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Latridiidae - Stephostethus

Latridiidae - Stephostethus
Wister Unit, Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge, Imperial County, California, USA
February 7, 2006
Size: 2mm
Found walking on my shirt in the daytime.

Moved from Latridius.
Genus characteristics for Stephostethus, but not for Latridius apply.


genus is probably . . .
Latridius proper (some taxonomic confusion occured in the last decades, thus the extra comment).

cheers, Boris

thanks Boris
I've moved the image to Latridius.

Where do you buy your beetle collecting shirts? :-)
I have a theory that I haven't put to test: Female beetles of various species will display on a leaf, blossom petal, tree trunk, etc., waiting for a male to find them. I think male beetles could be collected using images of females -- perhaps just an outline would do -- on a solid-colored background. So what I'm imagining here is a shirt printed with outlines or full-blown images of various beetles on it that a beetle collector could wear.