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nettle gall - Dasineura investita

nettle gall - Dasineura investita
Cedar Rapids/ICNC, Linn County, Iowa, USA
June 13, 2010
Size: 4mm
bottom of leaf, directly below the gall on top, I assume it is part of the same gall, and not a separate gall

Dasineura investita
Joe, I described this gall midge from Laportea canadensis, as Dasineura investita Plakidas 2012. (Cecidomyiidae). This is the smooth,ovoid leaf gall. There are three other new species from Laportea canadensis: The hairy stem gall, Dasineura pilosa; the polythalamous leaf gall, Dasineura involuta; and a basal stem gall, Neolasioptera laporteae.
They occur here in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The new species descriptions are in "The Gall Midges Of Allegheny County PA". If your interested, reprints will be available in Spring 2013.

I can't find any reference to "The Gall Midges Of Allegheny County". Can you provide a complete citation? Is the name available now under ICZN rules?

Gall midges of allegheny county
John, the publication date has been pushed up to next Spring 2013. Exact title is: "The Gall Midges (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) of Allegheny County Pennsylvania". ISBN 1-929094-04-3. 251 pages. 159 gall midge species from allegheny county are presented most with illustrations. Covers all five subfamilies including the rare Catotrichinae.

Who is the publisher? I can't find any record of ISBN prefix 1-929094 nor of the full ISBN.

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