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Tribe Licinini

Unknown Carabid - Badister notatus Unknown - Badister neopulchellus Beetle - Badister neopulchellus Carabidae  stenolophus - Badister notatus Badister sp? - Badister Badister transversus? - Badister Black and Orange Ground Beetle - Badister maculatus Carabidae - Badister

Woodland Ground Beetle - Dicaelus politus which Dicaelus? - Dicaelus Dicaelus sp. - Dicaelus sculptilis Dicaelus elongatus? - Dicaelus elongatus dark blue (beetle?) larva - Dicaelus carabid - Dicaelus elongatus Dicaelus beetle from Tallahassee, Florida, ? species - Dicaelus Dicaelus elongatus