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Plant Bug?

Plant Bug?
Montrose, Laurens County, Georgia, USA
June 13, 2010
I thought this was something from Miridae, but apparently I'm wrong as all in there have black heads, although in a couple of cases, the bodies match very well. A quick check in the other plant bugs got me nowhere.

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Plant Bug? Plant Bug?

Nice shot!
It is Prepops or kin.

Moved from ID Request.

Well, the second one, anyway...
Sorry about the first, but it wasn't a very willing subject. Thanks for the ID, btw. Also, I would like to inquire if I may as to the proper way to address you. I can't remember if Koreans have the family name first and then given name. Or have you Americanized it for clueless folks like me?

Most Asians write their famil
Most Asians write their family names first, but in English, the family names last as usual. So, my family name is Kim that occupies about 20% of Koreans. However, you can call me just Kim since it is short and easy to remember.

Believe it or not,
WonGun is just as easy. I have been known just by my family name for long periods during my life. Beats the hell out of the more colorful names I have been given......;-)