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Weevil..? - Agraphus bellicus

Weevil..? - Agraphus bellicus
Jacob Riis Park, Queens, New York, USA
June 5, 2010
Size: ~1/3 inches
This critter was very similar in size and markings to the Darkling Beetles seen in the sand also in the same area. The main difference being the "snout".

thanks, guys -- looks good; the first live photo of it

very intriguing!! superficially Otiorhynchus-like
will ask around; suspect another invader

Moved from ID Request.

Agraphus bellicus Say
This is Agraphus bellicus Say, a native species that ranges up the east coast from Florida up as far as NY and NJ. Not often found!

? about this fellow?
I'm in NE Kansas and swear I find this particular one a LOT among fungi with Darkling beetles and Handsome Fungus beetles...are they considered common in my area or am I imagining the species?

i'm sure you refer to a different species
by all means, post a photo