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Photos of insects and people from the Spring 2021 gathering in Louisiana, April 28-May 2

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Superfamily Staphylinoidea - Rove, Carrion and Fungus Beetles

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
No Taxon Series Staphyliniformia
Superfamily Staphylinoidea - Rove, Carrion and Fungus Beetles

Family Hydraenidae - Minute Moss Beetles
Genus Hydraena
Species angulicollis - Hydraena angulicollis
No Taxon circulata group
Species americana - Hydraena americana
Species circulata - Hydraena circulata
Species pensylvanica - Hydraena pensylvanica
Species quadricurvipes - Hydraena quadricurvipes
No Taxon arizonica or leechi
Species marginicollis - Hydraena marginicollis
Genus Limnebius
Species alutaceus - Limnebius alutaceus
Subfamily Ochthebiinae
Genus Gymnochthebius
Species fossatus - Gymnochthebius fossatus
Genus Neochthebius
Species vandykei - Neochthebius vandykei
Genus Ochthebius
Species attritus - Ochthebius attritus
Species lineatus - Ochthebius lineatus
Species marinus - Ochthebius marinus
Species puncticollis - Ochthebius puncticollis
No Taxon rectus or rectusalsus
Family Ptiliidae - Featherwing[ed] Beetles
Subfamily Acrotrichinae
Tribe Nephanini
Tribe Acrotrichini
Genus Acrotrichis
Species xanthocera - Acrotrichis xanthocera
Subfamily Cephaloplectinae - Horseshoe Crab Beetles
Genus Limulodes
Species paradoxus - Limulodes paradoxus
Subfamily Ptiliinae
Tribe Nanosellini
Genus Cylindroselloides
Species dybasi - Cylindroselloides dybasi
Genus Nanosella
Tribe Nossidini
Genus Motschulskium
Species sinuaticolle - Motschulskium sinuaticolle
Genus Nossidium
Tribe Ptiliini
Genus Micridium
Genus Ptenidium
Genus Ptiliola
Tribe Ptinellini
Genus Pteryx
Genus Ptinella
Family Agyrtidae - Primitive Carrion Beetles
Genus Agyrtes
Species longulus - Agyrtes longulus
Genus Apteroloma
Species caraboides - Apteroloma caraboides
Species tahoecum - Apteroloma tahoecum
Species tenuicorne - Apteroloma tenuicorne
Genus Ipelates
Species latus - Ipelates latus
Genus Lyrosoma
Species opacum - Lyrosoma opacum
Genus Necrophilus
Species hydrophiloides - Flat Brown Scavenger Beetle
Species pettiti - Small Scavenger Beetle
Genus Pteroloma
Species nebroides - Pteroloma nebroides
Family Leiodidae - Round Fungus Beetles
Subfamily Catopocerinae
Genus Glacicavicola
Species bathyscioides - Idaho Ice Cave Beetle
Tribe Catopocerini - Eyeless Soil Fungivore Beetles
Genus Catopocerus
Species appalachianus - Catopocerus appalachianus
Species politus - Catopocerus politus
Genus Pinodytes
Species gibbosus - Pinodytes gibbosus
Species newelli - Pinodytes newelli
Species newtoni - Pinodytes newtoni
Species cryptophagoides - Pinodytes cryptophagoides
Subfamily Cholevinae - Small Carrion Beetles
Genus Platycholeus
Species leptinoides - Platycholeus leptinoides
Genus Ptomaphagus
Species brevior - Ptomaphagus brevior
Species californicus - Ptomaphagus californicus
Species cavernicola - Ptomaphagus cavernicola
Species nevadicus - Ptomaphagus nevadicus
Species ulkei - Ptomaphagus ulkei
No Taxon subgenus Appadelopsis
Species appalachianus - Ptomaphagus appalachianus
Species fumosus - Ptomaphagus fumosus
Species merritti - Ptomaphagus merritti
Tribe Cholevini
Genus Catops
Species alsiosus - Catops alsiosus
Species americanus - Catops americanus
Species basilaris - Catops basilaris
Species davidsoni - Catops davidsoni
Species geomysi - Catops geomysi
Species paramericanus - Catops paramericanus
Species simplex - Catops simplex
Genus Catoptrichus
Species frankenhauseri - Catoptrichus frankenhauseri
Genus Prionochaeta
Species opaca - Prionochaeta opaca
Genus Sciodrepoides
Species terminans - Sciodrepoides terminans
Species watsoni - Sciodrepoides watsoni
Tribe Anemadini
Genus Nemadus
Species brachyderus - Nemadus brachyderus
Species hornii - Nemadus hornii
Species pusio - Nemadus pusio
Species triangulum - Nemadus triangulum
Subfamily Leiodinae
Tribe Agathidiini
Genus Gelae
Species parile - Gelae parile
Genus Anisotoma
Species amica - Anisotoma amica
Species basalis - Anisotoma basalis
Species blanchardi - Anisotoma blanchardi
Species discolor - Anisotoma discolor
Species errans - Anisotoma errans
Species geminata - Anisotoma geminata
Species globososa - Anisotoma globososa
Species horni - Anisotoma horni
Species humeralis - Anisotoma humeralis
Species inops - Anisotoma inops
Genus Agathidium
Species depressum - Agathidium depressum
Species difforme - Agathidium difforme
Species exiguum - Agathidium exiguum
Species fawcettae - Agathidium fawcettae
Species mollinum - Agathidium mollinum
Species oniscoides - Agathidium oniscoides
Species pulchrum - Agathidium pulchrum
Species repentinum - Agathidium repentinum
Species rubellum - Agathidium rubellum
Species rusticum - Agathidium rusticum
Species maculosum - Agathidium maculosum
Tribe Sogdini
Genus Hydnobius
Species kiseri - Hydnobius kiseri
Species longidens - Hydnobius longidens
Species substriatus - Hydnobius substriatus
Genus Kalohydnobius
Species dentatus - Kalohydnobius dentatus
Species strigilatus - Kalohydnobius strigilatus
Species southeastern-non-dentatus - Kalohydnobius southeastern-non-dentatus
Genus Macrohydnobius
Species matthewsii - Macrohydnobius matthewsii
Species simulator - Macrohydnobius simulator
Genus Platyhydnobius
Species arizonensis - Platyhydnobius arizonensis
Genus Triarthron
Species lecontei - Triarthron lecontei
Tribe Leiodini
Genus Anogdus
Species dissimilis - Anogdus dissimilis
Species sculpturatus - Anogdus sculpturatus
Genus Cyrtusa
Species subtestacea - Cyrtusa subtestacea
Genus Liocyrtusa
Genus Leiodes
Species appalachiana - Leiodes appalachiana
Species assimilis - Leiodes assimilis
Species horni - Leiodes horni
Species neglecta - Leiodes neglecta
Species puncticollis - Leiodes puncticollis
Species punctostriata - Leiodes punctostriata
Species rufipes - Leiodes rufipes
Genus Zeadolopus
Species oklahomensis - Zeadolopus oklahomensis
Tribe Scotocryptini
Genus Aglyptinus
Species laevis - Aglyptinus laevis
Tribe Pseudoliodini
Genus Colenis
Species impunctata - Colenis impunctata
Species ora - Colenis ora
Genus Cainosternum
Species imbricatum - Cainosternum imbricatum
Subfamily Platypsyllinae
Genus Leptinus - Mouse Nest Beetles
Species americanus - Leptinus americanus
Species occidentamericanus - Leptinus occidentamericanus
Species orientamericanus - Leptinus orientamericanus
Genus Platypsyllus
Species castoris - Beaver Parasite Beetle
Genus Leptinillus
Species validus - Beaver Nest Beetle
Subfamily Coloninae
Genus Colon
Species thoracicum - Colon (Striatocolon) thoracicum
No Taxon subgenus Colon
Species asperatum - Colon asperatum
No Taxon subgenus Myloechus
Species dentatum - Colon dentatum
Species forceps - Colon forceps
Species hubbardi - Colon hubbardi
Species longitorsum - Colon longitorsum
Species megasetosum - Colon megasetosum
Species schwarzi - Colon schwarzi
No Taxon subgenus Eurycolon
Species magnicolle - Colon magnicolle
Species oblongum - Colon oblongum
Family Silphidae - Carrion Beetles
Genus Aclypea
Species opaca - Aclypea opaca
Species bituberosa - Western Spinach Carrion Beetle
Genus Heterosilpha
Species aenescens - Heterosilpha aenescens
Species ramosa - Garden Carrion Beetle
Genus Necrodes
Species surinamensis - Red-lined Carrion Beetle
Genus Necrophila
Species americana - American Carrion Beetle
Genus Nicrophorus - Sexton Beetles
Species americanus - American Burying Beetle
Species carolina - Nicrophorus carolina
Species defodiens - Nicrophorus defodiens
Species guttula - Yellow-bellied Burying Beetle
Species hybridus - Nicrophorus hybridus
Species investigator - Banded Sexton Beetle
Species marginatus - Margined Burying Beetle
Species mexicanus - Nicrophorus mexicanus
Species nigrita - Black Burying Beetle
Species obscurus - Nicrophorus obscurus
Species orbicollis - Roundneck Sexton Beetle
Species pustulatus - Nicrophorus pustulatus
Species sayi - Nicrophorus sayi
Species tomentosus - Tomentose Burying Beetle
Species vespilloides - Boreal Carrion Beetle
No Taxon hybridus or investigator
Genus Oiceoptoma
Species noveboracense - Margined Carrion Beetle
Species inaequale - Ridged Carrion Beetle
Species rugulosum - Oiceoptoma rugulosum
Genus Oxelytrum - Oxelytrum - FALSE US RECORD
Species discicolle - Oxelytrum discicolle
Genus Silpha
Species tristis - Silpha tristis
Genus Thanatophilus
Species coloradensis - Thanatophilus coloradensis
Species lapponicus - Northern Carrion Beetle
Species sagax - Thanatophilus sagax
Species trituberculatus - Thanatophilus trituberculatus
Species truncatus - Thanatophilus truncatus
No Taxon Unidentified larvae
Family Staphylinidae - Rove Beetles
Subfamily Aleocharinae
Genus Anacyptus
Species testaceus - Anacyptus testaceus
Genus Halobrecta
Species algophila - Halobrecta algophila
Genus Deinopsis
Genus Gymnusa
Species atra - Gymnusa atra
Species grandiceps - Gymnusa grandiceps
Genus Myllaena
Species cuneata - Myllaena cuneata
Genus Philotermes
Species pilosus - Philotermes pilosus
Tribe Aleocharini
Genus Aleochara
No Taxon subgenus Aleochara
Species curtula - Aleochara curtula
Species lata - Aleochara lata
Species lustrica - Aleochara lustrica
No Taxon subgenus Calochara
Species rubripennis - Aleochara rubripennis
No Taxon subgenus Coprochara
Species sulcicollis - Aleochara sulcicollis
No Taxon subgenus Echochara
Species lucifuga - Aleochara lucifuga
No Taxon subgenus Emplenota
Species littoralis - Aleochara littoralis
Species pacifica - Aleochara pacifica
No Taxon subgenus Maseochara
Species depressa - Aleochara depressa
Species valida - Aleochara valida
No Taxon subgenus Xenochara
Species lanuginosa - Aleochara lanuginosa
Species puberula - Aleochara puberula
Species sculptiventris - Aleochara sculptiventris
Species taeniata - Aleochara taeniata
Species tristis - Aleochara tristis
Genus Amarochara
Species fenyesi - Amarochara fenyesi
Tribe Athetini
Subtribe Dadobiina - "Sea shore genera"
Genus Pontomalota
Species opaca - Pontomalota opaca
Genus Tarphiota
Species fucicola - Tarphiota fucicola
Species geniculata - Tarphiota geniculata
Genus Thinusa
Species fletcheri - Thinusa fletcheri
Subtribe Athetina
Genus Atheta
Species novaescotiae - Atheta novaescotiae
No Taxon subgenus Microdota
Species pennsylvanica - Atheta pennsylvanica
Species ventricosa - Atheta ventricosa
No Taxon subgenus Coprothassa
Species sordida - Atheta sordida
Genus Dinaraea
Species angustula - Dinaraea angustula
Genus Liogluta
Species terminalis - Liogluta terminalis
Genus Microdota
Genus Nehemitropia
Species lividipennis - Nehemitropia lividipennis
Genus Philhygra
Genus Stethusa
Genus Acrotona
Species austiniana - Acrotona austiniana
Genus Amischa
Genus Goniusa
Species caseyi - Goniusa caseyi
Genus Meronera
Species venustula - Meronera venustula
Genus Strigota
Species ambigua - Strigota ambigua
Genus Tetradonia
Species megalops - Tetradonia megalops
Genus Thamiaraea
Species brittoni - Thamiaraea brittoni
Genus Trichiusa
Tribe Autaliini
Genus Autalia
Species puncticollis - Autalia puncticollis
Species rivularis - Autalia rivularis
Tribe Crematoxenini
Genus Beyeria
Species vespa - Beyeria vespa
Genus Neobeyeria
Species arizonensis - Neobeyeria arizonensis
Tribe Diglottini
Genus Diglotta
Tribe Falagriini
Genus Aleodorus
Species bilobatus - Aleodorus bilobatus
Species intricatus - Aleodorus intricatus
Genus Cordalia
Species obscura - Cordalia obscura
Genus Falagria
Species sulcata - Falagria sulcata
Species dissecta - Falagria dissecta
Genus Lissagria
Species laticeps - Lissagria laticeps
Species laeviuscula - Lissagria laeviuscula
Genus Myrmecocephalus
Species concinnus - Myrmecocephalus concinnus
Tribe Geostibini
Genus Aloconota
Genus Callicerus
Species obscurus - Callicerus obscurus
Genus Earota
Species dentata - Earota dentata
Genus Geostiba
Genus Seeversiella
Species globicollis - Seeversiella globicollis
Tribe Homalotini
Subtribe Bolitocharina
Genus Pleurotobia
Species trimaculata - Pleurotobia trimaculata
Genus Phymatura
Species blanchardi - Phymatura blanchardi
Genus Silusida
Species marginella - Silusida marginella
Subtribe Gyrophaenina
Genus Encephalus
Genus Eumicrota
Genus Gyrophaena
Species flavicornis - Gyrophaena flavicornis
Genus Phanerota
Species fasciata - Phanerota fasciata
Subtribe Homalotina
Genus Anomognathus
Species americanus - Anomognathus americanus
Genus Homalota
Species plana - Homalota plana
Genus Coenonica
Species puncticollis - Coenonica puncticollis
Subtribe Leptusina
Genus Leptusa
Species carolinensis - Leptusa carolinensis
Species elegans - Leptusa elegans
Species gimmeli - Leptusa gimmeli
Species pseudopaca - Leptusa pseudopaca
Species pusio - Leptusa pusio
Genus Diestota
Species rufipennis - Diestota rufipennis
Genus Silusa
Tribe Hoplandriini
Genus Hoplandria
Species lateralis - Hoplandria lateralis
Genus Microlia
Genus Platandria
Species carolinae - Platandria carolinae
Tribe Hypocyphtini
Genus Cypha
Genus Oligota
Species polyporicola - Oligota polyporicola
Genus Holobus
Tribe Liparocephalini
Genus Diaulota
Species fulviventris - Diaulota fulviventris
Genus Liparocephalus
Species cordicollis - Liparocephalus cordicollis
Tribe Lomechusini
Genus Apalonia
Species seticornis - Apalonia seticornis
Genus Dinocoryna
Species arizonensis - Dinocoryna arizonensis
Genus Drusilla
Species canaliculata - Drusilla canaliculata
Genus Ecitonidia
Species wheeleri - Ecitonidia wheeleri
Genus Ecitoxenidia
Species alabamae - Ecitoxenidia alabamae
Genus Microdonia
Species nitidiventris - Microdonia nitidiventris
Genus Myrmedonota
Species aidani - Myrmedonota aidani
Species lewisi - Myrmedonota lewisi
Genus Myrmoecia
Species lauta - Myrmoecia lauta
Genus Pella
Species angustula - Pella angustula
Species fauveli - Pella fauveli
Species loricata - Pella loricata
Species planifer - Pella planifer
Genus Platyusa
Species sonomae - Platyusa sonomae
Genus Xenodusa
Species cava - Xenodusa cava
Species reflexa - Xenodusa reflexa
Genus Xesturida
Species laevis - Xesturida laevis
Genus Zyras
Species obliquus - Zyras obliquus
Species rudis - Zyras rudis
Tribe Oxypodini
Genus Alisalia
Species austiniana - Alisalia austiniana
Subtribe Oxypodina
Genus Devia
Species congruens - Devia congruens
Genus Gennadota
Species puberula - Gennadota puberula
Species canadensis - Gennadota canadensis
Genus Ilyobates
Genus Ocyusa
Genus Oxypoda
Genus Parocyusa
Genus Thiasophila
Genus Hylota
Species ochracea - Hylota ochracea
Subtribe Dinardina
Genus Blepharhymenus
Genus Decusa
Species expansa - Decusa expansa
Genus Myrmobiota
Genus Phloeopora
Tribe Sceptobiini
Genus Dinardilla
Species liometopi - Dinardilla liometopi
Genus Sceptobius
Species lativentris - Sceptobius lativentris
Species schmitti - Sceptobius schmitti
Species dispar - Sceptobius dispar
Tribe Tachyusini
Genus Gnypeta
Genus Paradilacra
Species densissima - Paradilacra densissima
Genus Tachyusa
Species americana - Tachyusa americana
Tribe Trichopseniini
Genus Xenistusa
Genus Trichopsenius
Species depressus - Trichopsenius depressus
Tribe Placusini
Genus Euvira
Species micmac - Euvira micmac
Genus Placusa
Species tacomae - Placusa tacomae
Subfamily Dasycerinae
Genus Dasycerus
Species angulicollis - Dasycerus angulicollis
Species bicolor - Dasycerus bicolor
Species carolinensis - Dasycerus carolinensis
Species concolor - Dasycerus concolor
Subfamily Empelinae
Genus Empelus
Species brunnipennis - Empelus brunnipennis
Subfamily Euaesthetinae
Tribe Stictocraniini
Genus Stictocranius
Species puncticeps - Stictocranius puncticeps
Genus Fenderia
Species capizzii - Fenderia capizzii
Species chandleri - Fenderia chandleri
Tribe Euaesthetini
Genus Edaphus
Species nitidus - Edaphus nitidus
Genus Euaesthetus
Species americanus - Euaesthetus americanus
Species brevipennis - Euaesthetus brevipennis
Subfamily Habrocerinae
Genus Habrocerus
Species capillaricornis - Habrocerus capillaricornis
Subfamily Leptotyphlinae
Subfamily Megalopsidiinae
Genus Megalopinus
Species caelatus - Megalopinus caelatus
Species rufipes - Megalopinus rufipes
Subfamily Micropeplinae
Genus Arrhenopeplus
Species brunneus - Arrhenopeplus brunneus
Species tesserula - Micropeplus tesserula
Genus Micropeplus
Species browni - Micropeplus browni
Species cribratus - Micropeplus cribratus
Species laticollis - Micropeplus laticollis
Species neotomae - Micropeplus neotomae
Species punctatus - Micropeplus punctatus
Species sculptus - Micropeplus sculptus
Genus Kalissus
Species nitidus - Kalissus nitidus
Subfamily Olisthaerinae
Genus Olisthaerus
Species substriatus - Olisthaerus substriatus
Subfamily Omaliinae - Ocellate Rove Beetles
Tribe Anthophagini
Genus Acidota
Species crenata - Acidota crenata
Species quadrata - Acidota quadrata
Species subcarinata - Acidota subcarinata
Genus Amphichroum
Species maculatum - Amphichroum maculatum
Genus Anthobium
Genus Arpedium
Species cribratum - Arpedium cribratum
Species schwarzi - Arpedium schwarzi
Genus Artochia
Genus Brathinus
Species nitidus - Brathinus nitidus
Species varicornis - Brathinus varicornis
Genus Deinopteroloma
Species subcostatum - Deinopteroloma subcostatum
Species pictum - Deinopteroloma pictum
Genus Eucnecosum
Species brunnescens - Eucnecosum brunnescens
Species brachypterum - Eucnecosum brachypterum
Genus Geodromicus
Species brunneus - Geodromicus brunneus
Species plagiatus - Geodromicus plagiatus
Species strictus - Geodromicus strictus
Genus Lesteva
Species cribratula - Lesteva cribratula
Species pallipes - Lesteva pallipes
Genus Microedus
Species austinianus - Microedus austinianus
Species fenderi - Microedus fenderi
Genus Olophrum
Species boreale - Olophrum boreale
Species consimile - Olophrum consimile
Species latum - Olophrum latum
Species obtectum - Olophrum obtectum
Genus Omalorphanus
Species aenigma - Omalorphanus aenigma
Genus Orobanus
Genus Orochares
Species suteri - Orochares suteri
Species tumidus - Orochares tumidus
Genus Porrhodites
Species inflatus - Porrhodites inflatus
Genus Pelecomalium
Genus Phlaeopterus
Species cavicollis - Phlaeopterus cavicollis
Species lagrandeuri - Phlaeopterus lagrandeuri
Genus Tanyrhinus
Species singularis - Tanyrhinus singularis
Genus Trigonodemus
Species striatus - Trigonodemus striatus
Genus Unamis
Genus Xenicopoda
Species helenae - Xenicopoda helenae
Tribe Coryphiini
Genus Boreaphilus
Species henningianus - Boreaphilus hennigianus
Genus Coryphium
Species nigrum - Coryphium nigrum
Genus Ephelinus
Species guttatus - Ephelinus guttatus
Species notatus - Ephelinus notatus
Genus Eudectus
Species crassicornis - Eudectus crassicornis
Genus Haida
Species keeni - Haida keeni
Genus Subhaida
Species ingrata - Subhaida ingrata
Tribe Eusphalerini
Genus Eusphalerum
Species convexum - Eusphalerum convexum
Species fenyesi - Eusphalerum fenyesi
Species horni - Eusphalerum horni
Species orientale - Eusphalerum orientale
Species pothos - Eusphalerum pothos
Species rugulosum - Eusphalerum rugulosum
Species near-subangulatum - Eusphalerum near-subangulatum
Species swauki - Eusphalerum swauki
No Taxon pothos group
Tribe Omaliini
Genus Acrolocha
Genus Acruliopsis
Species tumidula - Acruliopsis tumidula
Genus Carcinocephalus
Species flavidus - Carcinocephalus flavidus
Species sp - Carcinocephalus sp
Genus Dropephylla
Species longula - Dropephylla longula
Species cacti - Dropephylla cacti
Genus Hapalaraea
Species hamata - Hapalaraea hamata
Species megarthroides - Hapalaraea megarthroides
Genus Micralymma
Species brevilingue - Micralymma brevilingue
Genus Omalium
Species cribrum - Omalium cribrum
Species repandum - Omalium repandum
Species rivulare - Omalium rivulare
Genus Phloeonomus
Species laesicollis - Phloeonomus laesicollis
Species suffusus - Phloeonomus suffusus
Genus Phloeostiba
Species lapponicus - Phloeostiba lapponicus
Genus Phyllodrepa
Species humerosa - Phyllodrepa humerosa
Species punctiventris - Phyllodrepa punctiventris
Genus Pycnoglypta
Species campbelli - Pycnoglypta campbelli
Species fracta - Pycnoglypta fracta
Genus Xylodromus
Species depressus - Xylodromus depressus
Subfamily Osoriinae - Unmargined Rove Beetles
Tribe Eleusinini
Genus Eleusis
Species pallida - Eleusis pallida
Genus Renardia
Species nigrella - Renardia nigrella
Tribe Thoracophorini
Genus Clavilispinus
Species exiguus - Clavilispinus exiguus
Species rufescens - Clavilispinus rufescens
Genus Nacaeus
Genus Prolibia
Species laevicauda - Prolibia laevicauda
Species rufescens - Prolibia rufescens
Genus Thoracophorus
Species brevicristatus - Thoracophorus brevicristatus
Species costalis - Thoracophorus costalis
Species guadalupensis - Thoracophorus guadalupensis
Genus Lispinus
Tribe Osoriini
Genus Holotrochus
Genus Mimogonia
Genus Osorius
Species latipes - Osorius latipes
Species planifrons - Osorius planifrons
Subfamily Oxyporinae - Cross-toothed Rove Beetles
Genus Oxyporus
No Taxon subgenus Pseudoxyporus
Species lateralis - Oxyporus lateralis
Species occipitalis - Oxyporus occipitalis
Species quinquemaculatus - Oxyporus quinquemaculatus
No Taxon subgenus Oxyporus
Species ashei - Oxyporus ashei
Species elegans - Oxyporus elegans
Species femoralis - Oxyporus femoralis
Species kiteleyi - Oxyporus kiteleyi
Species major - Oxyporus major
Species mexicanus - Oxyporus mexicanus
Species rufipennis - Oxyporus rufipennis
Species stygicus - Oxyporus stygicus
Species vittatus - Oxyporus vittatus
Subfamily Oxytelinae - Spiny-legged Rove Beetles
Tribe Euphaniini
Genus Deleaster
Species dichrous - Deleaster dichrous
Genus Mitosynum
Species vockerothi - Mitosynum vockerothi
Genus Syntomium
Tribe Blediini
Genus Bledius
Species albonotatus - Bledius albonotatus
Species analis - Bledius analis
Species annularis - Bledius annularis
Species emarginatus - Bledius emarginatus
Species fenyesi - Bledius fenyesi
Species ferratus - Bledius ferratus
Species gallicus - Bledius gallicus
Species mandibularis - Bledius mandibularis
Species monstratus - Bledius monstratus
No Taxon sp. 1
No Taxon armatus group
Species fenyesi - Bledius fenyesi
No Taxon semiferrugineus group
Tribe Coprophilini
Genus Coprophilus
Species striatulus - Coprophilus striatulus
Species sexualis - Coprophilus sexualis
Tribe Oxytelini
Genus Anotylus
Species exiguus - Anotylus exiguus 0
Species insecatus - Anotylus insecatus
Species insignitus - Anotylus insignitus
Species rugosus - Anotylus rugosus
Genus Aploderus
Genus Apocellus
Species analis - Apocellus analis
Species sphaericollis - Apocellus sphaericollis
Genus Carpelimus
No Taxon fulvipes Group
No Taxon exiguus Group
Species aridus - Carpelimus aridus
Species dentiger - Carpelimus dentiger
Species obliquus - Carpelimus obliquus
Species bilineatus - Carpelimus bilineatus
Species filarius - Carpelimus filarius
Species pertenuis - Carpelimus pertenuis
Species probus - Carpelimus probus
Species quadripunctatus - Carpelimus quadripunctatus
Species vancouverensis - Carpelimus vancouverensis
Species weissi - Carpelimus weissi
Genus Manda
Species nearctica - Manda nearctica
Genus Ochthephilus
Species biimpressus - Ochthephilus biimpressus
Species columbiensis - Ochthephilus columbiensis
Genus Oxytelus
Species laqueatus - Oxytelus laqueatus
Species sculptus - Oxytelus sculptus
Genus Neoxus
Species crassicornis - Neoxus crassicornis
Genus Platystethus
Species americanus - Platystethus americanus
Species degener - Platystethus degener
Species spiculus - Platystethus spiculus
Genus Thinobius
Genus Thinodromus
No Taxon Anotylus or Oxytelus
Subfamily Paederinae
Tribe Lathrobiini
Subtribe Medonina
Genus Achenomorphus
Species corticinus - Achenomorphus corticinus
Genus Deroderus
Species tabacinus - Deroderus tabacinus
Genus Lithocharis
Species nigriceps - Lithocharis nigriceps
Species ochracea - Lithocharis ochracea
Species thoracica - Lithocharis thoracica
Genus Medon
Species insulanus - Medon insulanus
Species rufipenne - Medon rufipenne
Genus Sunius
Species debilicornis - Sunius debilicornis
Species rufipes - Sunius rufipes
Species confluentus - Sunius confluentus
Genus Thinocharis
Subtribe Astenina
Genus Astenus
Species americanus - Astenus americanus
Species brevipennis - Astenus brevipennis
Species cinctus - Astenus cinctus
Species discopunctatus - Astenus discopunctatus
No Taxon Astenus EGR sp. 1
Subtribe Scopaeina
Genus Orus
Species armiger - Orus armiger
Species dentiger - Orus dentiger
Species fraternus - Orus fraternus
Genus Scopaeus
Subtribe Stilicina
Genus Eustilicus
Species tristis - Eustilicus tristis
Genus Megastilicus
Species formicarius - Megastilicus formicarius
Genus Pachystilicus
Species hanhami - Pachystilicus hanhami
Genus Rugilus
Species angularis - Rugilus angularis
Species angustatus - Rugilus angustatus
Species ceylanensis - Rugilus ceylanensis
Species orbiculatus - Rugilus orbiculatus
Species rufipes - Rugilus rufipes
Subtribe Echiasterina
Genus Echiaster
Genus Myrmecosaurus
Species ferrugineus - Myrmecosaurus ferrugineus
Genus Sphaeronum
Subtribe Lathrobiina
Genus Acalophaena
Genus Dacnochilus
Species angularis - Dacnochilus angularis
Species compacta - Dacnochilus compacta
Species laetus - Dacnochilus laetus
Genus Lathrobium
No Taxon subgenus Lathrobioma
Species scolopaceum - Lathrobium scolopaceum
No Taxon subgenus Lathrobium
Species fauveli - Lathrobium fauveli
Species fulvipenne - Lathrobium fulvipenne
Species washingtoni - Lathrobium washingtoni
No Taxon Subgenus Lathrolepta
Species debile - Lathrobium debile
Genus Lobrathium
Species collare - Lobrathium collare
Species grande - Lobrathium grande
Genus Pseudolathra
Species atriventris - Pseudolathra atriventris
Species dimidiata - Pseudolathra dimidiata
Species famelica - Pseudolathra famelica
Genus Tetartopeus
Species convolutus - Tetartopeus convolutus
Species niger - Tetartopeus niger
Species tetricus - Tetartopeus tetricus
Subtribe Stilicopsina
Genus Stamnoderus
Species monstrosus - Stamnoderus monstrosus
Genus Stilicopsis
Species paradoxa - Stilicopsis paradoxa
Tribe Paederini
Subtribe Cryptobiina
Genus Biocrypta
Species prospiciens - Biocrypta prospiciens
Genus Homaeotarsus
Species badius - Homaeotarsus badius
Species bicolor - Homaeotarsus bicolor
Species cinctus - Homaeotarsus cinctus
Species cribratus - Homaeotarsus cribratus
Species floridanus - Homaeotarsus floridanus
Species pallipes - Homaeotarsus pallipes
Species parallelum - Homaeotarsus parallelum
Species sellatus - Homaeotarsus sellatus
Species strenuus - Homaeotarsus strenuus
No Taxon spp. of bicolor color scheme
No Taxon pallipes-type (postocular part inflated)
No Taxon uniformly pale/reddish spp.
Genus Lissobiops
Species serpentinus - Lissobiops serpentinus
Genus Ochthephilum
Species fracticorne - Ochthephilum fracticorne
Subtribe Paederina
Genus Paederus
Species littorarius - Paederus littorarius
Species obliteratus - Paederus obliteratus
Tribe Pinophilini
Genus Araeocerus
Species elegans - Araeocerus elegans
Genus Lathropinus
Species picipes - Lathropinus picipes
Species obsidianus - Lathropinus obsidianus
Genus Palaminus
Species flavipennis - Palaminus flavipennis 0
Species hudsonicus - Palaminus hudsonicus
Species larvalis - Palaminus larvalis
Genus Pinophilus
Species gracilis - Pinophilus gracilis
Species latipes - Pinophilus latipes
Species opacus - Pinophilus opacus
Species parcus - Pinophilus parcus
Subfamily Phloeocharinae
Genus Charhyphus
Species arizonensis - Charhyphus arizonensis
Species picipennis - Charhyphus picipennis
Genus Dytoscotes
Species pacificus - Dytoscotes pacificus
Genus Phloeocharis
Species californica - Phloeocharis californica
Species subtilissima - Phloeocharis subtilissima
Genus Vicelva
Species vandykei - Vicelva vandykei
Subfamily Piestinae - Flat Rove Beetles
Genus Siagonium
Species americanum - Siagonium americanum
Species punctatum - Siagonium punctatum
Species stacesmithi - Siagonium stacesmithi
Genus Piestus
Species extimus - Piestus extimus
Subfamily Platyprosopinae
Tribe Platyprosopini
Genus Platyprosopus
Species mexicanus - Platyprosopus mexicanus
Subfamily Proteininae
Genus Megarthrus
Species pictus - Megarthrus pictus
Species angulicollis - Megarthrus angulicollis
Genus Proteinus
Species collaris - Proteinus collaris
Species basalis - Proteinus basalis
Species limbatus - Proteinus limbatus
Species brachypterus - Proteinus brachypterus
Subfamily Pselaphinae - Ant-loving Beetles
Supertribe Goniaceritae
Genus Valda
Species frontalis - Valda frontalis
Tribe Brachyglutini
Genus Decarthron
Species abnorme - Decarthron abnorme
Species discolor - Decarthron discolor
Species laurenticum - Decarthron laurenticum
Species longulum - Decarthron longulum
Species stigmosum - Decarthron stigmosum
Species velutinum - Decarthron velutinum
Genus Eupsenius
Species glaber - Eupsenius glaber
Genus Eutrichites
Species zonatus - Eutrichites zonatus
Subtribe Brachyglutina
Genus Anchylarthron
Species caviceps - Anchylarthron caviceps
Genus Brachygluta
Species abdominalis - Brachygluta abdominalis
Species belfragei - Brachygluta belfragei
Species foveata - Brachygluta foveata
Species terebrata - Brachygluta terebrata
Species wickhami - Brachygluta wickhami
Species luniger - Brachygluta luniger
Species ulkei - Brachygluta ulkei
Genus Nisaxis
Species tomentosa - Nisaxis tomentosa
Species caudata - Nisaxis caudata
Genus Pselaptus
Species belfragei - Pselaptus belfragei
Genus Reichenbachia
Species appendiculata - Reichenbachia appendiculata
Species arthritica - Reichenbachia arthritica
Species borealis - Reichenbachia borealis
Species congener - Reichenbachia congener
Species corporalis - Reichenbachia corporalis
Species facilis - Reichenbachia facilis
Species howardi - Reichenbachia howardi
Species spatulifer - Reichenbachia spatulifer
Genus Rybaxis
Species clavata - Rybaxis clavata
Species conjuncta - Rybaxis conjuncta
Species mystica - Rybaxis mystica
Tribe Bythinini
Genus Machaerodes
Species carinatus - Machaerodes carinatus
Genus Pselaptrichus
Species similis - Pselaptrichus similis
Genus Tychobythinus
Tribe Speleobamini
Genus Prespelea
Species undescribed - Prespelea undescribed
Tribe Tychini
Genus Custotychus
Species daggyi - Custotychus daggyi
Genus Cylindrarctus
Species crinifer - Cylindrarctus crinifer
Genus Lucifotychus
Species cognatus - Lucifotychus cognatus
Species testaceus - Lucifotychus testaceus
Genus Nearctitychus
Species sternalis - Nearctitychus sternalis
Genus Tychus
Species macclayi - Tychus macclayi
Supertribe Clavigeritae
Genus Adranes
Species coecus - Adranes coecus
Species dietzii - Adranes dietzii
Species lecontei - Adranes lecontei
Species taylori - Adranes taylori
Genus Fustiger
Species fuchsii - Fustiger fuchsii
Supertribe Pselaphitae
Genus Caccoplectus
Species spinipes - Caccoplectus spinipes
Genus Pselaphus
Species bellax - Pselaphus bellax
Species erichsoni - Pselaphus erichsoni
Genus Tmesiphorus
Species carinatus - Tmesiphorus carinatus
Species costalis - Tmesiphorus costalis
Tribe Tyrini
Subtribe Tyrina
Genus Cedius
Species spinosus - Cedius spinosus
Genus Ceophyllus
Species monilis - Ceophyllus monilis
Genus Mipseltyrus
Species nicolayi - Mipseltyrus nicolayi
Genus Tyrus
Species corticinus - Tyrus corticinus
Species semiruber - Tyrus semiruber
Subtribe Hamotina
Genus Upoluna
Species batrisioides - Upoluna batrisioides
Genus Hamotus
Species electrae - Hamotus electrae
Species elongatus - Hamotus elongatus
Species opimus - Hamotus opimus
Tribe Ctenistini
Genus Atinus
Species monilicornis - Atinus monilicornis
Genus Biotus
Species formicarius - Biotus formicarius
Genus Ctenisis
Species phylanderi - Ctenisis phylanderi
Species raffrayi - Ctenisis raffrayi
Genus Ctenisodes
Species ocularis - Ctenisodes ocularis
Species piceus - Ctenisodes piceus
Species pulvereus - Ctenisodes pulvereus
Supertribe Faronitae
Genus Megarafonus
Species lentus - Megarafonus lentus
Genus Sonoma
Species parviceps - Sonoma parviceps
Species isabellae - Sonoma isabellae
Species tishechkini - Sonoma tishechkini
Supertribe Euplectitae
Tribe Trogastrini
Genus Rhexius
Species insculptus - Rhexius insculptus
Species schmitti - Rhexius schmitti
Species substriatus - Rhexius substriatus
Subtribe Trogastrina
Genus Conoplectus
Species canaliculatus - Conoplectus canaliculatus
Species susae - Conoplectus susae
Genus Euboarhexius
Species perscitus - Euboarhexius perscitus
Genus Oropus
Species cavicauda - Oropus cavicauda
Species striatus - Oropus striatus
Genus Rhexidius
Species incomptus - Rhexidius incomptus
Tribe Metopiasini
Genus Rhinoscepsis
Species bistriatus - Rhinoscepsis bistriatus
Tribe Euplectini
Genus Euplectus
Species karstenii - Euplectus karstenii
Species confluens - Euplectus confluens
Species duryi - Euplectus duryi
Genus Leptoplectus
Species pertenuis - Leptoplectus pertenuis
Genus Pycnoplectus
Species spinifer - Pycnoplectus spinifer
Tribe Trichonychini
Subtribe Panaphantina
Genus Bibloplectus
Species integer - Bibloplectus integer
Species ruficeps - Bibloplectus ruficeps
Genus Eutyphlus
Species schmitti - Eutyphlus schmitti
Species dybasi - Eutyphlus dybasi
Genus Pseudactium
Species arcuatum - Pseudactium arcuatum
Genus Ramecia
Species crinita - Ramecia crinita
Genus Thesiastes
Species fossulatus - Thesiastes fossulatus
Species debilis - Thesiastes debilis
Genus Thesium
Species cavifrons - Thesium cavifrons 0
Genus Trimioplectus
Species obsoletus - Trimioplectus obsoletus
Subtribe Trimiina
Genus Actiastes
Species globiferum - Actiastes globiferum
Species fundatum - Actiastes fundatum
Genus Actium
Genus Cupila
Species excavata - Cupila excavata
Genus Dalmosanus
Species steevesi - Dalmosanus steevesi
Genus Dalmosella
Species tenuis - Dalmosella tenuis
Genus Melba
Species parvula - Melba parvula
Species sulcatula - Melba sulcatula
Genus Trimiomelba
Species dubia - Trimiomelba dubia
Genus Trimioarcus
Species musamator - Trimioarcus musamator
Genus Trimium
Species brevicorne - Trimium brevicorne
Subtribe Trichonychina
Genus Abdiunguis
Species fenderi - Abdiunguis fenderi
Genus Morius
Species occidens - Morius occidens
Genus Oropodes
Species chumash - Oropodes chumash
Genus Trichonyx
Species sulcicollis - Trichonyx sulcicollis
Tribe Jubini
Genus Sebaga
Species ocampi - Sebaga ocampi
Tribe Mayetiini
Genus Mayetia
Supertribe Batrisitae
Genus Arianops
Species gigantea - Arianops gigantea
Species kingi - Arianops kingi
Species nantahalae - Arianops nantahalae
Species neglecta - Arianops neglecta
Species norithe - Arianops norithe
Species unicoi - Arianops unicoi
Genus Arthmius
Species bulbifer - Arthmius bulbifer
Species globicollis - Arthmius globicollis
Species involutus - Arthmius involutus
Species morsus - Arthmius morsus
Genus Batriasymmodes
Species armiger - Batriasymmodes armiger
Genus Batrisodes
No Taxon subgenus Declivodes
Species declivis - Batrisodes declivis
Species lineaticollis - Batrisodes lineaticollis
No Taxon subgenus Empinodes
Species albionicus - Batrisodes albionicus
Species mendocino - Batrisodes mendocino
No Taxon subgenus Excavodes
Species beyeri - Batrisodes beyeri
Species frontalis - Batrisodes frontalis
Species texanus - Coffin Cave Mold Beetle
Species venyivi - Helotes Mold Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Pubimodes
Species denticollis - Batrisodes denticollis
Species ionae - Batrisodes ionae
Species schaumii - Batrisodes schaumii
Genus Texamaurops
Species reddelli - Kretschmarr Cave Mold Beetle
Subfamily Pseudopsinae
Genus Nanobius
Species serricollis - Nanobius serricollis
Genus Pseudopsis
Species sagitta - Pseudopsis sagitta
Species subulata - Pseudopsis subulata
Genus Zalobius
Species nancyae - Zalobius nancyae
Species spinicollis - Zalobius spinicollis
Subfamily Scaphidiinae - Shining Fungus Beetles
Genus Cyparium
Species concolor - Cyparium concolor
Species ater - Cyparium ater
Genus Scaphium
Species castanipes - Scaphium castanipes
Genus Scaphidium
Species piceum - Scaphidium piceum
Species quadriguttatum - Scaphidium quadriguttatum
Tribe Scaphisomatini
Genus Baeocera
Species deflexa - Baeocera deflexa
Species falsata - Baeocera falsata
Species pallida - Baeocera pallida
Genus Scaphisoma
Species rubens - Scaphisoma rubens
Species suturale - Scaphisoma suturale
Genus Toxidium
Species gammaroides - Toxidium gammaroides
Subfamily Scydmaeninae - Ant-like Stone Beetles
Genus Chevrolatia
Species amoena - Chevrolatia amoena
Genus Papusus
Genus Scydmaenus
Tribe Cephenniini
Genus Cephennodes
Species corporosus - Cephennodes corporosus
Genus Cephennium
Species aridum - Cephennium aridum
Species canestroi - Cephennium canestroi
Species gallicum - Cephennium gallicum
Species grandarboreum - Cephennium grandarboreum
Tribe Glandulariini
Genus Brachycepsis
Species subpunctatus - Brachycepsis subpunctatus
Genus Euconnus
Species salinator - Euconnus salinator
No Taxon subgenus Euconnus
No Taxon subgenus Napochus
Species flavitarsis - Euconnus flavitarsis
Species pecki - Euconnus pecki
No Taxon subgenus Napoconnus
No Taxon subgenus Psomophus
Species fatuus - Euconnus fatuus
No Taxon subgenus Pycnophus
Species rasus - Euconnus rasus
No Taxon subgenus Scopophus
Genus Lophioderus
Species atlanticus - Lophioderus atlanticus
Genus Microscydmus
Species tenuis - Microscydmus tenuis
Genus Parascydmus
Genus Stenichnus
Species scutellaris - Stenichnus scutellaris
Genus Taphroscydmus
Tribe Eutheiini
Genus Eutheia
Genus Veraphis
Subfamily Staphylininae - Large Rove Beetles
Tribe Staphylinini
Subtribe Acylophorina
Genus Acylophorus
Species flavicollis - Acylophorus flavicollis
Species pratensis - Acylophorus pratensis
Species pronus - Acylophorus pronus
Genus Anaquedius
Species vernix - Anaquedius vernix
Genus Hemiquedius
Species ferox - Hemiquedius ferox
Species infinitus - Hemiquedius infinitus
Subtribe Amblyopinina
Genus Heterothops
Species carbonatus - Heterothops carbonatus
Species conformis - Heterothops conformis
Species fusculus - Heterothops fusculus
Species pusio - Heterothops pusio
Subtribe Cyrtoquediina
Genus Cyrtoquedius
Species verres - Cyrtoquedius verres
Subtribe Erichsoniina
Genus Erichsonius
Species brachycephalus - Erichsonius brachycephalus
Species patella - Erichsonius patella
Species rosellus - Erichsonius rosellus
Subtribe Quediina
Genus Beeria
Species nematocera - Beeria nematocera
Genus Fluviphirus
Species elevatus - Fluviphirus elevatus
Genus Quedius
No Taxon subgenus Distichalius
Species capucinus - Quedius capucinus
Species cinctus - Quedius cinctus
Species pediculus - Quedius pediculus
Species marginalis - Quedius marginalis
Species paradisi - Quedius paradisi
Species nevadensis - Quedius nevadensis
No Taxon subgenus Megaquedius
Species explanatus - Quedius (Megaquedius) explanatus
No Taxon subgenus Microsaurus
No Taxon erythrogaster group
Species alesi - Quedius alesi
Species erythrogaster - Quedius erythrogaster
Species canadensis - Quedius canadensis
Species caseyi - Quedius caseyi
Subspecies divergens - Quedius caseyi divergens
Species charactus - Quedius charactus
Species criddlei - Quedius criddlei
Species cruentus - Quedius cruentus
Species desertus - Quedius desertus
Species griffinae - Quedius griffinae
Species limbifer - Quedius limbifer
Species mesomelinus - Quedius mesomelinus
Species montanicus - Quedius montanicus
Species mordax - Quedius mordax
Species peregrinus - Quedius peregrinus
Species pullmani - Quedius pullmani
Species rubidulus - Quedius rubidulus
Subspecies socius - Quedius rubidulus socius
Species spelaeus - Quedius spelaeus
No Taxon subgenus Quedionuchus
Species plagiatus - Quedius plagiatus
Species longipennis - Quedius longipennis
No Taxon subgenus Quedius
Species curtipennis - Quedius curtipennis
Species horni - Quedius horni
Species laticollis - Quedius laticollis
Species molochinoides - Quedius molochinoides
Species lanei - Quedius lanei
No Taxon subgenus Raphirus
Species aenescens - Quedius aenescens
Species brunnipennis - Quedius brunnipennis
Species densiventris - Quedius densiventris
Species fulvicollis - Quedius fulvicollis
Species nanulus - Quedius nanulus
Species oculeus - Quedius oculeus
Species prostans - Quedius prostans
Species seriatus - Quedius seriatus
Species simulator - Quedius simulator
Species sublimbatus - Quedius sublimbatus
Species vilis - Quedius vilis
Species virginicus - Quedius virginicus
Species alesi-msname - Quedius alesi-msname
Subtribe Staphylinina
Genus Creophilus
Species maxillosus - Hairy Rove Beetle
Genus Dinothenarus
Species capitatus - Dinothenarus (Dinothenarus) capitatus
No Taxon subgenus Parabemus
Species badipes - Dinothenarus badipes
Species luteipes - Dinothenarus luteipes
Species nigrellus - Dinothenarus nigrellus
Species pleuralis - Dinothenarus pleuralis
Species saphyrinus - Dinothenarus saphyrinus
Genus Hadrotes
Species crassus - Hadrotes crassus
Genus Ocypus
Species aeneocephalus - Ocypus aeneocephalus
Species nitens - Ocypus nitens
Species olens - Devil's Coach Horse
Genus Ontholestes
Species cingulatus - Gold-and-brown Rove Beetle
Genus Platydracus
Species caliginosus - Platydracus caliginosus
No Taxon cinnamopterus complex
Species cinnamopterus - Platydracus cinnamopterus
Species praetermissus - Platydracus praetermissus
Species zonatus - Platydracus zonatus
Species centralis - Platydracus centralis
Species exulans - Platydracus exulans
Species femoratus - Platydracus femoratus
Species fossator - Red-spotted Rove Beetle
Species immaculatus - Platydracus immaculatus
Species maculosus - Platydracus maculosus
Species mysticus - Platydracus mysticus
Species phoenicurus - Platydracus phoenicurus
Species pinorum - Platydracus pinorum
Species praelongus - Platydracus praelongus
Species rutilicauda - Platydracus rutilicauda 0
Species sepulchralis - Platydracus sepulchralis
Species tarsalis - Platydracus tarsalis
Species tomentosus - Platydracus tomentosus
Species violaceus - Platydracus violaceus
Species viridanus - Platydracus viridanus
Species undescribed-fla - Platydracus undescribed-fla
Species undescribed-fla-b - Platydracus undescribed-fla-b
Genus Tasgius
Species ater - Tasgius ater
Species winkleri - Tasgius winkleri
Species melanarius - Tasgius melanarius
Genus Thinopinus
Species pictus - Pictured Rove Beetle
Subtribe Xanthopygina
Genus Xanthopygus
Species xanthopygus - Xanthopygus xanthopygus
Subtribe Anisolinina
Genus Tympanophorus
Species puncticollis - Tympanophorus puncticollis
Subtribe Philonthina
Genus Belonuchus
Species agilis - Belonuchus agilis
Species rufipennis - Belonuchus rufipennis
Genus Bisnius
Species fimetarius - Bisnius fimetarius
Species siegwaldii - Bisnius siegwaldii
Species blandus - Bisnius blandus
Genus Cafius
Species aguayoi - Cafius aguayoi
Species bistriatus - Cafius bistriatus
Species canescens - Cafius canescens
Species femoralis - Cafius femoralis
Species lithocharinus - Cafius lithocharinus
Species luteipennis - Cafius luteipennis
Species seminitens - Cafius seminitens
Species sulcicollis - Cafius sulcicollis
Genus Flohria
Species subcoerulea - Flohria subcoerulea
Genus Gabrius
Species brevipennis - Gabrius brevipennis
Species fallaciosus - Gabrius fallaciosus
Species micropthalmus - Gabrius micropthalmus
Species ovaliceps - Gabrius ovaliceps
Species picipennis - Gabrius picipennis
Species splendidulus - Gabrius splendidulus
Genus Gabronthus
Species thermarum - Gabronthus thermarum
Genus Hesperus
Species apicialis - Hesperus apicialis
Species arizonicus - Hesperus arizonicus
Species baltimorensis - Hesperus baltimorensis
Species stehri - Hesperus stehri
Genus Laetulonthus
Species laetulus - Laetulonthus laetulus
Genus Neobisnius
Species gratus - Neobisnius gratus
Species jocosus - Neobisnius jocosus
Species occidentoides - Neobisnius occidentoides
Species paederoides - Neobisnius paederoides
Species sobrinus - Neobisnius sobrinus
Species terminalis - Neobisnius terminalis
Genus Philonthus
Species asper - Philonthus asper
Species aurulentus - Philonthus aurulentus
Species boreas - Philonthus boreas
Species caeruleipennis - Philonthus caeruleipennis
Species carbonarius - Philonthus carbonarius
Species caucasicus - Philonthus caucasicus
Species cautus - Philonthus cautus
Species cognatus - Philonthus cognatus
Species couleensis - Philonthus couleensis
Species cruentatus - Philonthus cruentatus
Species debilis - Philonthus debilis
Species flumineus - Philonthus flumineus
Species gentilis - Philonthus gentilis
Species gopheri - Philonthus gopheri
Species gracilior - Philonthus gracilior
Species hepaticus - Philonthus hepaticus
Species lomatus - Philonthus lomatus
Species monaeses - Philonthus monaeses
Species nudus - Philonthus nudus
Species palliatus - Philonthus palliatus
Species politus - Philonthus politus
Species quadricollis - Philonthus quadricollis
Species rectangulus - Philonthus rectangulus
Species rufulus - Philonthus rufulus
Species sanguinolentus - Philonthus sanguinolentus
Species sericans - Philonthus sericans
Species sericinus - Philonthus sericinus
Species triangulum - Philonthus triangulum
Species varians - Philonthus varians
Species vulgatus - Philonthus vulgatus
No Taxon furvus-group
Subtribe Tanygnathinina
Subtribe Hyptiomina
Genus Holisus
Subfamily Steninae - Water Skaters
Genus Stenus
No Taxon Subgenus Hemistenus
Species croceatus - Stenus croceatus
Species pubescens - Stenus pubescens
Species umbratilis - Stenus umbratilis
No Taxon Subgenus Hypostenus
Species annularis - Stenus annularis
Species flavicornis - Stenus flavicornis
Species pinguis - Stenus pinguis
Species reconditus - Stenus reconditus
No Taxon Subgenus Nestus
Species angustus - Stenus angustus
Species mammops - Stenus mammops
Species stygicus - Stenus stygicus
No Taxon Subgenus Parastenus
Species pterobrachys - Stenus pterobrachys
No Taxon Subgenus Stenus
Species clavicornis - Stenus clavicornis
Species colon - Stenus colon
Species comma - Stenus comma
Species erythropus - Stenus erythropus
Species juno - Stenus juno
Species laccophilus - Stenus laccophilus
Species pauperculus - Stenus pauperculus
Species sculptilis - Stenus sculptilis
Species semicolon - Stenus semicolon
No Taxon Subgenus Tesnus
Species immarginatus - Stenus immarginatus
Genus Dianous
Species nitidulus - Dianous nitidulus
Subfamily Tachyporinae - Crab-like Rove Beetles
Tribe Tachyporini
Genus Cilea
Species silphoides - Cilea silphoides
Genus Coproporus
Species laevis - Coproporus laevis
Species pulchellus - Coproporus pulchellus
Species rutilus - Coproporus rutilus
Species ventriculus - Coproporus ventriculus
Genus Nitidotachinus
Species agilis - Nitidotachinus agilis
Species scrutator - Nitidotachinus scrutator
Species horni - Nitidotachinus horni
Species tachyporoides - Nitidotachinus tachyporoides
Genus Sepedophilus
Species bisignatus - Sepedophilus bisignatus
Species brachypterus - Sepedophilus brachypterus
Species cinctulus - Sepedophilus cinctulus
Species crassus - Sepedophilus crassus
Species frosti - Sepedophilus frosti
Species littoreus - Sepedophilus littoreus
Species marshami - Sepedophilus marshami
Species scriptus - Sepedophilus scriptus
Species testaceus - Sepedophilus testaceus
Species velocipes - Sepedophilus velocipes
Genus Tachinomorphus
Genus Tachinus
Species addendus - Tachinus addendus
Species axillaris - Tachinus axillaris
Species basalis - Tachinus basalis
Species corticinus - Tachinus corticinus
Species crotchi - Tachinus crotchi
Species elongatus - Tachinus elongatus
Species fimbriatus - Tachinus fimbriatus
Species frigidus - Tachinus frigidus
Species fumipennis - Tachinus fumipennis
Species limbatus - Tachinus limbatus
Species luridus - Tachinus luridus
Species maculicollis - Tachinus maculicollis
Species memnonius - Tachinus memnonius
Species picipes - Tachinus picipes
Species semirufus - Tachinus semirufus
Species schwarzi - Tachinus schwarzi
Species subterraneus - Tachinus subterraneus
Species quebecensis - Tachinus quebecensis
Genus Tachyporus
No Taxon subgenus Palporus
Species nitidulus - Tachyporus nitidulus
No Taxon subgenus Tachyporus
Species abdominalis - Tachyporus abdominalis
Species atriceps - Tachyporus atriceps
Species browni - Tachyporus browni
Species canadensis - Tachyporus canadensis
Species dispar - Tachyporus dispar
Species elegans - Tachyporus elegans
Species flavipennis - Tachyporus flavipennis
Species jocosus - Tachyporus jocosus
Species lecontei - Tachyporus lecontei
Species maculicollis - Tachyporus maculicollis
Species pulchrus - Tachyporus pulchrus
Species transversalis - Tachyporus transversalis
Tribe Mycetoporini
Genus Bolitobius
Species cingulatus - Bolitobius cingulatus
Genus Bolitopunctus
Species punctatissimus - Bolitopunctus punctatissimus
Genus Bryoporus
Species testaceus - Bryoporus testaceus
Species rufescens - Bryoporus rufescens
Genus Carphacis
Species effrenatus - Carphacis effrenatus
Species nepigonensis - Carphacis nepigonensis
Species dimidiatus - Carphacis dimidiatus
Genus Ischnosoma
Species fimbriatum - Ischnosoma fimbriatum
Species flavicolle - Ischnosoma flavicolle
Species hospitale - Ischnosoma hospitale
Species lecontei - Ischnosoma lecontei
Species pictum - Ischnosoma pictum
Species splendidum - Ischnosoma splendidum
Species suteri - Ischnosoma suteri
Species virginicum - Ischnosoma virginicum
Genus Lordithon
Species anticus - Lordithon anticus
Species appalachianus - Lordithon appalachianus
Species axillaris - Lordithon axillaris
Species campbelli - Lordithon campbelli
Species cinctus - Girdled Lordithon
Species facilis - Lordithon facilis
Species fungicola - Lordithon fungicola
Species kelleyi - Lordithon kelleyi
Species niger - Black Lordithon Rove Beetle
Species obsoletus - Lordithon obsoletus
Species oregonus - Lordithon oregonus
Species quaesitor - Lordithon quaesitor
Species scutellaris - Lordithon scutellaris
Species thoracicus - Lordithon thoracicus
Genus Neobolitobius
Species varians - Neobolitobius varians
Genus Mycetoporus
Species consors - Mycetoporus consors
Species neotomae - Mycetoporus neotomae
Subfamily Trichophyinae
Genus Trichophya
Species tarsalis - Trichophya tarsalis
Species pilicornis - Trichophya pilicornis
Subfamily Trigonurinae
Genus Trigonurus
Species crotchi - Trigonurus crotchi
Species rugosus - Trigonurus rugosus
Species sharpi - Trigonurus sharpi
Species edwardsi - Trigonurus edwardsi
Subfamily Xantholininae
Tribe Diochini
Genus Diochus
Species schaumi - Diochus schaumi
Tribe Othiini
Genus Atrecus
Species americanus - Atrecus americanus
Species macrocephalus - Atrecus macrocephalus
Genus Othius
Species punctulatus - Othius punctulatus
Genus Parothius
Species californicus - Parothius californicus
Tribe Xantholinini
Genus Gauropterus
Species fulgidus - Gauropterus fulgidus
Genus Gyrohypnus
Species fracticornis - Gyrohypnus fracticornis
Genus Habrolinus
Species dentifer - Habrolinus dentifer
Genus Hypnogyra
Genus Lepitacnus
Species pallidulus - Lepitacnus pallidulus
Genus Leptacinus
Species intermedius - Leptacinus intermedius
Genus Linohesperus
Species borealis - Linohesperus borealis
Genus Lissohypnus
Species texanus - Lissohypnus texanus
Genus Lithocharodes
Species ruficollis - Lithocharodes ruficollis
Species longicollis - Lithocharodes longicollis
Genus Neohypnus
Species beckeri - Neohypnus beckeri
Species hamatus - Neohypnus hamatus
Species lecontei - Neohypnus lecontei
Species melanops - Neohypnus melanops
Species monstrosus - Neohypnus monstrosus
Species obscurus - Neohypnus obscurus
Genus Nudobius
Species cephalus - Nudobius cephalus
Species luridipennis - Nudobius luridipennis
Genus Oxybleptes
Species davisi - Oxybleptes davisi
Species kiteleyi - Oxybleptes kiteleyi
Genus Phacophallus
Species tricolor - Phacophallus tricolor
Genus Stenistoderus
Species rubripennis - Stenistoderus rubripennis
Genus Stictolinus
Species flavipes - Stictolinus flavipes
Genus Thyreocephalus
Species arizonicus - Thyreocephalus arizonicus
Genus Xantholinus
Species linearis - Xantholinus linearis
Species longiventris - Xantholinus longiventris
Genus Xestolinus
Species abdominalis - Xestolinus abdominalis
Genus Hesperolinus
Species parcus - Hesperolinus parcus
No Taxon Larvae/pupae
No Taxon missing genera - snippets