
Species infuscatus - Meconemus infuscatus
Genus Ozotomerus
Species japonicus - Ozotomerus japonicus
Genus Trigonorhinus
Species alternatus - Trigonorhinus alternatus
Species griseus - Trigonorhinus griseus
Species limbatus - Trigonorhinus limbatus
Subspecies limbatus - Trigonorhinus limbatus limbatus
Subspecies vestitus - Trigonorhinus limbatus vestitus
Species nigromaculatus - Trigonorhinus nigromaculatus
Species riddelliae - Trigonorhinus riddelliae
Species rotundatus - Trigonorhinus rotundatus
Species sticticus - Trigonorhinus sticticus
Species tomentosus - Trigonorhinus tomentosus
No Taxon limbatus or tomentosus
Species sp-one-nm - Trigonorhinus sp-one-nm
Tribe Piesocorynini
Genus Brachycorynus
Species hirsutus - Brachycorynus hirsutus
Species rectus - Brachycorynus rectus
Genus Piesocorynus
Species lateralis - Piesocorynus lateralis
Species mixtus - Piesocorynus mixtus
Species moestus - Piesocorynus moestus
Species plagifer - Piesocorynus plagifer
Species tesselatus - Piesocorynus tesselatus
Tribe Platyrhinini
Genus Goniocloeus
Species bimaculatus - Goniocloeus bimaculatus
Genus Trachitropis
Species arizonicus - Trachitropis arizonicus
Tribe Platystomini
Genus Phoenicobiella
Species chamaeropis - Phoenicobiella chamaeropis
Species schwarzii - Phoenicobiella schwarzii
Genus Toxonotus
Species bipunctatus - Toxonotus bipunctatus
Species cornutus - Toxonotus cornutus
Species fascicularis - Toxonotus fascicularis
Species lividus - Toxonotus lividus
Species penicellatus - Toxonotus penicellatus
Species vagus - Toxonotus vagus
Tribe Stenocerini
Genus Allandrus
Species bifasciatus - Allandrus bifasciatus
Species populi - Allandrus populi
Genus Stenocerus
Species longulus - Stenocerus longulus
Tribe Tropiderini
Genus Eurymycter
Species fasciatus - Eurymycter fasciatus
Species tricarinatus - Eurymycter tricarinatus
Genus Gonotropis
Species dorsalis - Gonotropis dorsalis
Tribe Zygaenodini
Genus Araeoderes
Species texanus - Araeoderes texanus
Genus Eusphyrus
Species eusphyroides - Eusphyrus eusphyroides
Species rectus - Eusphyrus rectus
Species walshi - Eusphyrus walshi
Genus Ormiscus
Species albofasciatus - Ormiscus albofasciatus
Species fasciatus - Ormiscus fasciatus
Species irroratus - Ormiscus irroratus
Species quercus - Ormiscus quercus
Species saltator - Ormiscus saltator
Species sextuberculatus - Ormiscus sextuberculatus
No Taxon EGR sp. #8
No Taxon EGR sp. #6
No Taxon EGR sp. #12
No Taxon EGR sp. #10
Tribe Basitropidini
Genus Eugonus
Species bicolor - Eugonus bicolor
Genus Phaenithon
Species platanum - Phaenithon platanum
Family Belidae - Cycad Weevils
Genus Rhopalotria
Species slossoni - Rhopalotria slossoni
Species mollis - Rhopalotria mollis
Species furfuracea - Rhopalotria furfuracea
Family Attelabidae - Leaf Rolling Weevils
Subfamily Attelabinae - Leaf-rolling Weevils
Genus Synolabus
Species bipustulatus - Oak Leafrolling Weevil
Species nigripes - Synolabus nigripes
Genus Himatolabus
Species pubescens - Himatolabus pubescens
Genus Homoeolabus
Species analis - Leaf-Rolling Weevil
Genus Xestolabus
Species constrictipennis - Xestolabus constrictipennis
Subfamily Rhynchitinae - Leaf and Bud Weevils
Genus Auletobius
Species ater - Auletobius ater
Species cassandrae - Auletobius cassandrae
Species humeralis - Auletobius humeralis
Species nasalis - Auletobius nasalis
Genus Deporaus
Species glastinus - Deporaus glastinus
Tribe Rhynchitini
Genus Eugnamptus
Species angustatus - Eugnamptus angustatus
Species cinctus - Eugnamptus cinctus
Species nigriventris - Eugnamptus nigriventris
Species punctatus - Eugnamptus punctatus
Species puncticeps - Eugnamptus puncticeps
Species pallidus - Eugnamptus pallidus
Genus Haplorhynchites
Species aeneus - Head-clipping Weevil
Species eximius - Haplorhynchites eximius
Species planifrons - Haplorhynchites planifrons
Species pseudomexicanus - Haplorhynchites pseudomexicanus
Species quadripennis - Haplorhynchites quadripennis
No Taxon undescribed species
Genus Involvulus
Species hirtus - Involvulus hirtus
Genus Merhynchites
Species bicolor - Rose Curculio
Subspecies bicolor - Merhynchites bicolor bicolor
Subspecies cerdonis - Merhynchites bicolor cerdonis
Subspecies cockerelli - Merhynchites bicolor cockerelli
Subspecies nigricephalus - Merhynchites bicolor nigricephalus
Species wickhami - Western Rose Curculio
Subspecies wickhami - Merhynchites wickhami wickhami
Genus Rhynchites
Species velatus - Rhynchites velatus
Genus Temnocerus
Species aeratoides - Temnocerus aeratoides
Species aeratus - Temnocerus aeratus
Species cyanellus - Temnocerus cyanellus
Species aureus - Temnocerus aureus