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Superfamily Scarabaeoidea

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga
Superfamily Scarabaeoidea

Family Diphyllostomatidae - False Stag Beetles
Genus Diphyllostoma
Species fimbriatum - Diphyllostoma fimbriatum
Species nigricolle - Diphyllostoma nigricolle
Family Geotrupidae - Earth-Boring Scarab Beetles
Subfamily Geotrupinae
Genus Ceratophyus
Species gopherinus - Gopher Beetle
Genus Geotrupes
Species stercorarius - Dor Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Cnemotrupes
Species blackburnii - Blackburn's Earth Boring Beetle
Subspecies blackburnii - Geotrupes blackburnii blackburnii
Subspecies excrementi - Geotrupes blackburnii excrementi
Species semiopacus - Geotrupes semiopacus
Species splendidus - Splendid Earth Boring Beetle
Species ulkei - Ulke's Earth Boring Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Anoplotrupes
Species balyi - Baly's Earth Boring Beetle
Species hornii - Horn's Earth Boring Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Geohowdenius
Species egeriei - Eger's Earth Boring Beetle
Species opacus - Opaque Earth Boring Beetle
Genus Mycotrupes
Species cartwrighti - Mycotrupes cartwrighti
Species gaigei - Mycotrupes gaigei
Species lethroides - Mycotrupes lethroides
Species retusus - Sandhills Earth Boring Scarab Beetle
Genus Peltotrupes
Species profundus - Florida Deepdigger Scarab
Species youngi - Young's Deepdigger Scarab
Subfamily Bolboceratinae
Genus Bolbelasmus
Species hornii - Bolbelasmus hornii
Species minor - Bolbelasmus minor
Genus Bolbocerastes
Species regalis - Bolbocerastes regalis
Species imperialis - Bolbocerastes imperialis
Subspecies kansanus - Bolbocerastes imperialis kansanus
Genus Bolbocerosoma
Species biplagiatum - Bolbocerosoma biplagiatum
Species bruneri - Bolbocerosoma bruneri
Species confusum - Bolbocerosoma confusum
Species elongatum - Bolbocerosoma elongatum
Species farctum - Bolbocerosoma farctum
Species hamatum - Bolbocerosoma hamatum
Species lepidissimum - Bolbocerosoma lepidissimum
Species pusillum - Bolbocerosoma pusillum
Species ritcheri - Bolbocerosoma ritcheri
Species tumefactum - Bolbocerosoma tumefactum
Genus Bolborhombus
Species sallei - Bolborhombus sallei
Genus Bradycinetulus
Species fossatus - Bradycinetulus fossatus
Species rex - Bradycinetulus rex
Species ferrugineus - Bradycinetulus ferrugineus
Genus Eucanthus
Species greeni - Eucanthus greeni
Species impressus - Eucanthus impressus
Species lazarus - Eucanthus lazarus
Species subtropicus - Eucanthus subtropicus
Genus Odonteus
Species alabamensis - Odonteus alabamensis
Species darlingtoni - Odonteus darlingtoni
Species falli - Odonteus falli
Species filicornis - Odonteus filicornis
Species floridensis - Odonteus floridensis
Species liebecki - Odonteus liebecki
Species obesus - Odonteus obesus
Species thoracicornis - Odonteus thoracicornis
Family Glaphyridae - Bumble Bee Scarab Beetles
Genus Lichnanthe
Species albipilosa - White Sand Bear Scarab Beetle
Species apina - Lichnanthe apina
Species brusti - Brust's Bee Scarab
Species rathvoni - Lichnanthe rathvoni
Species ursina - Lichnanthe ursina
Species vulpina - Cranberry Root Grub
Family Glaresidae - Enigmatic Scarab Beetles
Genus Glaresis
Species california - Glaresis california
Species canadensis - Glaresis canadensis
Species ecostata - Glaresis ecostata
Species inducta - Glaresis inducta
Species medialis - Glaresis medialis
Family Hybosoridae - Scavenger Scarab Beetles
Subfamily Hybosorinae - Scavenger Scarab Beetles
Genus Hybosorus
Species illigeri - Hybosorus illigeri
Subfamily Pachyplectrinae - Thick Scavenger Scarab Beetles
Genus Pachyplectrus
Species laevis - Pachyplectrus laevis
Subfamily Ceratocanthinae - Pill Scarab Beetles
Genus Ceratocanthus
Species aeneus - Ceratocanthus aeneus
Genus Germarostes
Species aphodioides - Germarostes aphodioides
Species globosus - Germarostes globosus
Family Lucanidae - Stag Beetles
Subfamily Aesalinae
Genus Nicagus
Species obscurus - Nicagus obscurus
Species occultus - Nicagus occultus
Subfamily Lucaninae
Tribe Lucanini
Genus Apterocyclus
Species honoluluensis - Apterocyclus honoluluensis
Species kawaii - Apterocyclus kawaii
Species munroi - Apterocyclus munroi
Species palmatus - Apterocyclus palmatus
Species waterhousei - Apterocyclus waterhousei
Genus Dorcus
Species brevis - Dorcus brevis
Species parallelus - Dorcus parallelus
Genus Lucanus
Species capreolus - Reddish-brown Stag Beetle
Species elaphus - Giant Stag Beetle
Species mazama - Cottonwood Stag Beetle
Species placidus - Lucanus placidus
Tribe Platycerini
Genus Platycerus
Species cribripennis - Platycerus cribripennis
Species depressus - Aspen Stag Beetle
Species marginalis - Platycerus marginalis
Species oregonensis - Platycerus oregonensis
Species quercus - Oak Stag Beetle
Tribe Platyceroidini
Genus Platyceroides
Species aeneus - Platyceroides aeneus
Species agassii - Platyceroides agassii
Species barrae - Platyceroides barrae
Species californicus - Platyceroides californicus
Species infernus - Platyceroides infernus
Species keeni - Platyceroides keeni
Species laticollis - Platyceroides laticollis
Species latus - Platyceroides latus
Species marshalli - Platyceroides marshalli
Species opacus - Platyceroides opacus
Species pacificus - Platyceroides pacificus
Species pampinatus - Platyceroides pampinatus
Species potax - Platyceroides potax
Species thoracicus - Platyceroides thoracicus
Species umpquus - Platyceroides umpquus
Species viriditinctus - Platyceroides viriditinctus
Subfamily Syndesinae
Genus Ceruchus
Species piceus - Ceruchus piceus
Species punctatus - Ceruchus punctatus
Species striatus - Ceruchus striatus
Genus Sinodendron
Species rugosum - Rugose Stag Beetle
Family Ochodaeidae - Sand-loving Scarab Beetles
Genus Codocera
Species gnatho - Codocera gnatho
Genus Cucochodaeus
Species sparsus - Cucochodaeus sparsus
Genus Neochodaeus
Species frontalis - Neochodaeus frontalis
Species praesidii - Neochodaeus praesidii
Species repandus - Neochodaeus repandus
Species striatus - Neochodaeus striatus
Genus Parochodaeus
Species biarmatus - Parochodaeus biarmatus
Species californicus - Parochodaeus californicus
Species duplex - Parochodaeus duplex
Species inarmatus - Parochodaeus inarmatus
Species pectoralis - Parochodaeus pectoralis
Species pixius - Pixie sand-loving scarab
Genus Pseudochodaeus
Species estriatus - Pseudochodaeus estriatus
Genus Xenochodaeus
Species americanus - Xenochodaeus americanus
Species luscinus - Xenochodaeus luscinus
Species musculus - Xenochodaeus musculus
Species planifrons - Xenochodaeus planifrons
Species simplex - Xenochodaeus simplex
Species ulkei - Xenochodaeus ulkei
Family Passalidae - Bess Beetles
Genus Odontotaenius
Species disjunctus - Horned Passalus
Species floridanus - Odontotaenius floridanus
Family Pleocomidae - Rain Beetles
Genus Pleocoma - Rain Beetles
Species australis - Southern Rain Beetle
Species badia - Pleocoma badia
Subspecies hirsuta - Pleocoma badia hirsuta
Subspecies badia - Pleocoma badia badia
Species behrensii - Pleocoma behrensii
Species bicolor - Pleocoma bicolor
Species blaisdelli - Pleocoma blaisdelli
Species carinata - Pleocoma carinata
Species conjungens - Santa Cruz Rain Beetle
Subspecies conjungens - Pleocoma conjungens conjungens
Species crinita - Pleocoma crinita
Species dubitabilis - Pleocoma dubitabilis
Subspecies leachi - Pleocoma dubitabilis leachi
Species fimbriata - Pleocoma fimbriata
Species hirticollis - Pleocoma hirticollis
Subspecies vandykei - Pleocoma hirticollis vandykei
Species hoppingi - Pleocoma hoppingi
Species hovorei - Pleocoma hovorei
Species linsleyi - Pleocoma linsleyi
Species marquai - Pleocoma marquai
Species minor - Pleocoma minor
Species octopagina - Pleocoma octopagina
Species oregonensis - Pleocoma oregonensis
Species puncticollis - Black Rain Beetle
Species rickseckeri - Pleocoma rickseckeri
Species rubiginosa - Pleocoma rubiginosa
Species shastensis - Pleocoma shastensis
Species simi - Pleocoma simi
Species sonomae - Pleocoma sonomae
Species staff - Pleocoma staff
Species tularensis - Pleocoma tularensis
Family Scarabaeidae - Scarab Beetles
Subfamily Aphodiinae - Aphodiine Dung Beetles
Tribe Aegialiini
Genus Aegialia
Species arenaria - Aegialia arenaria
Species blanchardi - Aegialia blanchardi
Species cartwrighti - Aegialia cartwrighti
Species concinna - Ciervo Aegialian Scarab
Species conferta - Aegialia conferta
Species convexa - Aegialia convexa
Species crassa - Aegialia crassa
Species crescenta - Aegialia crescenta
Species lacustris - Aegialia lacustris
Species latispina - Aegialia latispina
Species nana - Aegialia nana
Species opifex - Aegialia opifex
Species punctata - Aegialia punctata
Species spinosa - Aegialia spinosa
Genus Micraegialia
Species pusilla - Micraegialia pusilla
Genus Rhysothorax
Species rufus - Rhysothorax rufus
Genus Caelius
Species humeralis - Caelius humeralis
Species montanus - Caelius montanus
Tribe Aphodiini
Genus Acrossus
Species rubripennis - Acrossus rubripennis
Species rufipes - Acrossus rufipes
Genus Agoliinus
Species aleutus - Agoliinus aleutus
Species canadensis - Agoliinus canadensis
Species congregatus - Agoliinus congregatus
Species corruptor - Agoliinus corruptor
Species incommunis - Agoliinus incommunis
Species leopardus - Agoliinus leopardus
Species manitobensis - Agoliinus manitobensis 0
Species plutonicus - Agoliinus plutonicus
Species sigmoideus - Agoliinus sigmoideus
Genus Alloblackburneus
Species aegrotus - Alloblackburneus aegrotus
Species cavidomus - Alloblackburneus cavidomus
Species cynomysi - Alloblackburneus cynomysi
Species geomysi - Alloblackburneus geomysi
Species lentus - Alloblackburneus lentus
Species rubeolus - Alloblackburneus rubeolus
Species tenuistriatus - Alloblackburneus tenuistriatus
Species troglodytes - Alloblackburneus troglodytes
Genus Aphodius
Species fimetarius - Aphodius fimetarius
Species pedellus - Aphodius pedellus
Genus Ballucus
Species obtusus - Ballucus obtusus
Species barri - Ballucus barri
Genus Blackburneus
Species stercorosus - Blackburneus stercorosus
Genus Calamosternus
Species granarius - Calamosternus granarius
Genus Caligodorus
Species opacus - Caligodorus opacus
Species vandykei - Caligodorus vandykei
Genus Cephalocyclus
Species hogei - Cephalocyclus hogei
Species luteolus - Cephalocyclus luteolus
Genus Chilothorax
Species distinctus - Chilothorax distinctus
Genus Cinacanthus
Species coquilletti - Cinacanthus coquilletti
Species crenicollis - Cinacanthus crenicollis
Species hirsutus - Cinacanthus hirsutus
Species militaris - Cinacanthus militaris
Species ulkei - Cinacanthus ulkei
Genus Coelotrachelus
Species rudis - Coelotrachelus rudis
Genus Colobopterus
Species erraticus - Colobopterus erraticus
Genus Cryptoscatomaseter
Species acuminatus - Cryptoscatomaseter acuminatus
Species brevicollis - Cryptoscatomaseter brevicollis
Species caccabatus - Cryptoscatomaseter caccabatus
Species criddlei - Cryptoscatomaseter criddlei
Species depressiusculus - Cryptoscatomaseter depressiusculus
Species haldemani - Cryptoscatomaseter haldemani
Species incomptus - Cryptoscatomaseter incomptus
Species iowensis - Cryptoscatomaseter iowensis
Species magnificens - Cryptoscatomaseter magnificens
Species oklahomensis - Cryptoscatomaseter oklahomensis
Species paulseni - Cryptoscatomaseter paulseni
Species rossi - Cryptoscatomaseter rossi
Species salsburyi - Cryptoscatomaseter salsburyi
Species talpoidesi - Cryptoscatomaseter talpoidesi
Species umbricollis - Cryptoscatomaseter umbricollis
Species utopensis - Cryptoscatomaseter utopensis
Genus Dellacasiellus
Species claudus - Dellacasiellus claudus
Species concavus - Dellacasiellus concavus
Species fucosus - Dellacasiellus fucosus
Species griffini - Dellacasiellus griffini
Species kirni - Dellacasiellus kirni
Species laevigatus - Dellacasiellus laevigatus
Species pseudofucosus - Dellacasiellus pseudofucosus
Species ruficlarus - Dellacasiellus ruficlarus
No Taxon concavus or kirni
Genus Dialytellus
Species dialytoides - Dialytellus dialytoides
Species tragicus - Dialytellus tragicus
Genus Dialytes
Species striatulus - Dialytes striatulus
Species truncatus - Dialytes truncatus
Species ulkei - Dialytes ulkei
Genus Dialytodius
Species decipiens - Dialytodius decipiens
Genus Diapterna
Species pinguella - Diapterna pinguella
Species hamata - Diapterna hamata
Genus Drepanocanthoides
Species walshii - Drepanocanthoides walshii
Genus Eupleurus
Species subterraneus - Eupleurus subterraneus
Genus Flaviellus
Species subtruncatus - Flaviellus subtruncatus
Species phalerioides - Flaviellus phalerioides
Species perfimbriatus - Flaviellus perfimbriatus
Genus Geomyphilus
Species insolitus - Geomyphilus insolitus
Species rubiginosus - Geomyphilus rubiginosus
Genus Haroldiellus
Species sallei - Haroldiellus sallei
Genus Hornietus
Species ventralis - Hornietus ventralis
Genus Hornosus
Species larreae - Hornosus larreae
Genus Irrasinus
Species stupidus - Irrasinus stupidus
Genus Labarrus
Species lividus - Labarrus lividus
Species pseudolividus - Labarrus pseudolividus
Genus Lechorodius
Species lutulentus - Lechorodius lutulentus
Species terminalis - Lechorodius terminalis
Genus Liothorax
Species subaeneus - Liothorax subaeneus
Species alternatus - Liothorax alternatus
Genus Luxolinus
Species luxatus - Luxolinus luxatus
Genus Maculaphodius
Species conspersus - Maculaphodius conspersus
Genus Melinopterus
Species consentaneus - Melinopterus consentaneus
Species femoralis - Melinopterus femoralis
Species prodromus - Melinopterus prodromus
Genus Mendidius
Species aculeatus - Mendidius aculeatus
Genus Merogyrus
Species rotundiceps - Merogyrus rotundiceps
Genus Neotrichonotulus
Species inurbanus - Neotrichonotulus inurbanus
Genus Nialaphodius
Species nigrita - Nialaphodius nigrita
Genus Orodaliscoides
Species fimbripes - Orodaliscoides fimbripes
Species giulianii - Orodaliscoides giulianii
Genus Oscarinus
Species abusus - Oscarinus abusus
Species bottimeri - Oscarinus bottimeri
Species brimleyi - Oscarinus brimleyi
Species crassuloides - Oscarinus crassuloides
Species floridanus - Oscarinus floridanus 0
Species matiganae - Oscarinus matiganae
Species rusicola - Oscarinus rusicola
Species stuessyi - Oscarinus stuessyi
Species texensis - Oscarinus texensis
Species welderi - Oscarinus welderi
Genus Otophorus
Species haemorrhoidalis - Otophorus haemorrhoidalis
Genus Oxyomoides
Species sepultus - Oxyomoides sepultus
Genus Oxyomus
Species sylvestris - Oxyomus sylvestris
Genus Pardalosus
Species pardalis - Pardalosus pardalis
Species pumilio - Pardalosus pumilio
Species sayi - Pardalosus sayi
Species serval - Pardalosus serval
Species slevini - Pardalosus slevini
Genus Phaeaphodius
Species rectus - Phaeaphodius rectus
Genus Planolinellus
Species vittatus - Planolinellus vittatus
Genus Planolinoides
Species borealis - Planolinoides borealis
Species neotomae - Planolinoides neotomae
Species pectoralis - Planolinoides pectoralis
Genus Planolinus
Species tenellus - Planolinus tenellus
Genus Pseudagolius
Species coloradensis - Pseudagolius coloradensis
Species bicolor - Pseudagolius bicolor
Species warneri - Pseudagolius warneri
Genus Rugaphodius
Species rugatus - Rugaphodius rugatus
Genus Scabrostomus
Species peculiosus - Scabrostomus peculiosus
Genus Schaefferellus
Species arizonensis - Schaefferellus arizonensis
Genus Setodius
Species diogenes - Setodius diogenes
Genus Stenotothorax
Species badipes - Stenotothorax badipes
Species cribratulus - Stenotothorax cribratulus
Species gardneri - Stenotothorax gardneri
Species oriens - Stenotothorax oriens
Species ovipennis - Stenotothorax ovipennis
Species parapyriformis - Stenotothorax parapyriformis
Species sparsus - Stenotothorax sparsus
Genus Strigodius
Species robinsoni - Strigodius robinsoni
Genus Tetraclipeoides
Species acutissimus - Tetraclipeoides acutissimus
Species aemulus - Tetraclipeoides aemulus
Species anomaliceps - Tetraclipeoides anomaliceps
Species denticulatus - Tetraclipeoides denticulatus
Species dentiger - Tetraclipeoides dentiger
Species dentigerulus - Tetraclipeoides dentigerulus
Species formidatus - Tetraclipeoides formidatus
Species moquinus - Tetraclipeoides moquinus
Species testaceiventris - Tetraclipeoides testaceiventris
Species texanus - Tetraclipeoides texanus
Genus Teuchestes
Species fossor - Teuchestes fossor
Genus Trichonotuloides
Species aphoderrans - Trichonotuloides aphoderrans
Genus Trichonotulus
Species scrofa - Trichonotulus scrofa
Genus Xeropsamobeus
Species acerbus - Xeropsamobeus acerbus
Species ambiguus - Xeropsamobeus ambiguus
Species asellus - Xeropsamobeus asellus
Species desertus - Xeropsamobeus desertus
Species scabriceps - Xeropsamobeus scabriceps
Tribe Didactyliini
Genus Aidophus
Species parcus - Aidophus parcus
Species skelleyi - Aidophus skelleyi
Tribe Eupariini
Genus Aphotaenius
Species carolinus - Aphotaenius carolinus
Genus Ataeniopsis
Species figurator - Ataeniopsis figurator
Genus Ataenius
Species abditus - Ataenius abditus
Species alternatus - Ataenius alternatus
Species carinator - Ataenius carinator
Species confertus - Ataenius confertus
Species desertus - Ataenius desertus
Species exiguus - Ataenius exiguus
Species gracilis - Ataenius gracilis
Species hesperius - Ataenius hesperius
Species hirsutus - Ataenius hirsutus
Species imbricatus - Ataenius imbricatus
Species inquisitus - Ataenius inquisitus
Species insculptus - Ataenius insculptus
Species miamii - Ataenius miamii
Species ovatulus - Ataenius ovatulus
Species peregrinator - Ataenius peregrinator
Species picinus - Ataenius picinus
Species platensis - Ataenius platensis
Species robustus - Ataenius robustus
Species setiger - Ataenius setiger
No Taxon strigatus species group
Species cognatus - Slender Dung Beetle
Species fattigi - Ataenius fattigi
Species spretulus - Black Turfgrass Ataenius
Species stephani - Ataenius stephani
Species strigatus - Ataenius strigatus
Species wenzelii - Ataenius wenzelii
Species texanus - Ataenius texanus
Species apicalis - Ataenius apicalis 0
Species punctifrons - Ataenius punctifrons 0
Species oklahomensis - Ataenius oklahomensis 0
Species cylindrus - Ataenius cylindrus 0
Species lobatus - Ataenius lobatus 0
Genus Euparia
Species castanea - Euparia castanea
Genus Euparixia
Species duncani - Euparixia duncani
Species moseri - Euparixia moseri
Genus Haroldiataenius
Species convexus - Haroldiataenius convexus
Species griffini - Haroldiataenius griffini
Species limbatus - Haroldiataenius limbatus
Species semipilosus - Haroldiataenius semipilosus
Genus Martineziana
Species dutertrei - Martineziana dutertrei
Genus Odontolytes
Species denominatus - Odontolytes denominatus
Genus Parataenius
Species simulator - Parataenius simulator
Genus Pseudataenius
Species socialis - Pseudataenius socialis
Tribe Proctophaniini
Genus Australaphodius
Species frenchi - Australaphodius frenchi
Tribe Psammodiini
Genus Geopsammodius
Species fuscus - Geopsammodius fuscus
Species hydropicus - Geopsammodius hydropicus
Species morrisi - Geopsammodius morrisi
Species relictillus - Geopsammodius relictillus
Species subpedalis - Underfoot Tiny Sand-loving Scarab
Species unsidensis - Geopsammodius unsidensis
Genus Leiopsammodius
Species malkini - Leiopsammodius malkini
Species ocmulgeei - Leiopsammodius ocmulgeei
Genus Neopsammodius
Species werneri - Neopsammodius werneri
Species quinqueplicatus - Neopsammodius quinqueplicatus
Species interruptus - Neopsammodius interruptus
Genus Odontopsammodius
Species cruentus - Odontopsammodius cruentus
Genus Parapsammodius
Species bidens - Parapsammodius bidens
Species puncticollis - Parapsammodius puncticollis
Genus Platytomus
Species atlanticus - Platytomus atlanticus
Species longulus - Platytomus longulus
Species micros - Platytomus micros
Species notialis - Platytomus notialis 0
Genus Pleurophorus
Species caesus - Pleurophorus caesus
Genus Psammodius
Species pierottii - Psammodius pierottii
Species basalis - Psammodius basalis
Genus Rhyssemus
Species californicus - Rhyssemus californicus 0
Species germanus - Rhyssemus germanus
Species scaber - Rhyssemus scaber 0
Species sonatus - Rhyssemus sonatus
Species puncticollis - Rhyssemus puncticollis
Species unnamed-texas - Rhyssemus unnamed-texas
Genus Tesarius
Species caelatus - Tesarius caelatus
Species mcclayi - Tesarius mcclayi
Species oregonensis - Tesarius oregonensis
Genus Trichiorhyssemus
Species riparius - Trichiorhyssemus riparius
No Taxon Incertae Sedis Genera
Genus Annegialia
Species ataeniformis - Annegialia ataeniformis
Subfamily Cetoniinae - Fruit and Flower Chafers
Tribe Cetoniini
Genus Chlorixanthe
Species propinqua - Chlorixanthe propinqua
Genus Euphoria
No Taxon areata group
Species anneae - Euphoria anneae
Species areata - Euphoria areata
Species pilipennis - Euphoria pilipennis
No Taxon avita group
Species fascifera - Euphoria fascifera
Species schottii - Euphoria schottii 0
No Taxon biguttata group
Species biguttata - Euphoria biguttata
Species canescens - Euphoria canescens
No Taxon geminata group
Species casselberryi - Euphoria casselberryi
Species kernii - Kern's Flower Scarab
Species quadricollis - Euphoria quadricollis
No Taxon fulgida group
Species fulgida - Emerald Euphoria
Subspecies holochloris - Euphoria fulgida holochloris
Species limbalis - Euphoria limbalis
Species monticola - Euphoria monticola
No Taxon histrionica group
Species devulsa - Euphoria devulsa
Species levinotata - Euphoria levinotata
Species sonorae - Euphoria sonorae
No Taxon inda group
Species hirtipes - Euphoria hirtipes
Species inda - Bumble Flower Beetle
No Taxon sepulcralis group
Species leucographa - Euphoria leucographa
Species sepulcralis - Dark Flower Scarab
Species basalis - Euphoria basalis
Species discicollis - Euphoria discicollis
Species herbacea - Olive Euphoria
Species verticalis - Euphoria verticalis
Genus Protaetia
Species fusca - Asian Mango Flower Beetle
Tribe Cremastocheilini
Genus Cremastocheilus - Anteater Scarab Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Anatrinodia
Species wheeleri - Cremastocheilus wheeleri
No Taxon subgenus Trinodia
Species hirsutus - Cremastocheilus hirsutus
Species lengi - Cremastocheilus lengi
Species opaculus - Cremastocheilus opaculus
Species planipes - Cremastocheilus planipes
Species quadricollis - Cremastocheilus quadricollis
Species saucius - Cremastocheilus saucius
Species spinifer - Cremastocheilus spinifer
Species constricticollis - Cremastocheilus constricticollis
No Taxon subgenus Cremastocheilus
Species canaliculatus - Cremastocheilus canaliculatus
Species castaneae - Cremastocheilus castaneae
Species harrisii - Cremastocheilus harrisii
Species nitens - Cremastocheilus nitens
Species retractus - Cremastocheilus retractus
Species squamulosus - Cremastocheilus squamulosus
No Taxon subgenus Macropodina
Species beameri - Cremastocheilus beameri
Species depressus - Cremastocheilus depressus
Species planatus - Cremastocheilus planatus
Species puncticollis - Cremastocheilus puncticollis 0
No Taxon subgenus Myrmecotonus
Species angularis - Cremastocheilus angularis
Species armatus - Cremastocheilus armatus
Subspecies montanus - Cremastocheilus armatus montanus
Species crinitus - Cremastocheilus crinitus
Species knochii - Cremastocheilus knochii
Species maritimus - Cremastocheilus maritimus
Species mexicanus - Cremastocheilus mexicanus
Species quadratus - Cremastocheilus quadratus
Species schaumii - Cremastocheilus schaumii
Genus Genuchinus
Species ineptus - Genuchinus ineptus
Genus Lissomelas
Species flohri - Lissomelas flohri
Genus Psilocnemis
Species leucosticta - Psilocnemis leucosticta
Tribe Gymnetini
Genus Amithao
Species erythropus - Amithao erythropus
Genus Cotinis
Species aliena - Cotinis aliena
Species boylei - South Texas Coastal Cotinis
Species mutabilis - Green Fig Beetle
Species nitida - Green June Beetle
Species impia - Cotinis impia
Genus Gymnetina
Species borealis - Gymnetina borealis
Species cretacea - Gymnetina cretacea
Subspecies sundbergi - Gymnetina cretacea sundbergi
Species howdeni - Gymnetina howdeni
Genus Gymnetis
Species thula - Harlequin Flower Beetle
Genus Hologymnetis
Species argenteola - Hologymnetis argenteola
Tribe Osmodermatini
Genus Osmoderma
Species eremicola - Osmoderma eremicola
Species scabra - Osmoderma scabra
Species subplanata - Osmoderma subplanata
Tribe Trichiini
Genus Gnorimella
Species maculosa - Gnorimella maculosa
Genus Trichiotinus
Species affinis - Trichiotinus affinis
Species assimilis - Trichiotinus assimilis
Species bibens - Trichiotinus bibens
Species lunulatus - Trichiotinus lunulatus
Species piger - Trichiotinus piger
Species rufobrunneus - Trichiotinus rufobrunneus
Species texanus - Trichiotinus texanus
Species viridans - Trichiotinus viridans
Genus Trigonopeltastes
Species delta - Delta Flower Scarab
Species floridanus - Scrub Palmetto Scarab
Tribe Valgini
Genus Valgus
Species californicus - Valgus californicus
Species canaliculatus - Valgus canaliculatus
Species hemipterus - Valgus hemipterus
Species seticollis - Valgus seticollis
Subfamily Dynastinae - Rhinoceros Beetles
Tribe Pentodontini
Genus Anoplognatho
Species dunnianus - Anoplognatho dunnianus
Genus Aphonus
Species brevicruris - Aphonus brevicruris
Species castaneus - Aphonus castaneus
Species densicauda - Aphonus densicauda
Species texanus - Aphonus texanus
Species tridentatus - Aphonus tridentatus
Species variolosus - Aphonus variolosus
Genus Coscinocephalus
Species cribrifrons - Coscinocephalus cribrifrons
Genus Euetheola
Species rugiceps - Sugarcane Beetle
Species subglabra - Euetheola subglabra
Genus Ligyrus
Species cuniculus - Ligyrus cuniculus
Species gibbosus - Carrot Beetle
Species neglectus - Ligyrus neglectus
Species peninsularis - Ligyrus peninsularis 0
Species relictus - Ligyrus relictus
Species ruginasus - Ligyrus ruginasus
Species sallaei - Ligyrus sallaei
Genus Orizabus
Species clunalis - Orizabus clunalis
Species ligyroides - Orizabus ligyroides
Species mcclevei - Orizabus mcclevei
Species pinalicus - Orizabus pinalicus
Species pyriformis - Orizabus pyriformis
Genus Tomarus
Species subtropicus - Tomarus subtropicus
Tribe Oryctini
Genus Strategus - Ox Beetles
Species aloeus - Strategus aloeus
Species antaeus - Strategus antaeus
Species cessus - Strategus cessus
Species mormon - Strategus mormon
Species splendens - Strategus splendens
Genus Xyloryctes - Rhinoceros Beetles
Species jamaicensis - Rhinoceros Beetle
Species thestalus - Xyloryctes thestalus
Tribe Cyclocephalini
Genus Ancognatha
Species manca - Ancognatha manca
Genus Cyclocephala - Masked Chafers
Species aravaipensis - Cyclocephala aravaipensis
Species borealis - Northern Masked Chafer
Species hirta - Cyclocephala hirta
Species longula - Cyclocephala longula
Species lunulata - Cyclocephala lunulata
Species lurida - Southern Masked Chafer
Species melanocephala - Cyclocephala melanocephala
Species parallela - Cyclocephala parallela
Species pasadenae - Cyclocephala pasadenae
No Taxon longula or pasadenae
Species robusta - Cyclocephala robusta
Genus Dyscinetus - Rice Beetles
Species picipes - Dyscinetus picipes
Species laevicollis - Dyscinetus laevicollis
Species morator - Rice Beetle
Tribe Phileurini
Genus Archophileurus
Species cribrosus - Archophileurus cribrosus
Genus Hemiphileurus
Species illatus - Hemiphileurus illatus
Genus Phileurus
Species truncatus - Triceratops Beetle
Species valgus - Phileurus valgus
Tribe Dynastini
Genus Dynastes - Hercules Beetles
Species tityus - Eastern Hercules Beetle
Species grantii - Grant's Hercules Beetle
Genus Megasoma - Elephant Beetles
Species punctulatum - Megasoma punctulatum
Species sleeperi - Megasoma sleeperi
Species vogti - Texas Elephant Beetle
Subfamily Melolonthinae - May Beetles and Junebugs
Tribe Acomini
Genus Acoma
Species brunnea - Acoma brunnea
Species conjuncta - Acoma conjuncta
Species diminiata - Acoma diminiata
Species glabrata - Acoma glabrata
Species howdenorum - Acoma howdenorum
Species knulli - Acoma knulli
Species mixta - Acoma mixta
Species arizonica - Acoma arizonica
Tribe Ardellini
Genus Ardella
Species magnaemirabilis - Ardella magnaemirabilis
Tribe Chnaunanthini
Genus Chnaunanthus
Species chapini - Chnaunanthus chapini
Species flavipennis - Chnaunanthus flavipennis
Tribe Dichelonychini
Genus Coenonycha
Species acuta - Coenonycha acuta
Species hageni - Coenonycha hageni
Species inaja - Coenonycha inaja
Species lurida - Coenonycha lurida
Genus Dichelonyx
No Taxon Sulcate Group
Species albicollis - Dichelonyx albicollis
Species pusilla - Dichelonyx pusilla
Species sulcata - Dichelonyx sulcata
Species valida - Dichelonyx valida
Species vicina - Dichelonyx vicina
No Taxon Non-sulcate Group
Species backii - Dichelonyx backii
Species canadensis - Dichelonyx canadensis
Species diluta - Dichelonyx diluta
Species elongatula - Dichelonyx elongatula
Species fulgida - Dichelonyx fulgida
Species fuscula - Dichelonyx fuscula
Species kirbyi - Dichelonyx kirbyi
Species linearis - Dichelonyx linearis
Species subvittata - Dichelonyx subvittata
Species truncata - Dichelonyx truncata
Species vaga - Dichelonyx vaga
No Taxon Undescribed species near D. fuscula
No Taxon unsorted green ones Pacific states
Genus Gymnopyge
Species hopliaeformis - Gymnopyge hopliaeformis
Tribe Diplotaxini
Genus Diplotaxis
Species abnormis - Diplotaxis abnormis
Species arizonica - Diplotaxis arizonica
Species belfragei - Diplotaxis belfragei
Species beyeri - Diplotaxis beyeri
Species bidentata - Diplotaxis bidentata
Species blanchardi - Diplotaxis blanchardi
Species brachyptera - Diplotaxis brachyptera
Species brevicollis - Diplotaxis brevicollis
Species brevisetosa - Diplotaxis brevisetosa
Species connata - Diplotaxis connata
Species cribulosa - Diplotaxis cribulosa
Species curvaticeps - Diplotaxis curvaticeps
Species fimbriata - Diplotaxis fimbriata
Species fissilabris - Diplotaxis fissilabris
Species frondicola - Diplotaxis frondicola
Species harperi - Diplotaxis harperi
Species haydenii - Diplotaxis haydenii
Species knausii - Diplotaxis knausii
Species languida - Diplotaxis languida
Species lengii - Diplotaxis lengii
Species liberta - Diplotaxis liberta
Species mentalis - Diplotaxis mentalis
Species mimosae - Diplotaxis mimosae
Species misella - Diplotaxis misella
Species moerens - Diplotaxis moerens
Species muricata - Diplotaxis muricata
Species obscura - Diplotaxis obscura
Species puberula - Diplotaxis puberula
Species pubipes - Diplotaxis pubipes
Species pumila - Diplotaxis pumila
Species punctatorugosa - Diplotaxis punctatorugosa
Species rex - Diplotaxis rex
Species rudis - Diplotaxis rudis
Species rufa - Diplotaxis rufa
Species rufiola - Diplotaxis rufiola
Species saylori - Diplotaxis saylori
Species schaefferi - Diplotaxis schaefferi
Species simplex - Diplotaxis simplex
Species sordida - Diplotaxis sordida
Species subangulata - Diplotaxis subangulata
Species subcostata - Diplotaxis subcostata
Species tarsalis - Diplotaxis tarsalis
Species tenebrosa - Diplotaxis tenebrosa
Species thoracica - Diplotaxis thoracica
Species tristis - Diplotaxis tristis
Species truncatula - Diplotaxis truncatula
Species vandykei - Diplotaxis vandykei
No Taxon atlantis or liberta
Tribe Hopliini
Genus Hoplia - Monkey Beetles
Species callipyge - Hoplia callipyge
Species dispar - Hoplia dispar
Species hirta - Hoplia hirta 0
Species laticollis - Hoplia laticollis
Species modesta - Hoplia modesta
Species mucorea - Hoplia mucorea
Species sackenii - Hoplia sackenii
Species trifasciata - Three lined Hoplia
Species trivialis - Dark Hoplia
Tribe Macrodactylini
Genus Isonychus
Species arizonensis - Isonychus arizonensis
Genus Macrodactylus - Rose Chafers
Species angustatus - Macrodactylus angustatus
Species subspinosus - Rose Chafer
Species uniformis - Western Rose Chafer
Genus Plectris
Species aliena - Plectris aliena
Tribe Melolonthini
Genus Amblonoxia - Dusty June Beetles
Species harfordi - Amblonoxia harfordi
Species fieldi - Amblonoxia fieldi
Species palpalis - Amblonoxia palpalis
Genus Dinacoma
Species caseyi - Dinacoma caseyi
Species marginata - Dinacoma marginata
Species sanfelipe - Dinacoma sanfelipe
Genus Hypothyce
Species mixta - Hypothyce mixta
Genus Hypotrichia
Species spissipes - Hypotrichia spissipes
Genus Plectrodes
Species pubescens - Plectrodes pubescens
Genus Polyphylla - Lined June Beetles
Species aeolus - Polyphylla aeolus
Species anteronivea - Saline Valley Snow-front Scarab
Species arguta - Polyphylla arguta
Species avittata - Polyphylla avittata
Species barbata - Mount Hermon June Beetle
Species cavifrons - Polyphylla cavifrons
Species comes - Polyphylla comes
Species crinita - Polyphylla crinita
Species decemlineata - Ten-lined June Beetle
Species diffracta - Polyphylla diffracta
Species donaldsoni - Donaldson's Lined June Beetle
Species erratica - Death Valley June Beetle
Species gracilis - Slender Polyphyllan Scarab Beetle
Species hammondi - Polyphylla hammondi
Species hirsuta - Polyphylla hirsuta
Species mescalerensis - Polyphylla mescalerensis
Species monahansensis - Polyphylla monahansensis
Species nigra - Polyphylla nigra
Species nubila - Atascadero June Beetle
Species occidentalis - Polyphylla occidentalis
Species pottsorum - Polyphylla pottsorum
Species pubescens - Wooly Gulf Dune Scarab
Species sobrina - Polyphylla sobrina
Species starkae - Polyphylla starkae
Species uteana - Polyphylla uteana
Species variolosa - Variegated June Beetle
Genus Thyce
Species deserta - Thyce deserta
Species squamicollis - Thyce squamicollis
Tribe Phobetusini
Genus Phobetus
Species comatus - Phobetus comatus
Species humeralis - Phobetus humeralis
Species mojavus - Phobetus mojavus
Species palpalis - Phobetus palpalis
Species saylori - Phobetus saylori
Tribe Rhizotrogini
Genus Amphimallon - European Chafers
Species majale - European Chafer
Genus Fossocarus
Species creoleorum - Fossocarus creoleorum
Genus Gronocarus
Species autumnalis - Gronocarus autumnalis
Species inornatus - Gronocarus inornatus
Genus Listrochelus
Species bottimeri - Listrochelus bottimeri
Species chapini - Listrochelus chapini
Species cushmani - Listrochelus cushmani
Species disparilis - Listrochelus disparilis
Species fimbripes - Listrochelus fimbripes
Species flavipennis - Listrochelus flavipennis
Species granti - Listrochelus granti
Species huachuca - Listrochelus huachuca
Species juvenilis - Listrochelus juvenilis
Species koehlerianus - Listrochelus koehlerianus
Species mimicanus - Listrochelus mimicanus
Species mucoreus - Listrochelus mucoreus
Species planeta - Listrochelus planeta
Species opacicollis - Listrochelus opacicollis
Species reinhardi - Listrochelus reinhardi
Species scoparius - Listrochelus scoparius
Species snowi - Listrochelus snowi
Species tarsalis - Listrochelus tarsalis
Species texensis - Listrochelus texensis
Species timidus - Listrochelus timidus
Genus Phyllophaga - May Beetles
No Taxon Subgenus Chlaenobia
Species vexata - Phyllophaga vexata
No Taxon Subgenus Cnemarachis
Species bruneri - Cuban May Beetle
No Taxon Subgenus Phyllophaga
Species aemula - Phyllophaga aemula
Species amplicornis - Phyllophaga amplicornis
Species antennata - Phyllophaga antennata
Species anxia - Cranberry White Grub
Species apicata - Phyllophaga apicata
Species arcta - Phyllophaga arcta
Species balia - Phyllophaga balia
Species beckeri - Phyllophaga beckeri
Species bipartita - Phyllophaga bipartita
Species calceata - Phyllophaga calceata
Species congrua - Phyllophaga congrua
Species corrosa - Phyllophaga corrosa
Species crassissima - Phyllophaga crassissima
Species crenulata - Phyllophaga crenulata
Species cribrosa - Phyllophaga cribrosa
Species crinita - Phyllophaga crinita
Species curialis - Phyllophaga curialis
Species debilis - Phyllophaga debilis
Species dentex - Phyllophaga dentex
Species drakii - Phyllophaga drakii
Species ephilida - Phyllophaga ephilida
Species epigaea - Phyllophaga epigaea
Species errans - Phyllophaga errans
Species farcta - Phyllophaga farcta
Species fervida - Phyllophaga fervida
Species floridana - Phyllophaga floridana
Species forbesi - Phyllophaga forbesi
Species forsteri - Phyllophaga forsteri
Species fraterna - Phyllophaga fraterna
Species fucata - Phyllophaga fucata
Species fusca - Northern June Beetle
Species futilis - Lesser June Beetle
Species gaigei - Phyllophaga gaigei
Species glaberrima - Phyllophaga glaberrima
Species glabricula - Phyllophaga glabricula
Species gracilis - Phyllophaga gracilis
Species hamata - Phyllophaga hamata
Species hirsuta - Phyllophaga hirsuta
Species hirticula - Phyllophaga hirticula
Species hirtiventris - Phyllophaga hirtiventris
Species hornii - Phyllophaga hornii
Species idonea - Phyllophaga idonea
Species ignava - Phyllophaga ignava
Species ilicis - Phyllophaga ilicis
Species impar - Phyllophaga impar
Species implicita - Phyllophaga implicita
Species inepta - Phyllophaga inepta
Species inversa - Phyllophaga inversa
Species invisa - Phyllophaga invisa
Species karlsioei - Phyllophaga karlsioei
Species kentuckiana - Phyllophaga kentuckiana
Species latidens - Phyllophaga latidens
Species latifrons - Phyllophaga latifrons
Species lenis - Phyllophaga lenis
Species lobata - Phyllophaga lobata
Species longispina - Phyllophaga longispina
Species longitarsa - Phyllophaga longitarsa
Species lota - Phyllophaga lota
Species luctuosa - Phyllophaga luctuosa
Species marginalis - Phyllophaga marginalis
Species micans - Phyllophaga micans
Species nebulosa - Phyllophaga nebulosa
Species nitida - Phyllophaga nitida
Species okeechobea - Phyllophaga okeechobea
Species opaca - Phyllophaga opaca
Species parvidens - Phyllophaga parvidens
Species pleroma - Phyllophaga pleroma
Species postrema - Phyllophaga postrema
Species profunda - Phyllophaga profunda
Species prunina - Phyllophaga prunina
Species prununculina - Phyllophaga prununculina
Species psiloptera - Phyllophaga psiloptera
Species pusillidens - Phyllophaga pusillidens
Species quercus - Phyllophaga quercus
Species renodis - Phyllophaga renodis
Species riviera - Phyllophaga riviera
Species rolstoni - Phyllophaga rolstoni
Species rossi - Phyllophaga rossi
Species rubiginosa - Phyllophaga rubiginosa
Species rubricosa - Phyllophaga rubricosa
Species rugosa - Phyllophaga rugosa
Species schaefferi - Phyllophaga schaefferi
Species scitula - Phyllophaga scitula
Species sequoiana - Phyllophaga sequoiana
Species submucida - Phyllophaga submucida
Species subtonsa - Phyllophaga subtonsa
Species sylvatica - Phyllophaga sylvatica
Species torta - Phyllophaga torta
Species tristis - tristis Complex
Species tusa - Phyllophaga tusa
Species uniformis - Phyllophaga uniformis
Species vehemens - Phyllophaga vehemens
Species vetula - Phyllophaga vetula
Species vilifrons - Phyllophaga vilifrons
Species zavalana - Zavala Phyllophaga
No Taxon Subgenus Phytalus
Species bilobatata - Phyllophaga bilobatata
Species blanda - Phyllophaga blanda
Species georgiana - Phyllophaga georgiana
Species obsoleta - Phyllophaga obsoleta
Subspecies vanelleri - Phyllophaga obsoleta vanelleri
Species sonora - Phyllophaga sonora
Species trichodes - Phyllophaga trichodes
No Taxon Subgenus Tostegoptera
Species lanceolata - Phyllophaga lanceolata
Species squamipilosa - Phyllophaga squamipilosa
Genus Triodonyx
Species bellamyi - Triodonyx bellamyi
Tribe Sericini
Genus Serica
Species aemula - Serica aemula
Species anthracina - Serica anthracina
Species aspera - Serica aspera
Species atracapilla - Serica atracapilla
Species atratula - Serica atratula
Species blatchleyi - Serica blatchleyi
Species campestris - Serica campestris
Species elusa - Serica elusa
Species fimbriata - Serica fimbriata
Species falcata - Serica falcata
Species georgiana - Serica georgiana
Species howdeni - Serica howdeni
Species intermixta - Serica intermixta
Species iricolor - Serica iricolor
No Taxon iricolor or sericea
Species ligulata - Serica ligulata
Species laguna - Serica laguna
Species mystaca - Serica mystaca
Species opposita - Serica opposita
Species parallela - Serica parallela
Species porcula - Serica porcula
Species sericea - Serica sericea
Species serotina - Serica serotina
Species sponsa - Serica sponsa
Species texana - Serica texana
Species tristis - Serica tristis
Species trociformis - Serica trociformis
Species vespertina - Serica vespertina
Subspecies accola - Serica vespertina accola
Genus Maladera
Species formosae - Asiatic Garden Beetle
Species japonica - Maladera japonica
Genus Nipponoserica
Species peregrina - Nipponoserica peregrina
Tribe Warwickiini
Genus Warwickia
Species pilosa - Warwickia pilosa
Subfamily Oncerinae
Genus Oncerus
Species floralis - Oncerus floralis
Subfamily Podolasiinae
Genus Podolasia
Species ferruginea - Podolasia ferruginea
Species stillwellorum - Podolasia stillwellorum
Genus Podostena
Species bottimeri - Podostena bottimeri
Subfamily Rutelinae - Shining Leaf Chafers
Tribe Rutelini
Genus Chrysina
Species beyeri - Beyer's Scarab
Species gloriosa - Glorious Scarab
Species lecontei - LeConte's Chrysina
Species woodi - Chrysina woodi
Genus Cotalpa
Species conclamara - Cotalpa conclamara
Species consobrina - Cotalpa consobrina
Species flavida - Cotalpa flavida
Species lanigera - Goldsmith Beetle
Species subcribrata - Cotalpa subcribrata
Genus Parabyrsopolis
Species chihuahuae - Parabyrsopolis chihuahuae
Genus Paracotalpa
Species deserta - Paracotalpa deserta
Species granicollis - Paracotalpa granicollis
Species leonina - Paracotalpa leonina
Species puncticollis - Paracotalpa puncticollis
Species ursina - Paracotalpa ursina
Subspecies rotunda - Paracotalpa ursina rotunda
Subspecies rubripennis - Paracotalpa ursina rubripennis
Subspecies ursina - Paracotalpa ursina ursina
Genus Parastasia
Species brevipes - Parastasia brevipes
Genus Pelidnota
Species lugubris - Pelidnota lugubris
Species punctata - Grapevine Beetle
Genus Pseudocotalpa
Species sonorica - Pseudocotalpa sonorica
Species andrewsi - Andrew's Dune Scarab
Species giulianii - Pseudocotalpa giulianii
Genus Rutela
Species formosa - Rutela formosa
Tribe Anomalini
Genus Anomala
Species antennata - Anomala antennata
Species arida - Anomala arida
Species binotata - Anomala binotata
Species carlsoni - Anomala carlsoni
Species castaniceps - Anomala castaniceps
Species cavifrons - Anomala cavifrons
Species delicata - Anomala delicata
Species diabla - Anomala diabla
Species digressa - Anomala digressa
Species ellipsis - Anomala ellipsis
Species flavilla - Anomala flavilla
Species flavipennis - Anomala flavipennis
Subspecies okaloosensis - Anomala flavipennis flavipennis
Species foraminosa - Anomala foraminosa
Species hardyorum - Anomala hardyorum
Species imperialae - Anomala imperialae
Species innuba - Anomala innuba
Species insitiva - Anomala insitiva
Species kanei - Anomala kanei
Species lucicola - Anomala lucicola
Species ludoviciana - Anomala ludoviciana
Species marginata - Anomala marginata
Species nimbosa - Anomala nimbosa
Species oblivia - Anomala oblivia
Species orientalis - Oriental Beetle
Species parvula - Anomala parvula
Species suavis - Anomala suavis
Species schaefferi - Tibial Scarab
Species umbra - Anomala umbra
Species undulata - Anomala undulata
Genus Anomalacra
Species clypealis - Anomalacra clypealis
Genus Leptohoplia
Species testaceipennis - Leptohoplia testaceipennis
Genus Popillia
Species japonica - Japanese Beetle
Genus Strigoderma
Species arbicola - Sand Chafer
Species knausi - Strigoderma knausi
Species pimalis - Strigoderma pimalis
Species pygmaea - Pygmy Chafer
Species teapensis - Strigoderma teapensis 0
Subfamily Scarabaeinae - Dung Beetles
Tribe Ateuchini
Genus Ateuchus
Species floridensis - Ateuchus floridensis 0
Species histeroides - Ateuchus histeroides
Species lecontei - Ateuchus lecontei
Species texanus - Ateuchus texanus
Genus Canthidium
Species macclevei - Canthidium macclevei
Tribe Coprini
Genus Copris
Species arizonensis - Copris arizonensis
Species fricator - Copris fricator
Species howdeni - Copris howdeni
Species inemarginatus - Copris inemarginatus
Species lecontei - Copris lecontei
Species macclevei - Copris macclevei
Species minutus - Small Black Dung Beetle
Species remotus - Copris remotus
Genus Dichotomius
Species colonicus - Dichotomius colonicus
Species carolinus - Dichotomius carolinus
Tribe Deltochilini
Genus Boreocanthon
Species depressipennis - Boreocanthon depressipennis
Species ebenus - Boreocanthon ebenus
Species lecontei - Boreocanthon lecontei
Species melanus - Boreocanthon melanus
Species praticola - Boreocanthon praticola
Species probus - Boreocanthon probus
Species puncticollis - Boreocanthon puncticollis
Species simplex - Boreocanthon simplex
Subspecies militaris - simplex var. militaris
Genus Canthon - Tumblebugs
No Taxon subgenus Canthon
Species chalcites - Canthon chalcites
Species cyanellus - Canthon cyanellus
Species floridanus - Canthon floridanus
Species humectus - Canthon humectus
Species imitator - Canthon imitator
Species indigaceus - Canthon indigaceus
Species pilularius - Canthon pilularius
Species vigilans - Canthon vigilans
No Taxon pilularius or imitator
No Taxon chalcites or pilularius
Species viridis - Canthon (Glaphyrocanthon) viridis
Genus Deltochilum
Species gibbosum - Humpback Dung Beetle
Species scabriusculum - Deltochilum scabriusculum
Genus Malagoniella
Species astyanax - Malagoniella astyanax
Genus Melanocanthon
Species bispinatus - Melanocanthon bispinatus
Species nigricornis - Melanocanthon nigricornis
Species punctaticollis - Melanocanthon punctaticollis 0
Species vulturnus - Melanocanthon vulturnus
Genus Pseudocanthon
Species perplexus - Pseudocanthon perplexus
Tribe Oniticellini
Genus Euoniticellus
Species intermedius - Euoniticellus intermedius
Genus Liatongus
Species californicus - Liatongus californicus
Tribe Onitini
Genus Onitis
Species alexis - Onitis alexis
Tribe Onthophagini
Genus Onthophagus
No Taxon anthracinus species complex
Species alluvius - Onthophagus alluvius
Species durangoensis - Onthophagus durangoensis
Species mextexus - Onthophagus mextexus
Species altivagans - Onthophagus altivagans
Species arnetti - Onthophagus arnetti
Species batesi - Onthophagus batesi
Species brevifrons - Onthophagus brevifrons
Species browni - Onthophagus browni
Species cochisus - Onthophagus cochisus
Species concinnus - Onthophagus concinnus
Species coproides - Onthophagus coproides
Species cynomysi - Onthophagus cynomysi
Species depressus - Onthophagus depressus
Species hecate - Scooped Scarab
Subspecies blatchleyi - Onthophagus hecate blatchleyi
Species hoepfneri - Onthophagus hoepfneri
Species knausi - Onthophagus knausi
Species landolti - Onthophagus landolti
Species medorensis - Onthophagus medorensis
Species nuchicornis - Onthophagus nuchicornis
Species oklahomensis - Onthophagus oklahomensis
Species orpheus - Onthophagus orpheus
Subspecies pseudorpheus - Onthophagus orpheus pseudorpheus
Species pennsylvanicus - Onthophagus pennsylvanicus
Species polyphemi - Gopher Tortoise Onthophagus Beetle
Species schaefferi - Onthophagus schaefferi
Species striatulus - Onthophagus striatulus
Species subaeneus - Onthophagus subaeneus
Species subopacus - Onthophagus subopacus
Species subtropicus - Onthophagus subtropicus
Species taurus - Bull Headed Dung Beetle
Species tuberculifrons - Onthophagus tuberculifrons
Species velutinus - Onthophagus velutinus
Species cavernicollis - Onthophagus cavernicollis 0
Genus Digitonthophagus
Species gazella - Gazelle Scarab
Tribe Phanaeini
Genus Coprophanaeus
Species pluto - Coprophanaeus pluto
Genus Phanaeus - Rainbow Scarabs
Species adonis - Phanaeus adonis
Species amithaon - Phanaeus amithaon
Species difformis - Phanaeus difformis
Species igneus - Phanaeus igneus
Species quadridens - Phanaeus quadridens
Species texensis - Phanaeus texensis
Species triangularis - Phanaeus triangularis
Subspecies triangularis - Phanaeus triangularis triangularis
Species vindex - Rainbow Scarab
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae
Family Trogidae - Hide Beetles
Genus Omorgus - Hastate Hide Beetles
Species asper - Omorgus asper
Species carinatus - Omorgus carinatus
Species fuliginosus - Omorgus fuliginosus
Species howelli - Omorgus howelli
Species inflatus - Omorgus inflatus
Species monachus - Omorgus monachus
Species nodosus - Omorgus nodosus
Species punctatus - Omorgus punctatus
Species rubricans - Omorgus rubricans
Species scabrosus - Omorgus scabrosus
Species scutellaris - Omorgus scutellaris
Species suberosus - Omorgus suberosus
Species tesselatus - Omorgus tesselatus
Species texanus - Omorgus texanus
Species tytus - Omorgus tytus
Species umbonatus - Omorgus umbonatus
Genus Trox - Hide Beetles
Species aequalis - Trox aequalis
Species affinis - Trox affinis
Species atrox - Trox atrox
Species capillaris - Trox capillaris
Species contractus - Trox contractus
Species fascifer - Trox fascifer
Species floridanus - Trox floridanus
Species foveicollis - Trox foveicollis
Species frontera - Trox frontera
Species gemmulatus - Trox gemmulatus
Species hamatus - Trox hamatus
Species laticollis - Trox laticollis
Species paulseni - Trox paulseni
Species plicatus - Trox plicatus
Species robinsoni - Trox robinsoni
Species scaber - Trox scaber
Species sonorae - Trox sonorae
Species sordidus - Trox sordidus
Species spinulosus - Trox spinulosus
Species striatus - Trox striatus
Species terrestris - Trox terrestris
Species tuberculatus - Trox tuberculatus
Species unistriatus - Trox unistriatus
Species variolatus - Trox variolatus
No Taxon foveicollis or spinulosus
No Taxon hamatus or foveicollis
No Taxon scaber group ‒ unidentified
No Taxon terrestris group ‒ unidentified
No Taxon tuberculatus group ‒ unidentified
No Taxon Immature stages