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Large beetle - Xyloryctes jamaicensis

Large beetle - Xyloryctes jamaicensis
Unicoi, Unicoi County, Tennessee, USA
July 11, 2010
Size: 1" - 1 1/8"
This beetle was in my fiancee's mother's yard.

Moved from ID Request.

rain beetle
It has the V-shaped horn on it's head.

that would be then the first find of that family anywhere in the world outside the Pacific coast

female Xyloryctes jamaicensis
Not much else this could be in the eastern US.

Xyloryctes jamaicensis - the Rhinocerus Beetle

[?Geotrupes] pls add a dorsal view or any other you may have
may not be IDable from this one

Does anyone know what kind of beetle this is?

Scarabaeidae for sure...
Probably Dynastinae, but it is very hard to say from this angle.