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Superfamily Bombycoidea - Silkworm, Sphinx, and Royal Moths

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Spotted Apatelodes - Apatelodes torrefacta Spotted Apatelodes - Apatelodes torrefacta moth01 120702 - Apatelodes torrefacta E. KY Moth - Apatelodes torrefacta Attracted to building lights - Apatelodes pudefacta Moth to porch light - Apatelodes torrefacta Spotted Apatelodes - Apatelodes torrefacta Olceclostera angelica

Sphinx moth? - Manduca jasminearum Moth - Madoryx pseudothyreus Ceratomia catalpae - Catalpa Sphinx - Ceratomia catalpae Sphingidae, ventral - Paonias myops Northern Pine Sphinx - Lapara bombycoides One-Eyed Sphinx Moth - Smerinthus cerisyi - Smerinthus cerisyi a moth - Sphinx kalmiae Eumorpha achemon (Achemon Sphinx) - Eumorpha achemon

The biggest moth I've ever seen - Hyalophora cecropia Hemileuca hualapai - male caterpillar - Citheronia regalis Giant Silkworm Moth - Callosamia angulifera Citheronia splendens Sphingicampa bicolor - Hodges #7709 - Sphingicampa bicolor Moth seen in Austin, Texas - Hyalophora cecropia Moth, dorsal - Eacles oslari - male