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Species Messua limbata

DMNS-Colorado Spider Survey
Lots of interesting information about collecting and preserving spider specimens in their newsletter, which is available on their website.

Spiders of California
This is an authoritative checklist that aims (pretty much successfully) to list every species of spider ever recorded from California, along with synonyms, range (given in terms of counties) and citations of references in the taxonomic literature. It won't tell you how to identify any spiders, nor will it tell you anything beyond classification and range of species- but it will tell you the names and synonyms of species in a given county so you can look them up elsewhere.

Visually Identifiable Spiders
A handy list of spiders that can be recognized by their appearance alone. The brevity of the list should also serve as a warning that often we just can't be sure without having an expert look at a specimen.

Spiders and other Arachnids at U.C. Riverside
Information and myth-debunking on poisonous spiders in Southern California. Includes extensive info on the brown recluse spider; also brown widow, "blush spider," daddy long-legs, and hobo spider.

Spiders of North America: an identification manual
Here's an email I recently received about this upcoming manual.
Greetings everyone,

Below is a message from Bob Suter of the Marketing Committee for
the soon-to-be-published Spiders of North America: An Identification Guide.
The Committee is trying to spread information about this important manual,
and hopes to enlist your aid in getting the word to the world. An
"electronic postcard" is attached.

Thanks for your support!
Dear Arachnologist,

As you probably already know, the American Arachnological Society is

Checklist of Kansas Jumping Spiders
Has 35 images of Kansas jumping spiders.

Nick's Spiders of Britain and Europe

Spiders of North America