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Superfamily Scirtoidea - Plate-thigh and Marsh Beetles

New Coleoptera records from New Brunswick, Canada: Eucinetidae and Scirtidae
By Webster R.P., Sweeney J.D., Demerchant I.
Zookeys 179: 41-53, 2012

Species of genus Cyphon Paykull, 1799 with developed sternite 8, and description of a new genus (Col., Scirtidae)
By Klausnitzer B.
Entomologische Nachrichten und Berichte 50: 71-77, 2006
New genus Herthania is described to accommodate a monophyletic species-group that includes 3 spp. from our area (formerly Cyphon comptus, C. concinnus, & C. confinis) and 4 spp. from E. Asia

Contacyphon Gozis, 1886 removed from synonymy (Coleoptera: Scirtidae)...
By Zwick P., Klausnitzer B., Ruta R.
Entomologische Blätter und Coleoptera 109: 337-353, 2013
Full title: Contacyphon Gozis, 1886 removed from synonymy (Coleoptera: Scirtidae) to accommodate species so far combined with the invalid name, Cyphon Paykull, 1799.


A new species of Scirtes (Coleoptera: Scirtidae) from southern Florida and the Caribbean
By Epler, JH
Zootaxa 3530: 77-82, 2012
Description of Scirtes goliai Epler

The American species of the familia Clambidae (Coleoptera: Eucinetoidea)
By Endrödy-Younga, S.
Entomologia Generalis, 1981
Endrödy-Younga, S. 1981. The American species of the familia Clambidae (Coleoptera: Eucinetoidea). Entomologia Generalis 7: 33–67.

Clambidae (Coleoptera) of Atlantic Canada
By Majka, C.G. and D.W. Langor
Journal of the Acadian Entomological Society 5: 32-40, 2009
PDF available here.

In addition to new provincial records, this paper includes a key to the Clambidae of northeastern North America.

Monophyletische Artengruppen der ehemaligen Gattung Cyphon Paykull, 1799 und Beschreibung von neuen Gattungen (Col., Scirtidae)
By Klausnitzer B.
Entomologische Nachrichten und Berichte 57: 255-262, 2013
Monophyletic species-groups of the former genus Cyphon and description of new genera (Coleoptera, Scirtidae). Three new genera described: Nyholmia [type species: Cyphon collaris (Guérin-Méneville 1843)] to accommodate species of the Cyphon collaris-group from North America & Japan; Exneria [monotypic; type species: Cyphon ruficollis (Say 1825)]; and Yoshitomia [type species: Cyphon beattyi (Pic 1918)] where the nearctic Cyphon spinulosus Klausnitzer 1978 may also belong.

The Eucinetidae of the Maritime Provinces of Canada
By Majka C.G.
J. Acad. Ent. Soc. 6: 16-21, 2010
Four spp. (two of each Eucinetus & Nycteus) illustrated, keyed, and discussed.
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