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Superfamily Cucujoidea

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga
No Taxon Series Cucujiformia
Superfamily Cucujoidea

No Taxon Erotylid series
Family Sphindidae - Cryptic Slime Mold Beetles
Genus Carinisphindus
Species purpuricephalus - Carinisphindus purpuricephalus
Genus Sphindus - Cryptic Slime Mold Beetles
Species americanus - Sphindus americanus
Species crassulus - Sphindus crassulus
Genus Eurysphindus
Species hirtus - Eurysphindus hirtus
Species comatulus - Eurysphindus comatulus
Genus Odontosphindus
Species clavicornis - Odontosphindus clavicornis
Species denticollis - Odontosphindus denticollis
Family Erotylidae - Pleasing Fungus Beetles
Subfamily Erotylinae - Pleasing Fungus Beetles
Tribe Erotylini
Genus Cypherotylus
Species californicus - Cypherotylus californicus
Tribe Tritomini
Genus Haematochiton
Species carbonarius - Haematochiton carbonarius
Species elateroides - Haematochiton elateroides
Genus Hirsutotriplax
Species mcclevei - Hirsutotriplax mcclevei
Genus Ischyrus
Species dunedinensis - Ischyrus dunedinensis
Species quadripunctatus - Four-Spotted Fungus Beetle
Genus Mycotretus
Species nigromanicatus - Mycotretus nigromanicatus
Genus Pseudischyrus
Species extricatus - Pseudischyrus extricatus
Species nigrans - Pseudischyrus nigrans
Genus Triplax
Species alachuae - Triplax alachuae
Species californica - Triplax californica
Species cuneata - Triplax cuneata 0
Species dissimulator - Triplax dissimulator
Species errans - Triplax errans
Species festiva - Triplax festiva
Species flavicollis - Triplax flavicollis
Species frontalis - Triplax frontalis
Species frosti - Triplax frosti
Species macra - Triplax macra
Species marcescens - Triplax marcescens
Species mesosternalis - Triplax mesosternalis
Species puncticeps - Triplax puncticeps
Species thoracica - Triplax thoracica
Species wehrlei - Triplax wehrlei
Genus Tritoma
Species angulata - Tritoma angulata
Species atriventris - Tritoma atriventris
Species biguttata - Tritoma biguttata
Subspecies affinis - Tritoma biguttata affinis
Species erythrocephala - Tritoma erythrocephala
Species humeralis - Tritoma humeralis
Species mimetica - Tritoma mimetica
Species pulchra - Handsome Tritoma
Species sanguinipennis - Red-Winged Tritoma
Species tenebrosa - Darkling Tritoma
Species unicolor - Tritoma unicolor
Tribe Encaustini
Genus Megalodacne
Species heros - Megalodacne heros
Species fasciata - Megalodacne fasciata
Tribe Languriini - Lizard Beetles
Genus Acropteroxys
Species gracilis - Slender Lizard Beetle
Subspecies divisa - Acropteroxys gracilis divisa
Species lecontei - Acropteroxys lecontei
Genus Dasydactylus
Species cnici - Dasydactylus cnici
Genus Languria
Species angustata - Languria angustata
Species bicolor - Languria bicolor
Species convexicollis - Languria convexicollis
Species denticulata - Languria denticulata
Species discoidea - Languria discoidea
Species laeta - Languria laeta
Species mozardi - Clover Stem Borer
Species taedata - Languria taedata
Species trifasciata - Languria trifasciata
Genus Langurites
Species lineatus - Langurites lineatus
Tribe Dacnini
Genus Dacne
No Taxon subgenus Xenodacne
Species picea - Dacne picea
Species pubescens - Dacne pubescens
No Taxon subgenus Dacne
Species californica - Dacne californica
Species picta - Dacne picta
Species quadrimaculata - Dacne quadrimaculata
Genus Microsternus
Species ulkei - Microsternus ulkei
Subfamily Xenoscelinae
Genus Cryptophilus
Species integer - Cryptophilus integer
Species obliteratus - Cryptophilus obliteratus
Species seriatus - Cryptophilus seriatus
Genus Loberus
Species impressus - Loberus impressus
Species ornatus - Loberus ornatus
Species subglaber - Loberus subglaber
Genus Pharaxonotha
Species floridana - Pharaxonotha floridana
Species kirschii - Pharaxonotha kirschii
Genus Toramus
Species chamaeropis - Toramus chamaeropis
Species pulchellus - Toramus pulchellus
No Taxon Toramus sp. EGR 1
Genus Truquiella
Family Monotomidae - Minute Clubbed Beetles
Genus Rhizophagus
Species brunneus - Rhizophagus (Anomophagus) brunneus
Species grouvellei - Rhizophagus (Eurhizophagus) grouvellei
No Taxon subgenus Rhizophagus
Species cylindricus - Rhizophagus cylindricus
Species dimidiatus - Rhizophagus dimidiatus
Species minutus - Rhizophagus minutus
Species parallelocollis - Graveyard Beetle
Species remotus - Rhizophagus remotus
Species sayi - Rhizophagus sayi
Species sculpturatus - Rhizophagus sculpturatus
Subfamily Monotominae
Genus Monotoma
Species americana - Monotoma americana
Species arida - Monotoma arida
Species bicolor - Monotoma bicolor
Species emarginata - Monotoma emarginata
Species johnsoni - Monotoma johnsoni
Species longicollis - Monotoma longicollis
Species myrmecophila - Monotoma (Gyrocecis) myrmecophila
Species picipes - Monotoma picipes
Species producta - Monotoma producta
Species quadrifoveolata - Monotoma quadrifoveolata
Species testacea - Monotoma testacea
No Taxon americana or emarginata
Genus Thione
Species championi - Thione championi
Tribe Europini
Genus Aneurops
Species convergens - Aneurops convergens
Genus Bactridium
Species californicum - Bactridium californicum
Species ephippigerum - Bactridium ephippigerum
Species striolatum - Bactridium striolatum
Genus Europs
Species fervida - Europs fervida
Species pallipennis - Europs pallipennis
Genus Hesperobaenus
Species abbreviatus - Hesperobaenus abbreviatus
Species constricticollis - Hesperobaenus constricticollis
Species rufipes - Hesperobaenus rufipes
Genus Leptipsius
Species striatus - Leptipsius striatus
Genus Macreurops
Species longicollis - Macreurops longicollis
Genus Phyconomus
Species marinus - Phyconomus marinus
Genus Pycnotomina
Species cavicolle - Pycnotomina cavicolle
No Taxon Nitidulid series
Family Kateretidae - Short-winged Flower Beetles
Genus Amartus
Species tinctus - Amartus tinctus
Genus Anthonaeus
Species agavensis - Anthonaeus agavensis
Genus Brachypterolus
Species pulicarius - Toadflax Flower-eating Beetle
Genus Brachypterus
Species schaefferi - Brachypterus schaefferi
Species troglodytes - Brachypterus troglodytes
Species urticae - Nettle Pollen Beetle
Genus Heterhelus
Species abdominalis - Heterhelus abdominalis
Species sericans - Heterhelus sericans
Genus Kateretes
Species pusillus - Kateretes pusillus
Family Nitidulidae - Sap-feeding Beetles
Subfamily Cryptarchinae
Genus Cryptarcha
Species ampla - Cryptarcha ampla
Species glabra - Cryptarcha glabra
Species concinna - Cryptarcha concinna
Species strigatula - Cryptarcha strigatula
Species sp-one-ariz - Cryptarcha sp-one-ariz
Genus Glischrochilus
No Taxon subgenus Glischrochilus
Species confluentus - Glischrochilus confluentus
Species moratus - Glischrochilus moratus
Species vittatus - Glischrochilus vittatus
Species lecontei - Glischrochilus lecontei
No Taxon subgenus Librodor
Species fasciatus - Picnic Beetle
Species obtusus - Glischrochilus obtusus
Species quadrisignatus - Four-spotted Sap Beetle
Species sanguinolentus - Glischrochilus sanguinolentus
Species siepmanni - Glischrochilus siepmanni
Genus Pityophagus
Species cephalotes - Pityophagus cephalotes
Species rufipennis - Pityophagus rufipennis
Subfamily Prometopinae
Genus Prometopia
Species bidentata - Prometopia bidentata
Species sexmaculata - Prometopia sexmaculata
Subfamily Amphicrossinae
Genus Amphicrossus
Species ciliatus - Amphicrossus ciliatus
Species liebecki - Amphicrossus liebecki
Species niger - Amphicrossus niger
Subfamily Carpophilinae
Genus Carpophilus
No Taxon subgenus Plapennipolus
No Taxon subgenus Myothorax
Species dimidiatus - Cornsap Beetle
Species mutilatus - Confused Sap Beetle
Species nepos - Carpophilus nepos
Species pilosellus - Carpophilus pilosellus
No Taxon subgenus Semocarpolus
Species marginellus - Carpophilus marginellus
No Taxon subgenus Carpophilus
Species hemipterus - Dried-fruit Beetle
Species obsoletus - Carpophilus obsoletus 0
No Taxon subgenus Megacarpolus
No Taxon subgenus Ecnomorphus
Species antiquus - Carpophilus antiquus
Species brachypterus - Carpophilus brachypterus
Species corticinus - Carpophilus corticinus
Species discoideus - Carpophilus discoideus
Species ligneus - Carpophilus ligneus
Species marginatus - Carpophilus marginatus
Species tempestivus - Carpophilus tempestivus
Genus Nitops
Species craigheadi - Nitops craigheadi
Species ophthalmicus - Nitops ophthalmicus 0
No Taxon subgenus Urocarpolus
Species floralis - Nitops floralis
Species pallipennis - Nitops pallipennis
Genus Urophorus
Species humeralis - Pineapple Beetle
Genus Caplothorax
Species brevipennis - Caplothorax brevipennis
Species californicus - Caplothorax californicus
Species lugubris - Dusky Sap Beetle
Species melanopterus - Caplothorax melanopterus
Species rufus - Caplothorax rufus
Species sayi - Caplothorax sayi
Species yuccae - Caplothorax yuccae
Subfamily Epuraeinae
Genus Epuraea
No Taxon Subgenus Aphenolia
Species monogama - Epuraea monogama
No Taxon Subgenus Haptoncus
Species luteola - Pineapple Sap Beetle
Species ocularis - Epuraea ocularis
No Taxon Subgenus Epuraea
Species aestiva - Epuraea aestiva
Species alternata - Epuraea alternata
Species flavomaculata - Epuraea flavomaculata
Species helvola - Epuraea helvola
Species imperialis - Epuraea imperialis
Species linearis - Epuraea linearis
Species pallescens - Epuraea pallescens
Species planulata - Epuraea planulata
Species terminalis - Epuraea terminalis
Species truncatella - Epuraea truncatella
Species rufomarginata - Epuraea rufomarginata
Species unicolor - Epuraea unicolor
No Taxon Subgenus Epuraeanella
Species nearctica - Epuraea nearctica
Species obtusicollis - Epuraea obtusicollis
Species rufa - Epuraea rufa
No Taxon rufa type --tmp page
No Taxon Subgenus Orthopeplus
Species quadricollis - Epuraea quadricollis
No Taxon incertae sedis
Species alternata - Epuraea alternata
Species avara - Epuraea avara
Species corticina - Epuraea corticina
Species obliqua - Epuraea obliqua
Species peltoides - Epuraea peltoides
Species populi - Epuraea populi
Species rufida - Epuraea rufida
Species umbrosa - Epuraea umbrosa
No Taxon corticina type --tmp page
Subfamily Meligethinae - Pollen Beetles
Genus Acanthogethes
Species fuscus - Acanthogethes fuscus
Genus Afrogethes
Species canadensis - Afrogethes canadensis
Species saevus - Afrogethes saevus
Genus Brassicogethes
Species aeneus - Common Pollen Beetle
Subspecies dauricus - Brassicogethes aeneus dauricus
Species cleominis - Brassicogethes cleominis
Species simplipes - Brassicogethes simplipes
Species viridescens - Brassicogethes viridescens
Genus Fabogethes
Species nigrescens - Black Pollen Beetle
Genus Genistogethes
Species carinulatus - Genistogethes carinulatus
Genus Meligethes
Species atratus - Meligethes atratus
Subfamily Cillaeinae
Genus Brachypeplus
Species basalis - Brachypeplus basalis
Species glaber - Brachypeplus glaber
Species habecki - Brachypeplus habecki
Genus Colopterus
Species maculatus - Colopterus maculatus
Species niger - Colopterus niger
Species posticus - Colopterus posticus
Species semitectus - Colopterus semitectus
Species testaceus - Colopterus testaceus
Species truncatus - Colopterus truncatus
Species unicolor - Colopterus unicolor
Genus Conotelus
Species fuscipennis - Conotelus fuscipennis
Species mexicanus - Conotelus mexicanus
Species obscurus - Obscure Sap Beetle
Species stenoides - Conotelus stenoides
Subfamily Nitidulinae
Tribe Nitidulini
Genus Aethina
Species tumida - Small Hive Beetle
Genus Pocadius
Species basalis - Pocadius basalis
Species helvolus - Hairy Puffball Beetle
Species fulvipennis - Pocadius fulvipennis
Genus Thalycra
Species carolina - Thalycra carolina
No Taxon Nitidula complex
Genus Nitidula
Species bipunctata - Two-spotted Sap Beetle
Species carnaria - Nitidula carnaria
Species flavomaculata - Nitidula flavomaculata
Species nigra - Nitidula nigra
Species rufipes - Nitidula rufipes
Species ziczac - Nitidula ziczac
Genus Omosita
Species colon - Omosita colon
Species discoidea - Omosita discoidea
Species nearctica - Omosita nearctica
No Taxon Phenolia complex
Genus Phenolia
Species grossa - Phenolia grossa
Genus Stelidota
Species adsuffusa - Stelidota adsuffusa 0
Species coenosa - Stelidota coenosa
Species geminata - Strawberry Sap Beetle
Species octomaculata - Stelidota octomaculata
No Taxon Soronia complex
Genus Amphotis
Species ulkei - Amphotis ulkei
Species schwarzi - Amphotis schwarzi
Genus Lobiopa
Species brunnescens - Lobiopa brunnescens
Species falli - Lobiopa falli
Species insularis - Lobiopa insularis
Species undulata - Lobiopa undulata
Species oblonga - Lobiopa oblonga 0
Species guttulata - Lobiopa guttulata 0
Species setosa - Lobiopa setosa 0
Genus Soronia
Species grisea - Soronia grisea
Species guttulata - Soronia guttulata
Tribe Cychramini
Genus Cychramus
Species adustus - Cychramus adustus
Tribe Cyllodini
Genus Camptodes
Species texanus - Camptodes texanus
Genus Cyllodes
Species biplagiatus - Cyllodes biplagiatus
Genus Pallodes
Species austrinus - Pallodes austrinus
Species pallidus - Pallodes pallidus
Species plateosus - Pallodes plateosus
Genus Psilopyga
Species fasciata - Psilopyga fasciata
Species histrina - Black Stinkhorn Beetle
Species nigripennis - Stinkhorn Beetle
Family Smicripidae - Palmetto Beetles
Genus Smicrips
Species texana - Smicrips texana
Species palmicola - Smicrips palmicola
No Taxon Cucujid series
Family Cryptophagidae - Silken Fungus Beetles
Subfamily Atomariinae
Genus Hypocoprus
Species tenuis - Hypocoprus tenuis
Tribe Atomariini
Genus Atomaria
No Taxon subgenus Atomaria
Species atrata - Atomaria atrata
Species dispersa - Atomaria dispersa
Species impressa - Atomaria impressa
Species lineola - Atomaria lineola
Species nigrirostris - Atomaria nigrirostris
Species stricticollis - Atomaria stricticollis
Species subangulata - Atomaria subangulata
Species vespertina - Atomaria vespertina
Species wollastoni - Atomaria wollastoni
No Taxon subgenus Anchicera
Species apicalis - Atomaria apicalis
Species distincta - Atomaria distincta
Species ephippiata - Atomaria ephippiata
Species fuscata - Atomaria fuscata
Species lederi - Atomaria lederi
Species lewisi - Atomaria lewisi
Species mesomela - Atomaria mesomela
Species testacea - Atomaria testacea
Genus Curelius
Species japonicus - Curelius japonicus
Genus Ephistemus
Species globulus - Ephistemus globulus
Genus Tisactia
Species subglabra - Tisactia subglabra
Subfamily Cryptophaginae
Tribe Caenoscelini
Genus Caenoscelis
Species basalis - Caenoscelis basalis
Species ferruginea - Caenoscelis ferruginea
Genus Renodesta
Species ramsdalei - Renodesta ramsdalei
Tribe Cryptophagini
Genus Antherophagus
Species ochraceus - Antherophagus ochraceus
Genus Cryptophagus
Species acutangulus - Angular Fungus Beetle
Species bidentatus - Cryptophagus bidentatus
Species bussi - Cryptophagus bussi
Species cellaris - Cellar Beetle
Species corticinus - Cryptophagus corticinus
Species croeceus - Cryptophagus croeceus
Species dentatus - Cryptophagus dentatus
Species difficilis - Cryptophagus difficilis
Species discedens - Cryptophagus discedens
Species fallax - Cryptophagus fallax 0
Species hebes - Cryptophagus hebes
Species cf-histricus - Cryptophagus cf-histricus
Species lapponicus - Cryptophagus lapponicus
Species latens - Cryptophagus latens
Species laticollis - Cryptophagus laticollis
Species magdalenamontanus - Cryptophagus magdalenamontanus
Species pilosus - Cryptophagus pilosus
Species pseudodentatus - Cryptophagus pseudodentatus
Species punctipennis - Cryptophagus punctipennis
Species saginatus - Cryptophagus saginatus
Species setulosus - Cryptophagus setulosus
Species cf-setulosus - Cryptophagus cf-setulosus
Species stromus - Cryptophagus stromus
Species subfumatus - Cryptophagus subfumatus 0
Species tuberculosus - Cryptophagus tuberculosus
Species valens - Cryptophagus valens
Species varus - Sigmoid Fungus Beetle
No Taxon tuberculosus or croceus
Genus Henoticus
Species californicus - Henoticus californicus
Species pilifer - Henoticus pilifer
Species serratus - Henoticus serratus
Genus Henotiderus
Species centromaculatus - Henotiderus centromaculatus
Species lorna - Henotiderus lorna
Genus Myrmedophila
Species americana - Myrmedophila americana
Genus Omissophagus
Species sandianus - Omissophagus sandianus
Species tsoodzilianus - Omissophagus tsoodzilianus
Genus Pteryngium
Species crenatum - Pteryngium crenatum
Genus Salebius
Species octodentatus - Salebius octodentatus
Species minax - Salebius minax 0
Genus Telmatophilus
Species typhae - Telmatophilus typhae
Species americanus - Telmatophilus americanus
Family Cucujidae - Flat Bark Beetles
Genus Cucujus
Species clavipes - Red Flat Bark Beetle
Species puniceus - Cucujus puniceus
Genus Pediacus
Species andrewsi - Pediacus andrewsi
Species depressus - Pediacus depressus
Species fuscus - Pediacus fuscus
Species ommatodon - Pediacus ommatodon
Species stephani - Pediacus stephani
Species subglaber - Pediacus subglaber
Family Silvanidae - Silvanid Flat Bark Beetles
Subfamily Silvaninae
Genus Ahasverus
Species advena - Foreign Grain Beetle
Species longulus - Ahasverus longulus
Species rectus - Ahasverus rectus
Species new - Ahasverus new species
Genus Airaphilus
Species near-elongatus - Airaphilus near-elongatus
Genus Cathartosilvanus
Species imbellis - Cathartosilvanus imbellis
Species opaculus - Cathartosilvanus opaculus
Species vulgaris - Cathartosilvanus vulgaris
Genus Cathartus
Species quadricollis - Square-necked Grain Beetle
Genus Monanus
Species concinnulus - Monanus concinnulus
Genus Nausibius
Species clavicornis - Nausibius clavicornis
Species major - Nausibius major
Species repandus - Nausibius repandus
Species undescribed - Nausibius undescribed
Species salutaris - Nausibius salutaris
Genus Oryzaephilus
Species mercator - Merchant Grain Beetle
Species surinamensis - Sawtoothed Grain Beetle
Genus Pensus
Species gilae - Pensus gilae
Genus Silvanoprus
Species angusticollis - Silvanoprus angusticollis
Species scuticollis - Silvanoprus scuticollis
Genus Silvanus
Species bidentatus - Silvanus bidentatus
Species muticus - Silvanus muticus
Species nitidulus - Silvanus nitidulus
Species planatus - Silvanus planatus
Species proximus - Silvanus proximus
Species recticollis - Silvanus recticollis
Species unidentatus - Silvanus unidentatus
Subfamily Brontinae
Tribe Brontini
Genus Dendrophagus
Species cygnaei - Dendrophagus cygnaei
Genus Uleiota
Species dubia - Uleiota dubia
Species truncata - Uleiota truncata
Species debilis - Uleiota debilis
Tribe Telephanini
Genus Cryptamorpha
Species desjardinsii - Desjardin's Beetle
Genus Psammoecus
Species trimaculatus - Psammoecus trimaculatus
Genus Telephanus
Species lecontei - Telephanus lecontei
Species atricapillus - Telephanus atricapillus
Family Passandridae - Parasitic Flat Bark Beetles
Genus Taphroscelidia
Species linearis - Taphroscelidia linearis
Genus Catogenus
Species rufus - Catogenus rufus
Species thomasi - Catogenus thomasi
Family Phalacridae - Shining Flower Beetles
No Taxon Stilbus-group
Genus Acylomus
Species ergoti - Acylomus ergoti
Species pugetanus - Acylomus pugetanus
Genus Stilbus
Species apicalis - Stilbus apicalis
Species nitidus - Stilbus nitidus
No Taxon apicalis-group
Genus Xanthocomus
Species attenuatus - Xanthocomus attenuatus
Species rutilans - Xanthocomus rutilans
Genus Litostilbus
Species tristriatus - Litostilbus tristriatus
No Taxon Phalacrus-group
Genus Phalacropsis
Species dispar - Phalacropsis dispar
Genus Phalacrus
Genus Olibroporus
Species punctatus - Olibroporus punctatus
Genus Ochrolitus
Species rubens - Ochrolitus rubens
Genus Olibrus
Species rufipes - Olibrus rufipes
Species bullatus - Olibrus bullatus
Species semistriatus - Olibrus semistriatus
Species vittatus - Olibrus vittatus
No Taxon Litochropus-group
Genus Neolitochrus
Species crucigerus - Neolitochrus crucigerus
Species immaculatus - Neolitochrus immaculatus
Species pulchellus - Neolitochrus pulchellus
Genus Litochropus
Genus Apallodes
Species princeps - Apallodes princeps
Family Laemophloeidae - Lined Flat Bark Beetles
Genus Charaphloeus
Species adustus - Charaphloeus adustus
Species convexulus - Charaphloeus convexulus
Species flavosignatus - Charaphloeus flavosignatus
Species unnamed - Charaphloeus unnamed
No Taxon adustus-group
Genus Cryptolestes
Species cornutus - Cryptolestes cornutus
Species ferrugineus - Rusty Grain Beetle
Species punctatus - Cryptolestes punctatus
Species pusillus - Flat Grain Beetle
Species turcicus - Flour Mill Beetle
Species uncicornis - Cryptolestes uncicornis
Genus Deinophloeus
Species impressifrons - Deinophloeus impressifrons
Genus Dysmerus
Species basalis - Dysmerus basalis
Genus Laemophloeus
Species apache - Laemophloeus apache
Species biguttatus - Laemophloeus biguttatus
Species fasciatus - Laemophloeus fasciatus
Species fervidus - Laemophloeus fervidus
Species megacephalus - Laemophloeus megacephalus
Species shastanus - Laemophloeus shastanus
Species terminalis - Laemophloeus terminalis
Genus Leptophloeus
Species angustulus - Leptophloeus angustulus
Genus Lathropus
Species pubescens - Lathropus pubescens
Species rhabdophloeoides - Lathropus rhabdophloeoides
Species robustulus - Lathropus robustulus
Species vernalis - Lathropus vernalis
Genus Metaxyphloeus
Species texanus - Metaxyphloeus texanus
Genus Narthecius
Species striaticeps - Narthecius striaticeps
Species grandiceps - Narthecius grandiceps
Genus Parandrita
Species cephalotes - Parandrita cephalotes
Genus Passandrophloeus
Genus Phloeolaemus
Species chamaeropis - Phloeolaemus chamaeropis
Genus Placonotus
Species falinorum - Placonotus falinorum
Species modestus - Placonotus modestus
Species nitens - Placonotus nitens
Species politissimus - Placonotus politissimus
Species zimmermanni - Placonotus zimmermanni
Genus Rhabdophloeus
Species horni - Rhabdophloeus horni
Family Cybocephalidae
Genus Cybocephalus
Species californicus - Cybocephalus californicus
Species nigritulus - Cybocephalus nigritulus
Species nipponicus - Cybocephalus nipponicus
Species randalli - Cybocephalus randalli