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Dogbane Saucrobotys Moth Caterpillars - Saucrobotys futilalis

Dogbane Saucrobotys Moth Caterpillars - Saucrobotys futilalis
Pioneer, Campbell County, Tennessee, USA
June 7, 2010
I found a dozen or more of these caterpillars crawling on and eating dogbane leaves. It appeared they were eating only a segment of the leaf from the tip toward the base. The black dots appeared to be very slightly raised. I took this image just before 8 am.

Moved from ID Request.

dogbane or milkweed
Hey, thanks! I thought this was a poke milkweed but I rechecked some of the first images I got of emerging flowers, then checked them against Internet images and descriptions of both poke milkweed and dogbane. I think it's dogbane. Woohoo! Looks like a twofer...Thanks.

We're not sure what species you mean when you say
Pokeweed. Do you have a scientific name for the plant? We're wondering if it is a milkweed or a dogbane since these look like Dogbane caterpillars. See