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Moth # 1 ID, if possible - Samea ecclesialis

Moth # 1 ID, if possible - Samea ecclesialis
Opa-Locka, Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA
May 21, 2010
Hoping the dark "belt" on this one can lead to an ID. If not, can someone tell me the superfamily at least?

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The fringe is worn off of this specimen, which is why the usual pattern on the border is missing.

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while waiting for the experts
You can look in the tribe Spilomelini within the subfamily Pyraustinae (Crambidae). I know nothing about Florida species but I think maybe Samea looks the closest, but its probably still best to wait for somebody more knowledgable on this group/region.

Thank you this helped a lot
From the Samea group, I think it may be Samea ecclesialis (except I don't see the wing border pattern on mine.) I'll wait for other comments. If not, I'll move to Samea (general) page.