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Planthopper and strange larva - Acanalonia conica

Planthopper and strange larva - Acanalonia conica
Willow Grove, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA
July 14, 2010
Size: ~ 11 mm
This was very strange: I saw a white dot in the vegetation and it turned to be the white fat butt of this planthopper. Since this seemed odd, I caught it in a baggie and took it home where I found out that the "white butt" had abandoned ship and was wriggling around. It was a small larva coated on a waxy, dusty material and holding some cottony webbing under its belly. I wonder whether the mysterious larva had caused the wing damage.
I guess that it is Acanalonia conica but would like confirmation before moving it.
This is the larva that was riding on its butt

I have included other views of the larva with and without the coating.

Moved from Planthoppers.
Thanks, it was an interesting find. Nice to know who is who in this little drama. With so many hoppers nearby, perhaps it is not so surprising that a parasite was also hanging around.

Acanalonia conica
and an Epipyropid larva (the only parasitic Lepidopteran)