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Superfamily Curculionoidea

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga
No Taxon Series Cucujiformia
Superfamily Curculionoidea

Family Cimberidae
Tribe Cimberidini
Genus Acromacer
Species bombifrons - Acromacer bombifrons
Genus Cimberis
Species bihirsuta - Cimberis bihirsuta
Species compta - Cimberis compta
Species decipiens - Cimberis decipiens
Species elongata - Cimberis elongata
Species pallipennis - Cimberis pallipennis
Species pilosa - Cimberis pilosa
Species turbans - Cimberis turbans
Genus Pityomacer
Genus Lecontellus
Species byturoides - Lecontellus byturoides
Family Nemonychidae - Pine Flower Snout Beetles
Subfamily Rhinorhynchinae
Genus Atopomacer
Family Anthribidae - Fungus Weevils
Subfamily Choraginae
Tribe Choragini
Genus Choragus
Species harrisii - Choragus harrisii
Species sayi - Choragus sayi
Species zimmermanni - Choragus zimmermanni
Genus Euxenulus
Genus Euxenus
Species punctatus - Euxenus punctatus
Genus Pseudochoragus
Species nitens - Pseudochoragus nitens
Genus Sicanthus
Species rhizophorae - Sicanthus rhizophorae
Tribe Araecerini
Genus Acaromimus
Species americanus - Acaromimus americanus
Genus Araecerus
Species fasciculatus - Coffee Bean Weevil
Genus Habroxenus
Species politus - Habroxenus politus
Genus Neoxenus
Species versicolor - Neoxenus versicolor
Subfamily Anthribinae
Genus Anthribus
Species nebulosus - Anthribus nebulosus
Genus Discotenes
Species nigrotuberculata - Discotenes nigrotuberculata
Genus Euparius - Fungus weevil
Species lugubris - Euparius lugubris
Species marmoreus - Euparius marmoreus
Species paganus - Euparius paganus
Species pictus - Euparius pictus
Species subtesselatus - Euparius subtesselatus
Genus Gymnognathus
Species chiricahuae - Gymnognathus chiricahuae
Species triangularis - Gymnognathus triangularis
Genus Ischnocerus
Species angulatus - Ischnocerus angulatus
Species infuscatus - Meconemus infuscatus
Genus Ozotomerus
Species japonicus - Ozotomerus japonicus
Genus Trigonorhinus
Species alternatus - Trigonorhinus alternatus
Species griseus - Trigonorhinus griseus
Species limbatus - Trigonorhinus limbatus
Subspecies limbatus - Trigonorhinus limbatus limbatus
Subspecies vestitus - Trigonorhinus limbatus vestitus
Species nigromaculatus - Trigonorhinus nigromaculatus
Species riddelliae - Trigonorhinus riddelliae
Species rotundatus - Trigonorhinus rotundatus
Species sticticus - Trigonorhinus sticticus
Species tomentosus - Trigonorhinus tomentosus
No Taxon limbatus or tomentosus
Species sp-one-nm - Trigonorhinus sp-one-nm
Tribe Piesocorynini
Genus Brachycorynus
Species rectus - Brachycorynus rectus
Species hirsutus - Brachycorynus hirsutus
Genus Piesocorynus
Species lateralis - Piesocorynus lateralis
Species mixtus - Piesocorynus mixtus
Species moestus - Piesocorynus moestus
Species plagifer - Piesocorynus plagifer
Species tesselatus - Piesocorynus tesselatus
Tribe Platyrhinini
Genus Goniocloeus
Species bimaculatus - Goniocloeus bimaculatus
Genus Trachitropis
Species arizonicus - Trachitropis arizonicus
Tribe Platystomini
Genus Phoenicobiella
Species chamaeropis - Phoenicobiella chamaeropis
Species schwarzii - Phoenicobiella schwarzii
Genus Toxonotus
Species bipunctatus - Toxonotus bipunctatus
Species cornutus - Toxonotus cornutus
Species fascicularis - Toxonotus fascicularis
Species lividus - Toxonotus lividus
Species penicellatus - Toxonotus penicellatus
Species vagus - Toxonotus vagus
Tribe Stenocerini
Genus Allandrus
Species bifasciatus - Allandrus bifasciatus
Species populi - Allandrus populi
Genus Stenocerus
Species longulus - Stenocerus longulus
Tribe Tropiderini
Genus Eurymycter
Species fasciatus - Eurymycter fasciatus
Species tricarinatus - Eurymycter tricarinatus
Genus Gonotropis
Species dorsalis - Gonotropis dorsalis
Tribe Zygaenodini
Genus Araeoderes
Species texanus - Araeoderes texanus
Genus Eusphyrus
Species eusphyroides - Eusphyrus eusphyroides
Species rectus - Eusphyrus rectus
Species walshi - Eusphyrus walshi
Genus Ormiscus
Species albofasciatus - Ormiscus albofasciatus
Species fasciatus - Ormiscus fasciatus
Species irroratus - Ormiscus irroratus
Species quercus - Ormiscus quercus
Species saltator - Ormiscus saltator
Species sextuberculatus - Ormiscus sextuberculatus
No Taxon EGR sp. #12
No Taxon EGR sp. #6
No Taxon EGR sp. #8
No Taxon EGR sp. #10
Tribe Basitropidini
Genus Eugonus
Species bicolor - Eugonus bicolor
Genus Phaenithon
Species platanum - Phaenithon platanum
Family Belidae - Cycad Weevils
Genus Rhopalotria
Species slossoni - Rhopalotria slossoni
Species furfuracea - Rhopalotria furfuracea
Species mollis - Rhopalotria mollis
Family Attelabidae - Leaf Rolling Weevils
Subfamily Attelabinae - Leaf-rolling Weevils
Genus Synolabus
Species bipustulatus - Oak Leafrolling Weevil
Species nigripes - Synolabus nigripes
Genus Himatolabus
Species pubescens - Himatolabus pubescens
Genus Homoeolabus
Species analis - Leaf-Rolling Weevil
Genus Xestolabus
Species constrictipennis - Xestolabus constrictipennis
Subfamily Rhynchitinae - Leaf and Bud Weevils
Genus Auletobius
Species ater - Auletobius ater
Species cassandrae - Auletobius cassandrae
Species humeralis - Auletobius humeralis
Species nasalis - Auletobius nasalis
Genus Deporaus
Species glastinus - Deporaus glastinus
Tribe Rhynchitini
Genus Eugnamptus
Species angustatus - Eugnamptus angustatus
Species cinctus - Eugnamptus cinctus
Species nigriventris - Eugnamptus nigriventris
Species punctatus - Eugnamptus punctatus
Species puncticeps - Eugnamptus puncticeps
Species pallidus - Eugnamptus pallidus
Genus Haplorhynchites
Species aeneus - Head-clipping Weevil
Species eximius - Haplorhynchites eximius
Species planifrons - Haplorhynchites planifrons
Species pseudomexicanus - Haplorhynchites pseudomexicanus
Species quadripennis - Haplorhynchites quadripennis
No Taxon undescribed species
Genus Involvulus
Species hirtus - Involvulus hirtus
Genus Merhynchites
Species bicolor - Rose Curculio
Subspecies bicolor - Merhynchites bicolor bicolor
Subspecies cerdonis - Merhynchites bicolor cerdonis
Subspecies cockerelli - Merhynchites bicolor cockerelli
Subspecies nigricephalus - Merhynchites bicolor nigricephalus
Species wickhami - Western Rose Curculio
Subspecies wickhami - Merhynchites wickhami wickhami
Genus Rhynchites
Species velatus - Rhynchites velatus
Genus Temnocerus
Species aeratoides - Temnocerus aeratoides
Species aeratus - Temnocerus aeratus
Species cyanellus - Temnocerus cyanellus
Species aureus - Temnocerus aureus
Species levirostris - Temnocerus levirostris
Species macrophthalmus - Temnocerus macrophthalmus
Species naso - Temnocerus naso
Species perplexus - Temnocerus perplexus
Subfamily Pterocolinae - Thief Weevils
Genus Pterocolus
Species ovatus - Thief Weevil
Family Brentidae - Primitive Weevils
Subfamily Brentinae
Tribe Brentini
Genus Arrenodes
Species minutus - Oak Timberworm
Genus Heterobrenthus
Species texanus - Heterobrenthus texanus
Genus Brentus
Species anchorago - Brentus anchorago
Tribe Cyladini - Sweet Potato Weevil
Genus Cylas
Species formicarius - Sweet Potato Weevil
Tribe Cyphagogini
Genus Stereodermus
Species exilis - Stereodermus exilis
Tribe Trachelizini
Genus Cerobates
Genus Paratrachelizus
Species uncimanus - Paratrachelizus uncimanus
Genus Tracheloschizus - Tracheloschizus 0
Subfamily Apioninae - Pear-shaped Weevils
Tribe Apionini
Genus Apion
Species carrorum - Apion carrorum
Genus Sayapion
Species segnipes - Sayapion segnipes
Tribe Aplemonini
Genus Perapion
Species curtirostre - Perapion curtirostre
Species pulchrum - Perapion pulchrum
Species punctinasum - Perapion punctinasum
Species wickhami - Perapion wickhami
Genus Podapion
Species gallicola - Pine Gall Weevil
Tribe Aspidapiini
Genus Aspidapion
Species radiolus - Aspidapion radiolus
Genus Alocentron
Species attenuatum - Alocentron attenuatum
Species solutum - Alocentron solutum
Genus Exapion
Species fuscirostre - Seed-feeding Weevil
Species ulicis - Gorse Seed Weevil
Genus Omphalapion
Species hookerorum - Omphalapion hookerorum
Tribe Ixapiini
Genus Neapion
Species frosti - Neapion frosti
Species herculanum - Neapion herculanum
Species idiastes - Neapion idiastes
Species xanthoxyli - Neapion xanthoxyli
Genus Neotropion - Neotropion 0
Genus Rhopalapion
Species longirostre - Hollyhock Weevil
Tribe Oxystomatini
Subtribe Oxystomatina
Genus Eutrichapion
Species cavifrons - Eutrichapion cavifrons
Species huron - Eutrichapion huron
Species viciae - Eutrichapion viciae
Genus Loborhynchapion
Species cyanitinctum - Loborhynchapion cyanitinctum
Subtribe Trichapiina
Genus Betulapion
Species simile - Birch Catkin Weevil
Genus Kissingeria
Species amaura - Kissingeria amaura
Species capitone - Kissingeria capitone
Species disparatum - Kissingeria disparatum
Species extensa - Kissingeria extensa
Species varicorne - Kissingeria varicorne
Species eupeptus - =needs research=
Genus Trichapion
Species albidulum - Trichapion albidulum
Species centrale - Trichapion centrale
Species commodum - Trichapion commodum
Species contusum - Trichapion contusum
Species disparatum - Trichapion disparatum
Species leporinum - Trichapion leporinum
Species minor - Trichapion minor
Species modicum - Trichapion modicum
Species nebraskense - Trichapion nebraskense
Species nigrum - Black Locust Seed Weevil
Species oblitum - Trichapion oblitum
Species patruele - Trichapion patruele
Species porcatum - Trichapion porcatum
Species reconditum - Trichapion reconditum
Species roseae - Trichapion roseae
Species rostrum - Wild Indigo Weevil
Species sayi - Trichapion sayi
Species tenuirostrum - Trichapion tenuirostrum
Species cribricolle - Trichapion cribricolle
Species metallicum - Trichapion metallicum 0
Species proclive - Trichapion proclive 0
Species troglodytes - Trichapion troglodytes
Species sp-nr-albidulum - Trichapion sp-nr-albidulum
Subtribe Synapiina
Genus Ischnopterapion
Species loti - Ischnopterapion loti
Species virens - White Clover Weevil
Genus Stenopterapion
Species meliloti - Stenopterapion meliloti
Genus Apionion
Species crassum - Apionion crassum
Genus Coelocephalapion
Species aculeatum - Mimosa Flowerbud Weevil
Species antennatum - Coelocephalapion antennatum
Species buchanani - Coelocephalapion buchanani
Species carinatum - Coelocephalapion carinatum
Species curticorne - Coelocephalapion curticorne
Species decoloratum - Coelocephalapion decoloratum
Species emaciipes - Coelocephalapion emaciipes
Species eriogoni - Coelocephalapion eriogoni
Species erythropterum - Coelocephalapion erythropterum
Species fibulipes - Coelocephalapion fibulipes
Species frontellum - Coelocephalapion frontellum
Species fumitarse - Coelocephalapion fumitarse
Species oedorhynchum - Coelocephalapion oedorhynchum
Species perminutum - Coelocephalapion perminutum
Species persimile - Coelocephalapion persimile
Species sordidum - Coelocephalapion sordidum
Species spretissimum - Coelocephalapion spretissimum
Species subornatum - Coelocephalapion subornatum
Species ventricosum - Coelocephalapion ventricosum
Tribe Piezotrachelini
Genus Chrysapion
Species auctum - Chrysapion auctum
Genus Fallapion
Species anceps - Fallapion anceps
Species bischoffi - Fallapion bischoffi
Species ellipticum - Fallapion ellipticum
Species erraticum - Fallapion erraticum
Species finitimum - Fallapion finitimum
Species funereum - Fallapion funereum
Species impunctistriatum - Fallapion impunctistriatum
Species melanarium - Fallapion melanarium
Species obsoletum - Fallapion obsoletum
Species occidentale - Fallapion occidentale
Species pensylvanicum - Fallapion pensylvanicum
Species robustum - Fallapion robustum
Species speculiferum - Fallapion speculiferum
Species texanum - Fallapion texanum
Subfamily Nanophyinae
Genus Microon
Species canadense - Microon canadense
Genus Nanodactylus
Species obesulus - Nanodactylus obesulus
Genus Nanophyes
Species brevis - Nanophyes brevis
Species marmoratus - Flower Bud Weevil
Genus Pseudotychius
Species watsoni - Pseudotychius watsoni
Genus Zeugonyx
Species sabinae - Zeugonyx sabinae
Subfamily Ithycerinae
Genus Ithycerus
Species noveboracensis - New York Weevil
Family Brachyceridae
Subfamily Erirhininae - Marsh Weevils
Genus Tanysphyrus
Species ater - Tanysphyrus ater
Species lemnae - Duckweed Weevil
Subtribe Erirhinina
Genus Grypus
Species leechi - Grypus leechi
Species equiseti - Grypus equiseti
Genus Notaris
Species aethiops - Notaris aethiops
Species puncticollis - Notaris puncticollis
Species scirpi - Notaris scirpi
Genus Procas
Species lecontei - Procas lecontei
Genus Tournotaris
Species bimaculata - Tournotaris bimaculata
Subtribe Stenopelmina
Genus Brachybamus
Species electus - Brachybamus electus
Genus Cyrtobagous
Species salviniae - Salvinia Weevil
Genus Lissorhoptrus - Rice Water Weevils
Species lacustris - Lissorhoptrus lacustris
Species oryzophilus - Rice Water Weevil
Species simplex - Lissorhoptrus simplex
Genus Neobagoidus
Species carlsoni - Neobagoidus carlsoni
Genus Neobagous
Species texanus - Neobagous texanus
Genus Neochetina - Waterhyacinth Weevils
Species bruchi - Chevroned Waterhyacinth Weevil
Species eichhorniae - Mottled Waterhyacinth Weevil
Genus Neohydronomus
Species affinis - Waterlettuce Weevil
Genus Notiodes
Species aeratus - Notiodes aeratus
Species celatus - Notiodes celatus
Species cribricollis - Notiodes cribricollis
Species depressus - Notiodes depressus
Species disgregus - Notiodes disgregus
Species laticollis - Notiodes laticollis 0
Species limatulus - Notiodes limatulus
Species ovalis - Notiodes ovalis
Species pumilis - Notiodes pumilis 0
Species punctatus - Notiodes punctatus
Species robustus - Notiodes robustus 0
Species setosus - Notiodes setosus
Genus Onychylis
Species alternans - Onychylis alternans
Species essigi - Onychylis essigi 0
Species longulus - Onychylis longulus
Species nigrirostris - Pickerelweed Weevil
Species parvulus - Onychylis parvulus
Species texanus - Onychylis texanus 0
Genus Stenopelmus
Species rufinasus - Water Fern Weevil
Subfamily Raymondionyminae
Genus Alaocybites
Genus Gilbertiola
Species helferi - Gilbertiola helferi
Genus Schizomicrus
Species caecus - Schizomicrus caecus
Family Curculionidae - Snout and Bark Beetles
Subfamily Bagoinae
Genus Bagous
Species americanus - Bagous americanus
Species bituberosus - Bagous bituberosus
Species buchanani - Bagous buchanani
Species californicus - Bagous californicus
Species cavifrons - Bagous cavifrons
Species lunatoides - Bagous lunatoides
Species magister - Bagous magister
Species mamillatus - Bagous mamillatus
Species nebulosus - Bagous nebulosus
Species obliquus - Bagous obliquus
Species planatus - Bagous planatus
Species pusillus - Bagous pusillus
Species restrictus - Bagous restrictus
Species sellatus - Bagous sellatus
Species tanneri - Bagous tanneri
Species transversus - Bagous transversus
Species tuberosus - Bagous tuberosus
Genus Pnigodes
Species setosus - Pnigodes setosus
Subfamily Baridinae - Flower Weevils
Tribe Baridini
Genus Aulacobaris
Species lepidii - Aulacobaris lepidii
Genus Aulobaris
Species anthracina - Aulobaris anthracina
Species dux - Aulobaris dux
Species naso - Aulobaris naso
Genus Baris
Species dilatata - Baris dilatata
Species futilis - Baris futilis
Species heterodoxa - Baris heterodoxa
Species interstitialis - Baris interstitialis
Species monticola - Baris monticola
Species rubripes - Baris rubripes
Species strenua - Baris strenua
Species transversa - Baris transversa
Species umbilicata - Baris umbilicata
Species striata - Baris striata
Genus Cosmobaris
Species scolopacea - Beet Petiole Borer
Genus Desmoglyptus
Species arizonicus - Desmoglyptus arizonicus
Genus Eurhinus
Species magnificus - Eurhinus magnificus
Genus Hesperobaris
Species suavis - Hesperobaris suavis
Genus Microbaris
Species galvestonica - Microbaris galvestonica
Genus Orthoris
Species crotchi - Orthoris crotchi
Genus Plesiobaris
Species aemula - Plesiobaris aemula
Species albilata - Plesiobaris albilata
Species disjuncta - Plesiobaris disjuncta
Species signatipes - Plesiobaris signatipes
Species t-signum - Plesiobaris t-signum
Genus Pseudobaris
Species angusta - Pseudobaris angusta
Species farcta - Pseudobaris farcta
Species nigrina - Pseudobaris nigrina
Species pectoralis - Pseudobaris pectoralis
Species sobrina - Pseudobaris sobrina
Genus Pycnobaris
Species nigrostriata - Pycnobaris nigrostriata
Species pruinosa - Pycnobaris pruinosa
Genus Rhoptobaris
Species canescens - Rhoptobaris canescens
Species scolopax - Rhoptobaris scolopax
Genus Stenobaris
Species avicenniae - Stenobaris avicenniae
Genus Trepobaris
Species elongata - Trepobaris elongata
Genus Trichobaris
Species bridwelli - Jimsonweed Weevil
Species compacta - Trichobaris compacta
Species major - Trichobaris major
Species mucorea - Tobacco Weevil
Species texana - Texas Solanum Weevil
Species trinotata - Potato Stalk Borer
Tribe Madarini
Genus Ampeloglypter
Species ampelopsis - Grape Cane Girdler
Species longipennis - Ampeloglypter longipennis
Genus Glyptobaris
Species lecontei - Glyptobaris lecontei
Genus Madarellus
Species cuneatus - Madarellus cuneatus
Species inconstans - Madarellus inconstans
Species undulatus - Madarellus undulatus
Genus Myctides
Species imberbis - Myctides imberbis
Genus Odontocorynus
Species calcarifer - Odontocorynus calcarifer
Species falsus - Odontocorynus falsus
Species larvatus - Odontocorynus larvatus
Species pulverulentus - Odontocorynus pulverulentus
Species salebrosus - Odontocorynus salebrosus
Species umbellae - Odontocorynus umbellae
No Taxon umbellae or salebrosus
Genus Onychobaris
Species densa - Onychobaris densa
Species depressa - Onychobaris depressa
Species millepora - Onychobaris millepora
Species pectorosa - Onychobaris pectorosa
Species perita - Onychobaris perita
Species subtonsa - Onychobaris subtonsa
Genus Orchidophilus
Species aterrimus - Orchid Weevil
Genus Stictobaris
Species cribrata - Stictobaris cribrata
Species ornatella - Stictobaris ornatella
Tribe Apostasimerini
Genus Acentrinops
Species brevicollis - Acentrinops brevicollis
Genus Amercedes
Species subulirostris - Amercedes subulirostris
Genus Apinocis
Species blanditus - Apinocis blanditus
Species deplanatus - Apinocis deplanatus
Species limbifer - Apinocis limbifer
Species longipennis - Apinocis longipennis
Species nasutus - Apinocis nasutus
Species planiusculus - Apinocis planiusculus
Species punctiger - Apinocis punctiger
Species saccharidis - Apinocis saccharidis
Species subnudus - Apinocis subnudus
Species validulus - Apinocis validulus
Genus Barilepis
Species grisea - Barilepis grisea
Genus Barilepton
Species albescens - Barilepton albescens
Species filiforme - Barilepton filiforme
Species quadricolle - Barilepton quadricolle
Species undescribed - Barilepton undescribed
Genus Barinus
Species cribricollis - Barinus cribricollis
Species curticollis - Barinus curticollis
Species linearis - Barinus linearis
Species lutescens - Barinus lutescens
Species suffusus - Barinus suffusus
Genus Buchananius
Species striatus - Buchananius striatus
Species sulcatus - Buchananius sulcatus
Genus Calandrinus
Species grandicollis - Calandrinus grandicollis
Genus Catapastinus
Species caseyi - Catapastinus caseyi
Genus Catapastus
Species conspersus - Catapastus conspersus
Species seriatus - Catapastus seriatus
Species squamirostris - Catapastus squamirostris
Genus Centrinites
Species strigicollis - Centrinites strigicollis
Genus Centrinogyna
Species procera - Centrinogyna procera
Species hispidula - Centrinogyna hispidula
Genus Centrinopus
Species helvinus - Centrinopus helvinus
Genus Cholinobaris
Species rhomboidea - Cholinobaris rhomboidea
Genus Crostis
Species boreas - Crostis boreas
Genus Cylindridia
Species prolixa - Cylindridia prolixa
Genus Diorymeropsis
Species xanthoxyli - Diorymeropsis xanthoxyli
Genus Dirabius
Species rectirostris - Dirabius rectirostris
Species rotundicollis - Dirabius rotundicollis
Genus Eisonyx
Species crassipes - Eisonyx crassipes
Genus Geraeus
Species coarctatus - Geraeus coarctatus
Species modestus - Geraeus modestus
Species patagoniensis - Geraeus patagoniensis
Species penicillus - Geraeus penicillus
Species picumnus - Geraeus picumnus
Genus Haplostethops
Species ellipsoideus - Haplostethops ellipsoideus
Species gravidula - Haplostethops gravidula
Genus Idiostethus
Species dispersus - Idiostethus dispersus
Species subcalvus - Idiostethus subcalvus
Species tubulatus - Idiostethus tubulatus
Genus Linogeraeus
Species capillatus - Linogeraeus capillatus
Species crucifer - Linogeraeus crucifer
Species finitimus - Linogeraeus finitimus
Species laevirostris - Linogeraeus laevirostris
Species neglectus - Linogeraeus neglectus
Species perscitus - Linogeraeus perscitus
Species tonsilis - Linogeraeus tonsilis
Genus Macrobaris
Species aquilonia - Macrobaris aquilonia
Genus Microcholus
Species striatus - Microcholus striatus
Genus Nicentrus
Species decipiens - Nicentrus decipiens
Species lecontei - Nicentrus lecontei
Species saccharinus - Nicentrus saccharinus
Genus Oligolochus
Species bracatus - Oligolochus bracatus
Species ornatus - Oligolochus ornatus
Genus Oomorphidius
Species erasus - Oomorphidius erasus
Species laevicollis - Oomorphidius laevicollis
Genus Pachybaris
Species porosa - Pachybaris porosa
Genus Plocamus
Species hispidulus - Plocamus hispidulus
Species echidna - Plocamus echidna
Genus Pseudocentrinus
Species ochraceus - Pseudocentrinus ochraceus
Genus Sibariops
Species concinnus - Sibariops concinnus
Species confertus - Sibariops confertus
Species confinis - Sibariops confinis
Species confusus - Sibariops confusus
Genus Stethobaris
Species cicatricosa - Stethobaris cicatricosa
Species incompta - Stethobaris incompta
Species nemesis - Stethobaris nemesis
Species ovata - Stethobaris ovata
Genus Trichodirabius
Species longulus - Trichodirabius longulus
Genus Zygobarella
Species xanthoxyli - Zygobarella xanthoxyli
Genus Zygobarinus
Species coelestinus - Zygobarinus coelestinus
Genus Zygobaris
Species nitens - Zygobaris nitens
Genus Lipancylus
Species copelatus - Lipancylus copelatus
Species cracens - Lipancylus cracens
Subfamily Ceutorhynchinae - Minute Seed Weevils
Genus Hypurus
Species bertrandi - Hypurus bertrandi
Genus Mononychus
Species vulpeculus - Iris Weevil
Tribe Ceutorhynchini
Genus Allosirocalus
Species angulatus - Allosirocalus angulatus
Species obliquus - Allosirocalus obliquus
Species disturbatus - Allosirocalus disturbatus
Genus Amalorrhynchus
Species melanarius - Amalorrhynchus melanarius
Genus Amalus
Species scortillum - Amalus scortillum
Genus Ceutorhynchus
Species americanus - Ceutorhynchus americanus
Species anthonomoides - Ceutorhynchus anthonomoides
Species bolteri - Ceutorhynchus bolteri 0
Species disturbatus - Ceutorhynchus disturbatus
Species erwini - Ceutorhynchus erwini
Species erysimi - Ceutorhynchus erysimi
Species inaffectatus - Ceutorhynchus inaffectatus
Species lecontei - Ceutorhynchus lecontei
Species medialis - Ceutorhynchus medialis
Species nodipennis - Ceutorhynchus nodipennis 0
Species obstrictus - Cabbage Seedpod Weevil
Species omissus - Ceutorhynchus omissus
Species oregonensis - Ceutorhynchus oregonensis
Species pallidactylus - Cabbage Stem Weevil
Species pauxillus - Ceutorhynchus pauxillus 0
Species pusillus - Ceutorhynchus pusillus
Species rapae - Cabbage Curculio
Species semirufus - Ceutorhynchus semirufus
Species squamatus - Ceutorhynchus squamatus
Species squamosulus - Ceutorhynchus squamosulus
Species subpubescens - Ceutorhynchus subpubescens 0
Species typhae - Ceutorhynchus typhae
Species zimmermannii - Ceutorhynchus zimmermannii
No Taxon neglectus group
Species neglectus - Ceutorhynchus neglectus
Species querceti - Ceutorhynchus querceti
No Taxon undescribed sp. KS (anthonomoides-group)
Genus Glocianus
Species punctiger - Glocianus punctiger
Genus Hadroplontus
Species litura - Canada Thistle Stem Weevil
Genus Microplontus
Species edentulus - Microplontus edentulus
Species campestris - Microplontus campestris
Genus Mogulones
Species crucifer - Hound's-tongue Root Weevil
Genus Nedyus
Species apicalis - Nedyus apicalis
Species vitiosus - Nedyus vitiosus 0
Genus Phrydiuchus
Species tau - Mediterranean Sage Root Crown Weevil
Genus Poophagus
Species sisymbrii - Watercress Weevil
Genus Prisistus
Species olgae - Prisistus olgae 0
Genus Rileyonymus
Species relictus - Rileyonymus relictus
Genus Sirocalodes
Species siculus - Sirocalodes siculus
Species sericans - Sirocalodes sericans
Genus Trichosirocalus
Species horridus - Thistle Crown Weevil
Tribe Cnemogonini
Genus Acanthoscelidius
Species acephalus - Acanthoscelidius acephalus
Species curtus - Acanthoscelidius curtus
Species guttatus - Acanthoscelidius guttatus
Species mendicus - Acanthoscelidius mendicus
Species utahensis - Acanthoscelidius utahensis
Genus Asperauleutes
Species tachygonoides - Asperauleutes tachygonoides
Genus Auleutes
Species asper - Auleutes asper
Species ater - Auleutes ater
Species donaldi - Auleutes donaldi
Species epilobii - Auleutes epilobii
Species subfasciatus - Auleutes subfasciatus
Species tenuipes - Auleutes tenuipes
Species tuberculatus - Auleutes tuberculatus
Genus Cnemogonus
Species lecontei - Cnemogonus lecontei
Genus Craponius
Species inaequalis - Grape Curculio
Genus Dietzella
Species sextuberculata - Dietzella sextuberculata
Species zimmermanni - Dietzella zimmermanni
Genus Orchestomerus
Species eisemani - Orchestomerus eisemani
Species marionis - Orchestomerus marionis
Species whiteheadi - Orchestomerus whiteheadi
Species wickhami - Orchestomerus wickhami
Genus Parauleutes
Species nebulosus - Parauleutes nebulosus
Species undescribed - Parauleutes undescribed
Genus Perigaster
Species cretura - Perigaster cretura
Species obscura - Perigaster obscura
Genus Perigasteromimus
Species tetracanthus - Perigasteromimus tetracanthus
Tribe Phytobiini
Genus Euhrychiopsis
Species lecontei - Milfoil weevil
Genus Neophytobius
Species cavifrons - Neophytobius cavifrons
Genus Parenthis
Species vestitus - Parenthis vestitus
Genus Pelenomus
Species asperulus - Pelenomus asperulus
Species fuliginosus - Pelenomus fuliginosus
Species gracilipes - Pelenomus gracilipes
Species squamosus - Pelenomus squamosus
Species sulcicollis - Pelenomus sulcicollis
Species waltoni - Pelenomus waltoni
Genus Phytobius
Species leucogaster - European Water Milfoil Weevil
Genus Rhinoncomimus
Species latipes - Mile-a-minute Weevil
Genus Rhinoncus
Species bruchoides - Rhinoncus bruchoides
Species castor - Rhinoncus castor
Species longulus - Smartweed Node Weevil
Species pericarpius - Rhinoncus pericarpius
Species perpendicularis - Rhinoncus perpendicularis
Species pyrrhopus - Rhinoncus pyrrhopus
Species triangularis - Rhinoncus triangularis
Tribe Scleropterini
Genus Acallodes
Species saltoides - Acallodes saltoides
Species ventricosus - Acallodes ventricosus
Genus Asperosoma
Species echinatum - Asperosoma echinatum
Genus Homorosoma
Species sulcipenne - Homorosoma sulcipenne
Genus Prorutidosoma
Species decipiens - Prorutidosoma decipiens
Subfamily Conoderinae
Tribe Zygopini - Twig and Stem Weevils
Genus Cylindrocopturus
Species adspersus - Sunflower Stem Weevil
Species binotatus - Cylindrocopturus binotatus
Species dehiscens - Cylindrocopturus dehiscens
Species deleoni - Cylindrocopturus deleoni
Species eatoni - Pine Reproduction Weevil
Species furnissi - Cylindrocopturus furnissi
Species longulus - Cylindrocopturus longulus
Species mammillatus - Cylindrocopturus mammillatus
Species mediinotus - Cylindrocopturus mediinotus
Species nanulus - Cylindrocopturus nanulus
Species nubilatus - Cylindrocopturus nubilatus
Species operculatus - Cylindrocopturus operculatus
Species quercus - Cylindrocopturus quercus
Species tetralobus - Cylindrocopturus tetralobus
Species undescribed-nr-princeps - Cylindrocopturus undescribed-nr-princeps
Species longulus-group-possibly-unnamed - Cylindrocopturus longulus-group-possibly-unnamed
Genus Peltophorus
Species adustus - Peltophorus adustus
Species polymitus - Peltophorus polymitus
Subspecies seminiveus - Peltophorus polymitus seminiveus
Subspecies suffusus - Peltophorus polymitus suffusus
Genus Phaenomerus
Species foveipennis - Phaenomerus foveipennis
Tribe Lechriopini
Genus Acoptus
Species suturalis - Acoptus suturalis
Genus Copturomorpha
Species rileyi - Copturomorpha rileyi
Genus Copturus
Species floridanus - Copturus floridanus
Genus Cylindrocopturinus
Species pictus - Cylindrocopturinus pictus
Genus Eulechriops
Species minuta - Eulechriops minuta
Genus Lechriops
Species californicus - Lechriops californicus
Species griseus - Lechriops griseus
Species oculatus - Lechriops oculatus
Genus Psomus
Species armatus - Psomus armatus
Subfamily Cossoninae
Tribe Cossonini
Genus Cossonus
Species americanus - Cossonus americanus
Species corticola - Cossonus corticola
Species crenatus - Cossonus crenatus
Species impressifrons - Cossonus impressifrons
Species pacificus - Cossonus pacificus
Species platalea - Cossonus platalea
Species piniphilus - Cossonus piniphilus
Species ponderosae - Cossonus ponderosae
Species rufipennis - Cossonus rufipennis
Species texanus - Cossonus texanus
Genus Stenotrupis
Species acicula - Stenotrupis acicula
Genus Mesites
Species subcylindricus - Mesites subcylindricus
Species rufipennis - Mesites rufipennis
Genus Acamptus
Species echinus - Acamptus echinus
Species rigidus - Acamptus rigidus
Species texanus - Acamptus texanus
Tribe Onycholipini
Genus Hexarthrum
Species ulkei - Eastern Wood Weevil
Genus Pselactus
Species spadix - Pselactus spadix
Genus Pseudopentarthrum
Species parvicollis - Pseudopentarthrum parvicollis
Species simplex - Pseudopentarthrum simplex
Genus Stenoscelis
Species andersoni - Stenoscelis andersoni
Species brevis - Stenoscelis brevis
Genus Trichacorynus
Species protractus - Trichacorynus protractus
No Taxon undet. genus sp.
Tribe Rhyncolini
Genus Aphanommata
Species tenuis - Aphanommata tenuis
Genus Apotrepus
Species densicollis - Apotrepus densicollis
Genus Carphonotus
Species testaceus - Carphonotus testaceus
Genus Elassoptes
Species marinus - Elassoptes marinus
Genus Himatium
Species errans - Himatium errans
Genus Macrancylus
Species linearis - Macrancylus linearis
Genus Macrorhyncolus
Species littoralis - Macrorhyncolus littoralis
Genus Nyssonotus
Species seriatus - Nyssonotus seriatus
Genus Phloeophagus
Species apionides - Phloeophagus apionides
Species canadensis - Phloeophagus canadensis
Genus Rhyncolus
Species brunneus - Rhyncolus brunneus
Species californicus - Rhyncolus californicus
Species cercocarpus - Rhyncolus cercocarpus
Species cylindricollis - Rhyncolus cylindricollis
Species dilatatus - Rhyncolus dilatatus
Species discors - Rhyncolus discors
Species knowltoni - Rhyncolus knowltoni
Species macrops - Rhyncolus macrops
Species minor - Rhyncolus minor
Species nimius - Rhyncolus nimius
Species oregonensis - Rhyncolus oregonensis
Species pallens - Rhyncolus pallens
Species spretus - Rhyncolus spretus
Species stacesmithi - Rhyncolus stacesmithi
Genus Stenancylus
Species colomboi - Stenancylus colomboi
Genus Tomolips
Species quercicola - Black Wood Weevil
Tribe Dryotribini
Genus Amaurorhinus
Species bewickianus - Amaurorhinus bewickianus
Genus Caulophilus
Species oryzae - Broad-nosed Grain Weevil
Species dubius - Caulophilus dubius
Genus Dryotribus
Species mimeticus - Dryotribus mimeticus
Genus Micromimus
Species corticalis - Micromimus corticalis
Genus Paralicus
Species minyops - Paralicus minyops
Genus Stenomimus
Species pallidus - Stenomimus pallidus
Tribe Pentarthrini
Genus Euophryum
Species confine - New Zealand Wood Weevil
Genus Macroscytalus
Species chisosensis - Macroscytalus chisosensis
Genus Pentarthrum
Species huttoni - European Wood Weevil
Genus Proeces
Species depressus - Proeces depressus
Subfamily Curculioninae
Tribe Acalyptini
Genus Acalyptus
Species carpini - Acalyptus carpini
Tribe Anthonomini
Genus Anthonomopsis
Species mixta - Anthonomopsis mixta
Genus Anthonomus
No Taxon subgenus Anthonomochaeta
Species heterogenus - Anthonomus heterogenus
No Taxon subgenus Anthomorphus
Species profundus - Anthonomus profundus
Species rubidus - Anthonomus rubidus
No Taxon subgenus Anthonomocyllus
Species leucostictus - Anthonomus leucostictus
Species xanthoxyli - Anthonomus xanthoxyli
No Taxon subgenus Anthonomorphus
Species fulvus - Anthonomus fulvus
Species peninsularis - Anthonomus peninsularis
Species texanus - Anthonomus texanus
No Taxon subgenus Anthonomus
Species aeneolus - Anthonomus aeneolus
Species alboannulatus - Anthonomus alboannulatus
Species albopilosus - Anthonomus albopilosus
Species consors - Cherry Curculio
Species convictus - Anthonomus convictus
Species corvulus - Anthonomus corvulus
Species dentoni - Anthonomus dentoni
Species eugenii - Pepper Weevil
Species faber - Anthonomus faber
Species grandis - Boll Weevil
Subspecies thurberiae - Anthonomus grandis thurberiae
Species interstitialis - Anthonomus interstitialis
Species musculus - Cranberry Weevil
Species nigrinus - Potato Bud Weevil
Species ochreopilosus - Anthonomus ochreopilosus
Species pusillus - Anthonomus pusillus
Species quadrigibbus - Apple Curculio
Species rufipennis - Anthonomus rufipennis
Species rutilus - Anthonomus rutilus
Species sexguttatus - Anthonomus sexguttatus
Species signatus - Strawberry Bud Weevil
Species subfasciatus - Anthonomus subfasciatus
Species ungularis - Anthonomus ungularis
Species unipustulatus - Anthonomus unipustulatus
Species xanthocnemus - Anthonomus xanthocnemus
No Taxon juniperinus group
Species juniperinus - Anthonomus juniperinus
Species rileyi - Anthonomus rileyi
Species sanborni - Anthonomus sanborni
No Taxon squamosus group
Species ater - Anthonomus ater
Species disjunctus - Anthonomus disjunctus
Species helianthi - Anthonomus helianthi
Species heterothecae - Anthonomus heterothecae
Species lecontei - Anthonomus lecontei
Species molochinus - Anthonomus molochinus 0
Species nebulosus - Anthonomus nebulosus
Species robustulus - Anthonomus robustulus
Species rufipes - Anthonomus rufipes
Species solarii - Anthonomus solarii
Species sphaeralciae - Anthonomus sphaeralciae
Species squamans - Anthonomus squamans
Species squamosus - Anthonomus squamosus
Species tectus - Anthonomus tectus
Species testaceosquamosus - Anthonomus testaceosquamosus
No Taxon suturalis group
Species haematopus - Anthonomus haematopus
Species morulus - Anthonomus morulus
Species suturalis - Anthonomus suturalis
No Taxon signatus group
No Taxon venustus group
Species schwarzi - Anthonomus schwarzi
No Taxon subgenus Cnemocyllus
Species arenicolor - Anthonomus arenicolor
Species decipiens - Anthonomus decipiens
Species elongatus - Anthonomus elongatus
Species extensus - Anthonomus extensus
Species inermis - Anthonomus inermis
Species jacobinus - Anthonomus jacobinus
Species ligatus - Anthonomus ligatus
Species ornatulus - Anthonomus ornatulus
Species tenuis - Anthonomus tenuis
Species stolatus - Anthonomus stolatus 0
No Taxon missing spp. --tmp
Genus Atractomerus
Species punctipennis - Atractomerus punctipennis
Genus Brachyogmus
Species ornatus - Brachyogmus ornatus
Genus Chelonychus
Species longipes - Chelonychus longipes
Genus Cionomimus
Species insolens - Cionomimus insolens
Genus Cionopsis
Species lineola - Cionopsis lineola
Species maculata - Cionopsis maculata
Genus Coccotorus
Species pruniphilus - Coccotorus pruniphilus
Species pumilae - Coccotorus pumilae
Species scutellaris - Plum Gouger
Species hirsutus - sand-cherry gouger
Genus Dietzianus
Species pygmaeus - Dietzianus pygmaeus
Genus Ephelops
Species triguttatus - Ephelops triguttatus
Genus Epimechus
Species curvipes - Epimechus curvipes
Genus Huaca
Species apian - Huaca apian
Species guayra - Huaca guayra
Genus Magdalinops
Species vittipennis - Magdalinops vittipennis
Species falli - Magdalinops falli
Genus Nanops
Species schwarzi - Nanops schwarzi
Genus Narberdia
Species aridulus - Narberdia aridulus
Genus Neomastix
Species solidaginis - Neomastix solidaginis
Genus Pseudanthonomus
Species crataegi - Pseudanthonomus crataegi
Species helvolus - Pseudanthonomus helvolus
Species rufulus - Pseudanthonomus rufulus
Species tomentosulus - Pseudanthonomus tomentosulus
Species validus - Pseudanthonomus validus
Genus Smicraulax
Species tuberculatus - Smicraulax tuberculatus
Species arizonicus - Smicraulax arizonicus
Tribe Camarotini
Genus Odontopus
Species calceatus - Yellow Poplar Weevil
Tribe Cionini
Genus Cionus
Species scrophulariae - Cionus scrophulariae
Tribe Curculionini
Genus Curculio - Nut and Acorn Weevils
Species caryae - Pecan Weevil
Species confusor - Curculio confusor
Species fulvus - Curculio fulvus
Species humeralis - Curculio humeralis
Species iowensis - Curculio iowensis
Species longidens - Curculio longidens
Species nasicus - Curculio nasicus
Species obtusus - Curculio obtusus
Species occidentis - Curculio occidentis
Species orthorhynchus - Curculio orthorhynchus
Species pardalis - Curculio pardalis
Species pardus - Curculio pardus
Species proboscideus - Curculio proboscideus
Species rubidus - Curculio rubidus
Species sayi - Small Chestnut Weevil
Species sulcatulus - Curculio sulcatulus
Species uniformis - Curculio uniformis
Species victoriensis - Curculio victoriensis
Genus Archarius
Species salicivorus - Willow Gall Weevil
Tribe Derelomini
Genus Derelomus
Species subcostatus - Fan Palm Pollinating Weevil
Genus Elaeidobius
Species subvittatus - Elaeidobius subvittatus
Genus Hypoleschus
Species atratus - Hypoleschus atratus
Genus Notolomus
Species basalis - Notolomus basalis
Species bicolor - Notolomus bicolor
No Taxon Notolomus sp. TAC 1
No Taxon Notolomus sp. TAC 2
Genus Phyllotrox
Species canyonaceris - Phyllotrox canyonaceris 0
Species derivatus - Phyllotrox derivatus 0
Species ferrugineus - Phyllotrox ferrugineus
Species nubifer - Phyllotrox nubifer
Species quadricollis - Phyllotrox quadricollis 0
Species rutilus - Phyllotrox rutilus
Species sejunctus - Phyllotrox sejunctus 0
Tribe Ellescini
Genus Dorytomus
Species brevicollis - Dorytomus brevicollis
Species frostii - Dorytomus frostii
Species hystricula - Dorytomus hystricula
Species imbecillus - Dorytomus imbecillus
Species inaequalis - Dorytomus inaequalis
Species laticollis - Dorytomus laticollis
Species lecontei - Dorytomus lecontei
Species leucophyllus - Dorytomus leucophyllus
Species luridus - Dorytomus luridus
Species mannerheimi - Dorytomus mannerheimi
Species marginatus - Dorytomus marginatus
Species mucidus - Dorytomus mucidus
Species parvicollis - Dorytomus parvicollis
Species rufulus - Dorytomus rufulus
Species squamosus - Dorytomus squamosus
Species vagenotatus - Dorytomus vagenotatus
No Taxon laticollis or parvicollis
Subtribe Ellescina
Genus Ellescus
Species bipunctatus - Ellescus bipunctatus
Species ephippiatus - Ellescus ephippiatus
Species michaeli - Ellescus michaeli
Species scanicus - Ellescus scanicus
Genus Proctorus
Species decipiens - Proctorus decipiens
Tribe Erodiscini
Genus Sicoderus
Species tinamus - Sicoderus tinamus
Tribe Mecinini
Genus Cleopomiarus
Species hispidulus - Cleopomiarus hispidulus
Genus Mecinus
Species janthinus - Stem-boring Weevil
Species pascuorum - Mecinus pascuorum
Species pyraster - Stem Miner Weevil
Species linnavuorii - Mecinus linnavuorii
Genus Rhinusa
Species antirrhini - Toadflax Seedhead Weevil
Species asellus - Rhinusa asellus
Species linariae - Root-gall Weevil
Species neta - Rhinusa neta
Species tetra - Rhinusa tetra
Tribe Otidocephalini - Antlike Weevils
Genus Micromyrmex
Species poeyi - Micromyrmex poeyi
Genus Myrmex
Species arizonicus - Myrmex arizonicus
Species basalis - Myrmex basalis
Species carinicollis - Myrmex carinicollis
Species chevrolatii - Myrmex chevrolatii
Species dichrous - Myrmex dichrous
Species egregius - Myrmex egregius
Species estriatus - Myrmex estriatus
Species floridanus - Myrmex floridanus
Species horni - Myrmex horni
Species insignis - Myrmex insignis
Species knulli - Myrmex knulli
Species laevicollis - Myrmex laevicollis
Species lineatus - Myrmex lineatus
Species myrmex - Myrmex myrmex
Species ruficornis - Myrmex ruficornis
Species scrobicollis - Myrmex scrobicollis
Species subglaber - Myrmex subglaber
Species texanus - Myrmex texanus
Species ulkei - Myrmex ulkei
Species vandykei - Myrmex vandykei
Species undescribed-one - Myrmex undescribed-one
Genus Oopterinus
Species distinctus - Oopterinus distinctus
Species perforatus - Oopterinus perforatus
Tribe Piazorhinini
Genus Piazorhinus
Species pictus - Piazorhinus pictus
Species scutellaris - Piazorhinus scutellaris
Species tuberculatus - Piazorhinus tuberculatus
Tribe Rhamphini - Flea Weevils
Subtribe Rhamphina
Genus Isochnus
Species flagellum - Isochnus flagellum
Species rufipes - Willow Flea Weevil
Species sequensi - Isochnus sequensi
Genus Orchestes
Species andersoni - Orchestes andersoni
Species fagi - Beech Leaf-mining Weevil
Species mixtus - Orchestes mixtus
Species pallicornis - Apple Flea Weevil
Species steppensis - European Elm Flea Weevil
Species testaceus - Alder Flea Weevil
No Taxon mixtus or pallicornis
No Taxon mixtus or steppensis
Genus Tachyerges
Species niger - Tachyerges niger
Species salicis - Tachyerges salicis
Species ephippiatus - Tachyerges ephippiatus
Genus Tachygonus
Species centralis - Tachygonus centralis
Species fulvipes - Tachygonus fulvipes
Species lecontei - Tachygonus lecontei
Species tardipes - Tachygonus tardipes
Tribe Storeini
Genus Pachytychius
Species haematocephalus - Gilkicker Weevil
Tribe Smicronychini
Genus Promecotarsus
Species densus - Promecotarsus densus
Genus Smicronyx
No Taxon Subgenus Smicronyx
Species albonotatus - Smicronyx albonotatus
Species apionides - Smicronyx apionides
Species halophilus - Smicronyx halophilus
Species interruptus - Smicronyx interruptus
Species quadrifer - Smicronyx quadrifer
Species rhodopus - Smicronyx rhodopus
Species sculpticollis - Dodder Gall Weevil
Species spretus - Smicronyx spretus
Species vestitus - Smicronyx vestitus
Species tychoides - Smicronyx tychoides
No Taxon Subgenus Pachyphanes
Species amoenus - Smicronyx amoenus
Species centralis - Smicronyx centralis
Species corpulentus - Smicronyx corpulentus
Species discoideus - Smicronyx discoideus
Species lineolatus - Smicronyx lineolatus
Species triangularis - Smicronyx triangularis
No Taxon Subgenus Pseudosmicronyx
Species commixtus - Smicronyx commixtus
Species corniculatus - Smicronyx corniculatus
Species flavicans - Smicronyx flavicans
Species imbricatus - Smicronyx imbricatus
Species ovipennis - Smicronyx ovipennis
Species pleuralis - Smicronyx pleuralis
Species squalidus - Smicronyx squalidus
Species tesselatus - Smicronyx tesselatus
No Taxon Subgenus Desmoris
Species compar - Smicronyx compar
Species constrictus - Smicronyx constrictus
Species fulvus - Red Sunflower Seed Weevil
Species humilis - Smicronyx humilis
Species incertus - Smicronyx incertus
Species pinguis - Smicronyx pinguis
Species rectirostris - Smicronyx rectirostris
Species scapalis - Smicronyx scapalis
Species sordidus - Gray Sunflower Seed Weevil
Tribe Tychiini - Leguminous Seed Weevils
Genus Ochyromera
Species ligustri - Ligustrum Weevil
Subtribe Lignyodina
Genus Lignyodes - Ash Seed Weevils
Species arizonensis - Lignyodes arizonensis
Species auratus - Lignyodes auratus
Species autumnalis - Lignyodes autumnalis
Species bischoffi - Lignyodes bischoffi
Species fraxini - Lignyodes fraxini
Species helvolus - Lignyodes helvolus
Species horridulus - Lignyodes horridulus
No Taxon subgenus Neotylopterus
Species adamanteus - Lignyodes adamanteus
Species baboquivariensis - Lignyodes baboquivariensis
Species ligustricolus - Lignyodes ligustricolus
Species pallidus - Lignyodes pallidus
Species transversus - Lignyodes transversus
Species varius - Lignyodes varius
Genus Plocetes
Species ulmi - Plocetes ulmi
Species versicolor - Plocetes versicolor
Subtribe Tychiina
Genus Sibinia
Species fulva - Sibinia fulva
Species hispida - Sibinia hispida
Species inermis - Huisache Sibinia Weevil
Species maculata - Sibinia maculata
Species ochreosa - Sibinia ochreosa
Species pallida - Ebony Sibinia Weevil
Species ruidula - Sibinia ruidula
Species sellata - Sibinia sellata
Species setosa - Mesquite Sibinia Weevil
Species sibinioides - Sibinia sibinioides
Species suturalis - Sibinia suturalis
Species transversa - Sibinia transversa
No Taxon triseriata or ruidula
Species variegata - Sibinia variegata
Genus Tychius
Species cuprifer - Tychius cuprifer
Species liljebladi - Tychius liljebladi
Species lineellus - Tychius lineellus
Species meliloti - Sweet Clover Weevil
Species picirostris - Clover Seed Weevil
Species prolixus - Tychius prolixus
Species semisquamosus - Tychius semisquamosus
Species soltaui - Tychius soltaui
Species sordidus - Tychius sordidus
Species stephensi - Red Clover Seed Weevil
Species tectus - Tychius tectus
Genus Macrorhoptus
Species hispidus - Macrorhoptus hispidus
Species estriatus - Macrorhoptus estriatus
Subfamily Cryptorhynchinae - Hidden Snout Weevils
Tribe Gasterocercini
Genus Cophes
Species fallax - Cophes fallax
Species longiusculus - Cophes longiusculus
Species oblongus - Cophes oblongus
Species obtentus - Cophes obtentus
Species texanus - Cophes texanus
Genus Episcirrus
Species brachialis - Episcirrus brachialis
Genus Hohonus
Species lacteicollis - Hohonus lacteicollis
Genus Rhynchus
Species apiculatus - Rhynchus apiculatus
Tribe Cryptorhynchini
Subtribe Cryptorhynchina
Genus Apteromechus
Species ferratus - Apteromechus ferratus
Species longus - Apteromechus longus
Species texanus - Apteromechus texanus
Genus Cnemidoprion
Species oblongus - Cnemidoprion oblongus
Genus Cryptorhynchus
Species fuscatus - Cryptorhynchus fuscatus
Species helvus - Cryptorhynchus helvus
Species lapathi - Poplar-and-Willow Borer
Species tristis - Cryptorhynchus tristis
Genus Eubulus
Species parochus - Eubulus parochus
Species obliquefasciatus - Eubulus obliquefasciatus
Species bisignatus - Eubulus bisignatus
Genus Eutinobothris
Species pilosellus - Eutinobothris pilosellus
Genus Liometophilus
Species manni - Liometophilus manni
Genus Maemactes
Species cribratus - Maemactes cribratus
Genus Neoulosomus
Genus Phyrdenus
Species divergens - Phyrdenus divergens
Genus Sternochetus
Species mangiferae - Mango Seed Weevil
Genus Sudus
Species floridanus - Sudus floridanus
Genus Troezon
Species lutosus - Troezon lutosus
Genus Tyloderma
Species aereum - Tyloderma aereum
Species angustulum - Tyloderma angustulum
Species aquaticum - Tyloderma aquaticum
Species baridium - Tyloderma baridium
Species capitale - Tyloderma capitale
Species circumcaribbeum - Tyloderma circumcaribbeum
Species contusum - Tyloderma contusum
Species foveolatum - Tyloderma foveolatum
Species fragariae - Tyloderma fragariae
Species laporteae - Tyloderma laporteae
Species lecontei - Tyloderma lecontei
Species marshalli - Tyloderma marshalli
Species nigrum - Tyloderma nigrum
Species pseudofoveolatum - Tyloderma pseudofoveolatum
Species punctatum - Tyloderma punctatum
Species sphaerocarpae - Tyloderma sphaerocarpae
Species subpubescens - Tyloderma subpubescens
Species variegatum - Tyloderma variegatum
Genus Zascelis
Species irrorata - Zascelis irrorata
Subtribe Tylodina
Genus Acalles
Species carinatus - Acalles carinatus
Species clavatus - Acalles clavatus
Species costifer - Acalles costifer
Species indigens - Acalles indigens
Species minutissimus - Acalles minutissimus
Species porosus - Acalles porosus
Species sulcicollis - Acalles sulcicollis
Species unnamed-fla - Acalles unnamed-fla
Genus Calles
Species cladotrichis - Calles cladotrichis
Genus Canistes
Species schusteri - Canistes schusteri
Genus Eurhoptus
Species curtus - Eurhoptus curtus
Species pyriformis - Eurhoptus pyriformis
Species rileyi - Eurhoptus rileyi
No Taxon undescribed sp.
Genus Euscepes
Species porcellus - Euscepes porcellus
Species postfasciatus - West Indian Sweetpotato Weevil
Genus Faustinus
Species cubae - Pepper Weevil
Genus Gerstaeckeria - Cactus Weevils
Species hubbardi - Gerstaeckeria hubbardi
Species infrequens - Gerstaeckeria infrequens
Species knullorum - Gerstaeckeria knullorum
Species nobilis - Gerstaeckeria nobilis
Species porosa - Gerstaeckeria porosa
Species unicolor - Gerstaeckeria unicolor
Genus Lembodes
Species solitarius - Lembodes solitarius
Genus Paracamptus
Species subtropicus - Paracamptus subtropicus
Genus Peracalles
Species ventrosus - Peracalles ventrosus
Species pectoralis - Peracalles pectoralis
Genus Pseudoacalles
Species nuchalis - Pseudoacalles nuchalis
Genus Pseudomopsis
Species inflata - Pseudomopsis inflata
Genus Pseudomus
Species sedentarius - Pseudomus sedentarius
Subfamily Cyclominae
Tribe Listroderini
Genus Listroderes
Species apicalis - Listroderes apicalis
Species costirostris - Listroderes costirostris
Species difficilis - Vegetable Weevil
Genus Listronotus
Species anthracinus - Listronotus anthracinus
Species appendiculatus - Listronotus appendiculatus
Species blatchleyi - Listronotus blatchleyi
Species caudatus - Listronotus caudatus
Species cryptops - Listronotus cryptops
Species debilis - Listronotus debilis
Species delumbis - Listronotus delumbis
Species dietzi - Listronotus dietzi
Species distinctus - Listronotus distinctus 0
Species echinatus - Listronotus echinatus
Species echinodori - Listronotus echinodori
Species filiformis - Listronotus filiformis
Species frontalis - Listronotus frontalis
Species haldemani - Listronotus haldemani 0
Species hirtellus - Listronotus hirtellus
Species hornii - Listronotus hornii
Species humilis - Listronotus humilis
Species ingens - Listronotus ingens
Species lutulentus - Listronotus lutulentus
Species lodingi - Listronotus lodingi
Species maculicollis - Annual Bluegrass Weevil
Species manifestus - Listronotus manifestus
Species marshalli - Listronotus marshalli
Species oregonensis - Carrot Weevil
Species pallidus - Listronotus pallidus
Species palustris - Listronotus palustris
Species porcellus - Listronotus porcellus
Species punctiger - Listronotus punctiger
Species rotundicollis - Listronotus rotundicollis
Species scapularis - Listronotus scapularis
Species sordidus - Listronotus sordidus
Species sparsus - Listronotus sparsus
Species squamiger - Listronotus squamiger
Species suturalis - Listronotus suturalis
Species teretirostris - Listronotus teretirostris
Species tuberosus - Listronotus tuberosus
Species turbatus - Listronotus turbatus
No Taxon identified as Listronotus sp. by C.W. O'Brien + snippets
Subfamily Dryophthorinae
Tribe Dryophthorini
Genus Dryophthorus
Species americanus - Dryophthorus americanus
Tribe Orthognathini
Genus Orthognathus
Species subparallelus - Orthognathus subparallelus
Tribe Rhynchophorini
Genus Rhynchophorus
Species cruentatus - Palmetto Weevil
Species palmarum - South American Palm Weevil
Species ferrugineus - Red Palm Weevil
Genus Sitophilus - Granary Weevils
Species granarius - Granary Weevil
Species oryzae - Rice Weevil
Species zeamais - Maize weevil
No Taxon oryzae or zeamais
Subtribe Sphenophorina
Genus Cactophagus
Species spinolae - Cactophagus spinolae
Subspecies validus - Cactophagus spinolae validus
Genus Cosmopolites
Species sordidus - Banana Root Borer
Genus Metamasius - Bromeliad Weevils
Species callizona - Mexican Bromeliad Weevil
Species hemipterus - Metamasius hemipterus
Subspecies sericeus - Silky Cane Weevil
Species mosieri - Metamasius mosieri
Genus Rhodobaenus
Species pustulosus - Rhodobaenus pustulosus
Species quinquepunctatus - Cocklebur Weevil
Species tredecimpunctatus - Ironweed Curculio
Genus Scyphophorus
Species yuccae - Yucca Weevil
Species acupunctatus - Agave Weevil
Genus Sphenophorus - Billbugs
Species aequalis - Clay-coloured Billbug
Subspecies pictus - Sphenophorus aequalis pictus
Subspecies ochreus - Sphenophorus aequalis ochreus
Species apicalis - Sphenophorus apicalis
Species arizonensis - Sphenophorus arizonensis
Species australis - Sphenophorus australis
Subspecies australis - Sphenophorus australis australis
Subspecies abrasus - Sphenophorus australis abrasus
Species bartramiae - Sphenophorus bartramiae
Species blanchardi - Sphenophorus blanchardi
Species callosus - Southern Corn Billbug
Species cariosus - Nutgrass Billbug
Species cazieri - Sphenophorus cazieri
Species cicatristriatus - Rocky Mountain Billbug
Species coesifrons - Sphenophorus coesifrons
Species compressirostris - Sphenophorus compressirostris
Species costicollis - Sphenophorus costicollis
Species costipennis - Sphenophorus costipennis
Species crenatus - Sphenophorus crenatus
Species cultellatus - Sphenophorus cultellatus
Species destructor - Sphenophorus destructor
Species gagatinus - Sphenophorus gagatinus
Species gentilis - Sphenophorus gentilis
Species germari - Sphenophorus germari
Species graminis - Sphenophorus graminis
Species hoegbergii - Sphenophorus hoegbergii
Species holosericus - Sphenophorus holosericus
Species imus - Sphenophorus imus
Species latinasus - Sphenophorus latinasus
Species maidis - Sphenophorus maidis
Species marinus - Sphenophorus marinus
Species melanocephalus - Uneven Billbug
Species minimus - Lesser Billbug
Species mormon - Sphenophorus mormon
Species necydaloides - Sphenophorus necydaloides
Species nubilus - Sphenophorus nubilus
Species parvulus - Bluegrass Billbug
Species pertinax - Sphenophorus pertinax
Species phoeniciensis - Phoenix Billbug
Species pontederiae - Sphenophorus pontederiae
Species rectus - Sphenophorus rectus
Species robustus - Sphenophorus robustus
Species sayi - Sphenophorus sayi
Species scoparius - Sphenophorus scoparius
Species simplex - Sphenophorus simplex
Species striatipennis - Sphenophorus striatipennis
Species subulatus - Sphenophorus subulatus
Species tardus - Sphenophorus tardus
Species velutinus - Sphenophorus velutinus
Species venatus - Sphenophorus venatus
Subspecies confluens - Sphenophorus venatus confluens
Subspecies glyceriae - Sphenophorus venatus glyceriae
Subspecies venatus - Sphenophorus venatus venatus
Subspecies vestitus - Hunting Billbug
Species villosiventris - Sphenophorus villosiventris
Species vomerinus - Sphenophorus vomerinus
Species zeae - Timothy Billbug
No Taxon parvulus-like individuals from the northwest
Species probably-unnamed - prob. n.sp. -- south Texas
Genus Rhinostomus
Species frontalis - Rhinostomus frontalis
Subfamily Entiminae - Broad-nosed Weevils
Tribe Agraphini
Genus Paragraphus
Species setosus - Paragraphus setosus
Genus Agraphus
Species bellicus - Agraphus bellicus
Tribe Alophini
Genus Lepidophorus
Species inquinatus - Lepidophorus inquinatus
Species lineaticollis - Lepidophorus lineaticollis
Genus Plinthodes
Species taeniatus - Plinthodes taeniatus
Genus Trichalophus
Species alternatus - Trichalophus alternatus
Species brunneus - Trichalophus brunneus
Species didymus - Trichalophus didymus
Species hylobinus - Acmaegenius hylobinus
Species simplex - Trichalophus simplex
Species near-arcuatus - Trichalophus near-arcuatus
Genus Triglyphulus
Species ater - Triglyphulus ater
Tribe Anypotactini
Genus Polydacrys
Species depressifrons - Polydacrys depressifrons
Tribe Brachyderini
Genus Brachyderes
Species incanus - Grey Pine Weevil
Genus Strophosoma
Species melanogrammum - Nut Leaf Weevil
Tribe Cneorhinini
Genus Philopedon
Species plagiatum - Marram Weevil
Tribe Cyphicerini - Oriental Broad-nosed Weevils
Genus Calomycterus
Species setarius - Imported Long-horned Weevil
Subtribe Cyphicerina
Genus Cyrtepistomus
Species castaneus - Asiatic Oak Weevil
Genus Myosides
Species seriehispidus - Myosides seriehispidus
Genus Pseudoedophrys
Species hilleri - Pseudoedophrys hilleri
Subtribe Myllocerina
Genus Myllocerus
Species undecimpustulatus - Sri Lanka Weevil
Subspecies undatus - Myllocerus undecimpustulatus undatus
Genus Neoptochus
Species adspersus - Neoptochus adspersus
Tribe Dermatodini
Tribe Eudiagogini
Genus Aracanthus
Species pallidus - Aracanthus pallidus
Genus Colecerus
Species marmoratus - Colecerus marmoratus
Species dispar - Colecerus dispar
Genus Eudiagogus - Sesbania Clown Weevils
Species maryae - Eudiagogus maryae
Species pulcher - Eudiagogus pulcher
Species rosenschoeldi - Eudiagogus rosenschoeldi
Tribe Eustylini
Genus Achrastenus
Species griseus - Achrastenus griseus
Genus Brachystylus
Species microphthalmus - Brachystylus microphthalmus
Species sayi - Gray Persimmon Weevil
Genus Compsus
Species auricephalus - Golden-headed Weevil
Genus Diaprepes
Species abbreviatus - Diaprepes Root Weevil
Tribe Geonemini
Genus Barynotus
Species moerens - Barynotus moerens
Species obscurus - Ground Weevil
Genus Bradyrhynchoides
Species constrictus - Bradyrhynchoides constrictus
Genus Calyptillus
Species cryptops - Calyptillus cryptops
Genus Cryptolepidus
Species cazieri - Cryptolepidus cazieri
Species leechi - Cryptolepidus leechi
Genus Epicaerus
Species benjamini - Epicaerus benjamini
Species formidolosus - Epicaerus formidolosus
Species imbricatus - Imbricated Snout Beetle
Species lepidotus - Epicaerus lepidotus
Species mexicanus - Brown Leaf Notcher
Species sulcatus - Epicaerus sulcatus
Species texanus - Epicaerus texanus
Species wickhami - Epicaerus wickhami
Genus Graphorhinus
Species vadosus - Graphorhinus vadosus
Genus Lachnopus
Species floridanus - Lachnopus floridanus
Genus Omileus
Species epicaeroides - Omileus epicaeroides
Genus Stamoderes
Species uniformis - Stamoderes uniformis
Genus Stereogaster
Species globosa - Stereogaster globosa
Genus Trigonoscuta
Species cruzi - Trigonoscuta cruzi
Species miguelensis - Trigonoscuta miguelensis
Species mohawki - Trigonoscuta mohawki
Species nicolana - Trigonoscuta nicolana
Species stantoni - Trigonoscuta stantoni
Tribe Hormorini
Genus Agasphaerops
Species nigra - Lily Weevil
Genus Hormorus
Species undulatus - Lily of the Valley Weevil
Genus Lupinocolus
Species blaisdelli - Lupinocolus blaisdelli
Tribe Naupactini
Genus Aramigus
Species tesselatus - Aramigus tesselatus
Genus Artipus
Species floridanus - Little Leaf Notcher
Genus Atrichonotus
Species taeniatulus - Atrichonotus taeniatulus
Genus Ericydeus
Species lautus - Ericydeus lautus
Species placidus - Ericydeus placidus
Genus Glaphyrometopus
Species ornithodorus - Glaphyrometopus ornithodorus
Genus Mesagroicus
Species elongellus - Mesagroicus elongellus
Species hispidus - Mesagroicus hispidus
Species oblongus - Mesagroicus oblongus
Genus Naupactus - White-fringed Weevils
Species cervinus - Fuller Rose Beetle
Species leucoloma - Naupactus leucoloma
Species pallidulus - Naupactus pallidulus
Species pallidus - Naupactus pallidus
Species peregrinus - Naupactus peregrinus
No Taxon leucoloma or peregrinus
Genus Phacepholis
Species candidus - Phacepholis candidus
Species obscurus - Phacepholis obscurus
Species elegans - Phacepholis elegans
Species planitiatus - Phacepholis planitiatus
Genus Platyomus
Species flexicaulis - Platyomus flexicaulis
Genus Pactorrhinus
Species grisescens - Pactorrhinus grisescens
Tribe Omiini
Genus Omias
Species saccatus - Sagebrush Weevil
Tribe Ophryastini
Genus Ophryastes
Species argentatus - Ophryastes argentatus
Species aridus - Ophryastes aridus
Species cinerascens - Ophryastes cinerascens
Species desertus - Ophryastes desertus
Species geminatus - Ophryastes geminatus
Species latirostris - Ophryastes latirostris
Species mixtus - Ophryastes mixtus
Species nivosus - Ophryastes nivosus
Species ovalis - Ophryastes ovalis
Species ovipennis - Ophryastes ovipennis
Species robustus - Ophryastes robustus
Species sordidus - Ophryastes sordidus
Species speciosus - Ophryastes speciosus
Species sulcirostris - Ophryastes sulcirostris
Species tuberosus - Ophryastes tuberosus
Species turbinatus - Ophryastes turbinatus
Species varius - Ophryastes varius
Species vittatus - Ophryastes vittatus
Genus Sapotes
Species longipilis - Sapotes longipilis
Tribe Otiorhynchini
Genus Agronus
Species carri - Agronus carri
Genus Otiorhynchus
Species carinatopunctatus - Otiorhynchus carinatopunctatus
Species crataegi - Privet Weevil
Species cribricollis - Cribrate Weevil
Species ligneus - Otiorhynchus ligneus
Species ligustici - Alfalfa Snout Beetle
Species meridionalis - Lilac Root Weevil
Species ovatus - Strawberry Root Weevil
Species porcatus - Otiorhynchus porcatus
Species raucus - Otiorhynchus raucus
Species rugosostriatus - Rough Strawberry Root Weevil
Species scaber - Otiorhynchus scaber
Species singularis - Raspberry Weevil
Species sulcatus - Black Vine Weevil
Species rugifrons - Otiorhynchus rugifrons
Genus Sciopithes
Species obscurus - Obscure Root Weevil
Tribe Peritelini
Genus Anchitelus
Species alboviridis - Anchitelus alboviridis
Genus Aragnomus
Species griseus - Aragnomus griseus
Genus Dysticheus
Species insignis - Dysticheus insignis
Genus Eucilinus
Species aridus - Eucilinus aridus
Genus Eucyllus
Species saesariatus - Eucyllus saesariatus
Species vagans - Eucyllus vagans
Genus Geodercodes
Species latipennis - Geodercodes latipennis
Genus Nemocestes
Species incomptus - Woods Weevil
Species horni - Nemocestes horni
Genus Orthoptochus
Species squamiger - Orthoptochus squamiger
Genus Paraptochus
Species setiferus - Paraptochus setiferus
Species variegatus - Paraptochus variegatus
Genus Peritelinus
Species oregonus - Peritelinus oregonus
Genus Peritelodes
Species obtectus - Peritelodes obtectus
Genus Peritelopsis
Species globiventris - Peritelopsis globiventris
Genus Rhypodillus
Species brevicollis - Rhypodillus brevicollis
Genus Stenoptochus
Species inconstans - Stenoptochus inconstans
Genus Stomodes
Species gyrosicollis - Stomodes gyrosicollis
Genus Thinoxenus
Species squalens - Thinoxenus squalens
Genus Thricolepis
Species inornata - Thricolepis inornata
Tribe Phyllobiini
Genus Aphrastus
Species unicolor - Aphrastus unicolor
Species taeniatus - Aphrastus taeniatus
Genus Evotus
Species naso - Evotus naso
Genus Phyllobius
Species oblongus - European Snout Beetle
Species intrusus - Arborvitae Weevil
Tribe Polydrusini
Genus Liophloeus
Species tessulatus - Liophloeus tessulatus
Genus Pachyrhinus - Pine Needle Weevils
Species californicus - Rusty Pineneedle Weevil
Species elegans - Pachyrhinus elegans
Species ferrugineus - Pachyrhinus ferrugineus
Genus Polydrusus
Species americanus - Polydrusus americanus
Species cervinus - Polydrusus cervinus
Species formosus - Green Immigrant Leaf Weevil
Species hassayampus - Polydrusus hassayampus
Species impressifrons - Pale Green Weevil
Species ochreus - Polydrusus ochreus
Tribe Sciaphilini
Genus Barypeithes
Species pellucidus - Hairy Spider Weevil
No Taxon suspected new introduction
Genus Brachysomus
Species echinatus - Brachysomus echinatus
Genus Mitostylus
Species elongatus - Mitostylus elongatus
Species setosus - Mitostylus setosus
Species tenuis - Mitostylus tenuis
Genus Sciaphilus
Species asperatus - Sciaphilus asperatus
Tribe Sitonini
Genus Sitona
Species aquilonius - Sitona aquilonius
Species californius - Sitona californius
Species cockerelli - Sitona cockerelli
Species cylindricollis - Sweetclover Weevil
Species hispidulus - Clover Weevil
Species lepidus - Clover Root Weevil
Species lineatus - Pea Leaf Weevil
Species lineellus - Alfalfa Weevil
Tribe Tanymecini
Genus Amotus
Species setulosus - Amotus setulosus
Genus Hadromeropsis
Species opalina - Hadromeropsis opalina
Genus Isodacrys
Species burkei - Isodacrys burkei
Species ovipennis - Isodacrys ovipennis
Genus Isodrusus
Species debilis - Isodrusus debilis
Genus Miloderoides
Species maculatus - Miloderoides maculatus
Genus Minyomerus
Species cracens - Minyomerus cracens
Species griseus - Minyomerus griseus
Species laticeps - Minyomerus laticeps
Species microps - Minyomerus microps
Genus Pachnaeus
Species azurescens - Pachnaeus azurescens
Species litus - Blue-green Citrus Root Weevil
Species opalus - Northern Citrus Root Weevil
Genus Pandeleteius
Species buchanani - Pandeleteius buchanani
Species cinereus - Pandeleteius cinereus
Species defectus - Pandeleteius defectus
Species hilaris - Pandeleteius hilaris
Species longicollis - Pandeleteius longicollis
Species nodifer - Pandeleteius nodifer
Species robustus - Pandeleteius robustus
Species rotundicollis - Pandeleteius rotundicollis
Genus Pandeleteinus
Species submetallicus - Pandeleteinus submetallicus
Species lucidillus - Pandeleteinus lucidillus
Genus Scalaventer
Species subtropicus - Scalaventer subtropicus
Genus Tanymecus
Species confusus - Tanymecus confusus
Species lacaena - Tanymecus lacaena
Species texanus - Tanymecus texanus
Genus Trigonoscutoides
Species texanus - Trigonoscutoides texanus
Tribe Thecesternini
Genus Thecesternus
Species affinis - Thecesternus affinis
Species hirsutus - Thecesternus hirsutus
Species humeralis - Thecesternus humeralis
Species maculosus - Thecesternus maculosus
Tribe Trachyphloeini
Genus Cathormiocerus
Species aristatus - Cathormiocerus aristatus
Species curvipes - Cathormiocerus curvipes
Species spinosus - Cathormiocerus spinosus
Genus Cercopedius
Species artemisiae - Cercopedius artemisiae
Genus Cercopeus
Species chisaius - Cercopeus chisaius
Species chrysorrhoeus - Cercopeus chrysorrhoeus
Species komareki - Cercopeus komareki
Species maspavancus - Cercopeus maspavancus
Species skelleyi - Cercopeus skelleyi
Genus Chaetechidius
Species speciosus - Chaetechidius speciosus
Genus Pseudocercopeus
Species setosus - Pseudocercopeus setosus
Genus Pseudocneorhinus
Species obesus - Pseudocneorhinus obesus
Species bifasciatus - Twobanded Japanese Weevil
Genus Romualdius
Species scaber - Crusted Root Weevil
Genus Trachyphloeosoma
Species advena - Trachyphloeosoma advena
Genus Trachyphloeus
Tribe Tropiphorini
Genus Adaleres
Species flandersi - Adaleres flandersi
Species humeralis - Adaleres humeralis
Species ovipennis - Adaleres ovipennis
Genus Anametis
Species granulata - Anametis granulata
Species subfusca - Anametis subfusca
Genus Byrsopages
Species villosus - Byrsopages villosus
Genus Cimbocera
Species pauper - Cimbocera pauper
Genus Connatichela
Species artemisiae - Connatichela artemisiae
Genus Crocidema
Species arizonica - Crocidema arizonica
Species californica - Crocidema californica
Genus Diamimus
Species subsericeus - Diamimus subsericeus
Genus Dichoxenus
Species setiger - Dichoxenus setiger
Genus Dirotognathus
Species sordidus - Dirotognathus sordidus
Genus Dyslobus
Species alternatus - Dyslobus alternatus
Species decoratus - Dyslobus decoratus
Species granicollis - Dyslobus granicollis
Species lecontei - Dyslobus lecontei
Species tumidus - Dyslobus tumidus
Species ursinus - Dyslobus ursinus
Species verrucifer - Dyslobus verrucifer
Genus Leptopinara
Genus Melanolemma
Species montana - Melanolemma montana
Genus Miloderes
Species nelsoni - Miloderes nelsoni
Species allredi - Miloderes allredi
Genus Orimodema
Species protracta - Orimodema protracta
Genus Panscopus
Species abruptus - Panscopus abruptus
Species aequalis - Panscopus aequalis
Species bufo - Panscopus bufo
Species gemmatus - Panscopus gemmatus
Species impressus - Panscopus impressus
Species maculosus - Panscopus maculosus
Species ovalis - Panscopus ovalis
Species rugicollis - Panscopus rugicollis
Species torpidus - Panscopus torpidus 0
Genus Paracimbocera
Genus Paranametis
Species distincta - Paranametis distincta
Genus Peritaxia
Species brevipilis - Peritaxia brevipilis
Species hispida - Peritaxia hispida
Genus Phyxelis
Species carltoni - Phyxelis carltoni
Species rigidus - Phyxelis rigidus
Genus Pseudorimus
Species orbicollis - Pseudorimus orbicollis
Genus Rhigopsis
Species effracta - Rhigopsis effracta
Genus Tropiphorus
Species elevatus - Tropiphorus elevatus
Species obtusus - Tropiphorus obtusus
Species terricola - Tropiphorus terricola
Genus Undescribed-one
Subfamily Gonipterinae
Genus Oxyops
Species vitiosa - Melaleuca Leaf Weevil
Genus Gonipterus
Species scutellatus - Eucalyptus Snout Beetle
Subfamily Hyperinae
Genus Coniatus
Species splendidulus - Coniatus splendidulus
Genus Donus
Species zoilus - Clover Leaf Weevil
Genus Hypera
Species compta - Hypera compta
Species diversipunctata - Hypera diversipunctata
Species eximia - Hypera eximia
Species meles - Clover Head Weevil
Species paludicola - Hypera paludicola
Species quadricollis - Hypera quadricollis 0
Species rumicis - Hypera rumicis
No Taxon subgenus Hypera
Species brunnipennis - Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil
Species nigrirostris - Black-beaked Green Weevil
Species postica - Alfalfa Weevil
Subfamily Lixinae
Tribe Rhinocyllini
Genus Bangasternus
Species orientalis - Yellow Starthistle Bud Weevil
Genus Rhinocyllus
Species conicus - Thistle Head Weevil
Tribe Cleonini - Cylindrical Weevils
Genus Apleurus
Species albovestitus - Apleurus albovestitus
Species angularis - Apleurus angularis
Species jacobinus - Apleurus jacobinus
Species lutulentus - Apleurus lutulentus
Species saginatus - Apleurus saginatus
Genus Cleonis
Species piger - Large Thistle Weevil
Genus Cyphocleonus
Species achates - Knapweed Root Weevil
Genus Purealus
Species beckelorum - Purealus beckelorum
Genus Scaphomorphus
Species americanus - Scaphomorphus americanus
Species boucardi - Scaphomorphus boucardi
Species calandroides - Scaphomorphus calandroides
Species canescens - Scaphomorphus canescens
Species collaris - Scaphomorphus collaris
Species erysimi - Scaphomorphus erysimi
Species frontalis - Scaphomorphus frontalis
Species longinasus - Scaphomorphus longinasus
Species placidus - Scaphomorphus placidus
Species pleuralis - Scaphomorphus pleuralis
Species poricollis - Scaphomorphus poricollis
Species puberulus - Scaphomorphus puberulus
Species quadrilineatus - Scaphomorphus quadrilineatus
Species subcylindricus - Scaphomorphus subcylindricus
Species texanus - Scaphomorphus texanus
Species trivittatus - Scaphomorphus trivittatus
Genus Stephanocleonus
Species confusus - Stephanocleonus confusus
Species immaculatus - Stephanocleonus immaculatus
Species parshus - Stephanocleonus parshus
Species plumbeus - Stephanocleonus plumbeus
Tribe Lixini
Genus Eustenopus
Species villosus - Yellow Starthistle Hairy Weevil
Genus Larinus
No Taxon subgenus Phyllonomeus
Species carlinae - Canada Thistle Bud Weevil
Species turbinatus - Larinus turbinatus
No Taxon subgenus Larinomesius
Species curtus - Yellow Star Thistle Flower Weevil
Species minutus - Seedhead Weevil
Species obtusus - Knapweed Seedhead Weevil
Genus Lixus
Species amplexus - Lixus amplexus
Species asper - Lixus asper
Species caudifer - Lixus caudifer
Species concavus - Rhubarb Weevil
Species macer - Lixus macer
Species marginatus - Lixus marginatus
Species maritimus - Lixus maritimus
Species merula - Lixus merula
Species mucidus - Lixus mucidus
Species musculus - Lixus musculus
Species nitidulus - Lixus nitidulus
Species parcus - Lixus parcus
Species perforatus - Lixus perforatus
Species pervestitus - Lixus pervestitus
Species placidus - Lixus placidus
Species punctinasus - Lixus punctinasus
Species rubellus - Lixus rubellus
Species scrobicollis - Ragweed Weevil
Species semivittatus - Lixus semivittatus
Species tenellus - Lixus tenellus
Species terminalis - Lixus terminalis
Genus Microlarinus
Species lypriformis - Puncturevine Stem Weevil
Species lareynii - Puncturevine Seed Weevil
Subfamily Mesoptiliinae
Genus Laemosaccus
No Taxon nephele species group
Species burkei - Laemosaccus burkei
Species clytrinoides - Laemosaccus clytrinoides
Species nephele - Laemosaccus nephele
Species obrieni - Laemosaccus obrieni
Species rileyi - Laemosaccus rileyi
Species texanus - Laemosaccus texanus
Species gossypii - Laemosaccus gossypii
Tribe Magdalidini - Wedge-shaped Bark Weevils
Genus Magdalis
Species aenescens - Bronze Appletree Weevil
Species alutacea - Magdalis alutacea
Species armicollis - Red Elm Bark Weevil
Species austera - Magdalis austera
Species barbicornis - Magdalis barbicornis
Species barbita - Black Elm Bark Weevil
Species convexicollis - Magdalis convexicollis
Species cuneiformis - Magdalis cuneiformis
Species gentilis - Magdalis gentilis
Species gracilis - Magdalis gracilis
Species hispoides - Magdalis hispoides
Species imbellis - Magdalis imbellis
Species inconspicua - Magdalis inconspicua
Species lecontei - Magdalis lecontei
Subspecies superba - Magdalis lecontei superba
Subspecies tinctipennis - Magdalis lecontei tinctipennis
Species olyra - Magdalis olyra
Species pandura - Magdalis pandura
Species perforata - Magdalis perforata
Species piceae - Magdalis piceae
Species salicis - Magdalis salicis
Species striata - Magdalis striata
Species subtincta - Magdalis subtincta
Species morio - Magdalis morio 0
Genus Trichomagdalis
Species conspersa - Trichomagdalis conspersa
Species atrata - Trichomagdalis atrata
Subfamily Molytinae
Tribe Molytini
Genus Gastrotaphrus
Species barberi - Gastrotaphrus barberi
Genus Steremnius
Species carinatus - Conifer Seedling Weevil
Species shermani - Steremnius shermani
Genus Sthereus
Species horridus - Sthereus horridus
Species ptinoides - Sthereus ptinoides
Species quadrituberculatus - Sthereus quadrituberculatus
Genus Anchonus
Species suillus - Anchonus suillus
Species blatchleyi - Anchonus blatchleyi
Species duryi - Anchonus duryi
Tribe Cholini
Genus Cholus
Species cattleyae - Cattleya Weevil
Genus Neoerethistes
Species arizonicus - Neoerethistes arizonicus
Genus Rhyssomatus
Species aequalis - Rhyssomatus aequalis
Species annectens - Rhyssomatus annectens
Species fissilis - Rhyssomatus fissilis
Species lineaticollis - Milkweed Stem Weevil
Species medialis - Rhyssomatus medialis
Species ovalis - Rhyssomatus ovalis
Species palmacollis - Rhyssomatus palmacollis
Species parvulus - Rhyssomatus parvulus
Species pruinosus - Rhyssomatus pruinosus
Species pubescens - Rhyssomatus pubescens
Species rugulipennis - Rhyssomatus rugulipennis
Species texanus - Rhyssomatus texanus
Species suspected-new - Rhyssomatus suspected-new
Tribe Conotrachelini
Genus Conotrachelus
Species adspersus - Conotrachelus adspersus
Species affinis - Hickory Nut Curculio
Species albicinctus - Conotrachelus albicinctus
Species anaglypticus - Cambium Curculio
Species aratus - Hickory Shoot Curculio
Species arizonicus - Conotrachelus arizonicus
Species belfragei - Conotrachelus belfragei
Species buchanani - Conotrachelus buchanani
Species cameronensis - Conotrachelus cameronensis
Species carinifer - Conotrachelus carinifer
Species carolinensis - Conotrachelus carolinensis
Species cognatus - Conotrachelus cognatus
Species compositus - Conotrachelus compositus
Species corni - Conotrachelus corni
Species coronatus - Conotrachelus coronatus
Species crataegi - Conotrachelus crataegi
Species ecarinatus - Conotrachelus ecarinatus
Species echinatus - Conotrachelus echinatus
Species elegans - Pecan Gall Curculio
Species erinaceus - Conotrachelus erinaceus
Species fissunguis - Conotrachelus fissunguis
Species floridanus - Conotrachelus floridanus
Species geminatus - Conotrachelus geminatus
Species hayesi - Conotrachelus hayesi
Species hicoriae - Conotrachelus hicoriae
Species integer - Conotrachelus integer
Species invadens - Conotrachelus invadens
Species iowensis - Conotrachelus iowensis
Species juglandis - Butternut Curculio
Species leucophaeatus - Conotrachelus leucophaeatus
Species lucanus - Conotrachelus lucanus
Species naso - Conotrachelus naso
Species nenuphar - Plum Curculio
Species neomexicanus - Conotrachelus neomexicanus
Species nivosus - Conotrachelus nivosus
Species posticatus - Conotrachelus posticatus
Species pusillus - Conotrachelus pusillus
Species recessus - Conotrachelus recessus
Species retentus - Black Walnut Curculio
Species rubescens - Conotrachelus rubescens
Species schoofi - Pecan Shoot Curculio
Species seniculus - Conotrachelus seniculus
Species setiferous - Conotrachelus setiferous
Species similis - Conotrachelus similis
Species texanus - Conotrachelus texanus
Species tuberculicollis - Conotrachelus tuberculicollis
Species tuberosus - Conotrachelus tuberosus
No Taxon undescribed species
No Taxon elegans-iowensis-schoofi complex
No Taxon images reviewed by experts but not ID'd to species -- temp. page
No Taxon lucanus/integer group
Species asperatus - Conotrachelus asperatus 0
Species duplex - Conotrachelus duplex 0
Species nigromaculatus - Conotrachelus nigromaculatus 0
Species obesulus - prob. syn. of C. leucophaeatus 0
Species sp-one-ariz - canaliculate pronotum
Genus Epacalles
Species inflatus - Epacalles inflatus
Genus Lepilius
Species chisosensis - Lepilius chisosensis
Genus Micralcinus
Species maculatus - Micralcinus maculatus
Species parvulus - Micralcinus parvulus
Species stehri - Micralcinus stehri
Genus Microhyus
Species setiger - Microhyus setiger
Genus Micromastus
Species gracilis - Micromastus gracilis
Genus Pheloconus
Species cribricollis - Pheloconus cribricollis
Species hispidus - Pheloconus hispidus
Species infector - Pheloconus infector
Genus Gononotus
Species angulicollis - Gononotus angulicollis
Tribe Emphyastini
Genus Emphyastes
Species fucicola - Emphyastes fucicola
Genus Thalasselephas
Species testaceus - Thalasselephas testaceus
Tribe Hylobiini - Pine Weevils
Genus Eudociminus
Species mannerheimii - Cypress Weevil
Genus Heilipus
Species apiatus - Avocado Weevil
Genus Heilus
Species bioculatus - Heilus bioculatus
Genus Hilipinus
Species nearcticus - Hilipinus nearcticus
Genus Hylobius
Species aliradicis - Hylobius aliradicis
Species congener - Seedling Debarking Weevil
Species pales - Pales Weevil
Species pinicola - Hylobius pinicola
Species radicis - Hylobius radicis
Species transversovittatus - Hylobius transversovittatus
Species warreni - Warren's Root Collar Weevil
Genus Pachylobius
Species picivorus - Pitch-eating Weevil
Genus Lepyrus
Species gemellus - Lepyrus gemellus
Subspecies errans - Lepyrus gemellus errans
Species nordenskioeldi - Lepyrus nordenskioeldi
Species oregonus - Lepyrus oregonus
Species palustris - Lepyrus palustris
Tribe Lymantini
Genus Caecossonus
Species dentipes - Caecossonus dentipes
Genus Dioptrophorus
Species repens - Dioptrophorus repens
Genus Lymantes
Species nadineae - Lymantes nadineae
Species reddelli - Lymantes reddelli
Species scrobicollis - Lymantes scrobicollis
Genus Hormops
Species abducens - Hormops abducens
Genus Pissodes - Conifer Weevils
Species affinis - Pissodes affinis
Species approximatus - Northern Pine Weevil
Species striatulus - Balsam Bark Weevil
Species nemorensis - Eastern Pine Weevil
Species radiatae - Pissodes radiatae
Species rotundatus - Small Spruce Weevil
Species schwarzi - Pissodes schwarzi
Species similis - Pissodes similis
Species strobi - White Pine Weevil
Tribe Sternechini
Genus Chalcodermus
Species aeneus - Cowpea Curculio
Species collaris - Partridge-pea Weevil
Species inaequicollis - Chalcodermus inaequicollis
Species martini - Chalcodermus martini
Species semicostatus - Chalcodermus semicostatus
Species serripes - Mimosa Green-seed Weevil
Species vittatus - Chalcodermus vittatus
Genus Sternechus
Species paludatus - Sternechus paludatus
Species armatus - Sternechus armatus
Genus Nanus
Species uniformis - Nanus uniformis
Genus Trachodes
Species hispidus - Trachodes hispidus
Genus Tranes
Species internatus - Macrozamia Borer
Subfamily Platypodinae - Pinhole Borers
Genus Euplatypus
Species compositus - Euplatypus compositus
Species parallelus - Euplatypus parallelus
Species pini - Euplatypus pini
Genus Myoplatypus
Species flavicornis - Myoplatypus flavicornis
Genus Oxoplatypus
Species quadridentatus - Oxoplatypus quadridentatus
Genus Treptoplatypus
Species abietis - Treptoplatypus abietis
Species wilsoni - Treptoplatypus wilsoni
Subfamily Scolytinae - Bark and Ambrosia Beetles
Tribe Bothrosternini
Genus Cnesinus
Species strigicollis - Cnesinus strigicollis
Genus Pagiocerus
Species frontalis - Pagiocerus frontalis
Tribe Chaetophloeini
Genus Chaetophloeus
Species heterodoxus - Chaetophloeus heterodoxus
Species penicillatus - Chaetophloeus penicillatus
Tribe Corthylini
Subtribe Pityophthorina
Genus Conophthorus
Species coniperda - White Pine Cone Beetle
Species edulis - Conophthorus edulis
Species ponderosae - Conophthorus ponderosae
Genus Dendroterus
Species striatus - Dendroterus striatus
Genus Cryptocarenus
Species seriatus - Cryptocarenus seriatus
Genus Pityoborus
Species comatus - Pityoborus comatus
Genus Pityophthorus
Species annectens - Pityophthorus annectens
Species cariniceps - Pityophthorus cariniceps
Species consimilis - Pityophthorus consimilis
Species crinalis - Pityophthorus crinalis
Species juglandis - Walnut Twig Beetle
Species liquidambarus - Pityophthorus liquidambarus
Species puberulus - Pityophthorus puberulus
Species setosus - Pityophthorus setosus
Species virilis - Pityophthorus virilis
Genus Pityotrichus
Species barbatus - Pityotrichus barbatus
Genus Pseudopityophthorus
Species agrifoliae - Pseudopityophthorus agrifoliae
Species asperulus - Pseudopityophthorus asperulus
Species minutissimus - Pseudopityophthorus minutissimus
Species pruinosus - Pseudopityophthorus pruinosus
Species pubipennis - Western Oak Bark Beetle
Species yavapaii - Pseudopityophthorus yavapaii
Subtribe Corthylina
Genus Corthylus
Species punctatissimus - Corthylus punctatissimus
Species columbianus - Corthylus columbianus
Genus Monarthrum
Species dentigerum - Monarthrum dentigerum
Species fasciatum - Monarthrum fasciatum
Species mali - Apple Wood Stainer
Species scutellare - Monarthrum scutellare
Species huachucae - Monarthrum huachucae
Genus Gnathotrichus
Species denticulatus - Gnathotrichus denticulatus
Species materiarius - American Utilizable Wood Bark Beetle
Species pilosus - Gnathotrichus pilosus
Species retusus - Gnathotrichus retusus
Species sulcatus - Western Hemlock Wood Stainer
Tribe Cryphalini
Genus Cryphalus
Species pubescens - Cryphalus pubescens
Species striatulus - Cryphalus striatulus
Species mangiferae - Mango Bark Beetle
Tribe Crypturgini
Genus Crypturgus
Species alutaceus - Crypturgus alutaceus
Species borealis - Crypturgus borealis
Species hispidulus - Crypturgus hispidulus
Species pusillus - Crypturgus pusillus
Genus Dolurgus
Species pumilus - Dolurgus pumilus
Tribe Dryocoetini
Genus Coccotrypes - Palm Seed Borers
Species advena - Seed Borer
Species carpophagus - Coccotrypes carpophagus
Species cyperi - Coccotrypes cyperi
Species dactyliperda - Date Stone Borer
Species distinctus - Coccotrypes distinctus
Genus Dactylotrypes
Species longicollis - Dactylotrypes longicollis
Genus Dendrocranulus
Species californicus - Dendrocranulus californicus
Species cucurbitae - Dendrocranulus cucurbitae
Genus Dryocoetes
Species affaber - Dryocoetes affaber
Species autographus - Dryocoetes autographus
Species betulae - Dryocoetes betulae
Species granicollis - Dryocoetes granicollis
Genus Lymantor
Species decipiens - Lymantor decipiens
Tribe Ernoporini
Genus Procryphalus
Species utahensis - Procryphalus utahensis
Genus Eidophelus
Species jalapae - Eidophelus jalapae
Tribe Hexacolini
Genus Scolytodes
Species schwarzi - Scolytodes schwarzi
Genus Pycnarthrum
Species hispidum - Pycnarthrum hispidum
Tribe Hylastini
Genus Hylastes
Species gracilis - Hylastes gracilis
Species longicollis - Hylastes longicollis
Species macer - Hylastes macer
Species nigrinus - Douglas Fir Root Bark Beetle
Species opacus - Hylastes opacus
Species porculus - Hylastes porculus
Species salebrosus - Hylastes salebrosus
Species tenuis - Hylastes tenuis
Genus Hylurgops
Species palliatus - Hylurgops palliatus
Species pinifex - Hylurgops pinifex
Species porosus - Hylurgops porosus
Species reticulatus - Hylurgops reticulatus
Species rugipennis - Hylurgops rugipennis
Species subcostulatus - Hylurgops subcostulatus
Genus Scierus
Species annectans - Scierus annectans
Species pubescens - Scierus pubescens
Tribe Hylesinini
Genus Hylastinus
Species obscurus - Clover Root Borer
Genus Hylesinus
Species aculeatus - Eastern Ash Bark Beetle
Species californicus - Western Ash Bark Beetle
Species criddlei - Hylesinus criddlei
Species fasciatus - Hylesinus fasciatus
Species mexicanus - Hylesinus mexicanus
Species pruinosus - Hylesinus pruinosus
Genus Alniphagus
Species aspericollis - Alder Bark Beetle
Tribe Hylurgini
Genus Dendroctonus
Species adjunctus - Round-headed Pine Beetle
Species brevicomis - Dendroctonus brevicomis
Species frontalis - Southern Pine Beetle
Species jeffreyi - Jeffrey Pine Beetle
Species mexicanus - Dendroctonus mexicanus
Species murrayanae - Lodgepole Pine Beetle
Species ponderosae - Mountain Pine Beetle
Species pseudotsugae - Douglas-fir Beetle
Species rufipennis - Spruce Beetle
Species simplex - Eastern Larch Beetle
Species terebrans - Black Turpentine Beetle
Species valens - Red Turpentine Beetle
Genus Hylurgus
Species ligniperda - Red-haired Pine Bark Beetle
Genus Hylurgopinus
Species rufipes - Native Elm Bark Beetle
Genus Pseudohylesinus
Species grandis - Pseudohylesinus grandis
Species granulatus - Pseudohylesinus granulatus
Species maculosus - Pseudohylesinus maculosus
Species nebulosus - Pseudohylesinus nebulosus
Species pini - Pseudohylesinus pini
Species sericeus - Pseudohylesinus sericeus
Species tsugae - Pseudohylesinus tsugae
Genus Xylechinus
Species montanus - Xylechinus montanus
Genus Tomicus
Species piniperda - Pine Shoot Beetle
Tribe Hypoborini
Genus Liparthrum
Species squamosum - Liparthrum squamosum
Tribe Ipini
Genus Ips
Species avulsus - Small Southern Pine Engraver
Species borealis - Ips borealis
Species calligraphus - Coarsewriting Engraver
Species confusus - Ips confusus
Species emarginatus - Ips emarginatus
Species grandicollis - Eastern Five-Spined Engraver
Species lecontei - Ips lecontei
Species paraconfusus - Ips paraconfusus
Species perturbatus - Northern Spruce Engraver
Species pilifrons - Ips pilifrons
Subspecies sulcifrons - Ips pilifrons sulcifrons
Species pini - Pine Engraver
Species plastographus - Ips plastographus
Species tridens - Ips tridens
Species woodi - Ips woodi
Genus Orthotomicus
Species caelatus - Orthotomicus caelatus
Species erosus - Mediterranean Pine Engraver Beetle
Species latidens - Orthotomicus latidens
Species spinifer - Orthotomicus spinifer
Genus Pityokteines
Species ornatus - Pityokteines ornatus
Species sparsus - Balsam Fir Bark Beetle
Genus Pityogenes
Species bidentatus - Two-toothed Pine Beetle
Species carinulatus - Pityogenes carinulatus
Species fossifrons - Pityogenes fossifrons
Species hopkinsi - Chestnut-brown Bark Beetle
Species knechteli - Pityogenes knechteli
Species meridianus - Pityogenes meridianus
Species plagiatus - Pityogenes plagiatus
Genus Premnobius
Species cavipennis - Premnobius cavipennis
Genus Pseudips
Species mexicanus - Pseudips mexicanus
Species concinnus - Pseudips concinnus
Tribe Micracidini
Genus Cactopinus
Species pini - Cactopinus pini
Species rhois - Cactopinus rhois
Species desertus - Cactopinus desertus
Genus Hylocurus
Species carinifrons - Hylocurus carinifrons
Species hirtellus - Hylocurus hirtellus
Species langstoni - Hylocurus langstoni
Species parkinsoniae - Hylocurus parkinsoniae
Species rudis - Hylocurus rudis
Species spadix - Hylocurus spadix
Genus Micracis
Species swainei - Micracis swainei
Species lignator - Micracis lignator
Species suturalis - Micracis suturalis
Genus Micracisella
Species nanula - Micracisella nanula
Species opacicollis - Micracisella opacicollis
Species opacithorax - Micracisella opacithorax
Genus Pseudothysanoes
Species rigidus - Pseudothysanoes rigidus
Species turnbowi - Pseudothysanoes turnbowi
Genus Stenoclyptus
Species sulcatus - Stenoclyptus sulcatus
Genus Thysanoes
Species texanus - Thysanoes texanus
Species fimbricornis - Thysanoes fimbricornis
Tribe Phloeosinini
Genus Chramesus
Species chapuisii - Chramesus chapuisii
Species hicoriae - Chramesus hicoriae
Species mimosae - Chramesus mimosae
Species subopacus - Chramesus subopacus
Genus Dendrosinus
Species bourreriae - Dendrosinus bourreriae
Genus Phloeosinus - Cedar Bark Beetles
Species armatus - Phloeosinus armatus
Species antennatus - Phloeosinus antennatus
Species canadensis - Phloeosinus canadensis
Species cristatus - Phloeosinus cristatus
Species cupressi - Phloeosinus cupressi
Species dentatus - Phloeosinus dentatus
Species pini - Phloeosinus pini
Species punctatus - Western Cedar Bark Beetle
Species scopulorum - Phloeosinus scopulorum
Species sequoiae - Phloeosinus sequoiae
Species serratus - Phloeosinus serratus
Species vandykei - Phloeosinus vandykei
Tribe Phloeotribini
Genus Phloeotribus
Species dentifrons - Phloeotribus dentifrons
Species frontalis - Phloeotribus frontalis
Species lecontei - Phloeotribus lecontei
Species liminaris - Peach Bark Beetle
Species pseudoscabricollis - Phloeotribus pseudoscabricollis
Species texanus - Phloeotribus texanus
Species piceae - Phloeotribus piceae
Tribe Polygraphini
Genus Carphobius
Species arizonicus - Carphobius arizonicus
Species caterinoi - Carphobius caterinoi
Genus Carphoborus
Species bicornis - Carphoborus bicornis
Species bifurcus - Carphoborus bifurcus
Species blaisdelli - Carphoborus blaisdelli
Species carri - Carphoborus carri
Species declivis - Carphoborus declivis
Species frontalis - Carphoborus frontalis
Species simplex - Carphoborus simplex
Genus Polygraphus
Species rufipennis - Four-eyed Spruce Bark Beetle
Tribe Scolytini
Genus Loganius
Species ficus - Loganius ficus
Genus Scolytus
Species mali - Larger Shothole Borer
Species multistriatus - Smaller European Elm Bark Beetle
Species muticus - Hackberry Engraver
Species piceae - Scolytus piceae
Species quadrispinosus - Hickory Bark Beetle
Species rugulosus - Shothole Borer
Species schevyrewi - Banded Elm Bark Beetle
Species unispinosus - Scolytus unispinosus
Tribe Tryopophloeini
Genus Hypothenemus
Species areccae - Hypothenemus areccae
Species atomus - Hypothenemus atomus
Species birmanus - Kiawe Scolytid
Species californicus - Hypothenemus californicus
Species crudiae - Hypothenemus crudiae
Species dissimilis - Hypothenemus dissimilis
Species eruditus - Hypothenemus eruditus
Species exiguus - Hypothenemus exiguus
Species georgiae - Hypothenemus georgiae
Species miles - Hypothenemus miles
Species obscurus - Apple Twig Beetle
Species rotundicollis - Hypothenemus rotundicollis
Species seriatus - Hypothenemus seriatus
Species striatus - Hypothenemus striatus
Genus Trypophloeus
Species nitidus - Trypophloeus nitidus
Tribe Xyleborini
Genus Ambrosiodmus
Species hagedorni - Ambrosiodmus hagedorni
Species lewisi - Ambrosiodmus lewisi
Species minor - Ambrosiodmus minor
Species obliquus - Ambrosiodmus obliquus
Species rubricollis - Ambrosiodmus rubricollis
Species tachygraphus - Ambrosiodmus tachygraphus
Genus Ambrosiophilus
Species atratus - Ambrosiophilus atratus
Genus Anisandrus
Species dispar - European Shot-hole Borer
Species maiche - Anisandrus maiche
Species obesus - Anisandrus obesus
Species sayi - Anisandrus sayi
Genus Cnestus
Species mutilatus - Camphor Shoot Borer
Genus Coptoborus
Species pseudotenuis - Coptoborus pseudotenuis
Species ricini - Coptoborus ricini
Genus Cyclorhipidion
Species bodoanum - Cyclorhipidion bodoanum
Species pelliculosum - Cyclorhipidion pelliculosum
Genus Dryoxylon
Species onoharaense - Dryoxylon onoharaense
Genus Euwallacea
Species fornicatus - Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer
Species interjectus - Euwallacea interjectus
Species perbrevis - Tea Shot Hole Borer clade a
Species validus - Euwallacea validus
Species similis - Euwallacea similis
Genus Heteroborips
Species seriatus - Heteroborips seriatus
Genus Xyleborinus
Species andrewesi - Xyleborinus andrewesi
Species attenuatus - Xyleborinus attenuatus
Species artestriatus - Xyleborinus artestriatus 0
Species gracilis - Xyleborinus gracilis
Species octiesdentatus - Xyleborinus octiesdentatus
Species saxesenii - Fruit-tree Pinhole Borer
Genus Xyleborus
Species affinis - Xyleborus affinis
Species bispinatus - Xyleborus bispinatus
Species celsus - Xyleborus celsus
Species ferrugineus - Xyleborus ferrugineus
Species glabratus - Redbay Ambrosia Beetle
Species horridus - Xyleborus horridus
Species impressus - Xyleborus impressus
Species intrusus - Xyleborus intrusus
Species pfeili - Xyleborus pfeili
Species pubescens - Xyleborus pubescens
Species spinulosus - Xyleborus spinulosus
Species viduus - Xyleborus viduus
Species volvulus - Xyleborus volvulus
Species xylographus - Xyleborus xylographus
Genus Xylosandrus
Species amputatus - Xylosandrus amputatus
Species compactus - Black Twig Borer
Species crassiusculus - Asian Ambrosia Beetle
Species germanus - Alnus Ambrosia Beetle
Tribe Xyloterini
Genus Trypodendron
Species betulae - Trypodendron betulae
Species domesticum - European Hardwood Ambrosia Beetle
Species lineatum - Striped Ambrosia Beetle
Species retusum - Poplar Ambrosia Beetle
Species scabricolle - Trypodendron scabricolle
Genus Xyloterinus
Species politus - Xyloterinus politus
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