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Photos of insects and people from the 2015 gathering in Wisconsin, July 10-12

Photos of insects and people from the 2014 gathering in Virginia, June 4-7.

Photos of insects and people from the 2013 gathering in Arizona, July 25-28

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Photos of insects and people from the 2011 gathering in Iowa

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Superfamily Elateroidea - Click, Firefly and Soldier Beetles

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
No Taxon Series Elateriformia
Superfamily Elateroidea - Click, Firefly and Soldier Beetles

Family Artematopodidae - Soft-bodied Plant Beetles
Genus Brevipogon
Species confusus - Brevipogon confusus
Genus Eurypogon
Species californicus - Eurypogon californicus
Species harrisii - Eurypogon harrisii
Species niger - Eurypogon niger
Genus Macropogon
Species piceus - Macropogon piceus
Species sequoiae - Macropogon sequoiae
Species testaceipennis - Macropogon testaceipennis
Family Brachypsectridae - Texas Beetles
Genus Brachypsectra
Species fulva - Texas Beetle
Family Cantharidae - Soldier Beetles
Subfamily Cantharinae
Tribe Cantharini
Genus Atalantycha
Species bilineata - Atalantycha bilineata
Species neglecta - Atalantycha neglecta
Species dentigera - Atalantycha dentigera
Genus Cantharis
Species alticola - Cantharis alticola
Species aneba - Cantharis aneba
Species fidelis - Cantharis fidelis
Species grandicollis - Cantharis grandicollis
Species lecontei - Cantharis lecontei
Species livida - Cantharis livida
Species nigriceps - Cantharis nigriceps
Species oregona - Cantharis oregona
Species rufa - Cantharis rufa
Species transmarina - Cantharis transmarina
Subspecies scopa - Cantharis transmarina scopa
Species tuberculata - Cantharis tuberculata
Genus Cultellunguis
Species ingenuus - Cultellunguis ingenuus
Species perpallens - Cultellunguis perpallens
Subspecies sanctaeclarae - Cultellunguis perpallens sanctaeclarae
No Taxon sp. 2 CA -- temporary page
Genus Cyrtomoptera
Species divisa - Cyrtomoptera divisa
Subspecies latiuscula - Cyrtomoptera divisa latiuscula
Genus Pacificanthia
Species consors - Pacificanthia consors
Species curtisi - Pacificanthia curtisi
Species rotundicollis - Pacificanthia rotundicollis
Genus Rhagonycha
Species angulata - Rhagonycha angulata
Species campestris - Rhagonycha campestris
Species cartwrighti - Rhagonycha cartwrighti
Species coloradensis - Rhagonycha coloradensis
Species cruralis - Rhagonycha cruralis
Species dichroa - Rhagonycha dichroa
Species excavata - Rhagonycha excavata
Species fraxini - Rhagonycha fraxini
Species fulva - Common Red Soldier Beetle
Species greeni - Rhagonycha greeni
Species heterodoxa - Rhagonycha heterodoxa
Species hirticula - Rhagonycha hirticula
Species imbecillis - Rhagonycha imbecillis
Species lineola - Rhagonycha lineola
Species longula - Rhagonycha longula
Species luteicollis - Rhagonycha luteicollis
Species mandibularis - Rhagonycha mandibularis
Species mollis - Rhagonycha mollis
Species nanula - Rhagonycha nanula
Species nigrohumeralis - Rhagonycha nigrohumeralis
Species oriflava - Rhagonycha oriflava
Species parvicollis - Rhagonycha parvicollis
Species proxima - Rhagonycha proxima
Species recta - Rhagonycha recta
Species scitula - Rhagonycha scitula
Species sylvatica - Rhagonycha sylvatica
Species tantilla - Rhagonycha tantilla
Species tenuis - Rhagonycha tenuis
Species triangulifera - Rhagonycha triangulifera
Species umbrina - Rhagonycha umbrina
Species vestigialis - Rhagonycha vestigialis
Species vilis - Rhagonycha vilis
Species walshi - Rhagonycha walshi
No Taxon cf. nigriceps with dark antennomere I
No Taxon mandibularis or umbrina
Species undescribed - Rhagonycha undescribed
Genus Rhaxonycha
Species bilobata - Rhaxonycha bilobata
Species carolina - Carolina Cantharid
Tribe Podabrini
Genus Dichelotarsus
Species cinctipennis - Dichelotarsus cinctipennis
Species danielsi - Dichelotarsus danielsi
Species excursus - Dichelotarsus excursus
Species extremus - Dichelotarsus extremus
Species fissilis - Dichelotarsus fissilis
Species flavimanus - Dichelotarsus flavimanus
Species fumiganus - Dichelotarsus fumiganus
Species heteronychus - Dichelotarsus heteronychus
Species instabilis - Dichelotarsus instabilis
Species laevicollis - Dichelotarsus laevicollis
Species lygarius - Dichelotarsus lygarius
Species macer - Dichelotarsus macer
Species melvillei - Dichelotarsus melvillei
Species obscureovittatus - Dichelotarsus obscureovittatus
Species pattoni - Dichelotarsus pattoni
Species piniphilus - Dichelotarsus piniphilus
Species puberulus - Dichelotarsus puberulus
Species punctatus - Dichelotarsus punctatus
Species puncticollis - Dichelotarsus puncticollis
Species scaber - Dichelotarsus scaber
Species simplex - Dichelotarsus simplex
Species smithi - Dichelotarsus smithi
No Taxon sp. 2 California
No Taxon sp. 7 California (testac. elytra)
Genus Podabrus
Species appendiculatus - Podabrus appendiculatus
Species basillaris - Podabrus basillaris
Species brevicollis - Podabrus brevicollis
Species brimleyi - Podabrus brimleyi
Species brunnicollis - Podabrus brunnicollis
Subspecies poricollis - Podabrus brunnicollis f. poricollis
Species cascadensis - Podabrus cascadensis
Species cavicollis - Podabrus cavicollis
Subspecies cavicollis - Podabrus cavicollis cavicollis
Subspecies hatchi - Podabrus cavicollis hatchi
Species conspiratus - Podabrus conspiratus
Species diadema - Podabrus diadema
Species dreisbachi - Podabrus dreisbachi
Species edmundsae - Podabrus edmundsae
Species falli - Podabrus falli
Species fayi - Podabrus fayi
Species flavicollis - Podabrus flavicollis
Species frater - Podabrus frater
Species intrusus - Podabrus intrusus
Species latimanus - Podabrus latimanus
Species modestus - Podabrus modestus
Species nothoides - Podabrus nothoides
Species planulus - Podabrus planulus
Species protensus - Podabrus protensus
Species pruinosus - Podabrus pruinosus
Subspecies atrocervicus - Podabrus pruinosus atrocervicus
Subspecies comes - Podabrus pruinosus comes
Subspecies diversipes - Podabrus pruinosus diversipes
Subspecies gradatus - Podabrus pruinosus gradatus
Subspecies pruinosus - Podabrus pruinosus pruinosus
Species punctulatus - Podabrus punctulatus
Species pygmaeus - Podabrus pygmaeus
Species rugosulus - Podabrus rugosulus
Species tetragonoderus - Podabrus tetragonoderus
Species tomentosus - Podabrus tomentosus
Species tricostatus - Podabrus tricostatus
Species vernalis - Podabrus vernalis
No Taxon sp. 5 cf. protensus
No Taxon sp. 6 IA near punctatus (pale coxae)
No Taxon sp. 8 California (all-red w/black elytra)
No Taxon sp. 15 California all-testaceous
No Taxon sp. 16 Arizona (black knees/pale head & thorax)
Subfamily Chauliognathinae
Genus Trypherus
Species frisoni - Trypherus frisoni
Species latipennis - Trypherus latipennis
Tribe Chauliognathini
Genus Belotus
Species abdominalis - Belotus abdominalis
Species bicolor - Belotus bicolor
Genus Chauliognathus
Species basalis - Colorado Soldier Beetle
Species deceptus - Chauliognathus deceptus
Species discus - Chauliognathus discus
Species fasciatus - Chauliognathus fasciatus
Species lecontei - Chauliognathus lecontei
Species lewisi - Chauliognathus lewisi
Species limbicollis - Chauliognathus limbicollis
Species marginatus - Margined Leatherwing
Species misellus - Chauliognathus misellus
Species obscurus - Chauliognathus obscurus
Species omissus - Chauliognathus omissus
Species opacus - Chauliognathus opacus
Species pensylvanicus - Goldenrod Soldier Beetle
Species profundus - Chauliognathus profundus
Species scutellaris - Chauliognathus scutellaris
Species undescribed-sp - Chauliognathus undescribed-sp
No Taxon larvae
Subfamily Malthininae
Tribe Malthodini
Genus Frostia
Species laticollis - Frostia laticollis
Genus Malthodes
Species arcifer - Malthodes arcifer
Species curvatus - Malthodes curvatus
Species fragilis - Malthodes fragilis
Species fuliginosus - Malthodes fuliginosus
Species macnabi - Malthodes macnabi
Species oregonus - Malthodes oregonus
Species parvulus - Malthodes parvulus
Species spado - Malthodes spado
Tribe Malthinini
Genus Caccodes
Genus Malthinus
Species difficilis - Malthinus difficilis
Species occipitalis - Malthinus occipitalis
Subspecies atripennis - Malthinus occipitalis atripennis
Species texanus - Malthinus texanus
Subfamily Silinae
Genus Tytthonyx
Species bicolor - Tytthonyx (Thinalmus) bicolor
No Taxon subgenus Tytthonyx
Species ruficollis - Tytthonyx ruficollis
Species erythrocephala - Tytthonyx erythrocephala
Tribe Silini
Genus Discodon
Species abdominale - Discodon abdominale
Species bipunctatum - Discodon bipunctatum
Species planicolle - Discodon planicolle
Genus Ditemnus
Species bidentatus - Ditemnus bidentatus
Species bilobatus - Ditemnus bilobatus
Species freemani - Ditemnus freemani
Species latilobus - Ditemnus latilobus
Species perforatus - Ditemnus perforatus
Genus Polemius
Species canadensis - Polemius canadensis
Species laticornis - Polemius laticornis
Species limbatus - Polemius limbatus
Species repandus - Polemius repandus
Genus Silis
Species carmelita - Silis carmelita
Species crucialis - Silis crucialis
Species difficilis - Silis difficilis
Subspecies flavida - Silis difficilis flavida
Subspecies difficilis - Silis difficilis difficilis
Species lutea - Silis lutea
Species pallida - Silis pallida
Species percomis - Silis percomis
Species spathulata - Silis spathulata
Species spinigera - Silis spinigera
Genus Plectonotum
Species excisum - Plectonotum excisum
No Taxon Unidentified larvae
Family Cerophytidae - Rare Click Beetles
Genus Cerophytum
Species convexicolle - Cerophytum convexicolle
Species pulsator - Cerophytum pulsator
Family Elateridae - Click Beetles
Subfamily Cebrioninae
Tribe Cebrionini
Genus Scaptolenus - Rain Click Beetles
Species lecontei - Scaptolenus lecontei
Genus Selonodon
Species abnormis - Selonodon abnormis
Species appalachiensis - Selonodon appalachiensis
Species bicolor - Selonodon bicolor
Species compositus - Selonodon compositus
Species depressifrons - Selonodon depressifrons
Species floridensis - Selonodon floridensis
Species mandibularis - Selonodon mandibularis
Species medialis - Selonodon medialis
Species sagittiformis - Selonodon sagittiformis
Species speratus - Selonodon speratus
Tribe Aplastini
Genus Aplastus
Species arizonicus - Aplastus arizonicus
Species piceicollis - Aplastus piceicollis
Species productus - Aplastus productus
Genus Euthysanius - Arboreal Click Beetles
Species blaisdelli - Euthysanius blaisdelli
Species lautus - Euthysanius lautus
Species cribricollis - Euthysanius cribricollis
Genus Octinodes
Species amplicollis - Octinodes amplicollis
Species gracilior - Octinodes gracilior
Species megalops - Octinodes megalops
Species schaumi - Octinodes schaumi
Subfamily Agrypninae
Tribe Agrypnini
Genus Agrypnus
Species triplehornorum - Agrypnus triplehornorum
Species rectangularis - Agrypnus rectangularis
Genus Danosoma
Species obtectum - Danosoma obtectum
Species brevicorne - Danosoma brevicorne
Genus Lacon
Species auroratus - Lacon auroratus
Species avitus - Lacon avitus
Species discoideus - Lacon discoideus
Species impressicollis - Lacon impressicollis
Species marmoratus - Marbled Click Beetle
Species mexicanus - Lacon mexicanus
Species nobilis - Lacon nobilis
Species pyrsolepis - Lacon pyrsolepis
Species rorulentus - Lacon rorulentus
Species sparsus - Lacon sparsus
Genus Meristhus
Species cristatus - Meristhus cristatus
Genus Rismethus
Species scobinula - Rismethus scobinula
Species squamiger - Rismethus squamiger
Tribe Hemirhipini
Genus Alaus
Species lusciosus - Texas Click Beetle
Species melanops - Western Eyed Click Beetle
Species myops - Blind Click Beetle
Species oculatus - Eyed Click Beetle
Species patricius - Alaus patricius
Species zunianus - Zuni Click Beetle
Genus Chalcolepidius
Species apacheanus - Apache Click Beetle
Species tatarus - Chalcolepidius tatarus
Species webbi - Chalcolepidius webbi
Species lenzi - Chalcolepidius lenzi
Species smaragdinus - Chalcolepidius smaragdinus
Species viridipilis - Chalcolepidius viridipilis
Genus Pherhimius
Species fascicularis - Pherhimius fascicularis
Tribe Oophorini
Genus Aeolus
Species livens - Aeolus livens
Species mellillus - Flat Wireworm
Species scutellatus - Aeolus scutellatus
Species subornatus - Aeolus subornatus
Species trilineatus - Aeolus trilineatus
Genus Conoderus
Species athoides - Conoderus athoides
Species auritus - Conoderus auritus
Species aversus - Conoderus aversus
Species bellus - Conoderus bellus
Species browni - Conoderus browni
Species delicatus - Conoderus delicatus
Species exsul - Pasture Wireworm
Species falli - Southern Potato Wireworm
Species ferruginosus - Conoderus ferruginosus
Species lividus - Conoderus lividus
Species parallelus - Conoderus parallelus
Species pictus - Conoderus pictus
Species rudis - Conoderus rudis
Species scissus - Conoderus scissus
Species similis - Conoderus similis
Species suturalis - Conoderus suturalis
Species vespertinus - Tobacco Wireworm
Species xysticus - Conoderus xysticus
No Taxon California A
Genus Heteroderes
Species amplicollis - Gulf Wireworm
Species sordidus - Heteroderes sordidus
Tribe Pseudomelanactini
Genus Lanelater
Species hayekae - Lanelater hayekae
Species sallei - Lanelater sallei
Species schottii - Lanelater schottii
Genus Anthracalaus
Species agrypnoides - Anthracalaus agrypnoides
Tribe Pyrophorini
Genus Deilelater - Glowing Click Beetles
Species physoderus - Deilelater physoderus
Species atlanticus - Deilelater atlanticus
Genus Ignelater
Species havaniensis - Ignelater havaniensis
Genus Vesperelater
Species arizonicus - Vesperelater arizonicus
Subfamily Lissominae
Genus Drapetes
Species chiracahua - Drapetes chiracahua
Species exstriatus - Drapetes exstriatus
Species niger - Drapetes niger
Species plagiatus - Drapetes plagiatus
Species quadripustulatus - Drapetes quadripustulatus
Species rubricollis - Drapetes rubricollis
Subfamily Oestodinae
Genus Bladus
Species quadricollis - Bladus quadricollis
Genus Oestodes
Species tenuicollis - Oestodes tenuicollis
Subfamily Pityobiinae
Genus Pityobius
Species murrayi - Pityobius murrayi
Species anguinus - Bipectinate Click Beetle
Subfamily Oxynopterinae
Genus Melanactes
Species consors - Melanactes consors
Species densus - Melanactes densus
Species morio - Melanactes morio
Species piceus - Melanactes piceus
Species puncticollis - Melanactes puncticollis
Genus Perissarthron
Species trapezium - Perissarthron trapezium
Subfamily Dendrometrinae
Tribe Dendrometrini
Subtribe Dendrometrina
Genus Athous
Species acanthus - Athous acanthus
Species arizonicus - Athous arizonicus
Species axillaris - Athous axillaris
Species brightwelli - Athous brightwelli
Species cucullatus - Athous cucullatus
Species equestris - Athous equestris
Species excavatus - Athous excavatus
Species fossularis - Athous fossularis
Species haemorrhoidalis - Red-brown Skipjack
Species imitans - Athous imitans
Species limbatus - Athous limbatus
Species neacanthus - Athous neacanthus
Species nigropilis - Athous nigropilis
Species opilinus - Athous opilinus
Species ornatipennis - Athous ornatipennis
Species orvus - Athous orvus
Species rufifrons - Athous rufifrons
Species rufiventris - Athous rufiventris
Subspecies rectithorax - Athous rufiventris rectithorax
Subspecies rufiventris - Athous rufiventris rufiventris
Species scapularis - Athous scapularis
Species scissus - Athous scissus
Species sierrae - Athous sierrae
Subspecies varius - Athous sierrae varius
Species vittiger - Athous vittiger
No Taxon acanthus/neacanthus
Genus Elathous
Species bicolor - Elathous bicolor
Species brevicornis - Elathous brevicornis
Species discalceatus - Elathous discalceatus
Species nebulosus - Elathous nebulosus
Genus Euplastius
Species melsheimeri - Euplastius melsheimeri
Genus Limonius
Species aeger - Limonius aeger
Species agonus - Eastern Field Wireworm
Species anceps - Limonius anceps
Species aurifer - Limonius aurifer
Species auripilis - Limonius auripilis
Species basilaris - Limonius basilaris
Species californicus - Sugarbeet Wireworm
Species canus - Pacific Coast Wireworm
Species confusus - Limonius confusus
Species consimilis - Limonius consimilis
Species crotchi - Limonius crotchi
Species ectypus - Limonius ectypus
Species griseus - Limonius griseus
Species humidus - Limonius humidus
Species jonesi - Limonius jonesi
Species lanei - Limonius lanei
Species mirus - Limonius mirus
Species nimbatus - Limonius nimbatus
Species nitidulus - Limonius nitidulus
Species ornatulus - Limonius ornatulus
Species pectoralis - Limonius pectoralis
Species plebejus - Limonius plebejus
Species quercinus - Limonius quercinus
Species rudis - Limonius rudis
Species rufihumeralis - Limonius rufihumeralis
Species stigma - Limonius stigma
Species subauratus - Limonius subauratus
Species venablesi - Limonius venablesi
Genus Micrathous
Species brevis - Micrathous brevis
Genus Denticollis
Species varians - Denticollis varians
Species denticornis - Denticollis denticornis
Subtribe Hemicrepidiina
Genus Harminius
Species triundulatus - Harminius triundulatus 0
Genus Hemicrepidius
Species bilobatus - Hemicrepidius bilobatus
Species carbonatus - Hemicrepidius carbonatus
Species dilaticollis - Hemicrepidius dilaticollis
Species falli - Hemicrepidius falli
Species hemipodus - Hemicrepidius hemipodus
Species indistinctus - Hemicrepidius indistinctus
Species memnonius - Hemicrepidius memnonius
Species morio - Hemicrepidius morio
Species niger - Hemicrepidius niger
Species oregonus - Hemicrepidius oregonus
Species pallidipennis - Hemicrepidius pallidipennis
Species simplex - Hemicrepidius simplex
Species soccifer - Hemicrepidius soccifer
Species tumescens - Hemicrepidius tumescens
Tribe Prosternini
Genus Actenicerus
Species cuprascens - Marsh Click Beetle
Genus Anostirus
Species exclamationis - Anostirus exclamationis
Species vernalis - Anostirus vernalis
Genus Anthracopteryx
Species hiemalis - Anthracopteryx hiemalis
Genus Beckerus
Species appressus - Beckerus appressus
Genus Corymbitodes
Species caricinus - Corymbitodes caricinus
Species lobatus - Corymbitodes lobatus
Species moerens - Corymbitodes moerens
Species pygmaeus - Corymbitodes pygmaeus
Species tarsalis - Corymbitodes tarsalis
Species xanthomus - Corymbitodes xanthomus
Genus Ctenicera
Species stricklandi - Ctenicera stricklandi
Species kendalli - Ctenicera kendalli
Genus Eanus
Species albertanus - Eanus albertanus
Species costalis - Eanus costalis
Species decoratus - Eanus decoratus
Species estriatus - Eanus estriatus
Species granicollis - Eanus granicollis
Species hatchi - Hatch's Click Beetle
Species maculipennis - Eanus maculipennis
Species striatipennis - Eanus striatipennis
Genus Hadromorphus
Species callidus - Hadromorphus callidus
Species glaucus - Hadromorphus glaucus
Species inflatus - Hadromorphus inflatus
Species inutilis - Hadromorphus inutilis
Genus Hypoganus
Species diversicolor - Hypoganus diversicolor
Species rotundicollis - Hypoganus rotundicollis
Species rupestris - Hypoganus rupestris
Species sulcicollis - Hypoganus sulcicollis
Genus Liotrichus
Species crestonensis - Liotrichus crestonensis
Species sagitticolllis - Liotrichus sagitticolllis
Species spinosus - Liotrichus spinosus
Species umbricola - Liotrichus umbricola
Species umbripennis - Liotrichus umbripennis
Species volitans - Liotrichus volitans
Species vulneratus - Liotrichus vulneratus
Genus Metanomus
Species insidiosus - Metanomus insidiosus
Genus Neopristilophus
Species aethiops - Neopristilophus aethiops
Species cribrosus - Neopristilophus cribrosus
Species maurus - Neopristilophus maurus
Genus Nitidolimonius
Species resplendens - Green Click Beetle
Species weidti - Nitidolimonius weidti
Genus Oxygonus
Species arnetti - Oxygonus arnetti
Species montanus - Oxygonus montanus
Species obesus - Oxygonus obesus
Genus Paractenicera
Species fulvipes - Paractenicera fulvipes
Genus Prosternon
Species bombycinum - Prosternon bombycinum
Species fallax - Prosternon fallax
Species medianus - Prosternon medianus
Species mirabilis - Prosternon mirabilis
Species viduum - Prosternon viduum
Genus Pseudanostirus
Species bipunctatus - Pseudanostirus bipunctatus
Species californicus - Pseudanostirus californicus
Species hamatus - Pseudanostirus hamatus
Species hieroglyphicus - Pseudanostirus hieroglyphicus
Species hoppingi - Pseudanostirus hoppingi
Species laricis - Pseudanostirus laricis
Species nebraskensis - Pseudanostirus nebraskensis
Species nigricollis - Pseudanostirus nigricollis
Species ochreipennis - Pseudanostirus ochreipennis
Species propolus - Two-spotted Click Beetle
Species pudicus - Pseudanostirus pudicus
Species tigrinus - Pseudanostirus tigrinus
Species triundulatus - Three-spotted Click Beetle
Species pallidipes - Pseudanostirus pallidipes
Genus Selatosomus
Species carbo - Selatosomus carbo
Species funereus - Selatosomus funereus
Species pruininus - Great Basin Wireworm
Species sexguttatus - Selatosomus sexguttatus
Species trivittatus - Selatosomus trivittatus
No Taxon subgenus Selatosomus
Species aeripennis - Selatosomus aeripennis
Subspecies aeripennis - Selatosomus aeripennis aeripennis
Subspecies destructor - Selatosomus aeripennis destructor
Species appropinquans - Selatosomus appropinquans
Species lateralis - Selatosomus lateralis
Species montanus - Selatosomus montanus
Species semimetallicus - Selatosomus semimetallicus
No Taxon subgenus Pristilophus
Species edwardsi - Selatosomus edwardsi
Species festivus - Selatosomus festivus
Species morulus - Selatosomus morulus
Species pulcher - Selatosomus pulcher
Species suckleyi - Selatosomus suckleyi
Genus Setasomus
Species aratus - Setasomus aratus 0
Species nitidulus - Setasomus nitidulus
Genus Sylvanelater
Species cylindriformis - Sylvanelater cylindriformis
Species furtivus - Sylvanelater furtivus
Species mendax - Sylvanelater mendax
Genus Ex-ctenicera
Species divaricata - Ex-ctenicera divaricata
Species horni - Ctenicera horni
Species rufipennis - Ex-ctenicera rufipennis
Species signaticollis - Ex-ctenicera signaticollis
No Taxon listed as "Ctenicera incertae sedis" in Bousquet & al. 2013
Species angularis - Ex-ctenicera angularis
Species angusticollis - Ex-ctenicera angusticollis
Species comes - Ex-ctenicera comes
Species conjugens - Ex-ctenicera conjugens
Species protracta - Ctenicera protracta
Species pyrrhos - Ctenicera pyrrhos
Species serricornis - Ex-ctenicera serricornis
Species silvatica - Ctenicera silvatica
Species uliginosus - Ex-ctenicera uliginosus
Tribe Hypnoidini
Genus Ascoliocerus
Species sanborni - Ascoliocerus sanborni
Genus Berninelsonius
Species hyperboreus - Berninelsonius hyperboreus
Genus Hypnoidus
Species abbreviatus - Abbreviated Wireworm
Species bicolor - Hypnoidus bicolor
Species impressicollis - Hypnoidus impressicollis
Species nocturnus - Hypnoidus nocturnus
Species rivularius - Hypnoidus rivularius
Species squalidus - Hypnoidus squalidus
Genus Hypolithus
Species littoralis - Hypolithus littoralis
Genus Ligmargus
Species funebris - Ligmargus funebris
Species lecontei - Ligmargus lecontei
Species olympus - Ligmargus olympus
Genus Margaiostus
Species grandicollis - Margaiostus grandicollis
Subfamily Negastriinae
Genus Fleutiauxellus
Species manki - Fleutiauxellus manki
Genus Microhypnus
Species striatulus - Microhypnus striatulus
Genus Migiwa
Species dubius - Migiwa dubius
Genus Negastrius
Species arnetti - Negastrius arnetti
Species colon - Negastrius colon
Species exiguus - Negastrius exiguus
Species ornatus - Negastrius ornatus
Species rupicola - Negastrius rupicola
Species stibicki - Negastrius stibicki
Species tumescens - Negastrius tumescens
Genus Neohypdonus
Species aestivus - Neohypdonus aestivus
Species gentilis - Neohypdonus gentilis
Species musculus - Neohypdonus musculus
Species perplexus - Neohypdonus perplexus
Species restrictulus - Neohypdonus restrictulus
Species tumescens - Neohypdonus tumescens
Genus Oedostethus
Species femoralis - Oedostethus femoralis
Genus Paradonus
Species beckeri - Paradonus beckeri
Species futilis - Paradonus futilis
Species inops - Paradonus inops
Species obliquatulus - Paradonus obliquatulus
Species olivereae - Paradonus olivereae
Species pectoralis - Paradonus pectoralis
Genus Zorochros
Species caurinus - Zorochros caurinus
Species melsheimeri - Zorochros melsheimeri
Subfamily Elaterinae
Genus Megapenthes
Species angularis - Megapenthes angularis
Species caprella - Megapenthes caprella
Species elegans - Megapenthes elegans
Species insignis - Megapenthes insignis
Species lepidus - Megapenthes lepidus
Species limbalis - Megapenthes limbalis
Species longicornis - Megapenthes longicornis
Species nigriceps - Megapenthes nigriceps
Species nigriventris - Megapenthes nigriventris
Species quadrimaculatus - Megapenthes quadrimaculatus
Species rogersi - Megapenthes rogersi
Species rufilabris - Megapenthes rufilabris
Species stigmosus - Megapenthes stigmosus
Species tarsalis - Megapenthes tarsalis
Species tartareus - Megapenthes tartareus
Species turbulentus - Megapenthes turbulentus
Tribe Agriotini
Genus Glyphonyx
Species bimarginatus - Glyphonyx bimarginatus
Species brevistylus - Glyphonyx brevistylus
Species ferruginosus - Glyphonyx ferruginosus
Species helix - Glyphonyx helix
Species inquinatus - Glyphonyx inquinatus
Species knulli - Glyphonyx knulli
Species kulashi - Glyphonyx kulashi
Species mimeticus - Glyphonyx mimeticus
Species nanus - Glyphonyx nanus
Species quietus - Glyphonyx quietus
Species recticollis - Glyphonyx recticollis
Species testaceus - Glyphonyx testaceus
Subtribe Agriotina
Genus Agriotes
Species apicalis - Agriotes apicalis
Species brunneus - Agriotes brunneus
Species collaris - Agriotes collaris
Species ferrugineipennis - Agriotes ferrugineipennis
Species fucosus - Agriotes fucosus
Species insanus - Agriotes insanus
Species lineatus - Lined click beetle
Species mancus - Agriotes mancus
Species oblongicollis - Agriotes oblongicollis
Species obscurus - Dusky Wireworm
Species pubescens - Agriotes pubescens
Species quebecensis - Agriotes quebecensis
Species sputator - Agriotes sputator
Species stabilis - Agriotes stabilis
Species tardus - Agriotes tardus
Genus Dalopius
Species cognatus - Dalopius cognatus
Species cognatus-group - Dalopius cognatus-group
Species fuscatus - Dalopius fuscatus
Species fuscipes - Dalopius fuscipes
Species insulanus - Dalopius insulanus
Species invidiosus - Dalopius invidiosus
Species mirabilis - Dalopius mirabilis
Species pallidus - Dalopius pallidus
Species pennsylvanicus - Dalopius pennsylvanicus
Species vagus - Dalopius vagus
Species vernus - Dalopius vernus
Species vetulus - Dalopius vetulus
Species virginicus - Dalopius virginicus
Subtribe Pomachiliina
Genus Idolus
Species bigeminatus - Idolus bigeminatus
Species californicus - Idolus californicus
Species columbianus - Idolus columbianus
Species debilis - Idolus debilis
Species occidentalis - Idolus occidentalis
Genus Leptoschema
Species praelontactum - Leptoschema praelontactum
Tribe Elaterini
Genus Diplostethus
Species carolinensis - Diplostethus carolinensis
Species opacicollis - Diplostethus opacicollis
Species peninsularis - Diplostethus peninsularis
Species texanus - Diplostethus texanus
Genus Dolerosomus
Species blaisdelli - Dolerosomus blaisdelli
Species silaceus - Dolerosomus silaceus
Genus Elater
Species abruptus - Elater abruptus
Species lecontei - Elater lecontei
Species pinguis - Elater pinguis
Genus Mulsanteus - Brown Wireworm
Species arizonensis - Mulsanteus arizonensis
Species variatus - Mulsanteus variatus
Genus Orthostethus
Species caviceps - Orthostethus caviceps
Species infuscatus - Orthostethus infuscatus
Genus Parallelostethus
Species attenuatus - Parallelostethus attenuatus
Genus Sericus
Species honestus - Sericus honestus
Species incongruus - Sericus incongruus
Species viridanus - Sericus viridanus
Tribe Ampedini
Genus Ampedus
Species anthracinus - Ampedus anthracinus
Species apicatus - Ampedus apicatus
Species areolatus - Ampedus areolatus
Species atripennis - Ampedus atripennis
Species behrensi - Ampedus behrensi
Species brevis - Ampedus brevis
Species carbonicolor - Ampedus carbonicolor
Species collaris - Ampedus collaris
Species cordifer - Ampedus cordifer
Species fastus - Ampedus fastus
Species fuscatus - Ampedus fuscatus
Species laesus - Ampedus laesus
Species linteus - Ampedus linteus
Species luteolus - Ampedus luteolus
Species melanotoides - Ampedus melanotoides
Species melsheimeri - Ampedus melsheimeri
Species militaris - Ampedus militaris
Species mixtus - Ampedus mixtus
Species moerens - Ampedus moerens
Species nigricans - Ampedus nigricans
Species nigricollis - Ampedus nigricollis
Species nigrinus - Ampedus nigrinus
Species occidentalis - Ampedus occidentalis
Species oregonus - Ampedus oregonus
Species phelpsii - Ampedus phelpsii
Species phoenicopterus - Ampedus phoenicopterus
Species pullus - Ampedus pullus
Species quebecensis - Ampedus quebecensis
Species rhodopus - Ampedus rhodopus
Species rubricollis - Ampedus rubricollis
Species rubricus - Red-headed Click Beetle
Species sanguinipennis - Ampedus sanguinipennis
Species sayi - Ampedus sayi
Species sellatus - Ampedus sellatus
Species semicinctus - Ampedus semicinctus
Species varipilis - Ampedus varipilis
Species vitiosus - Ampedus vitiosus
Species xanthomus - Ampedus xanthomus
No Taxon larvae
No Taxon new species 1
Genus Melanotus
Species americanus - Melanotus americanus
Species castanipes - Melanotus castanipes
Species clandestinus - Melanotus clandestinus
Species communis - Melanotus communis
Species communis-complex - Melanotus communis Complex
Species corticinus - Melanotus corticinus
Species cribricollis - Melanotus cribricollis
Species cribriventris - Melanotus cribriventris
Species decumanus - Melanotus decumanus
Species depressus - Melanotus depressus
Species dichrous - Melanotus dichrous 0
Species dietrichi - Melanotus dietrichi
Species gradatus - Melanotus gradatus
Species hyslopi - Melanotus hyslopi
Species ignobilis - Melanotus ignobilis
Species indistinctus - Melanotus indistinctus
Species insipiens - Melanotus insipiens
Species lanceatus - Melanotus lanceatus
Species lanei - Melanotus lanei
Species leonardi - Melanotus leonardi
Species longulus - Melanotus longulus
Species morosus - Melanotus morosus
Species opacicollis - Melanotus opacicollis
Species parallelus - Melanotus parallelus
Species pertinax - Melanotus pertinax
Species sagittarius - Melanotus sagittarius
Species similis - Melanotus similis
Species spadix - Melanotus spadix
Species taenicollis - Melanotus taenicollis 0
Species tenax - Melanotus tenax
Species testaceus - Melanotus testaceus 0
Species trapezoideus - Melanotus trapezoideus
Species verberans - Melanotus verberans
No Taxon Melanotus spp. larvae
No Taxon sagittarius-complex females
Subtribe Dicrepidiina
Genus Blauta
Species falli - Blauta falli
Species cribraria - Blauta cribraria
Genus Dicrepidius
Species corvinus - Dicrepidius corvinus
Species palmatus - Dicrepidius palmatus
Species serraticornis - Dicrepidius serraticornis
Genus Dipropus
Species asper - Dipropus asper
Species simplex - Dipropus simplex
Species soleatus - Dipropus soleatus
Subtribe Physorhinina
Genus Anchastus
Species augusti - Anchastus augusti
Species bicolor - Anchastus bicolor
Species binus - Anchastus binus
Species cinereipennis - Anchastus cinereipennis
Species fumicollis - Anchastus fumicollis
Species rufus - Anchastus rufus
Species signaticollis - Anchastus signaticollis
Species uniquus - Anchastus uniquus
Genus Physorhinus
Species fusculus - Physorhinus fusculus
Subfamily Cardiophorinae
Genus Aphricus
Species luteipennis - Aphricus luteipennis
Genus Aptopus
Species gracilis - Aptopus gracilis
Genus Cardiophorus
Species aptopoides - Cardiophorus aptopoides
Species convexulus - Cardiophorus convexulus
Species convexus - Cardiophorus convexus
Species edwardsi - Cardiophorus edwardsi
Species erythropus - Cardiophorus erythropus
Species gagates - Cardiophorus gagates
Species panamapolis - Cardiophorus panamapolis
Species pubescens - Cardiophorus pubescens
Species robustus - Cardiophorus robustus
Species tenebrosus-complex - Cardiophorus tenebrosus-complex
Species togatus - Cardiophorus togatus
Species vulneratus - Cardiophorus vulneratus
Genus Esthesopus
Species atripennis - Esthesopus atripennis
Species mitis - Esthesopus mitis
Species parcus - Esthesopus parcus
Species praeditus - Esthesopus praeditus
Species pusio - Esthesopus pusio
Genus Floridelater
Species americanus - Floridelater americanus
Genus Horistonotus
Species curiatus - Horistonotus curiatus
Species densus - Horistonotus densus
Species gracilis - Horistonotus gracilis
Species inanus - Horistonotus inanus
Species pullatus - Horistonotus pullatus
Species obtusus - Horistonotus obtusus
Species simplex - Horistonotus simplex
Species uhleri - Sand Wireworm
Genus Paracardiophorus
Species gemmifer - Paracardiophorus gemmifer
Species fenestratus - Paracardiophorus fenestratus
Species cardisce - Paracardiophorus cardisce
No Taxon Unidentified larvae & pupae
Family Eucnemidae - False Click Beetles
Genus Anelastes
Species californicus - Anelastes californicus
Species desertorum - Anelastes desertorum
Species drurii - Anelastes drurii
Genus Palaeoxenus
Species dohrnii - Dohrn's Elegant Eucnemid Beetle
Genus Perothops
Species cervinus - Perothops cervinus
Species muscidus - Perothops muscidus
Species witticki - Perothops witticki
Genus Schizophilus
Species subrufus - Schizophilus subrufus
Subfamily Eucneminae
Genus Dendrocharis
Species inexspectata - Dendrocharis inexspectata
Species flavicornis - Dendrocharis flavicornis
Genus Proutianus
Species americanus - Proutianus americanus
Tribe Mesogenini
Genus Stethon
Species pectorosus - Stethon pectorosus
Genus Vitellius
Species texanus - Vitellius texanus
Tribe Eucnemini
Genus Eucnemis
Species americana - Eucnemis americana
Genus Idiotarsus
Species errans - Idiotarsus errans
Subfamily Macraulacinae
Genus Euryptychus
Species heterocerus - Euryptychus heterocerus
Species ulkei - Euryptychus ulkei
Species arizonicus - Euryptychus arizonicus
Genus Hemiopsida
Species robusta - Hemiopsida robusta
Genus Nematodes
Species atropos - Nematodes atropos
Species collaris - Nematodes collaris
Species humphreyi - Nematodes humphreyi
Species penetrans - Nematodes penetrans
Tribe Macraulacini
Genus Asiocnemis
Species nitens - Asiocnemis nitens
Species basalis - Asiocnemis basalis
Species hospitalis - Asiocnemis hospitalis
Species mcclayi - Asiocnemis mcclayi
Genus Deltometopus
Species amoenicornis - Deltometopus amoenicornis
Genus Dromaeolus
Species badius - Dromaeolus badius
Species californicus - Dromaeolus californicus
Species cylindricollis - Dromaeolus cylindricollis
Species harringtoni - Dromaeolus harringtoni
Species punctatus - Dromaeolus punctatus
Species striatus - Dromaeolus striatus
Species teres - Dromaeolus teres
Species turnbowi - Dromaeolus turnbowi
Genus Fornax
Species bicolor - Fornax bicolor
Species knulli - Fornax knulli
Genus Isarthrus
Species calceatus - Isarthrus calceatus
Species rufipes - Isarthrus rufipes
Genus Onichodon
Species canadensis - Onichodon canadensis
Species downiei - Onichodon downiei
Species orchesides - Onichodon orchesides
Species rugicollis - Onichodon rugicollis
Species wappesi - Onichodon wappesi
Genus Serrifornax
Species infelix - Serrifornax infelix
Genus Thambus
Species horni - Thambus horni
Genus Diphytaxis
Species excavata - Diphytaxis excavata
Subfamily Melasinae
Tribe Xylobiini
Genus Xylophilus
Species cylindriformis - Xylophilus cylindriformis
Species crassicornis - Xylophilus crassicornis
Tribe Epiphanini
Genus Epiphanis
Species cornutus - Epiphanis cornutus
Genus Hylis
Species californicus - Hylis californicus
Species frontosus - Hylis frontosus
Species irvinei - Hylis irvinei
Species terminalis - Hylis terminalis
Tribe Hylocharini
Genus Hylochares
Species nigricornis - Hylochares nigricornis
Tribe Melasini
Genus Isorhipis
Species nubila - Isorhipis nubila
Species obliqua - Isorhipis obliqua
Species occidentalis - Isorhipis occidentalis
Species ruficornis - Isorhipis ruficornis
Genus Melasis
Species rufipalpis - Melasis rufipalpis
Species rufipennis - Melasis rufipennis
Species tsugae - Melasis tsugae
Species pectinicornis - Melasis pectinicornis
Tribe Dirhagini
Genus Adelothyreus
Species downiei - Adelothyreus downiei
Species dejeani - Adelothyreus dejeani
Species barrae - Adelothyreus barrae
Genus Arrhipis
Species subacuta - Arrhipis subacuta
Species lanieri - Arrhipis lanieri
Genus Dirrhagofarsus
Species ernae - Dirrhagofarsus ernae
Species lewisi - Dirrhagofarsus lewisi
Genus Entomophthalmus
Species rufiolus - Entomophthalmus rufiolus
Genus Golbachia
Species impressicollis - Golbachia impressicollis
Genus Microrhagus
Species breviangularis - Microrhagus breviangularis
Species lecontei - Microrhagus lecontei
Species brunneus - Microrhagus brunneus
Species subsinuatus - Microrhagus subsinuatus
Species triangularis - Microrhagus triangularis
Species pectinatus - Microrhagus pectinatus
Species audax - Microrhagus audax
Species opacus - Microrhagus opacus
Species carinicollis - Microrhagus carinicollis
Genus Protofarsus
Species caribicus - Protofarsus caribicus
Genus Rhagomicrus
No Taxon new species
Species bonvouloiri - Rhagomicrus bonvouloiri
Species humeralis - Rhagomicrus humeralis
Genus Sarpedon
Species scabrosus - Sarpedon scabrosus
Family Lampyridae - Fireflies
Subfamily Lampyrinae
Tribe Cratomorphini
Genus Aspisoma
Species ignitum - Aspisoma ignitum
Genus Micronaspis
Species floridana - Micronaspis floridana
Genus Pyractomena
Species angulata - Pyractomena angulata
Species borealis - Pyractomena borealis
Species dispersa - Pyractomena dispersa
Species ecostata - Pyractomena ecostata
Species linearis - Pyractomena linearis
Species lucifera - Pyractomena lucifera
No Taxon lucifera COMPLEX
Species marginalis - Pyractomena marginalis
Species punctiventris - Pyractomena punctiventris
Species vexillaria - Pyractomena vexillaria
No Taxon larvae
Tribe Lamprocerini
Genus Tenaspis
Species angularis - Tenaspis angularis
Tribe Lampyrini
Genus Microphotus
Species angustus - Microphotus angustus
Species decarthrus - Microphotus decarthrus
Species dilatatus - Microphotus dilatatus
Species fragilis - Microphotus fragilis
Species octarthrus - Microphotus octarthrus
Species pecosensis - Microphotus pecosensis
Species undescribed - Microphotus undescribed
Genus Nelsonphotus
Species aridus - Nelsonphotus aridus
Genus Paraphausis
Species eximius - Paraphausis eximius
Genus Pleotomodes
Genus Prolutacea
Species pulsator - Prolutacea pulsator
Tribe Pleotomini
Genus Pleotomus
Species davisii - Pleotomus davisii
Species nigripennis - Pleotomus nigripennis
Species pallens - Pleotomus pallens
Tribe Lucidotini
Genus Ellychnia - Diurnal Fireflies
Species californica - California Glowworm
Species corrusca - Winter Firefly
Species facula - Ellychnia facula
Species flavicollis - Ellychnia flavicollis
Species greeni - Ellychnia greeni
Species hatchi - Ellychnia hatchi
Species megista - Ellychnia megista
Species simplex - Ellychnia simplex
Genus Lucidota
Species atra - Black Firefly
Species punctata - Lucidota punctata
Species luteicollis - Lucidota luteicollis
Genus Phausis
Species inaccensa - Phausis inaccensa
Species nigra - Phausis nigra
Species reticulata - Blue Ghost Firefly
Species rhombica - Phausis rhombica
Genus Photinus
Species ardens - Photinus ardens
Species brimleyi - Photinus brimleyi
Species carolinus - Synchronous Firefly
Species collustrans - Photinus collustrans
Species concisus - Photinus concisus
Species consanguineus - Photinus consanguineus
Species consimilis - Photinus consimilis
Species cookii - Photinus cookii
Species dimissus - Photinus dimissus
Species ignitus - Photinus ignitus
Species immaculatus - Photinus immaculatus
Species indictus - Photinus indictus
Species knulli - Photinus knulli
Species macdermotti - Photinus macdermotti
Species obscurellus - Photinus obscurellus
Species punctulatus - Photinus punctulatus
No Taxon pyralis Group
Species pyralis - Photinus pyralis
Species sabulosus - Photinus sabulosus
Species stellaris - Photinus stellaris
Species tenuicinctus - Photinus tenuicinctus
Species texanus - Photinus texanus
No Taxon marginellus/curtatus complex
Species marginellus - Photinus marginellus
Species curtatus - Photinus curtatus
Genus Phosphaenus
Species hemipterus - Lesser Glowworm
Genus Pyropyga
Species decipiens - Pyropyga decipiens
Species minuta - Pyropyga minuta
Species modesta - Pyropyga modesta
Species nigricans - Pyropyga nigricans
Subfamily Photurinae
Genus Photuris
Species flavicollis - Photuris flavicollis
Species fairchildi - Photuris fairchildi
Species frontalis - Photuris frontalis
Species versicolor - Photuris versicolor
No Taxon larvae
Genus Bicellonycha
Species wickershamorum - Bicellonycha wickershamorum
Genus Brachylampis
Species blaisdelli - Brachylampis blaisdelli
Genus Pollaclasis
Species bifaria - Pollaclasis bifaria
Genus Pterotus
Species obscuripennis - Pterotus obscuripennis
No Taxon Unidentified larvae & pupae
Family Lycidae - Net-winged Beetles
Genus Plateros
Species bispiculatus - Plateros bispiculatus
Species capitatus - Plateros capitatus
Species centralis - Plateros centralis
Species coccinicollis - Plateros coccinicollis
Species flavoscutellatus - Plateros flavoscutellatus
Species lictor - Plateros lictor
Species modestus - Plateros modestus
Species peregrinus - Plateros peregrinus
Species sollicitus - Plateros sollicitus
Species subtortus - Plateros subtortus
Species timidus - Plateros timidus
Species volatus - Plateros volatus
Subfamily Lycinae
Tribe Calopterini
Genus Caenia
Species amplicornis - Caenia amplicornis
Species dimidiata - Caenia dimidiata
Species sp-nova - Caenia sp-nova
Genus Calopteron
Species discrepans - Net-winged Beetle
Species reticulatum - Banded Net-wing
Species terminale - End Band Net-wing
No Taxon larvae
Genus Leptoceletes
Species dehiscens - Leptoceletes dehiscens
Species basalis - Leptoceletes basalis
Species pallidus - Leptoceletes pallidus
Tribe Lycini
Genus Lyconotus
Species lateralis - Lyconotus lateralis
Genus Lycus
Species arizonensis - Lycus arizonensis
Species fernandezi - Lycus fernandezi
Species fulvellus - Lycus fulvellus
Subspecies femoratus - Lycus fulvellus femoratus
Species loripes - Lycus loripes
Species sagittatus - Lycus sagittatus
Species sanguineus - Lycus sanguineus
Species sanguinipennis - Lycus sanguinipennis
Species simulans - Lycus simulans
Subfamily Erotinae
Genus Dictyoptera
Species aurora - Golden Net-wing
Species simplicipes - Dictyoptera simplicipes
Genus Eropterus
Species trilineatus - Eropterus trilineatus
Genus Eros
Species humeralis - Eros humeralis
Genus Erotides
Species sculptilis - Erotides sculptilis
Genus Greenarus
Species thoracicus - Greenarus thoracicus
Genus Lopheros
Species fraternus - Lopheros fraternus
Genus Punicealis
Species hamata - Punicealis hamata
Species munda - Punicealis munda
Subfamily Calochrominae
Genus Calochromus
Species dimidiatus - Calochromus dimidiatus
Species fervens - Calochromus fervens
Species perfacetus - Calochromus perfacetus
Species slevini - Calochromus slevini
Genus Lucaina
Species discoidalis - Lucaina discoidalis
Species marginata - Lucaina marginata
Genus Lygistopterus
Species ignitus - Lygistopterus ignitus
Species rubripennis - Lygistopterus rubripennis
Family Omethidae - False Soldier Beetles
Subfamily Omethinae
Genus Blatchleya
Species gracilis - Blatchleya gracilis
Genus Malthomethes
Species oregonus - Malthomethes oregonus
Genus Omethes
Species marginatus - Omethes marginatus
Genus Troglomethes
Species leechi - Troglomethes leechi
Species oregonensis - Troglomethes oregonensis
Subfamily Matheteinae
Genus Ginglymocladus
Species discoidea - Ginglymocladus discoidea
Species luteicollis - Ginglymocladus luteicollis
Genus Matheteus
Species theveneti - Matheteus theveneti
Family Phengodidae - Glowworm Beetles
Tribe Mastinocerini
Genus Cenophengus
Species debilis - Cenophengus debilis
Species pallidus - Cenophengus pallidus
Genus Distremocephalus
Species californicus - Distremocephalus californicus
Species opaculus - Distremocephalus opaculus
Species texanus - Distremocephalus texanus
Genus Paraptorthodius
Species mirabilis - Paraptorthodius mirabilis
Genus Stenophrixothrix
Species fusca - Stenophrixothrix fusca
Tribe Phengodini
Genus Phengodes - Glowworms
Species arizonensis - Phengodes arizonensis
Species fusciceps - Phengodes fusciceps
Species laticollis - Phengodes laticollis
Species nigromaculata - Phengodes nigromaculata
Species plumosa - Phengodes plumosa
Species mexicana - Phengodes mexicana
Genus Zarhipis
Species integripennis - Western Banded Glowworm
Family Telegeusidae - Long-lipped Beetles
Genus Telegeusis
Species texensis - Telegeusis texensis
Species nubifer - Telegeusis nubifer
Family Throscidae - Small False Click Beetles
Genus Aulonothroscus
Species constrictor - Aulonothroscus constrictor
Species convergens - Aulonothroscus convergens
Species distans - Aulonothroscus distans
Species punctatus - Aulonothroscus punctatus
Species validus - Aulonothroscus validus
Genus Pactopus
Species horni - Pactopus horni
Genus Trixagus
Species carinicollis - Trixagus carinicollis
Species chevrolati - Trixagus chevrolati
Species mendax - Trixagus mendax