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Ortheziidae - Orthezia

Ortheziidae - Orthezia
Kellogg, Jasper County, Iowa, USA
June 18, 2010
Size: .5 mm
(nymphs are .5 mm)
At the CERA Insect Workshop, Marty Augustine caught an adult Ortheziidae (there were quite a few to be found). Once under the microscope he probed, moving the waxy covering aside and found nymphs. I brought it home for a closer look and found both nymphs and what appear to be eggs. Interesting. Does anyone know what's going on here? Thank you.

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Ortheziidae - Orthezia Ortheziidae - Orthezia Ortheziidae - Orthezia - female Ortheziidae lateral - Orthezia - female Ortheziidae dorsal - Orthezia - female

Female ensign scale
This was a female ensign scale that laying egg in an ovisac (the waxy covering) that she secretes. Usually the eggs hatch in the ovisac and the female carries the nymphs with her.
Do you still have the specimens?