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flatid - Siphanta acuta

flatid - Siphanta acuta
San Leandro, Alameda County, California, USA
November 8, 2004
For the last 3 years I've found one of these each year in my yard (one was in my house) in Oct or Nov. I don't think it's native to California. One co-worker/entomologist's guess is Siphanta acuta, from Australia.

I'm posting this because of a this recent post from Santa Monica, Los Angeles county.

More abundant here
Has the frequency of sightings increased? I've found several this year, several each of nymphs and adults. I'm a little north of you.

I haven't seen any this year
so I'm not sure about the abundance, at least at my house in San Leandro.... Are you seeing them on a particular plant? I seem to mainly see them in my house and on fences in the backyard.

Various locations
I find nymphs on fallen loquat leaves. The adults might be anywhere. A few weeks ago, adults were on the siding near the porch light in the evening. I haven't seen nymphs or adults feeding.