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Aegialia arenaria

Aegialia arenaria
Parson's Beach, Kennebunk, York County, Maine, USA
May 3, 2010
Found on a sand ocean beach.

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First of all, yes I think they are the same. My first thought was Aegialia, but don't know of any off-hand that are that smooth. My second thought was Hybosorus, but not sure if they go that far north yet or not.

Have any cropped pics of just the beetles? Preferably with close-ups of head and pronotum?

No close ups of head and pronotum, but I have a few cropped pics. I will add them.

Gordon and Cartwright (1988)
This may be the introduced Aegialia arenaria (or whatever they are calling it these days).

Aegialia arenaria
I checked my synoptic, there are only a couple potential Aegialia for Maine, and A. arenaria is the only one that lacks the margin at the base of the pronotoum. This, plus the robust body, draws me away from the other potential species. Yes, they are both the same critter, one is still teneral.

cool --new sp. for the guide
thanks all, guys