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fungus mite?

fungus mite?
Hollis, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, USA
February 10, 2006
Size: 0.6 - 0.7 mm
On its back, the mite opens up its side "shields" while trying to right itself.

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fungus mite? fungus mite? fungus mite?

Man that's weird! Those two wing-shields close to guard the legs right?
Man, it reminds me of a tiny transformer or something! XD

That's my guess also,
although I've never read what function they serve.

Rather common
I've read about them but never actually seen them (either in real life of in photographs). However having such armor is not uncommon among oribatids. It's because oribatids are heavily preyed on by larger carnivorous mites that hunt them down & suck them dry. So, in the evolutionary arms race, many oribatids have developed thick armor &/or the ability to retract their legs & head into their bodies for safety.
There was once a little documentary on discovery about mites & ticks I had my parents record onto VHS for me. Good stuff!

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likely Galumna sp.
Images 85531, 92565, 85529, 85530, 85528, 43759, 43758, 43757, 42627
(Galumna sp.?), 42617 (Galumna sp.?) & 42616 (Galumna sp.?) - Order
Oribatei or Cryptostigmata)

Dr. Eddie Ueckermann
Plant Protection Research Institute
South Africa

(Note: I will take this as Order Oribatida, where Galumna is found under new system. -Jim McClarin)

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