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Pokey, thin-legged mites

Pokey, thin-legged mites
Hudson, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, USA
February 25, 2006
Size: 0.5 mm or less
These very pokey, thin-legged mites were found Feb.26, 2006 on some decomposing fungi I collected Jan. 13, 2006 and have kept indoors since then. As slow-moving as they are, my guess is that they are not predators.

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Pokey, thin-legged mites Pokey, thin-legged mites

Possibly genus Histiogaster o
Possibly genus Histiogaster or Sancassania. Both are common in fungi.

Thanks, Barry.
Sounds like I need to do a better job with the images. I guess I'll leave these where they are.

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