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grasshopper - Conozoa texana - male

grasshopper - Conozoa texana - Male
Kodachrome Basin State Park, Kane County, Utah, USA
September 16, 2005
My best guess from Capinera's book is Derotmema haydeni, because of the bulbous eyes and 2 lobes on the pronotum. Didn't get close enough to measure, and didn't look at hindwing. The white on the pronotum is a bit odd to me (nothing in Capinera's book shows this for any similar species, but maybe it's just a color variation?).

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grasshopper - Conozoa texana - male grasshopper - Conozoa texana - male

thanks David
for the species id and related comments. These grasshoppers are not at all easy to identify!

Moved from Band-winged Grasshoppers.

This is Conozoa texana. The striking white on the pronotum is a common coloration variant in many of our grasshoppers in Trimerotropis and related genera. It often involves the face and sometimes the legs as well. The same pattern shows in occasional individuals of a number of Eurasian species as well. Nice photos! This one is another sand lover. Has yellow wings with a black band

I'll see if I can't get my friend, Dave Lightfoot, over here to look at our western grasshoppers. This image shows the "hot-footing" behavior of many of the bandwing grasshoppers, elevating the hind legs from the substrate, and alternately lifting the other legs. The white on the pronotum IS a variation. I've seen this in other species as well. Great shot, as just FINDING the blame thing after it landed was probably quite a challenge:-)