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Beetle And Bee (Phalacridae and Apinae) - Olibrus

Beetle And Bee (Phalacridae and Apinae) - Olibrus
Monhegan Island, Lincoln County, Maine, USA
August 23, 2004
Per Eric R. Eaton: "...The beetles are probably shining mold (or shining flower) beetles in the family Phalacridae..."

He also mentioend that the bee is a female which is probablably within either Anthophorini from Eucerini and a copy has been placed under the subfamily Apinae.

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Olibrus sp.
The phalacrids are of the genus Olibrus. Unfortunately, genitalic dissection is generally required for a species ID (and even then you wouldn't have anything to compare it to--I'm working on that problem!).

These are the only North American phalacrids that are not known to be associated with fungi--the larvae develop in flower heads of aster and goldenrod, while the adults are generalist pollen feeders and are often extremely abundant in flowery fields during the appropriate time of year.


Is this insect found in Oregon? I took a photograph of an insect that looks almost exactly the same here in Mt. Angel. I had never seen it before. Thank you.