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red Clivina - Clivina impressefrons

red Clivina - Clivina impressefrons
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
June 23, 2010
Size: 6.2mm
I have difficulty determining the red ones. D&A key to genus seems a bit "confused" throughout. Suggestions welcome :)

this beetle labeled and available for inspection

came to UV light

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red Clivina - Clivina impressefrons red Clivina - Clivina impressefrons

Moved from Clivina.

Should be impressefrons, not "impressifrons". Please correct here and Guide Page. Thanks.


Clivina impressefrons
based on my microscopic examination of this specimen which is now a photo-voucher in the P.W.Messer collection. Dorsum typically reddish-brown. Thanks Tim.

hey Tim
I have found a very difficult time keying Clivina here in the southeast, even with Ciegler's local (SC) fauna keys available. Although the SC book is a bit out of range geographically, this is kinda keying to C. ferrea, although Ciegler's book lists the length at 5-5.2 (a little smaller than yours).

The keying is based on color, texture of dorsal surface of head, lack of a peg on the middle tibia. I was using color when ruling-out stuff along the way in the key, so if this is a teneral specimen, it could be throwing me off.

As I said, even with the SC keys, I have had trouble with material from GA. I would have something key out only to find out I am way off on color or size, etc....uggh. Clivina's cousin Scarites isn't any better...:)

Thanks Blaine
I'll have to re-look, but I think this one has a peg on the middle tibia (see ventral image). It's toward the apex, vice "middle" as D&A key states. Does that change things? Based on D&A, I was thinking either impressifrons or fossor.