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Editors' guidelines?

Probably we all make beginner's mistakes when we start as editors. I am still embarrassed by mine. Many such blunders could be avoided if each new editor was handed a list of guidelines or, at least, a few suggestions. Last year a new editor asked for guidance and received a few tips. At the very least new editors should be pointed to that forum discussion, as well as the Page creation tips, and encouraged to read all the editors' forum discussions to date.
Is somebody willing to start writing such guidelines? I am not very good at it.

Speaking of blunders -
I'm trying to move species Ashmeadiella xenomastax to the appropriate subgeneric page,
Subgenus Cubitognatha.
Either the tag function doesn't respond correctly, or I don't make the right move. Probably the latter. Just cannot recall, so would appreciate help!

OK now?
I went to the genus page (taxonomy tab) and clicked "tag guides", then tagged the species, then went to the subgenus and clicked "move tagged guides"

Yes, perfect
THANKS! Thought I had followed the same procedure, but perhaps not. Sometimes I have problems with Safari.

At first
I tried "tag guides" while on the species page, but that does nothing, so I went up to genus and tried again.

Thanks, Max. I hadn't run across a need, yet, but now I know

Feel free to send any of us emails with questions you have. You can usually find our emails if you click on our names at the end of a comment or other post. Sometimes, as in ours, you will have to adjust what is there into a valid email address. We're excited to have your help on the Salticids among others. For example, we would love to see your comment on this one!

Do we need editors guidelines? or, at least a few useful tips for beginners?

Guide Pages
Beatriz, I don't know how we could impress on editors, new and veteran, the importance of taking the time to COMPLETE guide pages. There are so many that have been created "on the run," with no information, whatsoever. I am constantly completing guides haphazardly started by others. Before I could have an idea about ID'ing two moths, today, I had to complete Adaina simplicius and Arogalea cristifasciella, neither which had anything but the Hodges. I try to help new editors to learn how to properly create guide pages, just like Maury taught me. Quality over Quantity.

Perfect enemy of the good?
Surely it is useful to create incomplete guide pages to place verified images of valid species.

Valuable experts
Some experts contribute invaluable IDs, moves and page creations. I don't mind going after them and fleshing out recently created pages to the best of my knowledge. I couldn't do what they do anyways.

I created most of my pages back when Bugguide needed a constant influx of new pages for species as the number of recorded species was a lot fewer. When spending three hours wading through ID request I thought it was better to at least create a page and move a species than leave it where it was. A lot (most) had little to no content. This wasn't done to piss off other editors, it was done to expedite building up the guide. I've created about 11 pages in the last 6 years, and I do need to go back and add to some of them (most have been for species I added myself). Maybe it would have been better to have created 50 pages with content than creating and moving the 480 pages that I've made for Bugguide over 10 years. If I hadn't, an expert like Dr. Ascher would be stuck doing it and taking up his time that's better spent ID'ing things.

a lot of room between "Perfect", "Incomplete", and "Blank". It would be nice if editors at least tried to do something more than simply type the name.

My opinion is Yes! I really needed them, but was so ignorant I would have had to have them handed to me in the appointment e-mail.

However, I think we need more consensus as to practices before we can do this.

Thank you for introducing this subject again!!! Sorry I am so late in noticing it.


editorial help
As a new contributing editor, I will need all the help I can get. I look forward to working with this group of dedicated people.
G. B. Edwards

G. B. Edwards
The first thing you could do, is take a few minutes to add a brief description of your experience, to your account page. This would be very helpful to other editors. You can find some information on creating guide pages here. If you have any further questions, feel free to email me.

Welcome aboard G.B.
We've been using your expertise for years. I'm glad to have you as part of the team now. There's plenty of work to do.