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8105 Ornate Moth  - Utetheisa ornatrix

8105 Ornate Moth - Utetheisa ornatrix
Bartlesville, Washington County, Oklahoma, USA
August 11, 2010
Found at UV light near pond in wooded area of a flood plain

We admire this beautiful moth on Crotalaria in the late afternoon at Menna Trace Mason Hall, Tobago.Thank you for the photograph and the correct name.

Moved from Ornate Moth.

The two subspecies in North America are no longer recognized and are consider two forms of Utetheisa ornatrix.(1)
The Bug Guide pages need to be adjusted.

DNA look
I checked BOLD and see that the 50+ specimens, including this one, are all within 0.8 % match. A couple of them were submitted as U. bella. So, it makes sense from my limited perspective.

DNA results
Now supported as Utetheisa ornatrix by DNA barcoding, BOLD LPOKE136-10
This specimen is shown here: BOLD:AAA1412