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How can I create and attach sound files of insect noises?

Last month I taped the rapid drumming sound this beetle makes with the hard tip of its abdomen and would like to transfer it to my computer and attach a clickable sound file to this page if possible. I'm not sure how I would go about it though, Any suggestions?

On the topic, once (if) we get a system worked out, I think it would be neat to attach sound files of other insects. Many beetles stridulate in protest when you pick them up, and of course orthopterans are famous for their calls.

Not knowing your system, I'll refrain from giving advice on creating the sound files. Once you have them, just make sure they're in a format that's readable by most computers- I notice that the Singing Insects of North America site uses .wav files.

Once you have your files, there are two ways to go: either find a place for it to reside elsewhere on the internet, and create a link to it just like you would for a web page, or email a copy of it to Troy as an attachment and ask him to upload it so you can link to it.

I'm assuming it's okay to do the latter because he offered to upload video files- which are in principle pretty much the same as audio files- but I don't know what he has time for these days.

At any rate, here's an example of an audio link:
<a href="">Field Cricket</a>
It should play a cricket sound from Singing Insects of North America.

I haven't made this a live link because linking to files on someone else's site is usually a bad idea- especially since I would be unable to remove it after anyone replied to this comment.
Nice Web site. They've got some good ID photos there too. I don't sense that they want to broaden the scope to include drumming or squawking beetles though, so I guess it's up to us.