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Tribe Anomalini

The most common  Anomala - Anomala digressa Unknown Beetle - Anomala undulata Anomala binotata? - Anomala binotata Beetle - Anomala ? - Anomala Unknown Beetle - Anomala Scarab - Anomala foraminosa Male, Anomala nimbosa? - Anomala - male

Small Scarab - Anomalacra clypealis Possible Anomalacra clypealis - Anomalacra clypealis

Anomala marginata - Callistethus marginatus BG2283 C9817 - Callistethus marginatus ID ? - Callistethus marginatus beetle id - Callistethus marginatus Shining Leaf Chafer - Callistethus marginatus Callistethus marginatus Scarab Beetle - Callistethus marginatus Carnival Glass - Callistethus marginatus

Unknown beetel. please ID - Exomala orientalis Oriental Beetle - Exomala orientalis Oriental Beetle  - Exomala orientalis Brown Beetle - Exomala orientalis Small beetle common on daisies - Exomala orientalis Small beetle on coreopsis - Exomala orientalis I don't think this is Exomala orientalis but .... - Exomala orientalis Exomala orientalis

Leptohoplia testaceipennis Saylor - Leptohoplia testaceipennis