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Superfamily Chrysomeloidea - Long-horned and Leaf Beetles

Graphisurus? Long-horned beetle sp. Beetle for ID Centrodera sublineata? Cerambycid maybe Enaphalodes atomarius? Insect longhorn 3 longhorn 2 Black and Yellow Beetle Lepturges confluens? Is this a beetle? Mating bugs - male - female 1540 Black Beetle on Wild Rose Methia mormonia Styloxus bicolor? Tiny long-horned beetle Tiny long-horned beetle

Michthisoma heterodoxum LeConte - Michthisoma heterodoxum Mychthisoma heterodoxum Leconte  - Michthisoma heterodoxum

Buprestidae?? Buprestidae?? Long-horned Beetle Asemini of sorts?