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Superfamily Byrrhoidea - Pill, Water and Toe-winged Beetles

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
No Taxon Series Elateriformia
Superfamily Byrrhoidea - Pill, Water and Toe-winged Beetles

Family Byrrhidae - Pill Beetles
Genus Amphicyrta
Species chrysomelina - Amphicyrta chrysomelina
Species dentipes - Amphicyrta dentipes
Subfamily Byrrhinae
Tribe Byrrhini
Genus Arctobyrrhus
Species subcanus - Arctobyrrhus subcanus
Genus Byrrhus
Species americanus - Byrrhus americanus
Species concolor - Byrrhus concolor
Species cyclophorus - Byrrhus cyclophorus
Species eximius - Byrrhus eximius
Species geminatus - Byrrhus geminatus
Species kirbyi - Byrrhus kirbyi
Species pilula - Byrrhus pilula
Genus Cytilus
Species alternatus - Cytilus alternatus
Species mimicus - Cytilus mimicus
Genus Porcinolus
Species undatus - Porcinolus undatus
Tribe Pedilophorini
Genus Eusomalia
Species lecontei - Eusomalia lecontei
Genus Listemus
Species formosus - Listemus formosus
Species acuminatus - Listemus acuminatus
Species kootenai - Listemus kootenai
Genus Morychus
Species aeneolus - Morychus aeneolus
Species oblongus - Morychus oblongus
Tribe Simplocariini
Genus Exomella
Species merickeli - Exomella merickeli
Species pleuralis - Exomella pleuralis
Genus Lioligus
Species pallidus - Lioligus pallidus
Species nitidus - Lioligus nitidus
Genus Lioon
Species nezperce - Lioon nezperce
Species simplicipes - Lioon simplicipes
Genus Simplocaria
Species metallica - Simplocaria metallica
Species semistriata - Simplocaria semistriata
Subfamily Syncalyptinae
Genus Chaetophora
Species spinosa - Chaetophora spinosa
Genus Curimopsis
Species albonotata - Curimopsis albonotata
Species echinata - Curimopsis echinata
Species setulosa - Curimopsis setulosa
Species strigosa - Curimopsis strigosa
Genus Sierraclava
Species cooperi - Sierraclava cooperi
Family Callirhipidae - Callirhipid Cedar Beetles
Genus Zenoa
Species picea - Zenoa picea
Family Chelonariidae - Turtle Beetles
Genus Chelonarium
Species lecontei - Chelonarium lecontei
Species sp-one - Chelonarium sp-one
Family Dryopidae - Long-toed Water Beetles
Genus Dryops
Species viennensis - Dryops viennensis
Species arizonensis - Dryops arizonensis
Genus Helichus
Species basalis - Helichus basalis
Species fastigiatus - Helichus fastigiatus
Species lithophilus - Helichus lithophilus
Species striatus - Helichus striatus
Species suturalis - Helichus suturalis
Genus Pelonomus
Species obscurus - Pelonomus obscurus
Genus Postelichus
Species immsi - Postelichus immsi
Genus Stygoparnus
Species comalensis - Comal Springs Dryopid Beetle
Family Elmidae - Riffle Beetles
Subfamily Elminae
Genus Ancyronyx
Species variegata - Ancyronyx variegata
Tribe Elmini
Genus Ampumixis
Species dispar - Ampumixis dispar
Genus Atractelmis
Species wawona - Atractelmis wawona
Genus Bryelmis
Species rivularis - Bryelmis rivularis
Species idahoensis - Bryelmis idahoensis
Species siskiyou - Bryelmis siskiyou
Genus Cleptelmis
Species addenda - Cleptelmis addenda
Genus Cylloepus
Species abnormis - Cylloepus abnormis
Species parkeri - Cylloepus parkeri
Genus Dubiraphia
Species bivittata - Dubiraphia bivittata
Species brevipennis - Dubiraphia brevipennis
Species browni - Dubiraphia browni
Species brunnescens - Dubiraphia brunnescens
Species giulianii - Dubiraphia giulianii
Species harleyi - Dubiraphia harleyi
Species minima - Dubiraphia minima
Species parva - Dubiraphia parva
Species quadrinotata - Dubiraphia quadrinotata
Species vittata - Dubiraphia vittata
Genus Gonielmis
Species dietrichi - Gonielmis dietrichi
Genus Heterelmis
Species comalensis - Comal Springs Riffle Beetle
Species glabra - Heterelmis glabra
Species obesa - Heterelmis obesa
Species obscura - Heterelmis obscura
Species simplex - Heterelmis simplex
Species vulnerata - Heterelmis vulnerata
Genus Heterlimnius
Species corpulentus - Heterlimnius corpulentus
Species koebelei - Heterlimnius koebelei
Genus Hexacylloepus
Species ferrugineus - Hexacylloepus ferrugineus
Genus Huleechius
Species marroni - Huleechius marroni
Genus Macrelmis
Species texana - Macrelmis texana
Species shoemakei - Macrelmis shoemakei
Species moesta - Macrelmis moesta
Genus Microcylloepus
Species formicoideus - Microcylloepus formicoideus
Species pusillus - Microcylloepus pusillus
Species similis - Microcylloepus similis
Genus Narpus
Species angustus - Narpus angustus
Species concolor - Narpus concolor
Genus Neocylloepus
Species boeseli - Neocylloepus boeseli
Genus Neoelmis
Species caesa - Neoelmis caesa
Genus Optioservus
Species browni - Optioservus browni
Species canus - Optioservus canus
Species castanipennis - Optioservus castanipennis
Species divergens - Optioservus divergens
Species fastiditus - Optioservus fastiditus
Species heteroclitus - Optioservus heteroclitus
Species immunis - Optioservus immunis
Species ovalis - Optioservus ovalis
Species phaeus - Optioservus phaeus
Species quadrimaculatus - Optioservus quadrimaculatus
Species sandersoni - Optioservus sandersoni
Species seriatus - Optioservus seriatus
Species trivittatus - Optioservus trivittatus
Genus Ordobrevia
Species nubifera - Ordobrevia nubifera
Genus Oulimnius
Species latiusculus - Oulimnius latiusculus
Species nitidulus - Oulimnius nitidulus
Genus Promoresia
Species elegans - Promoresia elegans
Species tardella - Promoresia tardella
Genus Stenelmis
Species bicarinata - Stenelmis bicarinata
Species cheryl - Cheryl's Riffle Beetle
Species concinna - Stenelmis concinna
Species crenata - Stenelmis crenata
Species decorata - Stenelmis decorata
Species grossa - Stenelmis grossa
Species lignicola - Stenelmis lignicola
Species mera - Stenelmis mera
Species mirabilis - Stenelmis mirabilis
Species moapa - Moapa Warm Springs Riffle Beetle
Species occidentalis - Stenelmis occidentalis
Species parva - Stenelmis parva
Species sandersoni - Stenelmis sandersoni
Species sexlineata - Stenelmis sexlineata
Species sinuata - Stenelmis sinuata
No Taxon quadrimaculata / musgravei group
Tribe Macronychini
Genus Macronychus
Species glabratus - Macronychus glabratus
Genus Zaitzevia
Species parvula - Zaitzevia parvula
Subfamily Larainae
Genus Lara
Species avara - Lara avara
Genus Phanocerus
Species clavicornis - Phanocerus clavicornis
Family Eulichadidae - Forest Stream Beetles
Genus Stenocolus
Species scutellaris - Stenocolus scutellaris
Family Heteroceridae - Variegated Mud-loving Beetles
Genus Augyles
Species auromicans - Augyles auromicans
Species compactus - Augyles compactus
Genus Heterocerus
Species fenestratus - Heterocerus fenestratus
No Taxon gnatho species-group
Species angustatus - Heterocerus angustatus
Species intermuralis - Heterocerus intermuralis
No Taxon mollinus species-group
Species brunneus - Heterocerus brunneus
Species mollinus - Heterocerus mollinus
Species parrotus - Heterocerus parrotus
No Taxon undatus species-group
Species collaris - Heterocerus collaris
Species mexicanus - Heterocerus mexicanus
Species pallidus - Heterocerus pallidus
Species texanus - Heterocerus texanus
Species unicus - Heterocerus unicus
Genus Tropicus
Species pusillus - Tropicus pusillus
Family Limnichidae - Minute Marsh-loving Beetles
Genus Throscinus
Species politus - Throscinus politus
Species schwarzii - Throscinus schwarzii
Subfamily Limnichinae
Genus Physemus
Species minutus - Physemus minutus
Tribe Limnichini
Genus Eulimnichus
Species ater - Eulimnichus ater
Species californicus - Eulimnichus californicus
Genus Lichminus
Species tenuicornis - Lichminus tenuicornis
Genus Limnichites
Species huronicus - Limnichites huronicus
Species punctatus - Limnichites punctatus
No Taxon olivaceus or punctatus
Genus Limnichoderus
Species naviculatus - Limnichoderus naviculatus
Species ovatus - Limnichoderus ovatus
Species seriatus - Limnichoderus seriatus
Family Lutrochidae - Travertine Beetles
Genus Lutrochus
Species arizonicus - Lutrochus arizonicus
Species laticeps - Lutrochus laticeps
Species luteus - Lutrochus luteus
Family Psephenidae - Water Penny Beetles
Subfamily Eubrianacinae
Genus Eubrianax
Species edwardsii - Eubrianax edwardsii
Subfamily Eubriinae
Genus Acneus
Species quadrimaculatus - Acneus quadrimaculatus
Genus Dicranopselaphus
Species variegatus - Dicranopselaphus variegatus
Genus Ectopria
Species leechi - Ectopria leechi
Species nervosa - Ectopria nervosa
Subfamily Psepheninae
Genus Psephenus
Species falli - Psephenus falli
Species herricki - Psephenus herricki
Species texanus - Psephenus texanus
Family Ptilodactylidae - Toe-winged Beetles
Genus Araeopidius
Species monachus - Araeopidius monachus
Genus Paralichus
Species trivittus - Paralichus trivittus
Subfamily Ptilodactylinae
Genus Lachnodactyla
Species arizonica - Lachnodactyla arizonica
Species texana - Lachnodactyla texana
Genus Ptilodactyla
Species angustata - Ptilodactyla angustata
Species carinata - Ptilodactyla carinata
Species hyperglotta - Ptilodactyla hyperglotta
Species nanoderma - Ptilodactyla nanoderma
Species serricollis - Ptilodactyla serricollis
Subfamily Anchytarsinae
Genus Anchycteis
Species velutina - Anchycteis velutina
Genus Anchytarsus
Species bicolor - Anchytarsus bicolor